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Badlands is a true crime podcast that dives deep into the real stories of the famous– at their most infamous. Hosted by Jake Brennan, each season explores the real life crimes and scandalous careers of the world’s most popular cultural figures. In an all new special season, Jake tells the stories of legendary athletes whose misdeeds off the field are as unbelievable as some of their record-breaking plays. New episodes explore some of the most notorious and controversial all-stars, featuring the insane true stories of Ray Lewis, Michael Vick, Diego Maradona, Joe Namath, and many more.
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  • jsdc10
    GP deserves so much better than this poser’s tale
  • Iseme
    Great stories! Audio could be better
    Great intriguing and funny stories! I love listening to podcasts when I go on my long walks or drives...but I can't listen to this podcast when I drive because of the inflections in the narrator's voice...the whole husky whisper thing doesn't work in a moving car. I can hardly hear anything even when I increase the volume.
  • silkysusan
    Great storytelling
    Jake’s storytelling style lulls you in but packs punches. Love it. You still get 5 stars, even though the holiday movie episode annoyed me from the jump because at least 2 of you out of 3 had such a limited understanding of Love Actually, which is a classic and much more viewed and loved than several you mentioned. I stopped listening and chose to listen to other stories where Jake really shines. Classy and edgy delivery of the goods in all the tales. Addendum Dec 2022: Jake, as a storyteller you are still a true heavyweight, so much so that when you told the tale of Joe Theismann’s injury I had to stop listening and forward that part. I watched that game, and the violent carnage, and I still find it so cringe-y to remember. You brought it all right back.
  • Momafishof5
    Could be better, might get worse.
    Mostly good but it seems the show has become more about how cool the host can sound then about the content. I used to listen every week the day episodes came out. Now I have to decide wether I’m in the mood to listen to the host tell a story Iwould otherwise be interested in hearing.
  • Juliette2316
    Stop Whining
    About how you can’t afford to buy rights to music. It’s annoying, no one cares, and while it’s a good podcast, it keeps me from listening
  • bull&$it
    Long time listener
    I love all of Jake’s pods. Just have to add…Michael Abuser Vick should have rotted in prison. The only people I despise more than animal abusers are the low life’s that abuse children. And of course the NFL just out for the money. Way to show kids that you can be a scum bag and get paid well for it. But you did a great job telling the story!
  • Jen-Jen28
    Please change the intro!
    The same intro for every episode is very overplayed, please change it!! The episodes are wonderful, I just can’t listen to those intros anymore
  • Bschora
    So Confused!
    When this show was doing Hollywoodland it was easy to navigate seasons and episodes. Now it’s Badlands, Sportsland, Hollywoodland! All mixed together. I’d prefer not to listen to Sportsland, I’ve done ALL the Crime In Sports seasons and I don’t like to listen to overlapping stories. What the heck happened here?
  • god below
    Great content
    The fair-use intro was cute the first time but very tedious pod after pod. Once that’s over, I enjoy the podcast but I dread the first five minutes.
  • Matt Deez nutz
    Host is bad
    Interesting subjects but this host reminds me of a book on tape voice actor trying very hard to paint the scene and its not a natural sounding.
  • Podcasts Rock!
    This podcast appears to have so many great subjects and stories. However, I can’t stand having to listen to someone spend just as much effort in pumping up his podcast. I never hit the fast forward button so many times. Please shut up. The story has to be more interesting than you.
  • Best game ever get now
    Prefect podcast
    This is literally the most perfect podcast. It’s wrote very well, delivered in a intriguing manner, amazing topics, and you learn unbelievable knowledge. I never had a podcast bring up so many different emotion in a sort time period. You’ll be left wanting more!
  • gsandoval0130
    Best Mistake Ever
    I was looking for a different show when I first discovered Bad Lands. I heard one episode of Hollywood Land on Drew Barrymore and I was hooked. In fact, I completely forgot what was the original podcast that I was looking for. What I love about that show is that it show that it shines a light on celebrities that we admire and look up to and reminds us that they’re all human with real human problems just like the rest of us. Some of the stories are a feel good comeback story that generates hope that sometime things aren’t completely lost in the tough times that we go through. But other stories just explain how disgusting and horrifying people can actually be and that just because you are extremely wealthy, doesn’t excuse you from this human experience.
  • Dagda9
    Great story telling and Jake Brennan is the ultimate story teller. I never miss an episode and neither should you
  • Kybreesy
    Love it!
    I have learned so much from this show. I love Jake Brennan’s voice and how storytelling. He does a beautiful job telling everyone’s story with respect and giving a balanced account of their lives.
  • NGrayFox
    The narrator fits curse words in to sound cool or tough but you can tell they don’t talk like that at all, sounds phony just like his weird whispery almost batman like voice. The stories could be good but it’s so hard to get passed the odd dramatics
  • DMarineinDC
    Glamorize bad behavior
    This show does not offer any insight or hot take on these very well known stories. Worse, it romanticizes very bad behavior by privileged white men.
  • Mozgrl
    Manson murders
    Great podcast… 5 murders at Sharon states home plus her unborn child = 6. Steven Parent was the first victim that night
  • Whitney GiAna
    Love Love Love this podcast
    I love this podcast! Jake is a wonderful story teller.
  • K!m!J
    5 stars!
    Great, entertaining podcast. I great way to get away from true crime, but it’s still sort of true crime. Very relevant to the podcast generation.
  • JS Wondering
    The best
    Jake is one of the best narrators I’ve ever heard. For me a good story is a must, but they way it’s articulated is just as important. Thanks for all the insight into the lives of the rich and famous.
  • podpeopleperson
    It’s not so cute though
    I love love love this podcast because I love the stories, and can almost get into the style of storytelling. But the way every episode begins and finishes the same way, it is simply just not good, and really hard to swallow that it happens every time. #Cringe
  • Wysleep
    Good show
    Very entertaining and well done.
  • Men9876
    Good listen
    No need for the overuse of f bombs
  • Porkypint
    Love Jake’s Voice!
    This is a unique podcast with stories of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities and their lives, struggles, and demise. Jake is a fabulous storyteller, has a sultry voice, and he tells the real story without using a lot of frivolous, flowery details. I have listened to hundreds of podcasts while commuting and at home. I always listen to Badlands because I like Jake’s voice, the music, and how the stories are told. The length of the show is perfect.
  • sick,yo
    This is some of the worst, most speculative, sensationalist garbage I have ever heard and the fact that it is produced by a large reputable company and none of this seems to be fact checked is a joke. This podcast is smut.
  • D Philips
    Fun, but that host … egads!
    A fun podcast about Hollywood scandals and scandal-makers. However, with most episodes under 40 minutes, the information provided is only skin-deep. Also, the host speaks in a pretentious “jaded” tone that (I guess) is supposed to sound “dangerous”, but sounds more like Corey Feldman reading Raymond Chandler.
  • av1336rn80
    Love it!!! It’s raw and gritty. No sugar coating the life experiences and personalities of the celebrities. Entertaining and funny. Shocking and disgusting. Intelligent. Heartbreaking. Jake’s voice is sexy and soothing. His inflection dramatic and exciting. Music makes one wanting more. Keep keeping on…..Can’t wait for more seasons!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  • johnwes40
    Love this Podcast!!!
    This man is a good story teller. I also hear things I didn’t know about famous people you would have thought would be common knowledge but nope! I’ve binged all episodes I can as I just discovered this cast.
  • daccish
    Long time fan
    A very early fan of all Of Jake Brendan’s podcast work and still listening.
  • gonefishcaking
    Good listen
    It’s easy listening—however, it seems most episodes always have me scratching my head trying to figure out the timelines of the stories.
  • JackieTfromBerkeley
    Ok, not as detail heavy as I would like
    Interesting stories but not enough information, feels like we are just skimming the low points. Also the dramatic retellings make me doubt if some of the stories are true
  • LLuvCoolJane
    So much fun! 😸
  • AnotherAngelWalking
    Tanya Harding
    Said shereceived the Olympic gold (she did not) and said Bob Dole was president (he was not-ever).
  • MegGoddard18
    I love this podcast
    I listen to pretty much all the Double Elvis podcasts, and I think I will listen to anything Jake Brennan is a part of. I love getting a peek behind the curtain of some of these really infamous stories. If you like pop culture and have an interest in the dark and mysterious, then this podcast is 100% for you.
  • foxsongs
    Like it
  • LDelmar
    Tens tens tens across the board ….. glad I found it only compliant more episodes
  • Not Just For Moms
    One of my new favorites
    Stumbled upon this by accident. I feel like the storytelling in this is so well done, that I feel like I’m actually witnessing the events. And because I naturally speak with more than my fair share of “F bomb adjectives “ myself- it makes the storytelling seem natural and real to me. I find these real- life peoples extraordinary-and bizarre- events to be fascinating. And proof that we can all end up somewhere amazing -no matter where we started out.
  • Meltinlarry
    Great stories. Super narration.
  • hikingteacher
    Great Stories…but…
    I actually love the story telling…I don’t even mind the tedious intros, but the frequent use of the “F-Bomb” is a struggle for me. Sorry…I just don’t enjoy hearing it peppered throughout the podcast. Otherwise, the podcast is great.
  • Randyz Candie
    I enjoy all of podcast. Narration is en pointe. The beginning is different but then I know I got a great podcast.
  • pammie8
    Great show
    Celebrities are so seedy and the host really captures that.
  • Brandy Ga
    Finally!!! I love it!!
    Impeccable storytelling!! I am hooked!!!
  • realitystrikesback
    On your knees
    I love the way you say he attended a Donald Trump inauguration like there’s something wrong with that… It’s amazing how quickly you can lose respect for someone. I can literally picture you on your knees… You’re the reason people hate America 🤮
  • BW_21
    Enjoyed until the Sharon Tate episode
    I enjoyed this show until I listened to the episodes on the Manson murders of Sharon Tate and others. Instead of going with the decades-long worth of evidence on the crimes, the host chose to delve into a conspiracy theory found in a single book. It’s disappointing and has ruined the show for me because I can’t be confident that the material is factual.
  • poiimmnhggvfdcxxeghmmmm
    F Bombs
    Too much bad language. The announcer really could use a class on other words. I’m out.
  • CiCi Dreadful
    I’m not surprised…
    This podcast is as amazing as Disgraceland and Jakes hot knife through butter voice. I knew it would be, so not surprised!
  • AlleyOoops
    Grab a drink and relax
    If I had to chose one podcast to listen to for the rest of my life, this would be it. The story telling lets you close your eye and follow along. The flow of the story plus details, chef’s kiss.
  • rkieatkjh
    Interesting topics but hard to get through. Just speak like a normal person… stop trying to talk like Bale’s Batman 🙄
  • MSS42
    Part 2
    I was so interested in hearing the second part of Who killed Marilyn? Alas, it is no where to be found. I really would like to listen to part 2 Thank You!
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