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The SELFHEALER SOUNDBOARD hosted by Dr. Nicole LePera author of the #1 New York Times Best Seller HOW TO DO THE WORK, creator of The Holistic Psychologist, and co-host Jenna Weakland, co-creator of The SelfHealer Circle. In this podcast, you’ll learn how to recognize your patterns, heal from your past, and create your Self.

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  • RenHen122
    Fave podcast
    I look forward to listening to Jenna and Nicole’s podcast every week while taking a bath. Their advice is so helpful and life changing. They give tips that are simple and easy to put into practice which I really appreciate. It makes the journey as a self healer less overwhelming to know they’re there for you. Thank you!!!
  • ec caballero
    Life changing
    After years of struggling with feeling and emotions I have found the book How to do the work and this podcast Is life changing . Thank you.
  • Tilley Fine
    Inner work and growth
    Amazing work here. Only thing I would change is that Jenna’s voice is so much louder than Nicole’s so it’s hard to listen with AirPods because you constantly have to lower the volume when Jenna speaks and raise the volume for Nicole. Can you please move the mic further away from Jenna when recording. But, love the content. You are changing lives! 🙏
  • Harlow67
    Great show
    This is a great show but it sort of bugs me that Jenna sometimes repeats some of her stories
  • xoxotasa-land
    Thank you
    All these podcast make me feel very blessed. I have a sexist mom. I shaved my hair. I shamed myself and I live here as a women rethinking my life. If I was a “man”would my mom love me more? Then the self love podcast came out and I was shook. Helped me, everytime I feel me abusing myself mentally I just sit and listen to my words and love me for who I am. Listening to my hurtful words knowing that I am afraid of the love and kindness I’m giving myself only bc growing up I never received it. So I panic and I blame my past. The one thing I am working on is forgiveness. Thank you. Thank you so much, I always feel sad on a Sunday and then wake up on Monday with the notification that there’s something else I need to hear!
  • Apozitude
    Personal Freedom
    I’m so grateful to you both (all 3 really) for EVERYTHING you make available. I never realized how much I imprisoned myself in my own mind. It was so exhausting!!! I listen to this podcast regularly and then I listen again. I love hearing your voices speak out loud about healing bc it helps me create new self talk and I can not tell you how much I appreciate this drastic change in my self talk. I FINALLY live personal freedom. Of course as you say I waiver, but I am so grateful for my awareness and my ability to choose. Thank you so much for empowering a shift in not just me, but in the world. I recommend all of your resources to everyone I know. Thank you. Ps Jenna your voice is very comforting to me. Nicole your bravery is inspiring and Lolly your grace is outstanding. Hip hip hooray to the POWER THRUPLE!!! 🥰
  • Serenity Chaser
    A Revolutionary Podcast!
    Nicole and Jenna….thank you, thank you, 🙏🏽 THANK YOU! Access to this research in relatable, concrete examples is life changing! This podcast has given me the empowering growth experiences of 2021.
  • Regina Ohio
    So thankful!
    I’m a mental health clinician who also has mental illness, and I am single (as of a month ago) for the first time after 20 years of long term romantic relationships. I’m realizing I have been avoiding feeling my pain by becoming enmeshed with my partners. This podcast has been a friend that has held my hand through this terrifying and liberating awakening process. Thank you so much!
  • nicoleannsky
    Everything speaks to me
    I love this podcast and was a member of the inner circle for almost a year. Your material and THE WAY YOU BREAK IT DOWN speaks to my soul absolutely. I didn’t even know the things I have been experiencing or telling myself have been felt by others. I no longer feel isolated and I feel hopeful that healing and change is possible . Thank you so much.
  • durbfiskalan
    I appreciate how the episodes are not overly verbose. They get right to the brass tacks, accurately, of what a person can do to level up their existence. I think many people will find it valuable.
  • LoveThisAppBUT
    amazing podcast with amazing women!
    My girlfriend started listening to your podcast now we both listen to it together and discuss every episode. Thank you for doing this. One of the best podcast I’ve listened to. We both can relate so much to you both. Thank you again! Hight recommended!!
  • aces23!
    Stumbled upon this podcast through Instagram and I am so happy I did. Really enjoying all the episodes I’ve listened to so far.
  • foralways1221
    After being recommended Dr. LaPera‘s book “How to Do the Work”, i found her on Instagram, joined the SelfHealers group page there, and found this podcast. I love how relatively short the episodes are. It’s easy to listen to while I’m doing chores or on my way to work. They’re not so long-winded that I get lost or distracted either. It all feels very digestible as well— I am actually being given tools from people who have benefited from them themselves. Maybe it’s already on here in some past videos and I haven’t looked deep enough, but I would love to have an episode on dealing with family trauma/tough dynamics and establishing boundaries. And also navigating jealousy in relationships. Will recommend to many!
  • JoLaw0101
    Listen to one rn!
    Nicole & Jenna make healing and loving yourself accessible to all! They are not only relatable as people but also so profound and wise. They use helpful examples from their personal journey, which really helps me understand how to apply what they’re talking about in my own life. Love this. Listen to an episode rn! You’ll be so glad you did. PLUS these pods are ✨ad ✨free✨!!!
  • Devious-Dev
    You need this podcast!!!
    This is hands down one of the best podcasts out there for those who are wanting to do work on themselves. This work has been groundbreaking for me. I am so thankful for this free resource. Also, no ads! Huge bonus! ❤️ Thanks so much to Dr Nicole & Jenna.
  • Jordans account
    So thankful for this podcast!
    I have been on this journey for a while now, and have been to therapy as well, and when I found this podcast, everything was just ringing true for me. It has helped me dive deeper into my healing journey and really helped me through this new transition in my life. I really appreciate that Nicole and Jenna are trying to make it as accessible as possible for people, they are truly changing the world, and so is everyone who is doing the work of healing.
  • Jenavie Corral
    Dr. Nicole & Jenna are the best part of my day when I drive to work! I’ve learned so much and I appreciate both of them!
  • social worker sam
    I found myself
    Thank you so much Jenna and Nicole for really allowing me to explore what makes me happy and feel safe. As a child protection social worker I felt so burnt out and lost. I felt like this job was controlling me and I am finally learning the skills I need to set boundaries and really explore what I am meant to do. This has actually also helped me in my fieldwork with my clients and children suffering from their unspoken trauma from parental figures. I appreciate you both so much for being so open and vulnerable as you guide us through these lessons, as I understand how difficult it can be. This podcast is for anyone who feels lost right now and doesn’t know where to really start, but wants better for themself. Thanks again ladies and can’t wait for next week’s episode! ❤️
  • Zmxmcnsmzmxc
    This podcast is amazing
    If you have ever been through traumatic things or have had a traumatic life, just please listen. Nothing has helped me more than Nicole’s book literally ever and I really hope she writes more and continues these episodes these are so helpful to me on a daily basis to remind myself to keep doing this.
  • MarkBr4928
    Essential listening
    Thank you both so much for the amazing content you put out into the world. Between the podcast and the book I feel full of great tools and information to help transform my life. And don’t worry, Jenna, your contributions to the podcast are valuable and important. It’s interesting to hear reflections from both of you. Your stories compliment each other well and there are profound things that each of you say that feel like they directly relate to my life or my family. Thank you!
  • kmathews721
    Most encouraging podcast I have ever heard
    Hi my name is Katie, I’m a 31-year-old nurse, wife and mom of two sweet little girls. I recently started listening to podcast as I wanted to start finding encouraging and healing material instead of listening to crime shows. I can’t even begin to describe how this podcast has changed my life recently. My husband suffers from depression and the past few years I have lost myself in worrying for everyone else that I lacked my own self healing. I’m on this journey of healing and loving myself and I would be lost without Dr. Nicole and Jenna. I’m also doing the highlife challenge with Mel Robbins. I also joined the inner circle. I feel incredibly blessed to have found this podcast and I’m sharing it with all of my friends and family! Thank you so much! Katie Mathews
  • Sneakypeekaboo28
    Life changing
    I just want to say this podcast has been so very helpful in my healing journey and even though I don’t have the book yet.. it’s quality content even just on its own. I plan to get the book! Best part I had a friend who was struggling hard time, her dark night of the soul, she was being left and right given new psychiatric diagnosis’ and medications (which not knocking meds, if you need them you need them) and I sent her this podcast and she just called me right now and she said it’s changed her life around! I was so ecstatic to hear that and she sounded so much better. So thank you thank you thank you! I hope you know how much you are helping people! You’re saving lives!
  • caligirlgonegreen
    Great pod
    I really enjoy listening to these weekly. I love Jenna and think she’s a great addition with Nicole’s work. I really like how vulnerable they both are. Thank you.
  • Awakened_Sara
    Companion Tool for Self Healers
    I’m so grateful for this Podcast! It pulls out important issues that many are dealing with and addresses ways to move forward in the journey of self-healing. I personally started reading Dr. Nicole’s book “How To Do the Work” and then incorporated the Podcast and Instagram posts. While these are all excellent resources, I have found that joining the self healers circle has really helped me focus and become grounded in this journey. The SelfHealers Soundboard has become an important ingredient for me in the SelfHealing journey. Thanks so much for this important work!
  • Omgsomuchfunnn
    Thank you
    Thank you Jenna and Nicole for creating such an amazing and impactful podcast. Not only did your book change my life, but I continue to DO THE WORK each and everyday with the help of your frequent podcast episodes, daily text messages and IG posts. Thank you for guiding me on healing my inner child and helping me help myself. I love everything about the holistic psychologist 🤍🤍
  • Nuakdbuq-881
    The book and now, this podcast, have allowed me to come back to my authentic self in ways I never thought possible. I would not be who I am today were it not for her work, and I love the human I am becoming, who is more aligned with her purpose and who she really is. It’s like coming home. Thank you!
  • kspw63
    Truly helpful
    After much searching for answers and help I have finally found something that truly helps. This podcast is awesome. My future will be better than my past by learning and putting the tools presented into practice.
  • shonnahlee
    Best podcast there is.
    Dr. Nicole is just someone I’ve loved learning from for a while now & someone that really puts things into simple terms where you can relate so easily to and truly learn how to do the work. I own the book and listen to this and through both of those I have learned SO much from her. Jenna I hope you see this and know you add so much to this podcast and I’m grateful you’re on this podcast with Dr. Nicole! Thank you both!
  • Saraheis1
    Gratitude & Love💕
    Thank you both for “showing up” so beautifully💕 I love your podcast & YouTube videos because they always ground me back into my own healing work;) Today I listened to forgiveness & such a beautiful listen! I really want to build a daily forgiveness practice so thank you for talking about that! Thank you so much! Thank you for season 1 the master class that follows the book! Thank you for doing this amazing work & I believe this is the work that matters - healing & coming back to the ♥️ heart! So grateful 💕
  • lizzie💓
    Oh my god SO helpful. 10/10 recommend to anyone struggling with their relationship with themselves
    I cannot even begin to tell you how helpful Nicole and Jenna’s podcast has been for me. As a long time follower and fairly new member of the Self Healers Circle, I’ve immersed myself quickly into my healing journey. I’ve listened to nearly every single episode of this podcast and they’re so good! I feel like I can relate to many of the feelings that the two of them share. Jenna’s honesty and openness about feelings of self doubt after receiving negative comments in the latest podcast on Forgiveness really resonated with me. I have noticed many patterns of self criticism within myself and hearing her share this has allowed some of these feelings to come to light for me. This has led me to feel kinder to myself and begin to forgive myself and others. I’m forever grateful for the Self Healers Sound board as well as the circle. I can’t wait to see what the future of this podcast has in store!
  • ad11felix
    To Jenna
    I read the reviews after you saying there were negative comments. I wanted to let you know that I would probably feel really horrible if that’s what was being said about me. I think you are truly a great addition to this podcast and the relationship with Nicole doesn’t phase me. You guys are able to talk about things in a way that seems to really work for me. I don’t even think about your personal relationship as much. When you were talking about your dad , it made me cry. I’m exactly there and have a dad with addiction issues. You bring something to the table that serves part of the audience. ❤️❤️ you’re a great example of doing the work and I love your offerings. Because you have so much to offer, your story is precious and healing others, like me. 🥂 to healing
  • dogsandcake
    Everyone needs to listen
    Nothing has helped me more then this podcast, their Instagram and book! Life changing!
  • Blissfulcore
    So helpful!
    I was blown away by the people pleasing episode! To hear Nicole’s story, that you can become a people pleaser without necessarily experiencing abuse, was so helpful. I’ve known that I have people pleasing tendencies and never understood why I developed them as I didn’t remember physical abuse. I have also felt the deep confusion of not knowing what it is that I want but feeling resentful that everyone else always needed from me. Thank you so much for this beautiful podcast and the wisdom you both share!
  • Taynard
    So helpful
    Love these two women. So much knowledge and I love how they can relate all things to everyone. Share their own stories. So vulnerable. I’ve learned so much about myself through this and Instagram posts. I’m eternally grateful. Thank you so much.
  • pa student1
    Profound and straightforward
    I love the podcast as an accompaniment to the texts and Instagram account. The podcast is clear and digestible and expands on topics mentioned on Instagram. I’d recommend subscribing to all! Truly life changing info if you’re ready to hear it!
  • Chubushu
    Great Podcast
    I get a lot out of these Podcasts, I love to listen while I take a walk and have some time to myself. I get insight into myself and even when the topic doesn’t apply directly to me, it helps me understand the behavior and perspectives of loved ones and friends. I also enjoy the personal stories. I appreciate your work, Jenna & Nicole!
  • Victorrrria
    So helpful
    I finally started listening to these podcasts and they’re so helpful. I’m grateful for all the willingness to share information and look forward to listening to more episodes. I also like that they’re not super long, makes it easy to listen to while out walking the dog.
  • licensed psychologist
    True Mixed Bag, Overall Good Work
    I really get behind Nicole’s work - the idea that we are a lot more capable of learning, growing & healing than we realize. Yes. All day, all night. Turning the YouTube, IG & book work into a podcast makes perfect sense and I’m glad it exists. I’m especially impressed that all of her social is ad-free and partnership free. Mazel on resisting potential capitalistic urge x a million! I chuckle re: the critical reviews of Jenna. I find her diction, cadence, and the seemingly professional lack of “like” and “um” between sentences to be outstanding. And I think it’s really cool that someone without “credentials” can vocalize such evolved ideas and practice. I find that a great role, actually. What they say makes good sense and is easy to follow. So, why the mixed bag? Their relationship makes me very nervous and I can’t help but wonder about it throughout all of what they talk about now that they’ve gone public about their tripartnership. If Nicole was practicing as a psychologist (which she’s not, she’s a psychologist who works as an educator) starting a romantic relationship with someone who reached out to her via her Instagram would be considered a major dual relationship and something that’s frowned upon in the psychological community; perhaps a large part of why she deviates from it; psychology is intense and heavily regulated. Sometimes too regulated. But when it comes to dual relationships - you have to wonder a bit. I notice feeling concern for Jenna re:unintended exploitation and how she may be re-traumatizing herself in ways she’s not yet aware of. The only other suggestion would be to keep acknowledging privilege and work to be as abundantly inclusive as possible. Some of it sounds way easier than it really is. These concerns aside, I have only positive thoughts and wishes for these women and those who learn from them. Keep up the good work!
  • Durhamhp
    Great compliment to the book
    I really like immersing myself in “the work” on a daily basis and this podcast helps me to do that. The dynamics between Jenna and Nicole are great and I love having both of their experiences, stories and perspectives. The concepts in the book and podcast have helped me to start healing myself from the inside and I love having the power to connect my mind and body. Good stuff… :)
  • emmobeanotrain
    Great Content
    If you’re on a healing journey give them a listen! I find great applicable value from their podcasts! Let’s face it, if you hear something great but don’t know how to apply it, it can only do you so much good! I love how they are able to convey tangible steps you can actively take while you’re on your path to healing!
  • jemkiss
    First time listener, and about to purchase the book! Loved the openness and vulnerability. No ones journey is the same, but they talk about how to make it your own, create your own foundation and stay on the journey!
  • wildowlwoman
    Jenna and Nicole break down things about the psyche in such a way that makes it easier to understand and see. Their voices have been an anchor for me during this time in my life that has been very difficult. So grateful this podcast exists
  • Jess-Van
    So helpful!
    I’m very grateful for your content! This podcast and How to Do the Inner Work. It’s helped validate and expand my healing process tremendously! Thanks for all you guys do! 💜✨
  • EliDavidson
    More Dr. Nicole
    Dr. Nicole wrote a brilliant book. I don’t understand why more than half of the podcast is Jenna. If I could fast forward through her content I would to get back to Dr. Nicole. Jenna is a distraction and consistently diminishes the value. If it was Dr. Nicole only it would certainly be five star like her book and her content.
  • KKlady
    Personal Growth 101
    I absolutely enjoy this podcast. Always waiting for the next one to come out. I’ve been in Alanon for 14 years and it’s a lot of the same principles and I benefit from hearing it in many forms. I love hearing your experiences as well as concrete steps to use in our everyday lives. Also love knowing that I use a lot of the same tools as you guys. It helps me reaffirm I’m on the right path. Thank for keeping it ad free too!! I look forward to listening to each one that comes out. It was nice to hear more about your background Jenna in the forgiveness episode.
  • kpaige20
    Amazing podcast
    So much insight and digestible information. Practical ways to heal, grow and change as a person. I absolutely love every episode and the dynamic between Nicole & Jenna is wonderful.
  • vhshcjxhxud
    Love this podcast! I think Jenna brings a lot to the show with a new perspective and history to share ❤️
  • K_D__D
    Healing from home
    This podcast is like going to therapy for me. As someone who can’t afford to go it’s so wonderful to have this since . I have grown and learned so much and look forward to what’s next in life .
  • Nan Zou
    Worth Listing To
    I’m very thankful for this podcast. Hosts make a great team!
  • madamcookiee
    This is everythingI needed to hear today. I see the ways which I relate to both of you in my life and forgiveness of myself is definitely needed, to my father, and to my ex-husband. Thank you so much for being open and authentic for all of us. I can’t wait for more!
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