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I’m Glennon Doyle, author of Untamed – the book that was released at the very start of the pandemic and became a lifeline for millions. I watched in awe from my home while this simple phrase from Untamed – WE CAN DO HARD THINGS – the mantra that saved my life twenty years ago, became a worldwide rally cry. Because we experienced the hardship of the pandemic collectively, many of us finally acknowledged what was true before COVID and will be true after: That life is freaking HARD. We are all doing hard things every single day – things like loving and losing caring for children and parents; forging and ending friendships; battling addiction, illness, and loneliness; struggling in our jobs, our marriages, and our divorces; setting boundaries; and fighting for equality, purpose, freedom, joy, and peace. On We Can Do Hard Things, my sister Amanda and I will do the only thing I’ve found that has ever made life easier: We will drop the fake and talk honestly about the hard. Each week we will bring our hard to you and we will ask you to bring your hard to us and we will do what we were all meant to do down here: Help each other carry the hard so we can all live a little bit lighter and braver, more free and less alone.

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  • SarahBug__43
    Sexual Desire
    Brilliant episode. Thank you so much for once again sharing yourselves and your experiences. As a 43 year old woman, I began exploring my sexuality a year ago and I am thankful for the way you have framed sexual desire. I believe in learning as a lifelong pursuit, and I think that sometimes we limit that to what we learn from books or academics. We need to apply this lifelong pursuit of learning in all areas of life. And I want to add as a pastor’s daughter and now pastor’s wife (progressive pastors but nonetheless) I started questioning my faith in my teens and appreciate you saying that there is no label for your faith. I have felt that for nearly 30 years but didn’t know how to think about it. I feel a sense of belonging that I didn’t think I would be able to have unless I believed the same thing as one sector of religion, so thank you for that.
  • geniepark888
    I love it
    I recommend listening in chronological order. This podcast is amazing: informative, funny, creative, insightful. You don’t need to have read her books to enjoy it, although I highly recommend untamed. I am so happy she started this podcast!
  • KatieAlex19
    So, this podcast has been so helpful for me. I am going through a “brutiful” time in my life. I have been diagnosed with cancer. It’s early, I’m grateful it’s been caught, but I’m also scared and awakened to how precious my life truly is. I feel like this podcast allows me to feel all those feelings. It gives me permission that I wasn’t allowing myself to have. It makes me laugh and cry and feel proud to be a woman. Thank you Amanda, Abby, and Glennon. Also, thank you Tish for writing an awesome theme song for me to sing when things get hard. My favorite line is “stop asking directions to places they’ve never been.” Love it! Keep up the great work!
  • Luz-y-Traducciones
    Theme Song = Meditation
    I realized this morning (while listening to your podcast) that the theme song is becoming my morning meditation. After listening to the 3 of you and being left with a sense of curiosity and wonderment and love, I finish this ritual with the beautiful theme song and my heart shines 💖. Thank you Tish (and Brandi)!
  • Sheeamy
    Podcast idea
    Hi I love the podcast… I was wondering if you could host something on being in a relationship with a high conflict narcissist (NPD) and how and what to do.
  • Casie_Rylieee
    Morning delight!!!
    I love this podcast sooo much and your books ! Glennon,Abby and Sister have brought me so much joy to every morning on my way to work and on my way home in the car , while I’m doing dishes or while I’m cleaning my house! You all bring different perspectives and make me feel like I’m not alone in all of my overthinking. Glennons book and podcast I can easily say has changed my life. In all the darkness in the world they being so much light in mine !
  • Ms. Michelle Noel
    LOVE LOVE LOVE .... the end.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE...the end.
  • JTPositiveFreek
    We Can Do Hard Things
    This podcast is incredible. It’s honest, real, raw and exactly what I didn’t know I needed until I started listening!! I am grateful I can hear & listen to all of your perspectives, take-aways and even enjoy the homework as it gets me to work on my hard things more - which is the point!! I am living through so many hard things right now (as we all are all the time) and knowing I’m not alone, makes all the difference. THANK YOU GLENNON, SISTER, ABBY, CRAIG ALL OF YOU!!! We can do hard, heavy things!!!! Also, Glennon, keep being intense - I see you & love you!!! ~Jen
  • allysonbettyy
    All the stars for you ladies.
    Love your clarity and calm on so many important topics. I too have been “too much” my whole life and definitely tamed myself in the process. And I resent a lot of people who tamed me. But I love your perspective and thoughts that help me navigate my brain and want to become a cheeta again. I love that every episode I have an “ah-ha” moment that makes me feel like I’m not insane, I’m actually really clued in. If that makes sense. Hate that the patriarchy makes us feel so stupid when we’re really really smart.
  • wadddupps
    Must listen!! Glennon, Abby and “sister” or Amanda bring to light so many important topics and offer an amazing insight throughout the conversation. Also if you haven’t already Glennon’s books are a MUST read .... especially Untamed. Keep being a goddamn cheetah.
  • cheiybird
    Love and hate
    I love this podcast but is sister to wordy? I often feel lost in her words; difficult to follow and it sometimes makes me lose the point. Anyone else?
  • ladybethbug
    May I just say…
    I just finished listening to “THE FEELS”, episode. I got big tears in my eyes when I heard Abby say she felt changed, because understanding Glennon’s approach to life, helps to make her a better partner. May I say, “Amen!”? Couldn’t all of us use that? In recovery, we learn that feelings aren’t facts, but they sure “feel” factual! If we have one person with that level of consistent effort, we are truly blessed; I’ve had three! That makes me high favored, because I’m certain I wear out the rest of the world! Anyway, may I also just say how grateful I am “you” get this brain of mine AND do a podcast to broadcast it to the universe! 🙌🏻💖💛❤️
  • Faith at Reallife Realhome
    I look forward to this podcast every week!
    Glennon, Amanda & Abby- you are amazing. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy what you bring to this space. Your podcasts have made me laugh, cry, think, dive deeper into topics, and I always come away learning something new about myself. I love how each of you bring a different perspective. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you- this podcast is a true blessing in my life.
  • e.staves
    Reflection of the Soul
    I have read all of Glennon’s books and they have changed me for the better. They have helped me realize myself and become a more true version of the woman I am. I have also listened to every single episode of We Can Do Hard Things. I constantly have the Tish Melton song stuck in my head— especially when I’m working as a NICU nurse these days. The podcast has brought perspective and emotion to my days. I appreciate having powerful, intelligent women to listen to when I’m feeling so hopeless for humankind.
  • SLBS85
    Just Love ❤️
    This podcast… it challenges you, lifts you up, makes you feel seen, I just love everything about it. These women are so amazing and are talking about things that I’ve been thinking about my whole life, in my head. These women are saying those things out loud and dissecting them in a thoughtful way and it’s so enriching. I’m learning so much and feel heard here. Keep going! Much love, - Sierra
  • FabCruise
    Listen, learn and have fun
    Please listen if you are a feminist, equality fighter, analytic introvert and love talking about all of the above plus other fun, important topics such as beauty, love, parenting, gender, sex, etc. Glennon and company make learning about these issues fun and interesting.I am a podcast lover and this is currently my favorite!! Subscribe and enjoy! ☺️
  • CARI Is Awesome
    You are one Empath
    Please look into Lola Pickett’s work. She is teaching Empath’s,& HSP’s resilience,& empowerment. I was extremely disappointed in today’s episode. It sounded privileged. All Empath’s are not the same. Saying, that we aren’t healers is wrong. Telling your audience that Empath’s shouldn’t be surgeons,& hostage negotiators is harmful. What we need is more Empath’s in positions of power. Example, Prime Minister Jacinda Arden. We need more Empath Doctors, Lawyers, Politician's ect……. When taught how to live in this world, we can do anything. Imagine a world of Empowered resilient Empath’s. We wouldn’t be where we are now. Please educate yourselves. Understanding this could be a game changer. I am sending this with so much love♥️
  • LG27*!
    Love this podcast. Thank you. Also, one suggestion.
    Hi! I recently discovered this podcast and I love it. I listen to it when I run and it is truly therapeutic. The only suggestion/request I have is that when you guys present a topic that has a list of your key points, could you just quickly go over them at the end as a review? It always help me remember and sum up what I listened to. Thank you!
  • knaccbbin
    My favorite
    This is the podcast that converted me to podcasts. I have read Love Warrior, Untamed, and various articles by Glennon. I really enjoy Glennon’s writing and was excited to hear of the podcast. The topics are so relevant and important. Thank you for doing this! I’ve appreciated Abby, Amanda, and Craig’s perspective too. I appreciate all of your willingnesses to be brave and talk about hard things that so often we don’t have a place to discuss.
  • mplsbeequeer
    Request for experts - BIPoC
    I appreciate the bold honesty of this podcast, but in the spirit of doing hard things, with each episode I have an increasing desire for more experts and actual wisdom to add to the pairing of three white (cis) women. (i.e. more than googled facts by Sister. Yes she’s smart- she’s also not a psychologist, historian, or sociologist to choose or interpret the information properly). Our request is you consider involving or interviewing individuals who have studied the topics you discuss, either during the main section or in lieu of q&a. I also wish for more BIPoC voices, and other intersectional queer voices. Keep up the good work - I know you can be better! Xoxo your Midwest BIPoC Queer Crew
  • Kristin Cole
    Resonance every time ✨
    I love this podcast SO darn much! I find it incredibly relatable as a highly sensitive human and also feel validated by Glennon and Abby’s happenings at home and in the modern world. My wife and I have had countless aha! moments and feel so seen and valued by all of you. Love sister’s wise input and the details and hard knowledge she always brings to the table. It’s an engaging and thought-provoking lineup of topics. I’m literally blown away each week! ❤️❤️
  • bettykoch
    All The Feels
    This session has touched me in a deeper way than any other. Thank you for giving words to the feelings of abandonment. My issues are rooted in both real and perceived abandonment. The three of you are helping me in ways I didn’t think I could open up to. Thanks to Amanda for giving all of us “analytics” the science and methodology to understand and FEEL what the episodes are about. A 65 year old woman trying to get over the first 60 years of my life. Rebecca
  • FitnessNutMM
    Glennon, Amanda and Abby… I love you all and your insights!!! I started listening recently and I’m hooked. You all bring such different wisdom and perspective on life… I highly recommend this podcast for everyone! Thank you for being so brave and inspiring every week (well now twice a week, yay!!) ! PS just finished Untamed and it was one of the best books I have read… will be keeping it close by to go back to again and again…
  • johanna bollich
    I’m so grateful I found this podcast when I did. I’ve had so many “YES! I feel this” and “AHA” moments while listening. Thank you for helping me do hard things.
  • pinkmama22
    My morning me time
    Chicas all three of you are amazingly smart, insightful, kind, caring, humane, thoughtful, encouraging, inspiring, enlightening, and precious rays of hope and sunshine!!!!!! I start my days with you while I get ready for work and I say to myself, “self you can do hard things too!” Much love, appreciation, and blessings coming your way 🥰.
  • Determined and sensitive mom
    FEELS episode is excellent!
    This episode, like any of them, really spoke to me.I do a kind of peer counseling, called reevaluation cocounseling, that uses many of these points made in this episode.Some people get into it in a cultish way, but I have used it every week for 40 years to be able to access and express my feelings and then reevaluate them and guide my actions. Highly recommended!
  • mb.in.cali
    Life changing
    The only podcast I listen to. I wait each week for them to come out and stop whatever I’m doing to listen. Truly feels like I’m having a conversation with friends over coffee. You’ll laugh, cry, and change your life for the better. Thank you all for your gifts of wisdom, humility, grace, and insight.
  • alundlex
    Episode 24
    Love every single episode was wondering if you all plan on doing a type of journal along with me type situation when you ask the next hard thing questions for the week. Sister posed great questions to examine about emotions this week that would be awesome journal starters but sometimes I am wrapped up in listening and can’t get it all together to write down the topics/questions/suggestions Basically I need some worksheets like a first grader. I think it would be great to cultivate an introspective look at a community based talk and then be able to go back and process not only the podcast but the information and “homework” we get. I love how interactive this is even for an enforcers like me who isn’t going to start up the local chapter of we can do hard things talk session at the coffee shop and read from my worksheets! Thanks ladies for always being willing to push open doors. Love ya past the stars.
  • Jmekaye
    Educational and inspiring
    I’m a hearing impaired listener who also uses the transcripts to read the things I miss. Thank you so much for the inclusion!! The topics shared always leave me with an urge to research more. Any time a book title or author is mentioned, I add them to my goodreads “to be read” list. I’m hoping for a recommended book list to go along with the Spotify fun music mix. Thank you for educating me and inspiring me.
  • Amyyogi
    We Can Do Hard Things Podcast
    I haven’t missed a single episode! I always learn something new and find myself carrying on the conversation with friends & loved ones. Thank you for the love & care you put into each topic. And…yes, I consider listening to this podcast part of my FUN quota for the week!! P.S. Tish’s song is amazing. ❤️
  • SuzieQ408
    Fills your bucket right to the top
    I can’t say enough about how much I love Glennon, Amanda, and Abby. These conversations validate my feelings, push my ideas about things, and fill my heart. Bravo, ladies. You are making lives better.
  • keeleyshawart
    You make me feel seen
    Thank you for talking about the heavy everything-ness of everything…I feel like I’m on an island that I’ve built from my feelings most days…your podcast is like a colorful, whimsical sailboat that I look forward to seeing pass by, letting me know that I’m not so alone, not too much, not crazy for feeling the depths of it all. Sending all the gratitude and love your way! Keeley
  • Podsquad member
    Thank you
    This podcast is the best thing every week and now twice a week. It’s my therapy during the weeks I don’t have therapy. It’s my self care time. Thank you so much for sharing these conversations with us. It means the world to me and helps me do hard things
  • jendeegoff
    Deep Nourishment
    This is my first time writing a review. You three are precious. Listening to this show is like sitting by a wood stove and sipping tea, like the warmest hug and a deep conversation with a dear friend. So nourishing. These hard conversations make us feel less alone. Thank you and so much love to you three.
  • gigicurly
    Useful, insightful and well presented topics
    Thank you for this podcast. Very well done and informative. Topics we all, especially as women, deal with. The theme song is touching and such a beautiful song.
  • Alessandra di Lampedusa
    Gut Instincts are Feelings
    How many times do we hear people, especially men, say they rely upon their gut? Why is it deemed more reliable and less emotional to rely on one’s gut versus one’s feelings? What’s a gut instinct if not an emotion or a feeling? Why is one masculine or neutral (relying on a gut instinct) versus feminized (relying on one’s emotions or feelings). Both are notoriously incorrect and filtered through our own biases and stories.
  • Momseekinghope
    Honest. True. Real. Refreshing. This podcast helps you breathe again (and laugh!) Thank you, God for these beautiful truth tellers.
  • Hapsbp
    Love it!
    There is not an episode yet that hasn’t touched me. This podcast is amazing- so many hard things that I choose not to think about - I feel like I am not alone. Thank you for talking about them.
  • MoonmaidNina
    My New Favorite Friends
    I am so happy that I started this podcast. I have been a Glennon fan for quite some time now, but have never enjoyed podcasts so I didn’t tune in, until one day alone in the car I felt the urge to try it out and I’m obsessed. Now I’m a huge Abby, Amanda, and Glennon fan!! Thank you for making my days brighter and helping me feel a little less like a crazy mom living groundhogs day!!
  • Ravenspirit3
    Real Talk
    Much appreciated topic. Love concepts of interjection/facilitation vs interruption/hijacking. Deep listening - ask good questions - value confidentiality - so important. I am the quiet one, the one that needs time to ponder before speaking. I would add being fully present to the list - which dovetails with deep listening. Sometimes it just about tenderly and respectfully holding the space for someone.
  • SheNelli4
    Authentic Wisdom!!
    Love all of you! Amazing blessings each one of you! Feel the authenticity from each one of you! Thank you!
  • dancingdancing
    Relatable and insightful
    Relatable and insightful
  • Sister Kristen
    Love, love, love this podcast
    I cannot say enough about how much I love this podcast. I love all three of these ladies and anxiously await each new episode. I often times listen to them twice and they drop two episodes a week sooo....yeah. The content is entirely relatable and always resonates. After parenting for 26 years and being in the first 12 months post divorce with joint parenting with an ex- spouse, the takeaways here are endless. These women speak to my feminine soul, my mom heart and help breathe life back into many days when I just don't want to do any of it any more. I love everything that Glennon and Amanda have to say but find that my personality, behavior and mannerisms align with Abby so what she brings to the table for me is a lot of validation and rawness. I find that because I love her and honor who she is, watching her work through her stuff opens up the door for greater love, grace and forgiveness for myself as I work through mine. She makes me laugh and cry. They all do, actually - and I am grateful.
  • Dana, from the midwest
    Increasing awareness toward non-binary identity is bringing a piece of heaven to earth
    When I attended Mars Hill, Rob Bell did a lecture about the curse from the fall of man i. The Garden of Eden. He said that the true curse is that the men would be bent towards productivity and providing and women would be bent towards men. Listen to you all talk about gender roles I can’t help but think that what he was describing is “The patriarchy”. Men being told their role is to provide. When a women takes on that role, it feels threatening. When anything outside a religious or cultural norm of role, feels threatening. Non-binary roles and identities must be what it is like when heaven is on earth, when everything was perfect. And in doing the work to increase awareness to non-binary roles and ideas, you’re bringing a little heaven to earth. Thank you.
  • baldinotc
    yes to the max!
    it’s feels raw and vulnerable, like a perfect dance that is balanced. this podcast relates their words to the emotions behind our bodies. it feels like i’m listening to a creation of art. love love love the conversations and ideas, i continue to pause and write down quotes and thoughts for myself. keep inspiring, keep speaking out, keep challenging. xx
  • teach.create.teach
    Love this!
    Thank you! And I’m not sure how your light episode brought tears to my eyes twice! 💕
  • MCPSings
    It’s My GO To Listen
    I am enjoying this podcast so much. I don’t have mind space for much at this time. These 3 humans help me to understand myself in context of marriage and other relationships. There is so much grace. Thanks to you for this gift.
  • REAL TALK: Amazing stuff
    Real Talk: Best podcast EVER
    BEST podcast episode EVER!! THANK YOU for creating this. I agreed with literally EVERYTHING said. I think interrupting is the RUDEST and most SELFISH thing. And YES! It feels violent. I'm adding one more which is really a combo of the ones you already listed. If you ask a question, LISTEN to the answer! Serial question-askers who ask question after question and interrupt the answer (blood boiling). It gives off the appearance of curiosity, but it's really them controlling the conversation (no lazy river here!). And they certainly aren't LISTENING to the answer. THANK YOU!
  • k8mmmmmm
    A Must listen
    I came for Glendon’s wisdom and staying for Abby and Amanda (and Glendon’s!). Never disappointed, time always well spent.
  • olivia9000😄
    Where can I find friends like you three?
    This sounds sadly pathetic but where can I find friends like you all?? I can’t seem to find them in real life so I will just keep listening. Thank you :)
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