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Drag darling and winner of RuPaul's Drag Race JINKX MONSOON brings her unique brand of talk to the podcast airwaves through thoughtful, hilarious, and even probing conversations with your favorite celebrities, comedians, and artists. Produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Network and Moguls of Media

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  • treeenuh
    Drag is good 😊
    Soylent green is people You can’t make this stuff up
  • mawmabewts
    so fun!
    love you jinkx!
  • mikesava
    too much BROADWAY
    I lost interest
  • Jeannyvett
    I want to be Jinkxy when I grow up!
    This podcast it’s uplifting, hysterical and so so funny! Jinkx does such great job interviewing everyone! I’m so happy I’ve found this!
  • Aussieformerfan
    I just love this podcast , she interviews great people , asks great questions and is so honest and transperant about life experiences ! Bravo Jinx and all the continued success in the world .
  • Gaga0hlala
    Wooooow jinx, I knew the universe had a message… but you really confirmed it for me. I always had a sneaking suspicion that hard work is what made things special, but the way you explained it to me today really convinced me that i was on the right track!!! Thank you for the inspiration Xoxo nicky @werkhunty
  • Its_magic_77_77
    I love this podcast I love jinx’s voice and laugh so much!!
  • Spockfreak
    Jinkx, you complete me 🌈
    This is a delightful podcast!! I love Jinkx’s interview style and her madcap cackles of delight. You, my dear Jinkx, are my celebrity crush errrrryday 💋 🦄 🌈
  • archivist.librarian
  • BillyNoah
    Love JINX….but
    Ummmmm Jinx, let your guests speak more. This is a podcast of you just verbally running over all guests. Also, the awkward pauses from you after a guest says something……so cringe!
  • christian.978
    Please listen to the reviews Jinx!
    Please let your guests speak! I love you Jinx , and I love your guests as well but they cannot get a single word in without you interjecting so much. Like others have stated, it’s not a conversation it’s a Jinx monologue and hey I would love a Jinx monologue- but it’s different when you can hear the frustration in the guests voices
  • HSean0
    Let them talk!
    Jinkx is a legend. That being said, I’m not enjoying this medium of her expression quite as much because she does not let her guests speak. These episodes are not conversations, they’re Jinkx monologues peppered with occasional queer icons trying to get a word in edgewise.
  • Pablomail1
    Love your show Jinx!!!!
  • ayeeezayyy
    Hiiii Jinx!
    Love you doll 💜💜💜
  • JJJJ8686
    Love Jinxx but let guests talk!
    I really love Jinxx and like the podcast. However, as the podcast has gone on I’ve noticed that Jinxx has a really hard time letting the guests actually talk. Often it feels like the guest are brought on to let Jinxx unpack the same stories of her childhood trauma over and over. Stop interrupting when they speak (although this seems a consistent theme across all the MOM shows)
  • Krogals1
    Needs an audio engineer
    I mean, we worship Jinkx, but couldn’t we afford a sound engineer? Sometimes this show is just intolerable because of the crappy audio!!!
  • Antoni000
    Can she get better at interviewing?
    She constantly brings the subject back to her. Let the guests tell their story!
  • cecersdreammachine
    always comes back to childhood trauma and naked men
    and im not mad about it
  • Sam Prost
    Love Jinx!
    Love Jinx Monsoon! Jinx please ask your guests a question!! I love you but, constructive criticism, you talk about yourself too much during the interview
  • MikeyMyke
    Not what I expected
    I absolutely love Ms Monsoon and really enjoy her other podcast. This podcast unfortunately doesn’t give us anything new or uniquely Jinkx. It’s just celebrity interviews talking about the standard road to fame and other industry stuff. I’d love to see some other types of episodes or segments mixed in that give us more of Jinkx.
  • Damon625
    Great show!!
    Stumbled on this podcast and listened to the interview with Johnnie as my first introduction to Hi Jinx. Fun episode definitely will be back.
  • SeriouslySnapeAlwaus
    this is a complisult
    I love you jinx but you have the tendency to take over the episode and not interview— just talk and have the other person listen to you. I mean, it is your show so you can do whatever you want, but if you are interviewing a guest on your show it would be nice to actually hear from them —just a wish from a weekly listener. It doesn’t happen all the time — and story telling is great. But, when I’m listening, it sometimes feels like the guest is just there listening to you instead of it being an actual conversation.
  • TeacherSam68
    Such Fun!
    Love Jinkx! This is my first listen and I’m hooked. I will go back and listen to the previous episodes. She is funny and joyful in her interviews! Highly recommend!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
  • To_Loose
    Jinkx is really talented and a brilliant host !
  • NashvilleBrian
    When Brilliant People Host
    You can’t go wrong when someone brilliant hosts a show. The dialog is next level and so entertaining.
  • WillBernard
    Jinkx is the best Queen ever
    Aloha from Maui! Love your Podcast 🌈❤️
  • SalemThompson
    Love this pod!
    We love our Queen!!
  • oliveandash
    Every season is monsoon season!
    Hi Jinkx has become appointment listening on Wednesdays! Podcasting comes naturally to her and I can’t wait to see where the show goes as it continues ♥️
  • TrueSeattle
    An Entertainer at heart!
    They’re a great entertainer. And this is a great podcast, weekly listener.
  • getupcow
    Love it
    So fun and great guests!
  • shuafly
    The Veteran Dave episode warmed my heart ❤️
    Thanks to both of you for this episode! So wonderful to here Dave’s take on everything and Jinx’s appreciation for him, and thank you Dave for your service in the military and the LGBTQIA+ movement/ world 💚 I wish I was this strong! This was truly an education;) and I feel like a better queer person for listening to this, I laughed, I cried I was joyous… THANK YOU!
  • austinds
    Both a blessing and a squeal!
    Living for how much I’m loving this. First time first time and I’m midway through binging All the episodes (except the 8 minute ones/teasers. What can I say, it’s darling, inspiring, and bridging the gap between humans and the robotic-Intellect running the simulation. As a human, I enjoy it greatly. As a woodland-forest witch, I enjoy simmering in the information and the joys and laughter. Blessings
  • Chilly999999
    Been a fan since Season 5!
    A master class comedian, a fierce Drag Queen, a wonderful performer and singer and a gracious and relevant podcast host. I definitely love Jinkx Monsoon and all of the Hijinkx that she’s always up to.
  • iOcelot
    A genuine Cool Mom
    Jinkx's innate and accrued compassion and wisdom shine through every cackle. Maria Bamford, Ts Madison, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, and Rachel Bloom have been especially resonant for me.
  • ClevelandChick
    I’ve always loved this queen
    This podcast is so well done. It’s organized and still funny, has great guests, and just seems very well thought out. One of my fave podcasts over all and in the top 2 of fave queen podcasts. It’s always monsoon season in my house ❤️❤️
  • gbsimon5
    I mean… it’s Jinkx. What else do you want?
    Jinkx is an amazing and entertaining host. She has had excellent guests so far and does a really great job in terms of interviewing them. I like how this podcast keeps me laughing but can also touch on more serious topics. My favorite guest so far was Harvey Fierstein!
  • ovotahntren
    Jinkx is an amazing interviewer
    Just had to leave a review after listening to the Trixie Mattel episode. I’m a huge stan & this is the best/my fav interview I’ve ever heard from her. Jinkx is a great interviewer & asks interesting thoughtful questions. Will be going back to listen to more!
  • Shower_Listener
    The Diane Rehm of Pop Culture
    Remember the good olde days when you'd fire-up the phonograph to hear two interesting people have an in-depth conversation? No frills, trills, sound boards or side-eye. Just Jinkx serving effervescent gravitas.
  • Raygar87
    A good podcast
  • Heather the grad student
    Everything about Jinkx is charming and adorable. I love that I can keep up with my favorite drag queen while listening to the stories and insight from guests. She’s such a kind soul and I think that’s why she’s so great at conversing with other people and connecting with them.
  • Charlotte Harlot
    You are A Marvel
    Just wanted to say you seem to approach life in a very anthropological and humanistic way. And PLEASE KEEP DOING “I’m 40% podcast”. Sometimes, when I hear you speak Jinkx, it’s like I relive my childhood, and appreciate the Nicks around me. Love- Isai (pronounced E—sah-E) accent on the last E
  • aaaaaleeeeexaaaaa
    Jinx is a great interviewer
  • Happyguy41
    Love this podcast!
    This is my new favorite podcast! Love all the interviewees and highlighting incredibly talented, not-exalted-enough GLBT talents. Please do Coco Peru, Drew Droege, Mitch Silpa, Michael Henry, and Brian Jordan Alvarez soon. Bravo!
  • Bdan32
    We want more guests like James Cameron Mitchell
  • Ajmart2998
    One of the best
    Jinkx is genuinely one of the most well spoken interviewers. She’s thoughtful, insightful, empathetic, and hilarious. Even if you don’t follow drag queens, there are plenty of interviews worth your time.
  • Yuminique
    So in love
    Jinkx you are just so lovely and this podcast shows it. Thank you for sharing this with us. ❤️❤️❤️Truly divine dawling!!
  • Хозяин_
    Debra Wilson!!!
    Let the church say amen! Thanks Jinkx!!
  • CMRamos1208
    A Gift from 2021
    I stumbled upon this Podcast after exhausting every episode of everything that I normally listen to and I’m great full I have Jinxx has such a soothing voice this podcast borders on ASMR with sporadic doses of Jinxx wonderful boisterous laugh this has become a highlight of my day
  • Vudoo408
    Edwina Margaret Rose Monsoon
    I’m very pleased to reconnect with you.
  • emmajansch
    LOVE this podcast!
    I love, love, LOVE this podcast! No matter who the guest is, I can always rely on Jinkx Monsoon to make me laugh!
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