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  • tmytdmytdmyfc
    I love sex it feels sooooo good I love this pod now I will say the music needs to be quieter but other than that ssoo 👍
  • Wanderer 78
    Tired the first 3
    I tried listening to the first 3 episodes for the past 2 days and it’s unavailable to play. Dk if it’s apple or what. I’ll change my review once it gets fixed.
  • gggyb jjjnk
    Horrrible computer voice
    The computer voice is so ugly and the don’t even have a woman voice for the woman stories and it is not sexy either just horrible
  • jonathankoren
    Red by a robot
    They’re all read by a robot. And not a sexy robot either. Just like the robot that tells you how many new voicemails you have.
  • Charlie797
    Love the stories
    The stories are great but the music in the background makes it hard to hear the actual story.
  • KahrenFoxy
    Stop the weird music…
    I’m so bummed… the music is so annoying I had to stop listening.
  • Brooklyn Boy
    Best Erotica?
    Data from ST:TNG would read with more feeling. How would any live person read ... as DOT DOT DOT? Or a size 34C bra size as 34 Celsius? And why in the world can't you at least use a woman's voice when it's supposed to be a story related by a woman? Worst podcast I ever heard. I have already unsubscribed.
  • Justmaybe 1468
    Great stories
    Great stories but music needs to go. Want to hear story not music.
  • LesCrim
    The stories are great, but they are read by a computer and has no emotion whatsoever. Please don’t waste your time.
  • Lexshark83
    Wanted to love this
    I wanted to love this cuz it had 4.5 stars but could they not find a better narrator???? Oh my god, this guys voice makes me dry up like the Sahara! It’s simply AWFUL! Please find someone with a sexier, less monotone, less computer geeky voice. He literally sounds like a 40-year-old man reading from his mother’s basement. Terrible, so TERRIBLE!!!!!
  • siameselover!
    where'd they go
    anyone know why they stopped posting every day?
  • ✌️😎💃
    I’m sorry but the picture shows a gun which implied that there would be some sort of crime but instead it was full of animalistic disgusting tellings that no moral person should ever listen to
  • [Tags] ISS Raven
  • rconant1
    I thought this was the Draymond Green Show
    Plz help I’m 9 and potentially scarred for life
  • Bukise2768
    U ok?
    There’s a gun on the picture!?
  • randyhansenve
    Is that the Honest Trailer voice?
  • Timothy.Jones
    Amazing horny Stroies
    Great Podcast! I listen to it whenever I am free. I enjoy all the stories you share with us. Keep posting thank you
  • *$*Justin*$*
    Best Podcast
    I regularly listen to this podcast, all the stories are full of desire. Thanks for sharing with us.
  • William287
    Interesting Stories
    I got here on one of my friend's recommendation and i totally loved them. I really enjoy their stories they are always interesting and keep me hooked up.
  • #Rose panda
    Best episodes ever
    It gets me through life
  • RenoPortGuy
    To keep a job.
    Any story that has to use sexual harassment in the workplace as it’s setting is disgusting.
  • BigHomey313
    It was fun while it lasted.
    I had been throughly enjoying this podcast for months until today. Today is listened to story 896 and was turned off from this show completely. Listening to a story about gang rape is not sexy in the least. I understand rape fantasy but this was not that. This was a story about a woman being gang raped by a bunch or guys, while she protested the entire time. I’m not going to even get into how socially irresponsible that is in itself. I get nothing but fear for the woman and anger at the men. Not sexy and not cool.
  • Wtfwiththenicknamebs
    Do not waste your time.
    The content is okay at best. The narration is by a computerized voice that doesn’t project any emotion. Content glorifying criminal actives against women. There is nothing good about any of this. Must better content out there that is better executed then this.
  • purple2101!
    The narrator sounds like he is reading the dictionary!
  • Gladys L. Garner
    It’s just awesome
    No explanation needed it’s just awesome
  • Robert 311
    So bad
    I have listened to ten or twelve of the stories on here, and I am severely disappointed. The stories themselves are good. However the reading of them is horrible. I don’t know if they are using a read program or just a person who has no idea about punctuation or emotion. Not to mention the horrible placement of the drop in ads that pop up in the middle of a sentence. I am seriously considering a podcast of my own thanks to the inept attempt here.
  • bullwn1
  • BellePal
    Machine narrates
    Thanks to the robot reader and the ads that interrupt mid sentence, this podcast could use some work.
  • wht are you alive bruh
  • BryanB923
    AI voice?
    Why are you using an A.I. Voice for your podcasts?? Do you realize how many talented voiceover artists are chomping at the bit for work like this? And what a great way to cheat you listeners and advertisers? And speaking of advertisers, way to drop an ad in the middle a word from your computer voice. Super well played on putting the least work and making the money. What an example you are to the industry!
  • Kevin.Gallegos
    I love that podcast
    This podcast Suggests me my best friend. I love that podcast. I listen to all the episodes, all are very enjoyable episodes.
  • Calvin_Sexton
    Horny Podcast
    I love that sex stories I feel horny when I listen to that podcast, I will share that podcast with my Friends.
  • Reba!!!!!
    Awesome podcasts
    It's an amazing podcast I really like it, I enjoy it a lot. Very awesome Sex Stories. Keep Posting.
  • darthprophet
    Why !!!!?????
    Why what is the point of making a podcast for sex when most of the time you are going to experience sex yourself later in life. This is basically a podcast for perverts. Third of all you don’t take control of women like this if you are going to make anything make it normal sex. But seriously whhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy
  • Charlie$M
    Vey Attractive Podcast
    Vey Attractive Podcast. I have become a big fan of yours. I try to listen daily your podcast suggest to my friends
  • Maria.Allen
    Hot Sex Stories
    Amazing Podcast. I appreciate that You always posted very Hot Sex Stories. I love your podcast. Yummy
  • Corrin05
    Here’s some topics that should be avoided IMO in sexy stories: God, the Bible, female mutilation, doing your step dad, talk of petaphiles. That’s only from 3 episodes.
  • Adrienne_gates
    I love the sex stories
    Awesome Podcasts I love the sex stories. Keep posting erotic stories. Thank you honey!
  • Carolyn_Anthony
    Interesting stories
    Very Nice and Interesting stories, I really like the Short sex stories Podacast. Keep it up
  • lynn.lisa9
    Amazing Podcast
    I did listen to many podcasts, but this is one of my favorite Podcasts. I subscribed to the Short Sex Stories Podcasts,and I will follow all the Episodes, and I will share them with my Friend.
  • JoeyBigstuff all day
    Narrator detracts
    The stories and concept are good, props to the writers, but it seems like the narrator has no interest in the project and it really detracts from the podcast. Sounds like a digital program reading the words, no emphasis on the emotions or energy of the stories. If someone who really got into it read the stories (a female narrator would make more sense), it would be much more successful in my opinion. The narrator is a total turn off when looking for cute playful stories.
  • Bun1447
    I got 8 minutes into their latest episode and I don’t quite particularly enjoy listening to a male sounding, monotone, robo voice talking about their “female” anatomy. This would be so much better if it was just read by a different person.
  • Blackgirl lover 8 miler🙃
    Spectacular stories…..keep them cumming!!
    One of the best podcast you can find for strictly anonymous stories on sexual interactions. If you want to blast off you know what I mean! Subscribe and buckle your loins in for a wild ride. Thank you baby!!
  • DarlinNikki_O+>
    This is absolutely terrible!! The “man’s voice” trying to narrate is a robot. The commercial comes blaring 5 minutes into the story, interrupting mid-paragraph. What a waste of time.
  • #ada
    This is all about taking control of women and rape and gives men the impression that they think they can do that women
  • Sebastian#22
    I like this podcast
    I like this podcast.bcause i love sexy stories
  • mia24r566
    hot podcast
    Wow!!!1 very nice and nice and very interestting .
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