Whiskey Noobs

Hobbies #77

A podcast for whiskey lovers of all experience levels. Whiskey knowledge, tips, and tricks for beginners. Reviews, stories, and entertaining conversation for ALL whiskey lovers. From Bourbon to Scotch to Irish whiskey, and even some cocktails, this podcast covers it all. Learn how to drink whiskey and taste it properly, and review whiskeys along side the host and guests! Learn to Drink, Drink to Learn.

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Recent Reviews
  • Gaydosh
    Perfect porch sitting’ listnin’
    Love drinking along and listening on a nice day
  • me544444444
    Very interesting and fun to listen to!
  • Kwlago
    Great listen! Loved to hear what that guy “Bryce” had to say! Really put everything I already knew out the window and brought me a new outlook!
  • Rach from Reno
    Great Podcast
    Very fun and interesting podcast to listen to! Definitely would recommend!!
  • Lisa Les
    Fun and entertaining !!
    Very informational about whiskey and very entertaining! Love the riddle! Lol
  • All Things - Unexplained
    I needed this show
    Last March, I went into lockdown with a 4 and 6-year-old. I suddenly needed a hobby that I could enjoy by myself, as well as one that lifted my spirits! I love the opening pop of bottle. The show takes me back to a Scottish whiskey tour I did in Edinburgh. There were so many great flavors at the end of the tour, but I’ll never forget the indoor roller coaster through the history of whiskey! Thanks for transporting me to happier times.
  • brycelago
    Great idea!
    The guy behind this is a genius what a great voice! Guests are hilarious 20/10
  • Brandon Novara
    Must Be The Whiskey
    I love whiskey and although I am not a “noob” I love hearing about people’s different views on whiskey or bourbon. It’s kid back and easy to listen to.
  • TwoGeeksInAPodcast
    Whiskey Noobs will appreciate this!
    First time listener! And I loved it! Perfect for whiskey drinkers, VERY informative, and GREAT sound quality!
  • mmarie2121
    Great listen
    Fun, informative, and an easy listen!
  • B-Rich18
    Did you say whiskey or whisky?
    Sign us up! Nothing better than learning a wee bit about whiskey while enjoying more than a wee bit of whisky... you catch that Chris? ;) keep it up!
  • GCrowe89
    Required listening for adults
    If only this podcast existed (or any podcast) when I was a young guy trying to up my drinking game. There is a need for this unique and cool podcast. Gregg from Bad Counsel Podcast
  • themaghatter
    I am definitely not a whiskey drinker, but this podcast makes me think twice about trying it out! Great sound quality, too!
  • ChrisChap55
    Listen and have a glass of whiskey
    Great to listen to the review episodes over a glass of whiskey and compare your notes to the hosts!
  • Damednydc
    Great Introduction to the world of Whiskey
    Chris does an excellent job introducing the process of tasting whiskey while detailing the “points” you should be looking for throughout the steps. As a preferred rum drinker, I am now excited to give myself and my friends a Whiskey challenge and implement the tips and tricks I have learned today for some fun.
  • JustinC....
    This is the podcast to listen to!
    Such a relaxing podcast to sit back with a glass of whatever you want and enjoy the flavors. Awesome time recording the podcast and ready to do it again!
  • kenidx
    I’m not a huge whiskey drinker but I enjoy it on occasion this is a great podcast
  • ToWhom1
    Great Show for Whiskey Lovers
    This show is a lot of fun if you like drinking whiskey. I like how it is lighthearted and fun while still presenting a lot of helpful information for new whiskey lovers!
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