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The FADER Uncovered is a series of in-depth conversations with the world’s most impactful musicians, from genre-defining stars to avant-garde pioneers hosted by seven time Grammy Award winner, Oscar Award winner, legendary record producer and DJ, Mark Ronson. Each episode is rooted in these musicians’ iconic FADER cover stories, an institution that, over the past two decades, has told artists’ stories like no other. It’s a chance to talk about the past, present, and future of music and artistry, reflecting on the breakthroughs, creative struggles, and evolutions that can take place under the spotlight. Join Mark Ronson for a new episode every week.

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  • Hellerbox
    These are the best of times and are the worst of times
    Mr Ronson you the mystro for musical times, kindly don’t ever stop teaching us the sound of music for generations to come .I have learned so many incredible types of music instruments artist and generally cool stuff just tuning into your work and your experiences.. fellow. Long islander too
  • troyeseffigy
    One of my favs talking to his favs
    The only thing that would make this better would be if there were some clips of the songs you mention, but I understand the annoyance that could be. My mind is racing about the idea of a Damon / Ronson collab!
  • Rob Stone
    Epic! Iconic!
    Love the entire season 1. Can’t wait for season 2.
  • DJ Curtis Strange
    Great guests and great conversations
    The artists featured are pioneers and articulate interviewees. Mark is wealth of knowledge. However his favorite topics seems to be himself. Every once in a while he discusses the Fader article. Maybe that isn’t the focus. Mark must have moths in his mansion because names be dropping out his pockets every minute
  • chilow8
    Non-Pretentious, Non-Corny Glimpse Into the Music World
    Mark Ronson is a fantastic host and interviewer. His music knowledge helps make each conversation incredibly interesting and deep. His easy going demeanor keeps the tone casual and non pretentious, which can be hard to come by. Love the diverse range of interviewees. A must-listen for any music fan.
  • Thile'sMandolinsTrim
    Ronson has da Feels!
    Marks a true fan, musician, pop scholar - a White Questlove - a drummer & a total gakhead 4 recording history. Keep it up Mr. Ronson & keep dat fire bruh! Checkout his apple show about sounds - reverb, samples, drum machines a great show!
  • djmsjackson
    Unparalleled Music Podcast
    The meeting of such creative and prolific minds come together. My new favorite podcast. FADER you’ve outdone yourself once again!
  • margaretjennings
    “Charlie Rose on a budget” couldn’t be more accurate. Mark is warm, intelligent and thoughtful — creating a unique backdrop for his guests to shine from each week. Highly recommend.
  • ceeechange
    Shockingly great interviewer
    Encyclopedic musical knowledge + high EQ = incredible results. The Rico Nasty interview was magical
  • Cowboy557
    Ear Candy
    There is so much talent, wonderful conversation, and random information on this podcast. My new favorite, can’t miss podcast.
  • Lisa1844
    Really compelling
    I’m a big Mark Ronson fan but I wasn’t familiar with either of the first two artists featured so I thought maybe this wouldn’t be for me. Instead I’m learning so much and really enjoying it. Mark pairs savant-level musical observations with a genuine curiosity about and respect for his guests. I also like the bits of his commentary inserted into the conversations. I do think it’s really fun when Mark has personal connections with the person he’s talking to, so I hope some of his collaborators show up.
  • Mr. Tibbles
    So hip
    I love mark, I love quest love, I love ohren moon (spotify them if you haven’t already)
  • Jenny Battersfield
    What can’t this man do? Dj, model, produce hits, now podcast? The only thing he CANT do is return a text message for 3 weeks! Yours truly.... Dirt Nasty
  • ecf1912
    awesome podcast
    mark ronson is such a talented and knowledgeable host - and questlove didn’t disappoint as the first guest. def recommend!
  • alameyer
    No one better - Mark Ronson
    Mark Ronson is the best person possible for this podcast! Knowledgeable, talented, authentic and interesting. Can’t wait for more!
  • lolodevon
    Ronson 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
    Always loved Mark’s production -couldn’t stop listening to the stories between Mark and Questlove. This is amazing.
  • Wax queen 2014
    So good! Like ice cream good
    Mark could read me the phone book and I’d listen. Add a few cool singers/songwriters and I’m all in. Standby for an aural orgasm...I mean treat!
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