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In this 8 episode podcast, to celebrate the one-year anniversary and paperback launch of the NYT bestselling book Live in Love, Lauren Akins sits down with podcast host Annie F. Downs and has meaningful conversations with multiple guests around the most loved topics in the book. Hear never-before released stories that fans of the book will love and retellings of some of Lauren’s best memories that will introduce new fans to this beautiful memoir.

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  • Nandi S
    LOVE this
    This podcast is deeply encouraging, uplifting, and challenging in the very best way. It makes me want a closer walk with Jesus, and shows me what that can look like. Thank you Lauren, Annie, and amazing guests❤️
  • ohiofw
    Thank you so much for sharing your story and journey, it’s so encouraging! Also, loved the examples of how to pray and seek to hear from God’s Holy Spirit. When I prayed about showing his love for me, He told me to read Ephesians 2❤️ I’m also stepping out in boldness and trying to be intentional on sharing my testimony and what God has done in my life!
  • Erika A P
    Seriously one of the best podcasts I’ve listen to - so authentic!! Love Annie F Downs cohosting this. Lauren - you are amazing at this, and the wisdom you share is amazing. My husband even liked the marriage podcast & we had a really good conversation about it afterwards! Thank you!! Can you please come out with more, once a week just isn’t enough!
  • kaymcd7
    This series is full of SO much joy and truth, and I’m loving it! Every episode gets better and better, and Episode 6, Live in Love in Purpose, had me in tears! The Lord used this episode to speak to me in a way I didn’t know I needed. It was exactly what I needed, and I am excited to seek the Lord out and dig deep in finding His purpose for me where I am, right now.
  • Xraystudentfowler
    Can’t get enough!
    Thank you for speaking truth with grace and love! I can’t get enough of this podcast!
  • Qwertyijfecklydd
    I wish this wasn’t a short series!
    I love this podcast so much. Something about Lauren I have loved from the moment she hit the spotlight. I remember I started following her when her following was around 200k people and now she is in the millions. It’s because she is so easy to love and connect with. Lauren is SO REAL. She is so open and reminds us that life is not perfect but it is also what you make it. She is so honest and reminds us money does not make us happy and if anything money and fame can be evil. This podcast came at such a good time in my life as a new mom and a new marriage. This is 100% worth listening too and also read her book! Love Lauren, Thomas and this family and I love how Lauren speaks about Jesus and his purpose in our lives and how He is our creator. Just incredible. Thank you Lauren for being you. God made one of your PURPOSES to reach out to these young moms and wives and remind us it will all be OK if we trust in the Lord!
  • LaceyF5
    I LOVE this podcast. Each week, I take something away and apply it in my life. The Marriage one with Thomas Rhett was mind blowing for my marriage, like it was directed at me and what I was going through. I shared it with my husband and he really loved it too. It has sparked good conversations. Lauren is so relatable and brings the truth with such grace. I’m so excited for Tuesday’s because I can’t wait to see what topic is next!!
  • mag1080
    Like an extra therapy/ Jesus session every week
    This podcast is an absolute game changer!! I can’t even begin to explain how much it’s centered me and brought me back to what truly matters in this world and what my soul really needs... I’ve always been a big therapy person and a huge Jesus lover but Lauren just reminds me every week to re-center myself in life and love! It’s quickly become my fave weekly podcast for sure!
  • KaylaZ5683
    Pls continue
    I am going to miss this podcast so much. It brings me so much joy and comfort. I wish it was longer
  • matthanuf06
    My favorite podcast
    I usually do not write reviews but I feel need to write one here. I love this podcast. Thank you Lauren for this podcast. I hope it keeps going. I look forward to Tuesday's and faith.
  • EnzaKnapp
    Thank you for sharing your heart❤️ love that you guys share like you do. I recommend you look into enneagrams. I heard TR say he doesn’t know why he has FOMO. It’s been enlightening as a Christian to look into this. Read Ian Cron’s book❤️
  • JessYSIC
    Real, Raw, and Honest
    I am constantly on the search for a real, life giving podcast and it’s just even more of a plus that each episode somehow leads my attention back to the Lord. The vulnerability Laura and her guests share is so beautiful. The world needs more of this!
  • Jaydog5454
    Makes me feel like I’m not totally crazy or alone that other moms and wives have the same issues as me. I have so much more respect for Lauren and Thomas... even more than I did before 🤯 This is the first and only podcast I’ve ever listened to and now I’m addicted... forever waiting for Tuesday.
  • Anonymously Rater
    Life giving. So thankful for the open, honest perspective
    First review of a podcast ever, but I have been blown away by how open and honest Lauren has been. This podcast has been such a blessing to me already!
  • Rene' R
    Love this Podcast
    I just love this Podcast! I read your book last year and gained such a respect for both Lauren and Thomas! I love Thomas Rhett’s music but reading and hearing about their lives and how they live has just given me a broader respect for them! I will pray for you and that you will continue to let God lead your family and that Satan will not get ahold of your lives! You both are such a blessing and I adore your family and can’t wait to be able to go to a concert some day!
  • Happy1DFan
    Honest, refreshing, & welcoming
    Love this podcast! I’m so drawn in by the honesty, the warmth, and the belonging displayed in Lauren and her circle. This has reinforced in my life the importance of surrounding yourself with good people who see the best in you and call you out and up in love. Best podcast out there!
  • Sherrie Payne
    Wonderful podcast!
    I have really enjoyed the podcast and come away so inspired each week. Really challenges me to work on my relationship with the Lord. One small request- many book references are mentioned in each episode. It would be great to have a suggested reading list !! Thanks for sharing your life and testimony with us!! God bless!
  • HeatherKYoung
    Thank you, Lauren!
    Lauren, thank you for sharing and being so open and honest! Love your book and love your podcast. You are so refreshing. A shining light for Jesus. Keep up the great work!
  • annajean_22
    I absolutely love these episodes. They help give me great outlook on life and inspire me to become closer to the lord.
  • soccergirl72
    I love this podcast and learning the power of prayer🙏🏼.. you are authentic and bring out such honest, loving conversation that is serving us all.. thank u
  • NLN74
    Love it!
    Love love love this podcast! I looks forward to it every week. I hope u continue to do it!
  • katyf1106
    Wonderful! Worth the listen!
    This podcast is so encouraging and always makes my day so much better listening to it!
  • AshAsh@15
    Just listened to Episode 4 and when Lauren talks about how she was feeling in NYC while Thomas Rhett was doing Miss America - SO RELATABLE 4 months Post partum here and to know you aren’t alone with those feelings just gave me absolute chills!!
  • megiles
    Much needed for our generation
    In this day and age there is so much emphasis on “finding your own truth” for this younger generation that it can cause confusion as to who they were created to truly be. It’s refreshing to hear young people talk about their faith so openly and unapologetically. Concreting that your truth is found in the Bible and not in what is current by the world’s standard. You are truly living the Matthew 5:14 mandate but on the worlds stage. It’s evident that your support system is strong and I pray that it continues for you and your family.
  • lfaulke61017
    MY HEART!!
    This is honestly one of the best and most honest podcasts I’ve listened to. I love how honest it is, but also how encouraging it is. I love listening to her stories and listening to her friends on the podcast. I’m so excited for this!
  • gulleyj
    Great listen!
    Love the different perspectives of live in love! This is such a great listen! Throughly enjoy listening!
  • 4;vfi34
    The BEST!
    These episodes are the BEST!! I hatttttte it when the hour is over. I could listen to Lauren, Annie, and their guests talk all 👏🏼 day 👏🏼 long!!
  • Mo(:
    My fav podcast!
    Love every topic and conversation on each episode. My favorite was with TR because is so nice to be able to relate to things in marriage and be encouraged to be a better godly husband/wife.
  • Qwerty1/.:3
    Amazing! Please keep this longer than 8 episodes!!
    This podcast is amazing!! The focus on God and Living in Love in each area of your life, is so refreshing. Please keep this going longer than 8 episodes. There are so many things I’ve felt and it turns out, it is exactly what I need to hear each and every week. Thank you!
  • Lb0881
    My New Favorite
    Thank you Lauren for speaking so much truth into my life. My new favorite podcast!!
  • Lo Lug
    Keep ‘em Coming!
    Love this!! I look forward to it weekly!! I’m so glad I’ve been a TR fan for so many years because it introduced me to the wonderful Lauren Akins! I’m a newlywed (had a covid wedding October 2nd) and this episode was everything I needed today! 🤍 Lauryn
  • courtcourtxox
    This podcast has been such a blessing for my life! Thank you Lauren for being so vulnerable and sharing your life! God is working through you to so many people, Myself included💕 Xoxo, Mama of two babies under 2
  • ahill2487
    An answered prayer
    This podcast has been such a blessing to me. I so enjoy listening to Lauren and her people share about the ways that God has worked through them. I wish that there were more episodes and I hope that they don’t stop!
  • chels8388
    Love this!!!
    This is one of my new favorite podcasts! I am so glad I stumbled across this. I love Lauren’s vulnerability and realness, her faith is inspiring. Every episode has me going WOW I need to share this with someone. I have learned more about God through listening to her and her guests stories about their faith and how God has shown up in their lives.
  • yoyo7
    Love this podcast
    I love this podcast so much! I feel like every episode just fills my spirit up. Thank you Lauren, you’re a blessing!
  • heylady2019
    Unbelievably relatable
    Like most people, I was introduced to Lauren when the “die a happy man” video came out. And like most people, I started following her on social media soon thereafter. I have been wanting to adopt/foster kids for as long as I can remember. I’m not big into social media so I was unaware of her book until a week ago when her podcast came out. I’ve been super obsessed with podcasts for the last 6 months so I was so excited to see that she will have a podcast coming out about her adoption process. I was even more excited when I realized it was based on her book. I got the book and read it in under 2 days. I was so shocked at how much her life is/was just like mine. I am so beyond thankful that I got the opportunity to read about her struggles and how she overcame them. It has inspired me to stop waiting for the “perfect moment” and just jump. I am so excited to see what more this podcast has in store and I really hope she decides to do more than just 8 episodes.
  • cavemomof7
    So good! Please keep recording!
    I look forward to this podcast every single week! I’ve been encouraged, inspired, and challenged and find Lauren approachable and down to earth. Please keep recording more of these! As a Christian woman, a wife, and a mom, I always find so many terrific pearls of wisdom in what Lauren has to share!
  • Twin Mom 51
    Love this podcast
    Lauren seems like the sweetest human and I love hearing her share about her experiences and how she encourages others.
  • SavJK21
    Amazing Podcast
    I love this podcast! It’s so real and inspiring. You’re doing great things!!
  • Jonieloveschachie
    Bight spot in my week
    As a stay at home mom whose husband travels A LOT this podcast is such a bright spot in my week! When I’m feeling in a funk I know this can be the encouragement I need!
  • Mczesak
    From my eye to my ears
    Loved the Live in Love book and am loving the podcast! It’s nice to listen to the highs and lows of life, especially from someone in the spotlight. Excited to continue listening to the podcast and learn more about Living in Love!
  • Mixy Roulette
    Full of Truth and Wisdom
    Absolutely loved Lauren’s book so getting to hear from some special people in her life has been very sweet. Lauren and her guests are so real and genuine and easy to relate to. You don’t have to be a celebrity to take something away from this podcast. Thanks Lauren for your vulnerability!
  • emilykg219
    SO GOOD.
    I am 19 years old and it is sooo good for me to be listening to these strong Godly women full of wisdom talk about these topics. Thankful for women like these sweet ladies (and guests) to look up to as “mentors” especially on social media platforms, even though I don’t personally know them! I have been taking notes in my notebook these episodes are so packed with truth!🤍
  • sunshineesoul
    Thankful for the transparency! Totally worth the listen!
  • ann marg
    Best podcast
    Love this!! Can’t stop listening! Would love this to be an every week thing!
  • Ashtins
    Please keep this going!!
    I’m loving this podcast! It’s so helpful to gain perspective on parts of life that don’t seem to get discussed enough!
  • Bethany Lee Carter
    Im obsessed!
    This is my absolute favorite podcast! I’m a missionary to the Dominican Republic and my goal is to live every day to show the love of Jesus. This podcast is so uplifting and encouraging! No matter what kind of day I’m having i know I’ll be having a better one after i finish listening to an episode!
  • Mdj9969
    Love this family!
    I could listen to Lauren and her family talk all day. Such a loving family. I hope she keeps doing podcasts.
  • Kenzie Burrill
    Worth the listen!!!
    This podcast is raw, authentic, and encouraging! Lauren is relatable and genuine. You feel like you are listening to a friend the whole time. Thankful for this encouragement each week I listen!
  • sophiefortun
    Love it!
    Please do more that just 8 episodes!!! This is the only podcast I've ever really truly looked forward to listening to. I'm a college girl so I love all the wisdom I'm getting from these conversations!
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