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Join money expert Tori Dunlap as she guides you on how to make more, spend less, and feel financially confident in a world run by rich white men. Through solo episodes and special guest interviews, you’ll walk away with resources to get, save, and grow money to gain financial freedom and kick some patriarchal ass at the same time. New episodes drop every Tuesday, and mini-episodes drop every other Thursday.

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  • noyb1982
    Don’t learn much a bit insulting
    I started listening specifically to learn how to invest. Now maybe this podcast isn’t for that but “you can learn!! Just sign up to my website for $300 a year! Because it just oh so difficult to explain.” She bashes DIY investing sites because “ah! Stocks, bonds, funds the jargon sooo difficult! It’s too much!” Roboadvisors “fish for you don’t teach you to fish” but it’s not like she’s willing to teach it.. unless you pay her 300$ a year. I found a great YouTube channel that explained for free more in 20 minutes than she did through multiple podcasts AND he’s an old white guy, the patriarchy she claims but doesn’t talk down to women
  • Natalie1128Rae
    Helpful & entertaining
    Tori and her guests always have great discussions, plus I’ve learned so much in prioritizing my finances.
  • a madore
    Wow- what a lucky find!
    I was looking for a new mindset-related podcast and I stumbled on this one… all I can say is this pod is fun and I feel like Tori would be a cool girl to hang with. Subscribed to this one right away!
  • LRSonder
    Life Changing
    Thank you so much for this helpful podcast! It’s been so informative and honestly life changing. I have started an emergency fund and have planned out how I’m going to pay off my credit cards by the end of this year. I can’t wait to start investing!
  • ajsreading
    Love it
    Love it, great advice, Ive listened to episode 5 a number of times just to take notes. 10/10
  • Egnyy my dghf
    Fantastic, needed show
    Tori is a fantastic educator. She gives realistic, level-headed, practical advice in such a fun, emotionally accessible way. This show has helped me so much!
  • Millennialfeminist
    Love it!
    Tori encouraged me along my personal finance learning journey. Love her skill tips and the feminist interviews! Always something to learn and new, diverse perspectives to consider. Look forward to each new episode.
  • Jhm0925
    Stumbled upon this as I was starting to write my first book. Such valuable insight! Love her vibe and honesty. Will continue to listen!
  • jmrecinos
    Learning so much!
    Tori does such a great job explaining and giving action steps on how to take care of yourself financially. I love how she really creates a nonjudgmental space for everyone. Not only am I learning how to take care of my finances, but I’m learning to invest and bringing others along the journey too 🖤 thank you Tori for reminding us how to fight against the patriarchy and helping us embrace our power and freedom!
  • Fitishlifeofme
    Ive learned so much in the last couple weeks and taken so many actions to help me since I started listening. I couldn’t recommend this show enough! I have learned so many things that seemed way to complicated in the past.
  • Sarah.Schlueter
    I have been following HFK for about a year or so now but just got introduced to her podcast! Only 2 episodes in and I can’t wait to keep on listening! ❤️
  • SkO Girl
    LISTEN TO TORI NOW! Be secure later!
    I love love love Tori Dunlap. This podcast is so important and necessary. I am in my late 60s and wish I would’ve had this finsncusl information and advice when I was in my 20s. My life would be much less stressful and retirement might be an option instead of working till I die. PAY ATTENTION TO TORI! She will change the trajectory of your life. Much love & gratitude… KO ☮️💚💵
  • meeshy415
    This podcast inspired me to get a raise!
    I’ve struggled with a scarcity mindset, my whole life and this podcast has helped me break out of it. I love the guests and topic that Tori talks about and I just got a raise! Listen every week!!
  • AMKane53
    Love Tori
    Just listened to her book and absolutely love following her on Instagram. Listened to a few podcasts and just can’t get enough of Tori! I think we became best friends but she doesn’t know it yet.
  • Pinkshadie
    Loved the content but frequency of ads was too unpleasant
    The host is amazing but the frequency of ads ruins the experience. In a 15 minute period you are now subjected to 4-7 ads. That’s too many, and I found myself uncomfortable enough that I had to unsubscribe
  • annoyed wf customer
    Smash the patriarchy
    Tori is such a boss and I love her no nonsense get rich/smash the patriarchy attitude. I am so glad there is a young empowering female voice to drown out the stale male crusty out of touch old timers. MORE TORI PLZ
  • Gscott926
    Inspiring AND Refreshing
    I’m so glad I found this podcast. I’m a healthcare provider working in a rough time as the systematic failures are shining through-often leading to burnout. I work in the mental health field and have a dream to have my own business. I want to make a big difference. I have a lot to sort through and this podcast is giving me such a refreshed mindset and courage to make these steps.
  • jeashelle
    You share so many amazing tips and perspectives that women need to hear, especially ones that are looking to take control of their financial situations. Emotional spending was especially insightful and so many thing rang true for me and my generational past. Absolutely love this podcast. Thank you!
  • Rustygirlla
    Episode 139
    Hit me so hard in my soul! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and reminding us all that we are capable ❤️
  • 🐝 bzzz1989
    THIS is what we need!
    There’s something about Tori’s tone that resonates with me and everyone I’ve shared her content with. I’m learning about so many other financial feminists through this podcast but I keep coming back to HF100k for the info. A bit of a pivot lately but I am LOVING it! TY TD!!
  • Hattie11
    So good!
    This is such a relatable podcast for women I their 20s or 30s, but honestly could be so helpful for anyone. I love the kind approach to money. No shamming, just learning and growing. So much easier to grasp when the podcast host is positive and wants to support her listeners! I’ve learned so much that I never knew I needed to know. Without the podcast, I would’ve have thought about investing or HYSA.
  • Britt4485
    SO GOOD!!
    This podcast has so much good information. Wherever you are with your finances it’s a good listen. Whether you have thousands to invest or $20 these are all relatable!
  • Schnooks1799
    I love this podcast! It’s not only helpful in an actionable way with finances but it’s also helpful in the way that it shows us we’re not alone in our fears and experiences as women dealing with all things related to money. The interview episodes are FASCINATING and leave me inspired. The advice episodes are concise and gentle! Great work Tori you’ve helped me so much!
  • Miss Chad
    I enjoy it with a grain of salt
    I enjoy this show and believe in Tori’s cause. She is not a licensed financial professional or a fiduciary though so take it with a grain of salt. As a female “Chad or Brad,” I can say that many advisors will sit down with you for free to discuss investing and financial planning if you are confused as to where to start. Overall I approve of the show but some content is inaccurate. If she had a CFP it would be a much more reputable show.
  • SamLB567
    One of my favorite financial podcasts
    Love this podcast, have recommended to many friends!
  • ejn0808
    Girlboss grifter energy
    I found some of her earlier episodes helpful, but increasingly there is no actual financial info/advice, there is way too much pedaling in “personal responsibility” but girlypop, and lately I feel like some of her guests are just influencer grifters…
  • AngelaEajq!
    A lotta nada
    Kudos to great marketing but lacks substance and real help.
  • Chandleroon
    Love this 💜
    The episode with Liz Moody was such a great clarification of how to really take on self-care and get yourself going. I really appreciated the host’s vulnerability about where she was in the midst of starting to become successful and Liz’s response about that being more common than not. I loved the conversation between them and can’t wait for more content like this!
  • Kurtishc
    Nauseating Woke propaganda
    Victimhood, Wokeness, light on actual financial advice.
  • jesseixk
    Ellyse Fulmore
    This was an awful episode. You cannot sell diagnose yourself with Autism and all of her “money issues” she is blaming on have ADHD and Autism. So cringe. Bad content to put out to the public….
  • Willows333
    Useless drivel
    And her voice makes me want to poke my eardrums out with a sharp stick.
  • MEGGY12099823
    Love the show
    I love her show! So much great advice!! I also really respect her love of humanity. Thanks for being on the right side of history!!!!
  • Stardance10
    Disappointed in Anti-Semitic Comments
    I have always followed this podcast and loved it. Unfortunately, I’m beyond disappointed with Tori’s recent disgusting reference to “genocide in Gaza This is an uniformed opinion , spreading anti-Semitic sentiment, and the opposite of supporting women. Hamas brutally raped, beheaded and mutilated innocent Israeli women on October 7th. So called genocide is gaslighting and an idiotic comment. At a time when there is so much animosity in the world, I would hope Tori could use her platform to support women and fight anti-semitism. I will no longer listen to Tori and encourage others to do the same.
  • Hdank1986
    Love this Podcast!
    Love this podcast and Tori’s book! I love the real talk nature of this show, the diversity of episodes, and how Tori breaks down the financial world in understandable sound bites for those of us that need it! Keep it up, keep up the curse words (I appreciate them lol), and keep moving women forward!! :)
  • Crys NB
    Thanks to Tori I am calling my credit card companies and asking for a credit increase, to continue to boost my credit score.
  • dani-flowers
    Stop using Dave Ramsey as click bait
    While I do enjoy hearing Tori’s perspectives on money, I can’t stand hearing all the bashing and hate towards Ramsey. If she’s really in the business of helping people then why does she have to constantly bash someone that’s helped more people than she ever will. There are so many different plans in the financial space and listeners should take what they need from each plan and apply it to their lives in a way that makes sense for them. There’s room for everyone Tori, do better.
  • Syd-nasty :)
    Absolute GOLD
    This podcast is changing my life, thank you Tori 💸✨
  • PodcastJC123
    Please do an episode on ethical investing
    Hi! I’m a long time listener and absolutely love this show and Tori’s mission, actionable information and inclusive/non-shaming message. I’d love to hear an episode on ethical investing- specifically on ESG (environment, social and government) investing and the legitimately of things like “clean energy ” EFTs. How can I “divest” my personal funds from companies that do harm? There’s a lot of conflicting info about this out there and given the emphasis of female empowerment on this show I’m surprised this topic hasn’t been discussed yet on the show. Would love to hear Tori’s insights! Thank you for this amazing content! I recommend this podcast to everyone!
  • Paula Burch
    Travel on the budget episode is useless
    I was hoping to hear more tips on how to travel on the budget. It was episode for the guest to promote herself and brag about all amazing places she went to. She mentioned everyone can pay bills, save for the future AND save for travel at the same time. Really? In this economy? Also, everyone knows that shoulder season is cheaper and that you can get a refund within 24 hrs of booking. You don’t need to be travel expert to know that. Disappointing, wasted an hour of my life.
  • blondie555
    Amazing and informative
    I am a weekly listener of this podcast. I absolutely love it. She empowers women to learn and achieve more with their finances, but without anxiety. I enjoy the interviews and feel that she and her team work hard to come up with very informative and interesting questions. It is so nice to hear a female voice talk about finance, as this area seems hyper saturated with voices I can’t relate to. I recommend this podcast to all my friends so thought it was time to write a review as well!
  • Marie Shanaghy
    Love the show but….
    Please stop cursing. It takes away from you.
  • 1sec1,000,000mi
    Best Financial Podcast I’ve Listened To!!!
    I’ve tried listening to financial podcasts before, but they never really stuck and I was often left just as confused as when I started. Financial Feminist got me HOOKED— Tori is so engaging and is very adept at explaining things in a way that is real and easily understandable. I’ve been recommending it to all of my friends!!
  • esme1990
    Decent listen, insufferable host
    I read the FF book a started listening to the podcast early on, however I finally reached the point where I had to unsubscribe. Tori’s interview skills are lackluster, and the constant interrupting and desire to talk over her guests is difficult to listen to. I cringed every single episode, without fail.
  • MsMeganK
    Great Info, Questionable Host
    I agree with everything this podcast stands for, and have received very valuable information here. Financial literacy within minority groups IS the solution. Keep learning! Despite that, it can be very difficult to enjoy listening to this podcast. The host often lacks empathy (laughing at people’s misinformed ideas of money/business which is likely a systematic issues vs their own issue), is very self righteous (doesn’t seem to truly understand the “audience’s” reality) and rude to the guests (cutting them off, not seeming to actually listen to what they are saying, focusing on personal perspective vs the guests’ perspective, etc.). I will continue to support this podcast and share it with friends, but I always give the caveat that the host can be a bit unbearable at times and not to listen when you are feeling particularly vulnerable. Nonetheless, her information is great and educational - good taste in guests as well.
  • Lovingmommy22
    I was there
    I lost a lot of money with a Mlm. Now I have to pay my credit cards they are all to the top because I spent 2 years “trying”
  • HerbalGoddess
    Started as a fan
    I got some great advice here, no doubt. What’s turned me off though, is the air of self-righteousness. Tori interviews great guests, but consistently interrupts them with her own story, her own take, her own experience. It’s maddening! Why invite them on? Completely deaf to her mission and smacks of arrogance. I’m a woman and I respect her ambition. But she doesn’t read the room.
  • happyandhealth
    Love it
    This podcast changed my life
  • Camacho V
    Hi Tori, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your fantastic podcast. I have learned so much from you, and I even purchased your book! Thanks to your guidance, I am now taking the necessary steps to organize my finances, become more mindful of my spending, and even grow my retirement savings. Your knowledge and expertise are truly invaluable, and I always look forward to tuning in to your episodes. You have great energy, and your insights are always spot on. Thanks again for all that you do! Best regards, Victoria C
  • spamclassic
    Toxic metals in baby food
    I’m disappointed she had Happy Baby on the podcast to talk about ethical businesses, when the company was recently sued for having toxic heavy metals in their products…
  • Shawn Maverick
    The exact humour I needed
    I would listen to an entire episode of Tori tearing apart Dave Ramsey
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