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RONSTADT, starring Rhett & Link, is a supernatural noir comedy set on the mean streets of LA about a 9-1-1 phone jockey whose night job, along with a self-described “Craydar,” leads him deep into Side B - a world filled with magic, monsters, and all things Mythical. RONSTADT was created by Jonathan Strailey & Brandon Bestenheider and produced by QCODE, Wood Elf, and Mythical.

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  • rachelrach98
    PLEASE make season 2
    I absolutely loved listening to this show & would absolutely love to hear more. It’s been a while since season 1 ended and I’m anxiously anticipating a second season but it feels like it’ll never come :( If it’s not coming back it would be great to know
  • jackel_inthebox
    Pleasantly Surprised
    Love Rhett and Link; love this genre. They did a spectacular job and I’m eagerly awaiting season two! Thanks, guys!
  • DJ Hairball
    More please
    I just finished my second time listening. I would love to hear more in this universe. I’ve been a Mythical Beasts since the early days. I love when the team takes chances and tries knew things. Keep taking chances!!
  • Thomas_824
    Link Where Are You
    It’s a great podcast and I love it but, I need to hear more of link’s voice. Link was barely even there and his is Rhett’s BFF. I also have listened to this podcast three times I can’t wait until season 2. Go subscribe to Good Mythical Morning. Rhett please give me a new season or answer my questions. 1. Who is that man? 2. What happens to Fae?
  • Bizzy the god
    Yo this show…
    Great show. Love the pop culture references and the story line is awesome. Also love these immersive audio shows. More please!
  • MuhleeV
    I can’t wait!
    I love it! I can’t wait for more! I want another season!! I even bought a Ronstadt shirt hehe
  • pinkacer
    Great just great
    Love it easy horror listening good pase
  • kmk1029878
    Great mix of humor and weirdness. I would love a second season!
  • conceened
    Very Entertaining
    I was entertained the whole time, very creative and funny!
  • AngieInsomniac
    This show is incredible and I’ve listened multiple times and it’s still amazing. Please do a season 2!
  • WAAlmond
    Desperate for a second season
    Love relistening :>
  • Sterry3
    I need more!!!!!
    This show was so good!!! Please give us more!
  • this could have been good
    loved it
    season 2 please
  • AlanAlvarez01
    we need a season 2
    Absolutely addicted to this!!! such a good storyline im dying for a second season ☹️☹️
  • /#$&*¡?_virus_detected
    Great job!
    The storyline is exciting, the characters are humorous and real. I can’t stop listening.
  • ceffler2004
    This is amazing!……….. I would love this to eventually become an animated show…. Hope we get a season 2!
  • thalleus sendaris
    Please season 2
    I absolutely love this show, can’t wait for a season 2, but I’m not even sure if it’s coming out I haven’t heard any news about it.
  • Thad Lannet
    More please
    I would pay a subscription fee for a season 2. I listened to this show the moment it came out. It feels like ages since the first season came out and we were left high and dry. Please make more 😭
  • grneies
    Season 2 now
    Dam good, actually addictively Great! Season 2 NOW!!
  • Scary2126
    I need more!
    Can we get a season 2 please!!!! I want to know more about Ronstadt and Lenox! You can’t just bring a new character in and leave everyone hanging. Not to mention dangling Honeybuns secret and an entire possible story line there! We need a season 2 and 3!
  • Would like tiger pictures
    Season 2 Happening?
    Favorite podcast but not sure I would’ve subscribed if I’d known they wouldn’t keep it going…
  • thomas2894
    Season 2?
    I love this podcast I’ve listened to it twice since the day it came out but are y’all ever going to make season 2?
  • LordVikus
    Typo on 8th episode Title lol
    epic theme song! Great voice! Fun story! Hilarious inner monologue!
  • neodjfnfogihremoffnfj
    O M G
    It’s super super GOOD I LOVE IT
  • Hi im a idoit
    I’m obsessed and can’t wait for season 2 but repeatedly I have no idea what’s going on or where we are in the story. Other than that keep up the great work!
  • markrambleson
    Ronstadt Ronstadt Ronstadt
  • Clos305
    Make this an animated show!!!
    Absolutely loving this!!!! Would love to see it done animated, I have drawings I made just by the voices!!
  • Jason.M.
    Bring it back!!!
    Absolutely loved this show. It was fantastic! The voice acting, the writing, the entire package is really great. Really hope it gets another season.
  • headbirths
    A fun listen!
    Ronstadt … the Big Lebowski of the occult. A fun listen!
  • kammmmmmmm
    This show is so so so incredibly written! The theme song somehow is so colorful! The sound effects are otherworldly! I have never listened to such a visual podcast! I could TOTALLY see this as an animated series with vibrant colors almost like an anime! That’s how absolutely VIBRANT this show is. The immersive sound is perfect! Listening with headphones is as absolute MUST! I thought Hattie was behind me at one point! Not the mention how impressive Link’s character voice acting is! I was blown away and giggling every time Kneeslapper spoke. Rhett’s voice acting is impeccable and carries the show! The whole cast and the characters are so amazing and their place all make sense! Each one truly brings this to colorful life! I’m so impressed and in love with this story! I smiled so big in episode 3 when Hattie was explaining side B and said “Mythical” it felt like a magical shout out to the mythical beasts. That was the magical moment in this show for me. PLEASE MAKE A SECOND SEASON. This is the most magical mythical story. I’m OBSESSED!
  • AmongTheStardust
    Loved season 1
    I loved season 1 so much I couldn’t wait for episodes to drop I’ve listened to them all several times through. The show is amazing. I can’t wait for season 2. There will be a season 2 right?
  • Ephemerall
    Season 2!
    Please please PLEASE let there be a season 2 of this series. The story in my ear just sounds amazing! 🤩
  • skullpunch
    Loved it
    Loved it
  • Cece DLR
    Season 2?!
    This show is hilarious and the voice acting and sound editing is 🔥!
  • CMaC_415
    Where is season 2??
    Awesome podcast. Great story telling and I love the characters and voice acting. Rhett and Link deliver again. Where is the next season though? I’ve listened to this podcast multiple times now. I need to know what happens next!
  • Corvus Anduril
    Childish and Tries Way Too Hard
    The production quality of this podcast is good. Thats about the only good thing about it. The humor is childish, but meant for adults (I think?). The actors try too hard and the premise is poorly executed being that its super tacky. I could barely listen to more than one episode.
  • Hal1532
    Season 2
    I really loved this show! Can we get season 2 please?!?!?!
  • spoodr boi
    Season 2 when
    I need it NOW
  • Big D Wtcc Podcast
    Season 2?
    When is season two, this show is way too good not to have a second season
  • EeeBitch13
    MORE!! 👏👏👏👏
  • fordmillion
    Total apocalyptic,goodness, how it should be magic and fantasy for adults it’s crazy funny !
  • ets.key
    Caught my surprise
    I clicked just trying to find something to listen at work and easily got stuck. Need another season asap
  • Lobeth45
    Don’t leave me hanging
    I’ve got beef with QCODE. They give me this amazing story in Ronstadt (and edge of sleep, left turn, etc) and then end it with a set up for a second season and then….. nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.
  • Pectown
    I know who that is!
    The voice in Ronstadt’s head is fo sho the shrunken head from the Knight Bus.
  • Tosufferquietly
    Listened the entire day at work and honestly kept me intrigued the entire time, Link has so many characters and Rhett’s character is absolutely amazing. Shout out to headvox
  • MLG_fries
    This podcast is absolutely amazing. I can imagine every scene as an actual tv show. The acting is also very good. I am very mad that qcode updates the podcast with dumb ads instead of new seasons. It baits you into thinking that there’s a new episode but nope, just an advertisement.
  • JIrons19
    Absolutely Amazing!
    Could not stop listening! Loved everything about this show and cannot wait for the next episodes.
  • taeousley
    I can’t even explain how good this is!
    If you love quirky sci-fi’s but with an actually GOOD story line, this is it! You won’t be disappointed😘
  • MoonLightPlayz
    Well done!
    I love listening to this podcast. I love getting wrapped up in the stories, feeling like I am really there! It is perfect the way you can grab the attention of the listener! You guys need to make a second season of this, for all of us!
  • mac200775
    Love it!
    Still love it
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