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Should I do a juice cleanse? Do I really need 8 glasses of water a day? Is it actually possible to "boost" my immune system? You’re constantly bombarded with news stories, ads, and social media posts telling you how to optimize your health—but a lot of these sources that pretend to be backed by science have another agenda. Dr. Jen Gunter is here to bust the lies you’re told—and sold—about your health, debunking some of the stickiest myths out there while helping you to understand how your body really works. Produced in partnership with Transmitter Media.

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  • NYtimes home
    Love Dr Jen - where did she go?
    Aug 10 2023. Please bring Dr Jen. Her podcast was awesome and one of the few choices available for evidence-based information about healthcare.
  • Sonia 8 mala
    So good
  • pixieposer
    I used to love this show
    Writing this on May 1 2023 I absolutely loved Dr. Jen, but now it just seems to be a TED radio feed to preview different shows. Unfortunately, I’m no longer going to subscribe to this feed.
  • egxhijc
    The information is weak and biased
    Just saying “the data is clear” doesn’t make it clear at all. Insulting how the lack of information is present like the answer to clearing the air to misinformation on the internet.
  • ccorney1234
    Not a fan
    Comes off biased.. takes one or two people’s experience instead of trying to get the whole picture. Pushing your own narrative.
  • sbrown9479
    Pregnant People
    Please stop erasing women. Pregnant women. It’s ok to say this.
  • BeautifulMinimalMillennial
    Eye roll 🙄
    First episode or two were great. Dr. Gunter stayed on track. Then came the episode on immunity. She claims that the CDC, FDA, and WHO actually make the right decisions. All three are motivated by corrupt politics. After that the skin episode, she had me wondering where she was going and why she couldn’t stay on topic. It’s literally like listening to a politician. I subscribed to listen and learn about medicine from a medical doctor, not learn about medicine from a politician. I feel that there is a hidden agenda behind the “advice” that Dr. Gunter is giving. Too much like a politician. ***UNSUBSCRIBED***
  • Chanel and Mia's Mom
    I really like this podcast.
    Dr. Gunter is good at speaking and she is never boring. I appreciate the fact she explains on a level I can understand. Thank you to all involved in the podcast.
  • Maxdrop412
    Please come back!
    We’ve learned so much! ♥️
  • Ms Rux
    Down with Chiropractic
    I don’t understand the disdain. I feel like it’s similar to American societal opinion of massage being a “luxury” instead of part of health care. I don’t personally believe that chiropractic can cure a cold or cancer or whatever medical diagnosis that was inferred to in the introduction. However, I have personally experienced significant and positive improvements (dislocated sacrum, dislocated clavicle, dislocated mandible) that other medical doctors either dismissed (because they couldn’t see it in imaging) or prescribed unnecessary medication or wanted me to wait for weeks/months to see a surgeon (when surgery wasn’t necessary). I’ve also encountered the odd “rack’em and crack’em” version of chiropractor, but no more than the occasional “quack” doctor. By the way, for those that still have aches or pains after an adjustment, get a massage right after or at minimum soak in a tub with Epsom salt’s.
  • RealLemonPlease
    Sorely needed
    The people who don’t like this podcast hate having their delusions shattered. The rest of us who believe in science are grateful for Dr. Gunter’s work. God knows she gets needless crap for bursting bubbles.
  • 3rd corner
    body stuff
    I love this podcast! Frank, straightforward, dependable information about health, well-being and sensible self care. i wish there were more episodes.
  • Snimsay
    Shame on your wokeness.
    You lost me at “not all women have ovaries” Shame on you and Ted for spreading this ridiculous nonsense that keeps hurting women's bodies, careers and presence in the world. MEN ARE NOT WOMEN. You of all people should know it.
  • mrsimms13
    Love this podcast
    I was confused by all the bad reviews at first. It’s just a bunch of uneducated folks upset that they disagree with her fact based opinions lol. Great podcast and I would love to see more episodes come out!
  • GreyhoundXX
    Better than most
    I like her skeptic view, and show is well written and better than 2/3 of wellness podcasts. But I was disappointed in her take on nutrition/metabolism, eg. quoting Kevin Hall and claiming "a calorie is just a calorie." So maybe I will just skip her dietary shows in favor of ob/gyn episodes.
  • The Food and Yoga Chick
    Over simplifies complex topics
    I actually love Jen and the idea of this podcast, but the conclusions cast too broad a net over complex topics. If we are to say, "You don't need to detox, your body does that for itself", then should it not also follow that we can, and do poison our bodies by way of drugs, alcohol, and processed foods and that we ought to consume "clean" and wholesome things to keep that system functioning? Same concept goes for how much sleep and water we require. The questions of bodily damages, disease, and how to avoid them are complex. The evidence that suggests *not* to just get your water from bread and coffee seems to exist, as well as avoiding health crises by *not* poisoning (toxifying) our bodies so as to avoid the perceived need to "detox" don't get any attention here. I felt the topic of yeast, though thankfully normalized by Jen, was way over simplified as well. It's sort of like when scientists insist that we should stop worrying about consuming chemicals because...."Everything is a chemical!!! So stop worrying about it!" We GET that! We want the details and nuance these topics deserve. We are an intelligent audience, and I am left with far more questions than answers at every turn. Still- please keep making!
  • Long time casual listener
    Okay for an introduction
    I originally enjoyed listening to this podcast for some of the episodes shining light on some topics that are misrepresented. I appreciated the evidence-based approach. However recently it seems some of the evidence-based topics have been cherry-picked and not fully presenting the current body of research. It presents a very superficial introduction to topics, and not interesting for anyone with a deeper knowledge.
  • Ssbmr
    I listen to a lot of podcasts and choose from the many podcasts available that give value and insight to me. I’ve been listening to “Body stuff” for almost a year and enjoy it ok. Today I heard a Ted interview with you discussing menopause. You started by saying “Not everyone with ovaries is a woman and not all women have ovaries”. This is political correct speak for trans affirmation. Whether you’re confused about basic biology or willing to compromise your values in order to be politically correct, either way I don’t believe I can trust your opinions any more. You no longer give me value so I’ll find a better medical podcast.
  • Pop til I drop
    You have lost my respect
    Medically minded is fine, but disrespecting the world of natural health is shameful. Delete.
  • Sunnycreek
    Love the podcast
    I find the episodes very interesting and informative. Loved the one on back pain
  • rosallea
    Pretty good
    Some of the episodes are more basic introductions to ideas and where we are presently at on the journey of knowledge and understanding. I look forward to the time when we no longer must seek out dysfunctions, labels and nascent diagnostic terms in mental health, And instead expand our idea of normal to include most of us. It would not only decrease anxiety, isolation and stigma but increase a sense of well being and inclusion. I’d love to see my theory get rooted in the minds of those who insist on creating more separation and unease . The lackadaisical, non-serious presentation detracts and is incongruous with the thick topics you are attempting to share
  • Beyekindonetoanother
    Helpful and informative
    I love how you dispel myths in this podcast.
  • Wendyntommy
    More please!
    I am enjoying your podcasts! I listened to while I’m working and have learned a lot.
  • Cooees
    Extremely informative, Love how you take all the false information out and laid out straight!
    Love your podcast can’t wait to hear more!!
  • Wolvocarlo
    More stuff for men please!
    I love listening to your no-nonsense approach to so many topics. You’ve already debunked several of my assumptions about nutrition, sleep, and aging. I’d enjoy more topics for men and about fitness and aging.
  • oli739
    Good content, just look past the cheesiness
    Yes, Dr. Gunter speaks in a childish voice. Yes, the music is cheesy. Yes, those things are distracting enough that I took a whole star off my rating. But if you focus on what Dr. Gunter is actually saying (rather than harping on the way she says it), you’ll find that her content is really informative and interesting. I’ve learned something in every episode so far, even episodes about topics I thought I knew a lot about. Women are so often unfairly judged for their presentation, voice, cadence, etc. in a way that men are not. I hope you can join me in looking past these aspects of Dr. Gunter's podcast so you can enjoy her great work!
  • Chow Chow Fat
    Good Stuff!!
    Thank you Dr. J for providing a rationale counter narrative to all the online insanity. Please consider doing shows on: aging males and the prostate, gluten, and feet. Thanks for the dedication to your profession and integrity.
  • RB✨
    Patronizing tone
    I’ve learned a lot from this podcast, but the tone of the host is really off-putting for me. It kind of sounds like she’s talking to the audience like we’re young children. I don’t think this is intentional at all. It’s unfortunate.
  • -Real-Reviews
    Love the content hate the pre/postamble
    Great content the world needs. Thank you. Please cut out all the 45-60 seconds of credits and thanks and fluff at the end especially but sometimes at the beginning also. Regular listeners don’t need to hear that every episode. Thanks
  • MikDaddyD
    Educational and fun!
    I just randomly came across this podcast, it is so educational but she still makes it fun/funny. I drive several hours a week for work and this is perfect to keep me focused!
  • Koshaugh57
    Stuff people need to know!
    I listened to the podcast about sleep. I’ve been struggling with insomnia since working the night shift years ago and menopause. I have tried many different things to help me stay asleep, since I usually don’t have a problem getting to sleep. Lots of good ideas here.
  • Oxnutes48
    Excellent information!
    I love this show, entertaining and informative!!
  • Rose in Iowa
    Good information!
    I love hearing fact-based truth!
  • Al_V_KC
    Loved the episode!
    Dr. Gunter,I just found your show and listen to one of the first episodes about water.It was great information and I loved the wayYou presented it.I do have one asked that I would make of you as your listener.When you were speaking about your patients you used the pronoun “she”.I understand that you are a gynecologist and your patients are, likely, predominantly folks that identify with the pronoun “she”.However, there are lots of folks out there, including myself, that see a gynecologist and use other pronouns such as “they”.Whenever possible using gender inclusive pronouns is much appreciated.I look forward to listening to more episodes!
  • Ohio Vick
    Season 2
    Glad Body Stuff is back. I missed learning about our bodies & Dr Gunter’s communication skills makes it easy to understand. Thank you! 😀
  • The Critical Consumer
    Some ok medical info, could do without the sexism and racism tones throughout
    The medical info is good, though the supporting data and rationale is often sparse and leads me to question the validity. My main issue is that every episode seems to find a reason to hate on men or on white people. Granted, there are inequities and white men have been probably contributed to those over time. But in the skin episode, Jen claims the reason for higher maternal mortality in black women is only racism. That is just patently untrue.
  • MangoTheGoat
    Premise is great but this is terrible
    I like the premise of the show and a doctor explaining medical things in everyday language who “shows their work” by backing up what they’re saying. Jen talks as though kindergarteners are listening. There is music played over her speaking which makes it very difficult to hear her words and they’re just distracting and pointless. Some of the subjects for shows sound good but she wanders off topic too much. She really lost me when she said not all women ever had ovaries and not everyone with ovaries is a woman. She’s a gynecologist and that just was baffling. That there lessens the believability of anything else she says.
  • *~*Kellz*~*
    Wish there were more!
    It’s so hard to sift through the mass amount of pseudoscience that’s out there these days, it’s nice to hear some scientifically backed info given by experts!
  • Bi'i
    Loves it!
    This pod is so dope! Sorry I’m aging myself with my slang— oooh that’d be a great topic: Aging! How we never stop changing, physiologically. All of this to say, please come back!!! We need another season stat 🩺
  • 🐓🦎
    Great show
    I really have enjoyed the episodes and have learned a lot that I didn’t know. It’s amazing how much about my own body that I never learned in my health or biology classes. Can’t wait for the next season!
  • dkfarmgal
    Jen Gunter Body Stuff
    Absolutely delightful to listen to and so very informative!! More please!
    Have to wade through all these biases about the stupid people who buy all the things natural. As if all science agreed they were stupid. I’m pretty sure we’re all stupid in some way, but seriously…I wanted scientific information and education. Not info about who is and is not stupid.
  • Haneen76
    Amazing podcast!
    Why did it stop? 😣 we want more podcasts
  • CFWyatt
    Down to earth
    I love this podcast! It really cuts through a lot of misinformation and provides some down-to-earth, easy to understand information. Thank you!
  • marge31844
    Dr. Gunter makes medicine, approachable
    Dr. Gunter is an inspiration and medicine needs her! Thank you for making medical information accessible and digestible
  • african sky
    Fantastic & delightful!
    Everyone should have this. Thank you Dr Gunthet
  • Joey 2050
    So well explained - with ramifications from the time of birth to the color of our skin, and how medicine treats our needs. Well done! Thank you!
  • AlaskaPuffin
    Your audience is adult … treat them as such
    GREAT info, terrific guests with even more great info BUT Dr. Gunter’s style of presentation … using tones & inflections suitable for children … DRIVES ME NUTS !!! IM an adult and I’ll believe the majority of the audience is an adult so please please please please please present material as though you are speaking to adults
  • Mskinnervt
    Great Podcast
    I am truly enjoying this podcast. It is informative, entertaining, and easy to understand.
  • LizzyGH
    Love this show
    I have missed you Dr. Jen!! Pls come back, you're needed. Keep up the great work!
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