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Being a mom is arguably the hardest job on the planet. These moms aren’t afraid to tackle the realities of being independent business women, mothers, and all around superstars. Cheyenne Floyd (MTV’s Teen Mom OG), sister R KyleLynn Floyd, and lifelong friend Shanan Cablayan, are here to provide a safe space to discuss parenting, lifestyle, personal growth, and even those WTF moments of life. These three are used to tackling life as it comes, all the highs and lows and everything in between. Each week they’ll break it down and build it back up with honesty, truth, and laughs. Subscribe to the ad-free version: the show on Instagram @thinkloudcrew.We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can: For advertising opportunities please email   Privacy Policy:

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Recent Reviews
  • mrstifhale
    Love y’all
    Just started listening! Love it guys ! Can’t wait to catch up . Keep up the good work !
  • Tofu7878787877
    Marketing killed it
    After not being able to go a day without an Ad for this podcast being jammed down my throat, i finally checked it out. No thanks.
  • vickybellasmomma
    Q&A part 3 episode
    I just listened to the q&a part 3 and I can honestly say I have never related so much to anybody as I did to Shannon when it came to her situation with her child’s father when it comes to expenses . I felt like I was alone in that . I relate to her in so many ways . I love all 3 of you but until this episode is when I noticed how much I relate to her.
  • Makeezyfosheezy
    Love them
    These girls are so fun to listen to and are so real, open and honest. I feel like they’re my cousins lol
    Loves it
    I’m binge listening now and so far I Absolutely love each episode. Good chemistry, engaging makes me laugh 😂. Love hearing stories of a Ryder she’s just amazing 🤩. Don’t pay attention to the haters 🤪 keep doing y’all
  • samrbamr
    Love them
    Been with it since the beginning and it has easily become my favorite podcast! Love listening to these ladies week after week!
  • QueeenBreee
    Love y’all!
    I look forward to new episodes every week! Cheyenne be having me rolling, R’s self awareness and growth journey is refreshing, and the fact that Shanan seems so innocent because of her voice makes it funny when she goes on her rants. Dope podcast with good topics and a girl talk vibe.
  • DaniRN97
    Favorite Friends
    I love listening to you ladies every week! It’s like having a conversation with my girl friends and I love it. I enjoy hearing parts of your life that you’re comfortable sharing. I’m not a mom but my best friend is, so I’m a Godmomma, and I take all the advice to heart and share your stories to help her when she needs. I love episodes with your family and friends as well as just ones where you guys vent. I appreciate you guys! Keep being amazing women and thank you for being great role models. I look forward to more 💙
  • lameeka3
    I love this podcast so much it makes me understand about motherhood and different things about life
  • KelCasanova
    New fav
    Love how real and raw this podcast is.
  • Swag0927
    One of the most relatable and authentic podcasts out there !
    Listening to Shanan, Kyle and Cheyenne is so refreshing to hear other moms going through the same struggles. It’s nice to be able to hear everyone’s perspective and learn how they co-parent! I would love to hear more on how they were able to move on from being with their baby dads and accepting that they won’t be with them.
  • mthompson10
    Relatable but hard to hear
    Love love love this podcast! But sometimes the mic situation is too hard to listen to, loud and silent over and over.
  • Mariri__xo
    I love this podcast so much. Most especially Episode 21. I related to Remy so much. I’m in a single season myself which includes celibacy. It was so refreshing hearing and relating to someone who also was in a similar journey as myself. Also, was really great hearing from a man’s perspective on celibacy. It really gave my hope as well. As I also, want to continue celibacy until I’m married. This was such a fun episode and, I can’t wait to listen to part 2.
  • jackiejena
    Love it
    I love the podcast every time I feel down I listen to guys I’m a single mom of 2 and it good hearing that other moms also struggle and come out stronger
  • Raina Noel
    Love this show
    Great to hear from 3 young successful black moms discussing relevant issues!
  • Jasthebadass
    Feels like chatting with the girls
    Love this podcast so much! These girls are so relatable. I look forward to their podcast every Monday morning on my run.
  • ADJ318
    I can't relate...but
    I am absolutely here for it all. I'm actually not a mom so there are a lot of thing you guys cover that I don't relate to but it honestly makes no difference, I still love getting all the insight and perspective from each of you🖤 You guys always make me laugh and bring light to my day, so thank you guyssss!!!
  • VIXinOMA
    Best way to start a week
    I am LOVING this new podcast! These girls are so funny and fun to listen to. I love the Sunday release date too as it is a perfect way for me to start my work week!
  • zaddyswipper
    This podcast is getting better each episode! I will also agree with others Shanan does talk slower and says like way too much. Definitely something to work on. I’m thinking she’s not super comfortable yet since this is new for her. Chey and R are more comfortable, likely because of teen mom. You got this though Shanan, can’t wait to see you grow over time on the podcast.
  • AlwaysRenee
    I just love your (plural) podcast!
    What a fun, relaxing, thought provoking, touching, honest, relatable & easy to get into podcast experience. I was only gonna listen to one episode today, but wow, the personalities of Cheyenne, R Kyle, & Shannon just drew me right in! Please subscribe yall! Rooting for you (plural). 🧡
  • awareofmindfulness
    Libra virgo energy
    I love their personalities. You can tell they have great chemistry & listening to the episodes makes me feel like I'm listening to my friends or someone I know. Ive listened to all of the episodes so far and they're all engaging. Definitely a must listen to.
  • RyRys Mommy2020
    100% Real
    I love how you all are just real, honest and genuine. Btw if you host a brunch Chey, I live in Clinton township mi. You can visit cate and ty too 😁
  • hampton alum krista
    Nice job
    I don’t typically listen to podcasts aside form “education platforms” but this podcast is put together well and shows vulnerability which i appreciate the most.
  • DaissyyA
    Baby Daddy
    I can relate to Cheyenne about having a child with someone you barely know, but I couldn’t do that co-parenting since my baby daddy had a girlfriend and well there was drama along the way and up until now.
  • CC06112019
    Love this podcast!
    Please talk about the 4th trimester, this needs to be talked about more!
  • Greg47475737
    Each episode gets better
    Really appreciate you ladies sharing your perspectives, especially Shanan since she is new and getting used to sharing.
  • Aunti-T
    Slow talking
    Hard to follow when Shanan is speaking. For a podcast you should speak at a good pace to keep interest.
  • desscastillo
    Something A Little Different
    I love Chey and R! The other girl still needs time to grow. I prefer you guys on YouTube and on Teen Mom. Still will continue listening to support! Keep moving along and being the best moms you can be! Blessings!
  • Teri G. Esq.
    This show is awesome. So proud of you ladies. Shanan - I believe this is your first time being behind a camera/mic, but you seemed so comfortable. I loved your input and stories! Can’t wait to hear more from you! Would love to hear all of your advice to women who want children, but are hesitant because they feel they are not yet ready.
  • caramelshai
    I loveeeee Chey and her sister
    But the 3rd friend they added is not doing any favors for this podcast! She seems genuine & sweet, but I skip and zone out everytime she speaks its not interesting... R and Chey are my favs tho so maybe they can give her some help. I want to listen to the whole episode!
  • okurrrrrrrrrrrd
    I love Cheyenne and her sister but..
    Shanan’s slow/monotone talking loses me.
  • forevergod12
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