The Grand Tourist with Dan Rubinstein

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Design journalist Dan Rubinstein introduces listeners to the leading tastemakers of the creative world, from master chefs to experimental architects. Join Dan on a virtual journey through the worlds of fashion, interior design, art, food, and travel—all the elements of a well-lived life.

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  • collins-jw
    Love this podcast! So smart, intimate and sly!
  • bhavior
    The best!
  • Cindy KR
    I just found this and totally loved it. Can’t wait for next season.
  • davidesky2
    I love this!
    I listen to EVERY episode….
  • Jackpicker
    Get into it
    The Grand Tourist is the only podcast that I don’t fast forward the advertisements. Each episode is quite elegant from start to finish, what a joy! -Jonathan Nesci
  • annettegalloward
    Inspiring feature of objects of virtu
    Listening to this podcast always reminds me why I am drawn to the creative side of life. Thank you @danrubenstein for making such a beautiful and compelling podcast. May you always have sponsors 🙏
  • BDReview
    To his voice. His knowledge. His connections. I’m not podcast listener but his interview with STARCK put STARCK in a new light. Bravo
  • raf823
    Enjoy the show immensely. Keep them coming Dan.
  • Slearner
    The Grand Tourist
    Dan Rubenstein illuminates the worlds of art, design, travel and food with his brilliant guests and thoughtful, unexpected questions. Future episodes are all queued up!
  • r5t370
    A treasure
    Uncommon pairings of high taste and low fluff, academia and dazzling luxury. A triumph. May you prosper.
  • Hotmessandherman
    Must listen!
    I’m now a subscriber and huge fan! The storytelling was refreshing, yet extraordinarily informational! Looking forward to hearing more.
  • cl-va
    Fantastic arm-chair travel listen!
    Excellent, compelling, well-produced podcast that draws the listener in to fascinating corners of design, travel, and food!
  • SabineNewYork
    Riveting interview with Daniel Libeskind
    What passion and conviction about the power of architecture—this is a must-listen!! Well done.
  • morgancary
    Great guests in so many creative fields
    The host really draws out his subjects and asks great questions but the best part is the caliber of the guests.
  • Gusto99
    Very interesting
    Liked it
  • e-gust
    Interesting and classy. Loved it. I know of Dan as a great writer and editor and those talents translate exceptionally to this podcast.
  • trying yoga
    Terrific !
    Dan is an insightful and knowledgeable interviewer. I loved the first episode and look forward to more!
  • Gail M Davis
    Dan is in his element! This podcast is thoughtfully curated & rich. So happy to listen, I can’t get enough!
  • christinetraulich
    In his element!
    Dan is in his element here. The perfect platform for him to share his broad design knowledge, insights and opinions. Eager to go on this journey with him!
  • Cole123-
    Perfect cure for my wanderlust
    Dan is so knowledgeable it’s a pleasure to listen to him!
  • Figgyworld
    Curtain Up!
    I look forward with great anticipation to hearing Dan Rubinstein’s new podcasts. His unerring deep knowledge of design, art, travel and style are unparalleled. His dry wit and curatorial expertise will be asset to this medium. All aboard. I’m packed and ready to go.
  • berkeleylistener
    So excited for the rest of the season!
    Dan is the smartest, most stylish, and most knowledgeable person in the design, fashion, and travel worlds. I'm so excited he launched this project and cannot wait for a thousand more episodes.
  • havilande
    One of the best things to come out of Covid!
    So looking forward to hearing the erudite Dan Rubenstein share his worldview about things that make life beautiful- aren’t we lucky that he chose to take his quarantine time to produce something so interesting and insightful!
  • mcapron
    All my favorite things
    Design, food, fashion, travel, art. Anything to help make the world a prettier place - bring it! Can’t wait to devour these episodes.
  • Helloerikperez
    Very Excited
    I can’t wait to keep listening to where this Grand Tourist will take us next!!
  • Smartcitycar
    A podcast about design by someone who really knows…
    I’m really looking forward to see who Dan has on his show. He knows his stuff back and forth and the conversations should be interesting. Can’t wait.
  • gingerclarkwombat
    Stylish advice from stylish person
    Dan is the most stylish and cultured person I know. He has never given me a bad recommendaiton for furniture, travel or design. I can't wait to learn more. He's charming, funny, affable and brilliant.
    Insider Perspective
    Dan Rubenstein is the ultimate insider so I can’t wait to listen to what he and his guests have to say. 💥
  • Hananethompson
    Can’t wait for the rest.
  • TCPRgroup
    the ultimate insider gives us the grand tour!!
    I’ve long been a fan of Dan’s editorial work, and am so excited for this opportunity to peek behind the curtain. His exquisite taste, dry sense of humor and boundless contacts are sure to provide a compelling and insightful listen. A bit of wisdom and beauty which will feel like a balm after a hard year.
  • empolina
    The start of a beautiful journey
    I can’t wait to get started on this tour with Dan! With him at the helm, I know I will learn something new while being entertained in the process.
  • cheusssy
    A Must Listen from Dan Rubinstein
    Dan Rubinstein is one of the most sophisticated well informed journalists in town. His writing and interiors projects are always informed by deep and worldly references across art culture and design. There is no doubt that he will translate the essence of his writing and journalistic endeavors into this new and compelling medium- the podcast and make The Grand Tourist a must-listen for those in the know.
  • ccurkin
    Cannot wait
    The one and only Dan Rubinstein coming out with a podcast? I’m so in!
  • Sandrina R.
    This sounds intriguing - very much looking forward to this!
  • LyleKris
    Sitting at the edge of my seat for this!
  • BeMoBetter
    Dan Rubinstein knows design & style
    I’ve really enjoyed the museum shows he’s curated and his magazine work. I’m excited to listen!
  • atdurling
    Can’t wait for this!
    I’ve had the privilege of traveling with Dan a few times, and his knowledge, access, experience, and perspective are second to none. Excited to listen to this and learn from him and the featured guests!
  • ehogik
    The Grand Guide meets The Grand Tourist
    The perfect guide. Looking forward to the journey.
  • lucybamman
    Thank Goodness!
    So excited to tune in to Dan Rubinstein’s new podcast, The Grand Tourist. Through his editorial expertise, divine style, and insider access, Dan is sure to bring an all-star cast to his listeners.
  • James 1#
    The Grand Tourist with Dan Rubenstein
    He’s fantastic. I know I will love this podcast — sometimes talk about travel is better than the actual trip!
  • Basia-I.
    I am looking forward to this podcast! I’m certain Dan will keep us coming back for more. Excited to hear who he will be interviewing and what’s next...
  • GoBeckYourself
    Dan is a master interviewer.
    After many years in the field, so thrilled to hear he will now record his interviews for the public to enjoy. He gets right to the heart of what’s new, compelling and progressively creative.
    Looking forward to seeing what Dan has in store for us!
  • Spidey Mouse
    Really Excited!
    I am really excited for this podcast. Dan Rubinstein is such an engaging conversationalist, with an encyclopedic knowledge of design and style. He is the quintessential worldly and educated gentleman.
  • Pennie B.
    Can’t wait to travel the world aurally with this cast! This is just what I needed to make me forget I’ve been stuck at home for over a year.
  • ikopitov
    How great!
    This sounds fascinating and can’t wait to have a listen
    Finally, an absorbing design-driven podcast with all the insider’s info we need
    It’s so good
  • rubyforfun
    Just what I need!!!
    So excited this podcast is amazing!!!
  • Lily M_NYC
    Just what we need!!
    Just from the trailer, I’m intrigued and seduced. So now I wait eagerly for the series to launch. Excited to go along on the journey with Dan Rubinstein and meet the people who make our world a bit more interesting, delicious and beautiful.
  • Bainbridge2016
    Music For My Inner Epicure
    It’s so nice to be able to escape day to day stress with a relaxing conversation hosted by Dan, I feel like I’m sitting down over a delightful meal.
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