Fearless with Jason Whitlock

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Celebrated journalist Jason Whitlock and “Uncle Jimmy” protect the realm of common sense and challenge the groupthink mandated by elites. Listen Monday through Friday for the most fearless conversation at the crossroads of culture, faith, sports, and comedy.

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  • C_Cali1
    Athletes, Lies and Fauci
    Now that Fauci has been exposed for lying, what do all of these athletes and entertainers say now? When will they be made to account?
  • Ronnie Cromer
    You are awesome and how you stand up for Jesus Christ and the truth about espn need more of that on tv, radio, keep it coming
  • stev 935
    No Fear in giving opinions on multiple issues
    Real thoughts on defending women and girls in sports from MANNYs (medically altered non Y) and MACY ( medically altered chromosome Y)
  • kelbaby1
    Truth is always necessary. Sometimes it ain’t popular. Sometimes it’s costly and uncomfortable if you’re man/woman enough to absorb it but it’s absolutely ALWAYS necessary.
  • Blackhawk Magnum
    Fearless with Jason Whitlock-epic show great commentary
    I’ve always enjoyed listening to Jason and his point of you he’s not afraid to say what he thinks especially he’s warnings about cancel culture
  • Haj14578
    Aarron Rodgers
    Celebrating ARob for finaly maning up? Mr. Woke said something you like and you "fearsly" started a fire? A real fire would have been calling him out on his hipocracy. Cancel culture does not give you a pass if capitulate but instead demands your head and livelyhood. Golf clap at best and he's a fraud because he is as woke as they get. You Jason just gave in to the mob by giving him a pass of propriety for doing the minimum.
  • R2RS88
    Thought provoking. Great perspective on the world. Comes at it the correct way. Not nasty or hot takes. Listen and you will become Fearless as well. Keep up the great work as you grow this army.
  • DocShemp
    Who will save this country?
    I usually don’t like to speak in racial terms but after listening to the great Jason Whitlock I am convince that the black man will lead us all and save this country! I am all in! Thank you fearless JW!
  • noarminian
    I don’t watch sports. I do listen to this show.
  • istherealtruth
    One of my favorite podcasts
    He talks that real
  • Christine19
    Love you guys
    Praying for Uncle Jimmy and for your show!
  • gnav72
    JW is a REAL as REAL can be
    I have to admit, I didn’t like Jason back when he was on ESPN. I thought his views were very racially biased, not in fact. I started watching him when he went to Fox Sports then on Speak for Yourself. He is a real HUMAN who puts an HONEST OBJECTIVE view on sports and LIFE. JW is an inspiration and a hellofa journalist. He is a dying breed when it comes to journalism. He tells it like it is. Not what corporate media wants it to be. I’m glad i discovered this podcast. Will for now on be a faithful listener.
  • CJCusetown
    Non-Woke Sports Politics
    I’d been hoping someone would pull away from the mindless, woke, liberal pack and share a open-minded view of sports politics. Jason Whitlock has done just that. I am so, so grateful for this podcast. Thank you Jason and thank you Blaze Media!
  • piosop
    First time listener
    I really liked this podcast. The truths that are spoken are for all to hear. Jason handles the podcast as a true professional and it’s refreshing to get his and his guests perspectives on great topics. Well done!
  • cwb8791
    More than just a sports podcast
    This podcast became my favorite the first time I heard it. It really hit me. This is a Christian man working to improve himself and exposing all of us to the truth of what we need to hear. Love the way he covers topics and calls those out that are not popular targets. Great podcast. Great people.
  • eddy pecker
    The name says it all…
  • NJBern
    New to the show
    I just joined this past week and saw Jason a lot on Tucker Carlson. When I heard there was a podcast I’m glad I listened. Jason has a way of looking at a subject and quickly deciphering it’s hidden meaning/s and explaining them succinctly. He reminds me of Rush Limbaugh with a bit of Howard Stern. Very informative, provocative and entertaining, Jason isn’t afraid to call them as he sees them. He tempers that with a spiritual side, that for me, brings a level of authenticity and honesty that is sorely lacking in our current society. Thanks, Jason.
  • Keep Mizzou Great
    One topic per show?
    Jason - You used to have a GREAT show. You were my Rush Limbaugh replacement. A number of great topics. Always like your take on the world. You’re right on But covering one topic for an entire hour and a half???? You’re making the show B-O-R-I-I-G. You used to have great guests and you covered a number of tonics. Greg Couch was always good and Delano was the best. Why did you mess with success?
  • Land of Enchantment Lobo
    Only getting better.
    The show is only getting better with each podcast.
  • i8999
    Week ended 10/16
    I’m not crying….dying laughing at these fools this past week.
  • pauldavis2551
    My new FAV
    So tired of pathetic virtue signaling everywhere. Even Fox News is starting to join the club(hail advertisers) and it’s good to know I’m not losing my mind. A great break from Pharma ads using cartoons to sell drugs and all the other insanity on TV. I’ve moved to podcasting mostly now so I’m very glad to have found you.
  • IMOPCgonetoofar
    Keep going…..Speak the truth
    So good to hear someone without fear speak the truth. Thanks for what you do Mr. Whitlock.
  • Khamps
    Great podcast!
    Saw you on Tucker and now listen to your podcast. Excellent and intelligent perspective on today’s social environment. Keep up the good work fighting for our American values. You inspire me.
  • Mom Harper
    Tucker Carlson
    I’m a follower now after watching you on Tucker Carlson! Thanks for being fearless!
  • Long Gamma
    I have been listening to this podcast for the last several weeks. I first saw Jason on Tucker Carlson and found him to be very insightful. But, honestly, I had no idea. It is not overstating things to say that he is changing how I think about the world. At 59, I would never have imagined this was possible. Fearless is extraordinary!!
    Stay fearless
    Big sexy J dub! One of the Best podcast out there! Love the smoke and Shamokeshow! Stay real and true!
  • Lets Go Brandan
    Started watching Wit and Uncle Jimbo on SFY but lost interest when they left. Thank you for doing Fearless as it’s one of the only true non apologetic shows today. Wit I’m curious to what OL position you played as I was OT in college. Also love me some Ball State. Thanks guys as these shows are very enjoyable !!!
  • Jason from South Dakota
    Awesome podcast
    Keep speaking the truth and doing a great job. Can’t wait to hear the new episode every day
  • time waits for noone
    Love his temperament and intelligent. Interesting and moves it right along. Excellent show. Side note: such a pleasure let's his guest speak without interrupting.
  • E Pluribus Wood
    A fraud who makes a few points
    I don’t disagree with all of Whitlock’s points, and at least there is some professional format at play. But, Whitlock’s Christian values and solutions, awkwardly, only apply to the black people he targets who are reacting to the action/words of another. I’m not even gonna speak on his rosy version of pre-1800 U.S. history! Lastly, the shock has long faded when hearing Whitlock’s embarrassment re: the lows of black culture pops up in a fire starter that white people agree with wholeheartedly. Ain’t hard to tell who pays the man’s bills. Best of health to Uncle Jimmy, but his comic relief… well, I’ll leave it at ‘good health’ wishes.
  • 131313Granny131313
    Grannie Annie
    I am a 66 year old women and absolutely love your show and guest. I’m a new listener and find it refreshing to hear people speak their opinion. I don’t always agree with everything but enjoy listening to other perspectives.
  • Santa Catalina wi
    Never Change
    JW is one of those dying breeds. He calls it as it is.. he doesn’t care if you feel butt-hurt after he set his fire!
  • Doktor Sleepy
    Listening to Jason Whitlock is a fantastic way for me to go to sleep.
  • Yosemiteke
    Because Stu told me to...
    It's great. Whatever.
  • KajunConservative
    Rush Limbaugh
    I listened to Rush Limbaugh for 20+ years and NEVER thought anyone could come close to replacing him. The intellect, the wit, the fearlessness, the “it” factor. Jason says not only what your thinking but what you haven’t thought of yet. That’s what made Rush-Rush! God bless Rush- may he Rest In Peace! Thank God we still have Jason Whitlock! Ironic the same people that would call Rush a racist would say Jason hates black people for saying the same thing🤷🏻‍♂️ Keep afte em Jason- LOVE the show- Prayers for America’s Uncle Jimmy
  • josh the jew
    I’m a white dude
    Jason Whitlock is the human equivalent of that situation where a joke about a minority gets made and we all have to find someone if that community in the room laughing to give everyone else permission to laugh. You sir are good. Your good you
  • echo######
    Background music
    This podcast has some very interesting 5 star content but the ridiculous, aggravating background music makes it un-listenable.
  • BillBillGreen
    My review of Michael Witlock’s podcast
    It’s great! Whatever
  • Rob Osborn
    The honeybadger!
    Jason, you are a honeybadger!,
  • listeningtotruth45
    Love Whitlock!!!
    Such a great podcast! Whitlock truly is fearless. He does a great job of expressing his Christian values and calling out true evil in the world. I appreciate so much what he’s doing. Keep it up!
  • HQAmerican
    Voice of truth
    One of the most important voices in America…
  • bizz.jack
    Ms. Michelle is a great addition
    Sign her up. She is fantastic. Well spoken, intelligent and tells it like it is. All others are great, but she is so straight forward that the points she makes really resonate. The entire show should be required listening for all especially school children who really need to hear reality and truth. This show replaces Rush's show for relevance and truth. Jack Jason: This show today with Shamika and Delano on the set was one of the most enlightening ever broadcast. I recommend that you listen to it again to realize how brilliant what was said. Jack .
  • futbolchelsea
    Super star!!
    Jason W. Is a brave man his ideas and thoughts are spot on!!! I appreciate his honesty about political topics and sports!!
  • KeatsKeats
    5 * content
    The content he generates w/ Jimmy & particularly Delano Squires & Steve Kim is fantastic. Just fantastic. Always thought provoking and funny, too. Listen & share.
  • kyount14
    Great Show
    Exactly what is needed in sports and culture - Jason Whitlock and Uncle Jimmys God fearing common sense
  • Badger Rock
    Can be great but also irritating
    Too much really vulgar unnecessary content . Way too much interruptions with Uncle Jimmy. Gets quite annoying . But content can also be riveting and fearless. Whitlock is a provocateur but is often compelling. Mixed bag
  • CMYnGA
    Brightens my day
    This 58 year old southerner totally looks forward to tuning in to hear Jason’s firestarters every day and Uncle Jimmy is an awesome sidekick! Love Delano and all the regulars too! Always interesting conversations!
  • RapidRob914
    No more professional sports talk
    I love your show and your POV on macro issues but I’m so turned off by all of the woke corporatist professional sports that it’s hard to listen to people breaking down games and day to day sports issues. However I do enjoy listening to the bashing of the anti American, corrupt Vaccine mandates in sports . It does break my heart I’m 35 years old and sports have been a gigantic part of my life, I have a 21 Month old son and it breaks my heart not to have sports in our lives. I’m just so disgusted by all leagues that I can’t bring myself to watch and follow them anymore… I was originally brought to you by the cowherd show and more recently tucker Carlson I really love you on there . Also love Delano. I’m a white man from the suburbs outside NYC and appreciate your guys show and POV and agree with almost everything. I’m moving with my family to the suburbs outside of Nashville!! Hope to see you in the honky Tonk!!!
  • Eax57
    Top 5 Show!
    What a breath of fresh air. Normal people telling the truth that applies to 97% of the public. If you are part of the 3% “community”, live your “truth” just don’t push it on normal traditions and morals that built Western culture.
  • Victory1753
    Shemeka is awesome! Make her a regular. And we are praying for Uncle Jimmy. Get well and stay well Brother. Love y’all all. God bless.
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