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Celebrated journalist Jason Whitlock and his cast of "Fearless Soldiers" protect the realm of common sense and challenge the groupthink mandated by elites. Listen Monday through Friday for the most fearless conversation at the crossroads of culture, faith, sports, and comedy.

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  • rfk jr
    Great show with a point. Q: is Nick Chubb done after latest knee injury?
  • anomad 2011
    Blind side
    Great pod cast about Michael and the family that Helped him . The media does not want white and Black Christian people to love each other .
  • loho jr
    5 stars
    Although I’m done with all the Deon Sanders talk. Stop please
  • wowxjekzuc
    Trend setter
    Love how Whitlock doesn’t fall in line with social justice norms and has a original position on multiple issues. Hopefully he isn’t banned like they’re doing to so many others. Keep up the great work sir.
  • E. Chukwu
    Sage Steele interview was excellent
    She’s a remarkable women and that was Jason at his best. Hi background in sports and journalism was brought to bear. The 2+ hours flew by. I wish it was longer! Have her back!
  • iamsohpy
    Duke beat Michigan all 3 times during that era. Michigan ran it’s mouth about how it would be dancing on the the devils home court. That crew was all flash and no substance.
  • Jenn G in NC
    You & Sapp
    Ha! I needed a good laugh! The episode w/ you & Sapp was hilarious- ya'll two are a trip together! I discovered your show & began listening 5-6 months ago. Thank you for being a real man, standing firm in truth. I appreciate your courage to speak your mind & I love all the folks on the show. Your interview w/ Sage was incredible, i'm a fan for life, so honest. I feel like we are all just friends hanging out when I'm listening, ya'll make me laugh & keep me informed! Thanks! Keep it up! Jenn G in NC
  • Love radio.
    Mr. Marcus
    Coach Prime hasn’t done anything wrong. You’re over reacting. And when did you care about Jackson Mississippi this fire shows hypocrisy. You’re just upset that coach has been successful. These three games. noticed that you’re the only one bringing up race. And that one trick pony is getting old and getting old fast. and who are you to say if somebody can say God. It’s people like you. That’s causing people not to go to church. Because they don’t want to hear your hypocrisy. And your self righteousness. I don’t see you getting on your buddy Steve Kim about God or not going to church or not being a believer you need to stop it.
  • Staggered 01
    Fire starter
    Gotta ditch the kindling fire effect in the background, I can’t take it. Go back to music please. Show is 5 stars, firestarter background zero.
  • Jon jay k
    Your interview with Larry Elder, fantastic. Love your show, keep it up keep fighting for good!
  • Only office attendee
    Jason Simplock
    My days dragged on for an eternity when he and the show took a two week sabbatical.
  • KajunConservative
    Evolving into the best podcast ever(post Rush)
    Ahhh man Favre and Sapp in the same week with TJ & the Korean Cossell!!! Believe me when I tell you after treating cancer patients all week… I need this podcast every day! Hey Jason: curious what you think ESPN is losing in terms of both people watching & revenue by not having you on that network??? Have you seen QB Jayden Daniel’s @ LSU? LOVE giving to PREBORN!!!!
  • Durango56!
    Loved the Sapp segment!
    Excellent show, as always!
  • Poopadooda
    Love your show/however
    Sincerely love listening to your thoughtful commentary about sports and society in general. Insightful. I’m so happy to see your upset predictions for my Buffs (drought for us 80’s-90’s alum) did not ultimately prevail, but you were not wrong, it was a W for CU in O/T! Really admire your work and commitment to honesty and fearlessness in addressing what is happening in the media, society, sports and our country! Love your show!
  • gman0661
    Jayson and the fearless crew are unbelievably. Worth listening to every day
  • Frank and Cressa Dovigh
    Always on point
    This old, white hillbilly loves your show. Always on point. God bless. Keep fighting the good fight. Agree with your position on the matriarchy.
  • dubs1397
    Question for Whitlock…
    Do you miss kickoff returns in the NFL? Everything is a touchback now and no one is making a big deal of this. Gimme kick returns!!!! Brett Favre KNOWS what Desmond Howard meant to GB’s mid 90’s Super Bowl run (and victory!)
  • FatFred24
    I keep listening and getting more out of the Podcast
    I learned about you through John Kass. The 1st couple I had a little problem getting through them. As a fat old white guy. But I’ve kept coming back and I’m getting more out of your programs 👍
  • JenniLeeC
    Whitlock/Sapp Killer Combo
    By far, Warren has been the most entertaining collaboration. All of that knowledge with all of the verbal swagger. I love it! Looking forward to the next 16 weeks of Whitlock/Sapp.
  • Aceone007
    Two Questions
    Why haven’t you had Jonathan Isaac on your show yet? That young man is the opposite Labron/Kaepernick. A real role model for young men and kids. And are you going to shoot your shot at Sage Steele?
  • 63 plymouth
    Why do you feel that It’s important that any president that we have must be a devout Christian.
  • tigercat 99!
    Enjoy your point of view
    Your podcast makes me examine my view point, Brett Frave explains himself very well and I really appreciate him as a guest, please have him throughout the football season
  • patriot jjhjr
    Why is a 61 year old white biker listening to fearless. Answer searching for and listening to slot of truth. Keep up the great work!
  • Tinamuz
    Great shows
    Can you consider dividing your show into 30-45 min segments rather than 1.5-2hours. I would rather have 5 30 min segments than a long one Most podcasted keep them shorter and it is more manageable
  • Mattman_1.1
    Great show
    Jason your show is always thoughtful and well done. You topics and contributors add spice and thoughtful commentary. Your show is always a daily go to for me. Question Jason are you and Marcellus Wiley still friends? I would love to here from you both on fearless. I miss speak for yourself.
  • CT Laura
    Sage Steele
    One of the best interviews/podcasts I have ever heard. You and Sage are brilliant!
  • smitt18930
    Great show
    Keep having JB on from Last chance U!
    Consistently great topics.
    Always informative and relevant. Great guests.
  • ManCar36
    Jason and Sage - wow!
    Best episode ever. Brilliant.
  • Fern 07
    Awesome work!! Why does the black community hate and disrespect black conservatives? The real reason.
  • Diamond rosey
    I thank God that ESPN and Fox were unfair to JW. Their loss has become our GAIN! Jason, which book of the Bible has most influenced you and which non-biblical book has most influenced you?
  • REllefson
    Once in a Lifetime
    The show with Seth Joyner, Sapp, and Favre was amazing and masterfully hosted by Whitlock. Mr. Joyner was one of my favorite players on my favorite defense of all time. It was such a pleasure to hear from the man himself. I love your normal shows Mr. Whitlock, but it was truly a pleasure to listen to grown men talk sports again.
  • Fetterman is a fraud
    The show is always great
    I already was aware of Royce White and Bryson Gray but I would like to know, where did you find Steve Kim, TJ Moe, and Shemeeka Michelle? They are great contributors
  • Scott 1177
    Appreciate you and the effort!
  • Slow white dude
    Raised the bar
    Raised the bar again today! Enjoyed it!
  • JSledgehammer
    Jason is the best!
    This is easily the best podcast I have listened to on the hot button issues of race and transgender rights.
  • Vaborn21
    A La Carte
    I’m pleased that ESPN may be getting a wake up call. Enough with the social justice nonsense. Stick to sports.
  • RmullyNC
    Great show!!
    I find this show to be very satisfying covering many of the topics that apply to me. Being a middle aged father of two teenagers living in a society dedicated to self indulgence, it’s great to have this outlet to utilize as conversation starters. Thanks Fearless team for your efforts!
  • Vegas Jillie
    So loving your podcast. Wow good job
  • Pete86290
    Equal pay
    You asked for questions. Not sure why the women in the U.S. Open get equal pay when they only play 3 sets compared to the men’s 5 sets. Looks easy to me that the women should get 60% of the men. I don’t know, that just me. Great show
  • socalterp00
    Love show
    Love listening to Jason during football season.
  • calbano1221
    Every Episode - Must Listen Podcast
    Appointment podcast every day. Jason has really thought out well articulated takes and what I respect him most for is he stands his ground even if it’s against popular opinion regardless of the backlash. I always was a fan when he was “commercial”on the big sports networks but he’s cemented himself as one of the 4 or 5 GOATs in media with this podcast. Every day he brings it. Must listen!
  • rebajean17
    I am a FAN!!!
    I listen to podcasts almost exclusively and I have NEVER rated or left a comment before. This is hands down one of the best I have heard. I am so impressed and excited to have a new go to for things I care about. Great job!
  • Jeff Duncan
    Insightful show
    Keep it up
    Great show, keep speaking the truth! God Bless you. God Bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • G.O’D
    Fantastic show Great show about the Dodgers and those dress up “nuns”. Great guests to discuss the matter
  • Reds fan 1
    This show rocks
    Jason, I want to thank you for trying to bring back the country I lived in as a young man, where people’s helped one another, also for uphold your values and beliefs and not apologizing for being a man! My question, to you is, do you miss the country we grew up in? Love the show, good luck and god bless you and all the contributors.
  • MLazerTag
    Best show out there!
    Love the show. Insightful, virtuous, genuine, and funny. Keep up the great work!
  • Doodle jumplove32
    Great topics
  • Angry man 49
    Fire starter
    Being Real ! Being a Man! Never Ever apologize for speaking Truth! Men are supposed to be Alpha not beta ! Keep being you and tell it like it is! Love the show and how pull no punches! Ask the wanna be Cosell what he thinks about and where would he rate Bernie Kosar as a former Cane? You guys are a gas to listen to! Thank you for making me want to listen to topics I never knew I cared about!
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