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Celebrated journalist Jason Whitlock and his cast of "Fearless Soldiers" protect the realm of common sense and challenge the groupthink mandated by elites. Listen Monday through Friday for the most fearless conversation at the crossroads of culture, faith, sports, and comedy.

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  • DPihnn
    Ep 451
    Excellent show today Jason was on point. I appreciated hearing from his guests this type of show today are the shows that I enjoy the most from him where he relates religion to what is happening in sports and other areas of entertainment.
  • Joey gumdrop
    Great insight
    Love your show! Gives me great insight and makes me a better teacher. Where is Uncle Jimmy?
  • 63 plymouth
    You may not like what he has to say, he may not agree with what he has to say, but I truly believe that this is the truth the way he sees it and for that matter the way I see it
  • 1020 shotgun
    Many likes.
    I love this show. He talk about everything with and even perspective it is informative and entertaining. Go Go Go. Your interview with Tim Floyd was the best. He is one of the greatest guests I have heard. I love it. But I have to disagree with you about Coach Ric he was an abusive jerk. I live in Utah and been around the coach. Great Coach terrible person. Have coach Floyd on regularly he is very good.
  • Larry & Carol
    Larry Rhodes
    I really enjoy the social commentary and the Christian focus.
  • Rob from Cbus
    More please.
    Fantastic show. Perfect balance of Faith, Family and sports. Bravo Jason. My new favorite show.
  • jmjradford
    Thank you for courage. Truth is fearless
    The episode on the caving Dodgers to the Alphabet mafia was a great gift to your audience. Well done!
  • finridge
    B favre
    Great interview
  • anniemm
    You are a hero!
  • popcorn_savage
    Fearless Army
    Not a better podcast out there.
  • Popeyedoyle1
    Great show last night about the Dodgers WOKE silliness to allow the nuns and pride day on their hallowed field. Disgraceful!
  • Francorunning
    GOAT of podcasts
    Whitlock covers faith, sports, and podcasts. I literally cannot wait for his podcasts to drop. His guests are incredible, and Whitlock's journalism skills remind me of a bygone era. Keep up the good work!
  • Kyle L 78
    Honest truth.
    If you like to be lied to and deceived; this show is not for you. This show is not for people who like to keep the blinders on. If you’re the type of person that goes along to get along, you should find another podcast.
  • sisterinChristTonia
    Thank you!!!
    I have never listened to a podcast, but after hearing this man speak, I am 100 percent IN!!! Catholic here! Praying for our world!
  • Aim2Misbehave
    Awesome, multifaceted show
    Great review of the day’s hot topics from an honest Christian viewpoint and some really great guests with thoughtful insights. Keep it up!
  • johnnyeBoston
    Love the show
    This show gets me fired up. Appreciate Jason’s defense of the Christian faith, exposing the spirit of the age. Love the show bro. Grateful for you.
  • Coach System
    I love this show!! Jason is saying and bringing out things that I have been saying since the 80’s. I quit watching pro sports years ago because of the lack of morals and the sell out of each league. Keep up the good work!!
  • Meltinlarry
    Awesome show
    Intelligent analysis of the truly evil forces degrading society.
  • Ginten10
    Breath of fresh air
    Love your show. You always hit hard and speak truth. Please don’t stop. Keep fighting the good fight. God Bless
  • 1919!!
    Can’t miss show
    Best show out there!! Can’t miss every night!!
  • truth77
  • moe frye
    Fearless soldiers
    We love you whit GOD bless
  • JtSmithe
    Love the show
    Loved this show. The second Catholic dude was better. His point about cali is spot on. Spanish missionaries in the 1500’s and 1600’s made missions from San Diego to San Jose. The double standards of tolerance for everything under the sun except for Christianity in general and Catholicism specifically is disgusting. The left has used our own tolerance against us.
  • mdc1cpc
    Enjoy listening everyday
    I am probably not your typical demographics I’m 63, white grandmother of 3. I started my interest in your career when you were on Speak for Yourself Great sports discussions. Great contributors from your guests I listen daily. Thanks for making me a little smarter every day.
  • Majcl5
    Jason is the man !!
    This show is awesome ! This man has courage ! This man is exposing lies ! This man is spreading truth ! Keep it up my brother in Christ !!!
  • Jesse_3_6
    A Bastion of TRUTH
    Started listening to this show about 6 months ago and I haven’t been disappointed. Jason is a bastion of truth telling; no matter what side of the fence you’re on. LISTEN TO THIS SHOW!!!!
  • Always Maskless
    Whitlock does a great job exposing current issues from a different perspective
  • DawkDynasty
    Great show
    Jason always does an excellent show. He is very knowledgeable about sports and politics. Most important his show is done from his Christian perspective.
  • Luke C.L.
    Insightful, real, thoughtful…fire!
    Jason Whitlock provides some of the best commentary on day-to-day topics, sports, and issues relevant to everyone. Is takes our well thought and provoke critical, thinking by the audience whether you agree or disagree with the majority of Whitlock’s commentary, he will provide a voice that is necessary in today’s media landscape.
  • AV Jeff
    My Go To Podcast - Fearless Is Right
    Jason and this show is voice for those of us who understand we are sinners, but have been redeemed by grace through faith in Christ Jesus. Sports, politics, current issues, spirituality, etc….Jason brings it to the table. He will speak on issues that 99% of other won’t even touch on, with humor and laughter. His guests are truly intriguing and give you something to think and talk about with your friends and family. The topics are some times surprising, but always fascinating conversations!! I’m blessed to have Jason to listen to, and know that we have warriors for HIS Kingdom all around us. We just have to speak with boldness and FEARLESS conviction on the Rock of Jesus. Keep it up Brother, if we don’t meet here, see you on the other side in paradise ✝️ 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ No Doubt
  • Slow white dude
    Stay strong
    Keep up the great work! Another solid show. I really enjoyed it!
  • Dneal1969
    Episode #451
    Great show! I really appreciate hearing from Catholic believers in Christ. This battle is against God and his Anointed, Jesus Christ the righteous. Timothy is spot on, the Earth is the Lord’s the Creation mandate is still in place. Take dominion, God’s will on Earth as it is in Heaven. Protestant and Roman Catholic doctrine differences are real and only Christ will resolve in time. I believe we will eventually be a whole body because Christ is sanctifying His Bride. But we must stand together against all things that come against the true knowledge of God. We can stand together here. Deidre
  • michaelfontano
    Fearless, the truth is amazingly satisfying
    I’ve loved Jason Whitlock’s takes and insights since the first time I heard him. I truly appreciate the group setting that is pushing me to better myself.
  • D.W.S>
    Be not afraid!
    Jason calls balls and strikes just as are, unabashed and unafraid. Uplifting to listen to.
  • baddrapp
    Probably not your intended demo….
    SWF 52…. I listen every day! Love the honesty! Love the devotion! I appreciate so many of the things I think can be articulated without concern for offending. Thank you for your perspective! It is appreciated!
  • Legleson
    Favorite Podcast
    Fearless with Jason Whitlock is the best Podcast I listen to. Jason is artful in weaving in Sports with the issues if the day. Only a very talented host could do this so effortlessly.
  • G.O’D
    Fantastic show Great show about the Dodgers and those dress up “nuns”. Great guests to discuss the matter
  • Angry man 49
    Keep bringing it!
    Truth they can’t handle you because you speak Truth! Keep spewing Truth! God bless you Jason and everything you are trying to do….. We are with you and have your back!!! Truth kill them with Truth they are Evil and cant stand Truth! Love you my brother and stand with you!
  • Small Town Kansas
    Laser Accurate
    Jason tells it like is. Raw truth. Biblical perspective. Culture and sports. My favorite new listen.
  • Whiteyfourtwenty
    Great show Jason! I love how you are very straight forward and don’t mess around. I initially learned of you on Tucker Carlson Tonight (RIP.) Haven’t turned on FOX since his departure. Anyway, every time you came on Tucker, I thought to myself, “wow, I want to hear more of what this man has to say.” Shortly after, I tuned into your podcast and have not been disappointed since. I enjoy how you incorporate sports into politics. Those are my two favorite talking points. Keep up the good work and thanks again for telling it like it is! John W.
  • mderbes13
    Love the show
    Great show. Tremendous guests. Smartest podcast around. Truly no other podcast like it.
    Great Knight who honors God
    You are a Great Knight fighting in the name of God for His honor and the sword you wield is His word! God bless you. God has already won this fight, we just have to make sure no one, and I mean no one ever doubts what side we are on. I’ll go into battle with you any day confident in His victory! Amen Deo Vindice (God our Defender)
  • stnko69
    Useful information for everybody
    Inspires you to think. Be yourself.
  • SammyVandy
    Dodgers dodging truth. Jason speaking it.
  • Ewestmyers
    Truth with Love
    Love how this show is retraining the men in this country to step up and lead with help of Jesus. Keep it up!
  • mkram17
    Human but so much closer to the truth than 99% of media
    Thanks Jason. Keep standing up for your self. And you know what I admire most about yourself? That you search yourself daily, though you keep your faith in Christ straight and strong, but admit how much your humanity is always something you value , cherish but also accept it’s there to serve and glorify God.
  • loho jr
    5 stars
    The best ride home from work podcast in the business. It’s a must listen every day.
  • deplorableboy
    Excellent Insight!
    So pleased to listen and learn. I love the way you connect everything to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God bless you Jason!
  • A guy who talks too much
    Enjoy it
    Offers an interesting variety of cultural and sports discussions within a Christian context.
  • Todd Hedges
    Fantastic podcast
    Thanks to Jason for going outside the mindset that is supposed to be established by the liberal community and nonsensical community. Thank you for standing up for Christian truth and true American values. Wake up people to Jason and his crew trying to help you understand what is going on in sports and the entertainment world in general!!
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