The Devil Within


A true crime podcast that recalls the brutal slaying of BETTY ANN SULLIVAN on a snowy night in January of 1988, a night that, more than 30 years later, the small town of Jefferson Township, New Jersey has yet to fully recover from. The violence of that evening shocked the nation for the perpetrator... was her own son, a boy of fourteen who would take his own life only hours later. What the investigation revealed left a community in tatters, unwilling to believe the evil that had befallen them.

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  • Behnanch
    Next episodes
    There are 11 episodes. Do you have to pay for the other 7?
    Sucked me in
    I’m picky about podcasts but I’m really into this series. I wish they would post some sort of update though
  • falconman56jj
    Sensational & Speculative
    A dude making up facts & speculating on the most sensational satanic panic ideas. Literally claims that the very real kid who committed these crimes could’ve been possessed by “something sinister” in an old timey castle. Even mentioning the castle he try’s to draw up as much magical speculation in a true crime case. Really sad & horrible reporting & im sad to see wondery deligitamize itself with the ridiculous Christian scare story’s about a possessed dude. Like handle it like the true crime it is, you don’t need to sensationalize satan worshipers. TLDR he basically buys into every sensational detail & refuses to fact check
  • Parlan77
    Love it!
    The podcast covers everything I love! True crime, paranormal & lore. Well done!!
  • Kay1999999991
    On board until…
    Please stop trying to discuss topics and concepts you don’t fully understand. The treatment of Native American beliefs and paganism in general is straight out of a conservative handbook on religion from the 19th century. Do better.
  • jjjakaksjjf
    This story deserves better
    Really wanted to like this since it takes place near my hometown. But what starts out as a gripping report quickly becomes an excuse to blame random people, music, and books for something that was obviously already very wrong in this family. Best part is when a fellow student who supposedly passed on a fascination with Satan is imagined as “possibly Jewish.” Lame and lazy.
  • No Koala
    I enjoy the spirit of the podcast, but the presentation seems more like a bad audiobook recording than a podcast examining an investigation.
  • historyiskooool
    It’s like listening to a long ghost story.
  • PlainJane86
    Do not recommend
    This was just a mess. Conservative Christian propaganda and not real true crime.
  • MrsBritt
    Very much looking to the next episode! MAU sent me!!! What I really liked about this particular podcast series is that it’s not instant gratification feeding you podcast after podcast. It gives me a chance to think about what we’ve been told, digest it, research what happened, review the source material and the details on the Internet and then come back and get the rest of the story. I haven’t even noticed the music so it must be enhancing it for me but to each their own an it harm none. I’m also not a generation that needs everything this exact moment.
  • ErrikH
    Save your time. No research. No facts.
    This podcast isn’t true crime. I went over to Wondery plus to listen to the yet-unreleased episodes and it’s nothing but ghost story fan fiction. 100 other more interesting and thorough true crime podcasts available.
  • AnotherPodcastEnthusiast
    I feel bad for the family
    Brandon Morgan spouts off on things he has no knowledge of, mainly religious practice, which he is trying to build a podcast on. His takes on Catholicism are wrong (no kid in Catholic school would also go to CCD on the weekend) and unfair, and his castigation of monotheism in general is biased and odd. I feel so bad for the relatives of his victims whose family members are again being victimized by this badly presented podcast.
  • confusion drama
    Over sensationalized
    The organization of the podcast makes absolutely no sense, and every detail is either speculation or over sensationalized to an almost laughable level. I can’t follow the story no matter how many times I re-listen to it. The music is also horribly tacky.
  • mommalette247
    Love love love
    Well made. Well done. Keeps me listening in my own world the way I Love it!! Love it all, the music everything love love love
  • tbvtristan
    Cool it with the background music...
    This story is SOOO good but the background music is annoyingly CONSTANT and sometimes louder than the speakers!
  • Supadupa837
    True crime turned to fan fiction
    *sigh* I want so badly to like this podcast because it is very glossy in its production, which I thought would be a new-ish take on true crime. Sort of an audio equivalent to a well conceived reenactment. Instead, this is the audio equivalent to a daytime tv ghost-hunting reality show. Something that seemed compelling very quickly devolved into the gloom and doom of unsourced local folklore. For all we know as listeners, everything aside from the details of the crime itself could be entirely fabricated. I say this because aside from the details of the crime, there’s not a citation or reference to be found within a half mile radius. Episode 3 veers completely into the speculativ. The episode is packed full of storytelling of local lore worthy of an Edgar Allen Poe story, but doesn’t speak to any locals on the topic. It’s just fan fiction for something scary from the narrator’s home town. Unless this turns around with some actual reporting, I fear this is just going to be National Enquirer Horror Double Feature: The Podcast. Given the quality of some of their other podcasts, I’m kind of amazed Wondery would publish this under this header…
  • Bulls$$$
    Good job
    Love the way they are presented
  • Terrible73
    This is the most factually inaccurate, fantastic, and sensational piece of reporting ever published. Shameful.
  • gpd209
    Another Wondery that stops short
    It’s listed as “weekly” but the season stops midway and hasn’t been updated in weeks. Another example of Wondery trying to drive listeners to their paid app? Why do I keep falling for this?
  • rmonk81
    Stunningly awful
    This podcast hits all the usual tropes from the satanic panic, the occult, heavy metal and dungeons and dragons. Yet, there’s no actual investigation. It’s all speculation. It’s a waste of time. Don’t bother.
  • Lisaturtle5
    When is this coming out?
    When is this podcast coming out with new episodes???
  • rolltide721
    Sensationalized Conservative Dribble
    I just cannot. This podcast is a cash grab. It definitely takes advantage of its audiences willingness to believe in things that go bump in the night.
  • Liz Ham
    Other reviewers are pretty spot on.
    There’s a lack of deep examination of the evidence, at least so far, and a lot of conjecture. The sound effects are distracting and often the music is louder than the narrator as he speaks. There’s not a lot of information online about this case, just some short contemporary news reports, so if future episodes could go more in depth with evidence and interviews that would be interesting. It seems like it’s sensationalizing the story and almost endorsing the satanic panic.
  • tmhtsxxx
    As an NJ native, I had to give this a try. Once I started listening, I couldn’t stop. Can’t wait for the next episode!
  • tylerH85
    Be better
    Build up to crash with slow lack of updates.
  • Jkhdsjnjncx
    I think the podcast is fantastic and riveting!! I do t know why people are so harsh. It’s a compelling story and I appreciate someone investigating all the details. Waiting patiently for another episode. Great job and keep up the great work!
  • Jkorab
    The Best!
    I can’t tell you what it takes to put out a good podcast, all I can say is this Podcast is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a podcast! This dude nailed it. So far I’m hooked! And so are my friends!! WE WANT MORE! JK
  • Olulu88
    Not True Crime
    Not one iota of research has been done or included on the Satanic Panic hysteria of the 80s - namely that in which rumors of cults gone wild and the demonic influence of D&D and heavy metal music are debunked (no, American woods were not overrun with satanic cults making sacrifices), likely either because the author is an uneducated religious conservative, or he preferred the lure of the occult over the truth to obtain an audience. This is unresearched, biased and poorly written fiction based on some aspects of a real event. No true crime here.
  • Bmcol
    Love it
    Enchanting, haunting and I can’t get enough!! More please!
  • MZKelly77
    Didn’t stick the landing
    This podcast had me totally engrossed until the last episode, when it took a wild turn from reporting about an actual (and terrible) crime to telling a fictional story without any basis in fact. The last few minutes are nothing other than the author’s pure imagination. While well done, they stuck out like a sore thumb.
  • TJ_J
    Interesting Story, but too much music
    This is a very dark, but interesting account. The music is not good and too frequent.
  • bigmamma90
    Two episodes are spent going over the same materials and the third descends into ghost and goblins. This case is such an interesting one that it deserved better.
  • karaschmidt
    So well done and the music …. Perfect
    Tragic story. Phenomenal story telling supported by beautiful music and sound effects. …
  • librarylady87
    Definitely Pass
    A complete waste of time.
  • CaroH.
    Poor Research
    The narrator has done piss poor research on the religious element of this podcast. Apparently if you aren’t Christian or monotheist you are into sexual orgies and seeing others naked in the woods? Very strange and obviously incorrect background on a lot of things. Disappointed. Stopped following after the most recent episode (#3). Don’t waste your time.
  • thisisactuallynickname
    Ep 3 was awesome. Really well done.
  • dammit charlie
    NOT a true crime podcast
    Ok, if you’re going to literally make up 90% of your material it doesn’t fall into the true category. I lost count of hearing “we can assume”, and for the love of God WHY WHY would I want to know all the minutiae about the Jersey Devil or Jesuit priests or the guy who built a castle who maybe possibly might have been into occult rituals even though there’s absolutely no hint of that being true? The first couple episodes were genuinely interesting and well done. After that it turned into some kind of campfire ghost story.
  • Lanie gaga
    Wait for it ....
    Starts off with a glimmer and a promise and gets ya good in episodic 3
  • Sassback
    Tedious and lacking substance
    Very interesting subject matter but very boring copy. The host says the same thing 100 times and gives no new insight. Episode two is especially nerve-racking. They literally repeat the same information over and over and over. It feels like they didn’t have enough to talk about and they just filled dead air.
  • AwesomeGamer1290783456
    I’m dubious
    Interesting but ultimately frustrating. As the podcast goes on, so much is stated as fact but with no supporting evidence, particularly the interplay between Tommy and “Lance.” Should be presented as a fictionalization of a real story. Does the victims a disservice in presenting itself as “true crime.”
  • Mine0405
    Satan is controlling the number of Ads on this podcast.
  • ShadowfiresJoey
    Over sensationalized and ridiculous
    The podcast has potential, but it comes across as insensitive and exploitation of what happened just to get listeners and make money (hence the tons of ads). Throwing over the top use of adjectives to describe something gruesome mixed with dramatic music makes the podcast appear insensitive to the story. Fortunately, judging by other reviewers, listeners are smart enough to recognize this. I was on the fence until the podcast equated D&D with devil worship. Was this written by an 80 year old church pastor or something? It is absolute ignorance to perpetuate the ridiculous belief that D&D has anything to do with satanism or the occult! It’s like saying a murderer likes gardening and therefore it’s more likely that people who garden are also likely to be murderers. It’s an absurd correlation. D&D is a fantasy game where players pretend to be characters in stories like Lord of the Rings. Nothing more. Saying otherwise it even leading a listener to think otherwise for 1 second made this podcast lose all credibility to me. After all the true crime podcasts I’ve listened from Wondery, I am absolutely surprised they had anything to do with this one.
  • Izzy529
    Misleading and dangerous presentation of “facts”. Disgusting.
  • SeattleGal34
    Oh god the drama
    This podcast reminds me of clickbait. The so-called drama goes on and on and on but nothing happens. Episode 3 is a complete joke. I’ll Google to see what actually happened in this case instead of listening.
  • LNA1019
    Great job!
    Such an intriguing story and a good voice for telling it!
  • hhandtheo
    Please do more!!!
    I’m obsessed. My new favorite. Love the history and legends with it. Please post more!!
  • Kriser1234
    Almost Love
    Really enjoying the story itself… ads are a lot, but overall I’m enjoying it a lot!
  • Dorsey Grand
    You... DO know what Satanic panic IS right?
    I expected a story of a crime that was part of the Satanic panic and an examination that debunked that myth. I got a story that appears to agree that demons are real and D&D is related somehow. Lives have been ruined by this kind of irresponsible pandering.
  • aley burd
    Not well done.
    If I wanted to listen to someone act like the 80s Satanic Panic was real, call non-Abrahamic religions “pagan,” flatten Native American religions, and do a poor job of any sort of research to explain their position on a crime case I’d just talk to my neighbors.
  • iRunCHI
    Cool Story, So So Much Filler…
    I fully admit that I don’t have the talent to produce a podcast myself lol. The story is great so far. However, there’s just so much filler in between actual information. I don’t mean overly detailed… it’s more like the kind of rambling i’d throw into a high school paper to get to 5 pages. The kind of writing you’d find on a clickbait article that has no actual substance other than to get you to the next advertisement. Narrator is great, story is cool, just needs to be cut wayyyyyy down.
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