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Pastor Robert and Taylor Madu have a heart to see the city of Dallas introduced to the Grace and transforming Truth of Jesus. They are passionate to provide a space for all to come, with different backgrounds, and different walks of life, encountering community, spiritual growth, and simply a relationship with Christ. This is not confined only to the city of Dallas. Social crosses all barriers, and desires to reach people globally. Subscribe and share. This allows Social to meet people right where they are, with the opportunity to build the global church any and every way possible.

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  • Missymelly
    From New York
    I faithfully listen to Social Dallas every week from New York. Pastor Robert Madu is truly a blessing from God. We appreciate the Madu's family up here in NY. Social Dallas would be the only reason for me to move to Texas. May God continue to bless the Madu's family and Social Dallas family.... in Jesus name. ~Mel
  • baako1
    Stephanie Ike’s sermon was amazing! That closing prayer had me in tears. 🥹
  • Kasie C
    Two of my FAVORITE Pastors!
    Pastors Robert and Taylor Madu are both great teachers of God’s Word. Robert is hilarious and Taylor is absolutely amazing! She’s just precious! They visited my home church, James River Church in Ozark, MO, and I fell in love with them 4 years ago the first time I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to listen to Robert preach. If you are feeling lost, uncertain about where you need to be, having struggles or just wanting to learn …this podcast is a must!! Enjoy!
  • KitaHayes
    How did I not know???
    I’m a proud member of Social Dallas as well and I literally didn’t know about this Podcast until I downloaded the app!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️!!
  • Asia Estelle
    Let’s stay Social
    I’m a proud member of Social Dallas !!! I just stumbled across the podcast page this is amazing I can now listen to the sermons without watch videos while I’m working !! Amen
  • MelStier
    Go God Go
    In this tough season of my life God has used Social Dallas to impart so many truths into my life. This podcast is not just sermons but it’s a place to build faith. Several messages God spoke directly to me through Pastor Robert. Thank you for this Podcast and this ministry!!
  • JoeESanchez
    I Love Social Dallas‼️‼️
    I listen every single week sometimes the same sermon multiple times I just love the way God speaks through this church, Pastor Robert Madu and Taylor Madu are anointed, I have my own church where I live but this church is my online church and if I ever move to Dallas social Dallas will be my home.
  • E.Napo
    love listening… sometimes my ears hurt from the taking coming through my headphones
  • Cheppo 2613
    Thank you!
    I have loved listening to the word spoken through Robert and others. If I could only ask one thing. Please add the main points and scripture versus to the notes in the episodes. That would help alot while I study before bed! I really appreciate all of your work may God continue to bless your ministry and families🙏🏽.
  • S. Ivey
    Robert Madu (in my opinion) is one of the greatest communicators on the planet across any genre. I love his illustrations, teaching style and his approach to communicating the Gospel. His messages are relevant, relatable, impactful, organized and thought provoking. I never feel like he rambles and he’s always “on message.” Great communicators can say a lot in a little time and I can tell that he STUDIES and is intentional with his words which is EXACTLY what we should expect out of great pastors. I LOVE THIS CHURCH and if I wasn’t in Florida, this is where I’d be!
  • miss2101
    This is truly the good news of Jesus
    God is doing great things in His churches that only He can do through His servants and SD is one of them 🧡🔥🧡
  • lnghrn3445
    Feed Me!!
    I’m a bi-vocational Pastor. I am grateful for Pastor Madu and his spirit filled sermons. It is nice to eat at a Holy Ghost buffet while working!! Thank you Pastor and God bless you!!
  • JRenee07
    I’m new to the area & visited Social Dallas, the experience was mind blowing!!! I needed more of Madu’s sermons!!! This capacity series has been pulling the rug from under me & im grateful for you it 🙏🏾
  • A.m.walker
    Fill ‘er up and grow your spirit
    Wow, cannot get enough of this pastor’s speaking the Word in a relatable yet convicting way. So happy he is sick of traveling and gonna stay close to home and preach! Pastor Robert cuts across all demographics to fill up your soul and challenge you. Hit subscribe now!
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