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Every week on Marketing Made Simple, you'll get practical tips to make your marketing easy and make it work!

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  • quiet idealist
    The best!
    April and J.J. are the best! So many great take always and knowledge shared.
  • PrestonCx
    Really enjoyable and practical
    Really good marketing advice for businesses
  • B.Skipper
    A one liner that rocks!
    April and JJ, You two provide the best marketing inspiration for this small business owner. I listen religiously and take those action items each week to improve upon what we doing. This podcast also gave me the push to find a story brand certified guide to help me completely redo our website incorporating our new brand script. I am excited to launch the new site, but have already started using my one liner that Angie Shultz helped me create. The first time I used it at a networking event’s presentation several people repeated it back to me and complemented me on how it lays out what I do perfectly! To me, this spoke volumes! Thank you both and keep it up!
  • Scwambler
    Story Brand
    Story Brand Story Brand Story Brand Story Brand
  • Facqt Media
    Great content in an entertaining format!
    I love the vibes haha! This is one of the most informative podcast I listened too, simple yet actionable. Tim's great at providing real insights that definitely work! I like the authenticity and his honest approach in delivering his content. I've got so much insight into marketing. Such a good show!
  • Adarcus
    A marketer’s dream podcast!
    This podcast is one of the BEST for any marketer! JJ and April have such contagious excitement for what they discuss and their guests always deliver such insightful and actionable takeaways every time. Keep up the incredible work!
  • A Chiara
    One of my favorite podcasts
    As a copywriter, storytelling and marketing are integral to everything I do. I LOVE STORYBRAND - - and this podcast is gold! I love the people they bring on and the contagious enthusiasm JJ and April have when talking through marketing within this framework. I am working my way through listening to every episode - thank you guys!!
  • Paul Megehee
    I tried to listen to a couple of episodes and it’s really just a marketing tool for their story brand framework. I think it has great concepts and it can benefit a lot of people, but it’s also trying to recruit you in to do their framework. I heard the word “framework” almost 20-25 times a podcast and it almost makes it to where you can’t listen to the podcast without actually doing the course.
  • Mooses45
    So far so good…
    Love the content so far - it’s a great complement to the books. Some topics that I’d like to see expanded on in this podcast: 1. Re-engagement Sales emails campaigns. We’ve implemented the Initial Campaign and Nurture campaigns and have a seasonal buying window. What’s the best way to engage a lead in a buying CTA a year after they’ve joined my list? 2. Software Reviews. With this podcast being more implementation focused, these might act as a good change of pace. What CRMs, Email Marketing, CMS systems best align with the Storybrand principles?
  • Aschierberg
    Easy to digest, easier to implement!
    For about a month, I’ve been working on and off on my website. I found myself wanting to communicate too much. I recognized this but didn’t know how to fix it. Then I heard a podcast where J.J. was a guest. The content resonated with me, so I gave this podcast a chance. I’m only 3 episodes in but decided to test what I’ve learned. In one day, I created what I think is the right messaging and format for my site. This information is broken down so well and explained so clearly, I was able to use it for a complete transformation in one day. I’m looking forward to listening to all of the episodes and applying even more of what I learn. Only time will tell how effective it will be at driving revenue, but I can certainly see the potential.
  • Joana Belo
    Gabe it a try. Didnt make it past the first 15 min, was this a informational?
  • Franciscaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa1
    The content here is gold. I’ve learned so much. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge.
  • Kelly Garashay
    Top notch in every way
    Every product put out by this team is excellent. Grateful for all the free options and anyone who takes advantage of it is wise!
  • natecoumbe31
    Simple and effective marketing ideas from AMAZING hosts!
    I’m really diggin’ this podcast, so much so that I decided to write a review (and I don’t usually do that). First off, April and JJ are amazing and hilarious podcast hosts—some of the most entertaining I’ve ever listened to. Even their occasional bouts of singing are super funny and surprisingly good 😀 And the marketing advice they give is simple, top-notch, and easy to implement. Each episode walks you through one of the steps in the StoryBrand framework, and at the end they give you an action step that you can put to use in your own business using your free StoryBrand brandscript. Not only that, but they bring working StoryBrand certified guides onto each episode to tell you how they use each day’s step in real-world marketing situations with their clients. If you’re new to marketing, or if the marketing in your business isn’t working, you need to listen to this podcast and put each step into action. Another high-quality offering from Donald Miller and the StoryBrand team.
  • MarkRCharest
    In a complicated world
    Simple is, as simple does. Great concept.
  • GoDuke4458
    The key to making money
    Our small business is going through growing pains in learning how to market and convert leads, and this podcast gives great practical tips how to do that. The focus on story and marketing to a client’s problems is so helpful. Thank you!
  • Otherlleft
    Excellent if you can handle cheese
    The concepts offered here are phenomenal; well worth a listen and possibly even worth hiring one of these folks to help. Yes, this is itself a marketing vehicle. There is no hint wrong with that, buuuuuuut the cohost has so much fake enthusiasm ("awesome! Amazing!") that I find myself growing annoyed. If the cohost calms down, this will be the best marketing podcast out there. As it is, three stars.
  • sjhackman
    If you want to up your marketing game, this podcast is for you!
    Just like LeBron James doesn’t simply talk about basketball (he practices—he DOES the basketball), JJ and April don’t just talk about marketing. They give you an *ACTION STEP* in every 👏🏼episode 👏🏼 so you can DO the marketing today. Listen to this podcast and up your marketing game. 🏀
  • Kelly_Perry
    I can already tell I am going to look forward to this every week. So grateful for this team!
  • Palm Golfer
    Love that this podcast is focused on marketing!
    I have benefited greatly from listening to the Business Made Simple podcast. As I listen to the podcasts I jump around from business focused to marketing focused episodes. Turning Marketing Made Simple into its own podcast is brilliant and it means I don’t need to hunt for marketing focused episodes, they will all be right here. Once again your team nails making things simple! Thanks for the extra focus on the “right engine!”
  • Eva, Glendale, AZ
    Fantastic explanation of Story Brand Framework
    Fast paced, upbeat and fun! The part about identifying the problem of the customer you are advertising to was great as well as remembering to create a vision for the customer. As soon as I listened to the podcast I was talking to a friend about a problem she was wrestling with. I asked her what her vision for herself was. Even though I am not a business owner or in marketing myself I could put some of the principles into practice because this all makes so much sense! Evama
  • Jryskamp
    Great Content, Highly Actionable
    I’ve been a huge fan of Marketing Made Simple (check out the book!) and have built my business’s marketing using this framework and mindset. This podcast is an easy way to learn more, hear from the creators, and improve your marketing so you can connect with your customers. I’m so excited for more episodes to come!!!
  • evan_cox
    This podcast is bad-a
    Iv been following and using the StoryBrand framework for quite some time and it just plain works. It’s a paradigm shift that keeps wowing clients and audiences alike. Plus, if you know April and Dr. JJ, there is no better duo to walk you through keeping marketing simple and effective. They’re amazing at what they do and are also pretty bad-a.
  • Paul Slack
    Great resource for marketers and business leaders!
    J.J. & April offer incredibly useful insights for anyone wanting to grow their business.
  • rjrichards
    Your Marketing Roadmap!
    Even after one episode, the Marketing Made Simple podcast has become the roadmap I use to clarify my message and grow my business. Love having JJ and April in my corner each week! If you’re starting up or growing a business, this podcast is A MUST LISTEN!!!
  • Honkerz4lyfe
    Contagious energy!
    This podcast is a must for people who want practical tools to be a world class marketer with a *huge* dose of amazing energy to go along!
  • SuzKelly12
    Practical, joyful, and just plain fun!
    Loved episode 1! Can’t wait to continue to learn with Dr JJ & April Sunshine!
  • Mes924
    MMS Super advocate
    This way of script marketing has saved my business and has allowed me to add so much value to aspiring business owners. It’s not just simple, it’s a principle that has simplified, clarified, and transformed the way I work, live and play! It’s results are clear, it’s inspiring, and it represents the zenith of confidence for what really matters! Thank you MMS!
  • acirone10
    The podcast will make you money!
    Dr. JJ and the Marketing Made Simple team provide tips that you can apply to your marketing plan right away and see results! If you listen each week, you’ll understand the larger framework that is proven to pull people into your company’s story and nurture them along their customer journey.
  • RustyT777
    A true God-send for a newbie
    Story Brand and BMU took decades off of my learning curve. Marketing is something I have never had to do much of. However, as the new Executive Director of a new nonprofit, I found myself not knowing how to market Global LINK. I am so thankful that I have Story Brand to guide me from our beginning. We will be able to lay a solid marketing foundation as we connect people who help people.
  • The Wing11
    Triple excited!
    I am addicted to the Business Made Simple podcast and can’t wait to add this to my weekly routine! Go Dr. JJ! I serve in a global organization as VP, HR, I’m a certified executive coach and have recently established a small business with two colleagues. I am able to apply all that I learn on the BMS podcasts to all three roles so I feel like I get triple the benefit. 😊. And I know I’ll get the same benefit from your marketing wisdom.
  • Hawkins, April
    Bring on the clarity!
    I have being using the StoryBrand framework for years and it has helped me every time I’m staring at a blank screen trying to figure out what to say. I’m so excited to have a podcast dedicated to the StoryBrand and marketing concepts that make my work easier!
  • MrMichael44
    Love this content
    Practical, challenging and always inspiring and useful!
  • wyanea
    Terrific overview of the process. I’m looking forward to hearing more.
  • Jessie Congleton
    Don’t sleep on this podcast!
    Marketing Made Simple and the StoryBrand Framework makes marketing easy and makes it work, BUT you may need a little help implementing these tools. This podcast will give you more in-depth real wold tips and confirm that you’re “doing it right.”
  • LaurelFMills
    A Must-Listen for Marketers and Business People!
    I love the StoryBrand framework, and this podcast provides an amazing deep-dive into the pieces of the framework and what all marketing/messaging needs. There are no better guides to understanding StoryBrand and Marketing than Dr. J.J. and April. I can't wait for more!
  • TMFLTholli
    I already know this is going to rock! I’m a huge fan of everything StoryBrand and Donald Miller (you, too, JJ!). Books, podcasts, #allthethings!!
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