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Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti

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  • Dogluvr72
    More independent media!!!
    I’m a “liberal” and done with msnbc, cnn, nbc…it’s run by ads for big tech, insurance, drug companies, etc. It’s a joke and everyone is finally catching on. If we don’t value independent journalism, the USA is done as a democracy.
  • Green goose123
    The Future of news
    Hope this Chanel/Podcast continue to grow. I never leave reviews but these guys make such consistency clean well backed up transparent points I honestly truly don’t feel right not giving them a S/O . I truly believe this podcast will open up the door in many ways that are unforeseen for so many of us who feel both confused and left behind in disarray with the current political and social landscape. If your tired of always watching and listening and even knowing your being sold a straight B.S. then give these guys 5 stars and give them a Sub!
  • Rig Miggins
    This is Fantastic
    Honestly the only true news source and unbiased breakdown of the world in my life that i can possibly find. I didn’t know about this until i heard you folks on joe rogan. PLEASE find a way to get the word out more effectively because America really need you folks
  • gvvvvxdd
    What a breath of fresh air
    Been following them since they both just started on The Hill. Glad to see these recent changes and the new show is even better than before!
  • Bugged101
    Listening In
    You always Tell me something that I don’t want to hear. A tip: I just heard on your show about an article that I wanted to check out. Please repeat the author’s first and last name at least three times for us who are listening in. You can also put a link to the articles you discuss on the show in the bottom of the podcast description. Thanks for a good show!
  • Taki Z
    Fantastic.. except for one GLARING thing.
    I absolutely adore these guys. They are fantastic. It is such a breath of fresh air to have people whose beliefs you understand because they were open about them, providing news and insight of what’s actually happening. But… Saagar. There is a serious issue with your involvement in every interview and exchange I’ve ever heard you participate in. Namely-you speak for wayyyy too long in the back-and-forth of conversations. I was listening to the interview with Rogan the other day. There were times were you talked for over four minutes straight without any interruption or willingness to let the other person speak. And I’m not exaggerating. When we think about the word “communication”, people first think of speaking. But the most difficult part of effective communication is listening and being able to be concise with the points you’re trying to make. Like I said, I love the show. And I would never think of giving it less than five stars. But the overall quality and effectiveness of this type of media is limited severely when one gives into the desire(or even ignorantly succumbs to) to the off-putting habit of speaking for far too long without interruption.
  • mt elliot
    Want success?
    The reason why Joe Rogan is so successful is because it’s all at no charge. You do that and you’ll be Golden
  • Golden State_Media Junkie
    True Media
    The mainstream media is such a disaster, this podcast makes it so I can pay attention to politics again. Thank you!!
  • weesi24
    True Journalism
    Krystal and Saagar are independent now. That gives them the liberty and opportunity to be focus on true journalism without a political agenda from any political Party. Remember that Cable news like Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, etc.. they’re corporate founded and political parties propaganda news. Krystal and Saagar Breaking Points show is just what you need to get to known our country’s political, economic and social reality. I just love it!
  • shaun king h8r
    The best
    People over party
  • ViperFive!
    Amazing podcast
    Loving the show lets beat the corporate media
  • je3223
    Love the goal of this podcast
    Love the goal of exposing the hypocrisy of the political elite on both sides. Their main goal is to divide this country with trivial issues taking advantage of human tribal nature. What we need to do is come together! Keep up the great work! I will be listening!
  • metalsartisan shop member
    A favorite
    Even as a new podcast, this is already one of my favorites! I appreciate the well-roundedness of examination. Also, your willingness to dive into topics and fish out those deep undercurrents of truth as well as more surface, obvious truths is golden. You’re brilliantly addressing various layers of collective consciousness as we witness these wild and quickly evolving current events. Much success to you guys. Thank you.
  • epmoreno
    Like, like, like…..
    I love the show, love both of them but Krystal’s over use of the work “like” is exhausting! She talks like my 13 yr. old daughter! It is annoying but I have to put up with it, I really hope some producer or advisor can talk to Krystal about this, please speak your age!
  • guardnorth
  • Tdemar17
    My New Favorite Podcast
    Not only is it refreshing to find an intelligent, informed political commentary podcast with respectful disagreements, it’s heartening to find honest discussion without a corporate agenda. Krystal and Saagar are the real thing and wow, do we need this podcast right now. Hate each other less, hate corporations and the elite more? Yes please.
  • jquast
    Love this show
    They are so much better now without The Hill, I’m elated!
  • Listener399298124848
    Best podcast in politics. Bias free politics do not exist but this show is not afraid to question powerful individuals on the right and left and never mend the facts to fit their narrative!
  • The Silver Goddess
    Just found you 2
    I would LOVE to see you two report on Illinois politics ….
  • Deparko Swift
    Just need the truth!!!
    Just give me the truth! Something that is so lacking from the mainstream media and our politicians
  • I.snap
    Breath of fresh air
    The beautiful thing about listening to this podcast is that you don’t feel like the typical mainstream talking heads are trying to pull another one over on you. The pandering is gone, the lying is gone, and the slants are gone. Thank goodness. These two recognize that people want honesty and that’s what they’re here for, which is cool.
  • iNgledang
    A breath of fresh air
    What an incredible duo these guys are! They have a balanced rapport and a dynamic that is wonderful to hear when consuming current events news. I really love this show, and it’s just what this country needs.
  • Echo Chaser
    Great job
  • brain2trust
    Most integrity in all of political podcasts
  • KGL2287
    Totally worth my time!
    Love it!!
  • Jamehjou
    Do not change a thing😊
  • RedGypsey420
    New kind of media
    They actually tell the truth. No left/right nonsense.
  • Minecrat8
    Blown away!
    I’m absolutely blown away by the insights found here. I had no idea how good you two are!
  • Pete211
    Highly recommend
    I can’t usually stomach what is considered news in today’s tribal world but these two put out the best content by far of any news podcast or organization. They bring you the actual news not the distraction news.
  • ssjjulian
    I am glad they could go independent. Krystal and Saagar are smart and value integrity. I love their analysis and watching them keep getting better!
  • Thatisvaliant
    6-15 program
    Sad you could not get the name on the Blackstone Co right. Makes one question your facts when you cannot get something as simple as a company name right. The content was excellent except for that BIG mistake.
  • wl4730
    Insiders who've seen the rotten core of the establishment first hand. Pinpointing the stories the corrupt mainstream media is silent on. Nothing but support here! You two are the future of the ACTUAL populist movement we were promised 💪
  • MandyCiampa
    The realest out there
    Great podcast keep exposing
  • SabbyB76
    Best Independent Media Show
    Was introduced to Krystal and Saagar from their appearance on Rogan. Followed them on Rising, and followed them to Breaking Points. They are a breath of fresh air.
  • fehn88
    Killin it!
    Originally introduced to you both when you appeared on Megyn Kelly’s podcast. And just finished watching you guys on Joe Rogans show. You both are fresh and dynamic. Hope you guys have continued success.
  • nfykbv123
    Faucet and the bat lady....
    Great show, they both need to be fired for conducting encouraging gain of function viral research
  • Poopyface890
    Please dont ever sell out.
  • Awesomervv
    Very well done!
    Great alternative to mainstream media pablum, Krystal and Saagar and true independent thinkers.
  • Nowyoulisten!
    the absolute best quality daily news podcast 🤩
    Thank you so much for going solo! The show is better than ever. It renders all other news outlets that are not like BP unwatchable. Wonderful Job!
  • Demi2Cute
    Gonna follow them anywhere
    I’m so excited that Krystal and Saagar decided to strike it out on their own. Best decision ever you guy! I’m a loyal follower of you guys since day one on the rising. You guys are they best and I’ll follow you anywhere you guys go.
  • momlovesscarytales
    Deuces Rising
    These two are the best. Thank you, thank you, thank you for branching out independently. Screw corporate media!
  • mike4200
    I have been audited twice and I have never made more than $35,000 in a year.
  • Mkzamel
    Great show
    In the beginning, people had nothing Their bodies ached, and their hearts held nothing but hatred They fought endlessly, but death never came They despaired, stuck in the eternal quagmire A man offered a serpent to the sun and prayed for salvation A women offered a reed to the sun and asked for joy Feeling pity for the sadness that had overrun the earth, God was born from those two people God made time and divided it into day and night God outlined the road to salvation and gave people joy And God took endless time away from the people God created beings to lead people in obedience to Her The red God, Xuchilbara The yellow God, Lobsel Vith Many Gods and Angels Finally, God set out to create Paradise, where people would be happy just by being there But there, God's strength ran out, and She collapsed All the world's people grieved this unfortunate event Yet God breathed Her last She returned to the dust, promising to come again So God hasn't been lost We must offer our prayers and not forget our faith We wait in hope for the day When the path to Paradise will be opened
  • ZenGarden00
    A real American podcast Hope we can all come together in this union.
  • Bthurston
    The search stops here! 🔥🔥
  • jpajya
    Better than the rest
    Really like the approach and topics discussed on 6/15 Breaking Points. Appreciate that cable news bias is acknowledged, but disappointed and puzzled that Krystal, while acknowledging all are bad, somehow thinks Fox is some degree worse than the others. Come on - they’re all fairly indistinguishable, except that CNN stands out for its unsuccessful efforts to portray an unbiased facade.
  • Vampirebat92
    We need MORE OF THIS!
    Intellectual and insightful Debates, and thought provoking discussions without name calling and discrediting the opponent because they’re on the other side of the isle. Calling out people on your own side of the political spectrum. Saying what needs to be said. Please give us more! This is what America needs, instead of the major news outlets that have proved time and time again over the last few years they are willing to say and do anything for views, whether they are speaking truth or not. Love you guys KEEP IT UP AND STAY STRONG!!! Woot woot!!!
  • L_s-Ufan
    Episode 4
    I like y’all’s podcast. I ID as conservative/libertarian but y’all are somewhat disingenuous on episode 4. There is no way to tax wealth since it is fluid and changes from year to year. And to insinuate the Bezos or Musk do not pay SS taxes like the masses is false. Not only do they pay but they pay the full 15% and pay it quarterly. If you want fairness then advocate to get rid of every tax code, loophole, and deduction, tax credits, and install a 10% flat tax for everyone earning $50k and above. Oh and don’t use wealth to calculate the effective tax rate. To do that would skew every rate. Most home owners have a greater wealth value than their income.
  • Bobbito_Ortiz
    Finally a political Great podcast
    You guys are a breath of fresh air. I love the show. At first I was skeptical because all Democratic media is skeptical but I gave it a chance and absolutely love it. Thanks guys! keep up the good work.
  • breaking points yes!
    Love the Podcast format!
    The podcast format is what has been missing! I used to play all the episodes on YouTube and it would always be interrupted. So happy to rediscover you guys after a 2 week break!
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