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Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti

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  • JIsraelsen789
    Long time listener
    This is a great, balanced show. I really appreciate most of what is said and the perspectives shared. One thing that really bugs me, however, is Krystal’s oft recited assertion that the US Supreme Court is openly partisan. She never justifies this assertion and Saager never contests the assertion. Krystal: go through whatever legal opinion you think justifies the assertion that the court is now openly partisan as opposed to whatever you think the Court used to be. If you cannot justify it, don’t say it. As someone who studied US law, I have tremendous respect for the Supreme Court as an institution and I think any undermining of that institution should be done carefully and only with a solid basis. I still give the show 5 stars.
  • fuzzyluck
    Calling the kettle black
    I enjoy this in my down time but have to listen at arms reach. The hosts complain frequently about media orgs claiming the mantle of neutrality unfairly so, but they are not forthright about how entirely biased they are themselves, as they largely present themselves as “news” in the sense they frequently hold other orgs accountable to. The truth is it’s impossible to report without bias, so I take this with a grain of salt, but the cynical take is they are disingenuous about this representation, the generous take is they are perhaps naive, but I doubt the latter
  • Montana View
    Counter Point
    I have to say I like Counter Point better than Breaking Points.
  • budddees
    Stop forcing me to listen to counterpoints
    As a lefty I enjoy Krystal’s takes and am interested to see where there is overlap with Saagar, who presents the other side and usually without making me roll my eyes. But I’d rather you not record a Friday show than force me to listen to counterpoints. It just isn’t as good of a show. Hosts have less chemistry, seem less willing to challenge each other’s views, research seems less thorough, and it ultimately makes me resent both sides rather than just 10% of what saagar says. Can this crossover episode trial end already?
  • russ8989
    Not Bad
    Overall a good podcast if you’re looking for something more in the middle, especially when Saagar speaks. Krystal on the other hand is unbearable, especially in her monologues. Sometimes I want to rip my ears off.
  • madethisnameforyou
    Never followed politics
    My brothers told me about this podcast while we were reading a political/economics book. I was quite a bit more opinionated than I thought I would be and also more interested in the conversation we were having. I have not been able to stick with a podcast for one reason or another. I like that you not only get and give different points of view, but will also provide an opposition if too many are in agreement. This seems to be done with care and respect for the conversation. The next aspect of your conversation that makes your podcast so great, is your ability to go down into topics and know when you should pause and provide/request an explanation for us. I want to thank you for what you are doing and I am excited for what you bring us in the future.
  • Charley241
    Counterpoints is an awful addition
    I’ve been a daily listener for over a year. I’ve raved about this podcast to friends that truly need to see both sides of issues. However the addition of counterpoints I think really negates everything they’re trying to be about. The most recent story about a shooting started talking about police bias based on color because an individual was held in a car for a little while immediately as the police arrived on scene trying to figure out and assess the threat.Referencing a random person on Twitter as the basis of the argument is just embarrassing. Not at all the standard the originators of the show have set. Counterpoints will never be something I listen to, it doesn’t matter that it was one part of a story, that should never be introduced as an argument in a show with this caliber of information. Clearly the counterpoints people are exactly the same as the rest of the media establishment that we’ve all grown to despise if you’re a fan of the show.
  • @shopsixfeetunder
    Why use Qatari state funded propaganda
    In multiple episodes CounterPoints hosts cite Al Jazeera as a source when it is well established they are Qatar state funded and controlled propaganda with a history of inaccurate and dishonest reporting…
  • Rakster124
    Good news
    Even when I don’t agree with these two, I know for a fact I am getting well-researched news that really digs deeper. I respect them and their mission so much and I love having such a reliable source of real news, especially when it comes to politics. :)
  • DC9324
    Krystal… Stop! Chill!
    My only criticism is that Krystal just doesn’t seem to be willing to concede on anything, which is the whole selling point of the objectivity of the show. Seriously, listen to any episode and Saagar will say “that’s fair” or “I’ll give you that” after she says something in contrast to his viewpoint… She will literally never do that. Never. She refuses to compromise and come more to the right on any point. It’s just the same old song and dance where Saagar has to come more to the left. She steamrolls him every single episode. SAAGAR - PUSH BACK MORE!!!
  • Rachelhstar
    Updated review
    I listen every day, to every episode. Was super excited to have found this show - a republican and democrat coming together to provide an unflinching, unbiased look at national/ world news ?! So much potential here. However, after a year of listening, I’m hearing the same frustrating patterns. I wish I got to hear more of Saagar’s conservative viewpoints. I’m left leaning, but I like to hear both sides (Isn’t that the point)? Krystal seems to steamroll most of Saager’s positions until he eventually just agrees with her. She needs to be more open- minded and at least consider other viewpoints. This is still my go-to (and really ONLY) source for news, however the rose colored glasses I once viewed this show through are getting a little less rosy. 😔
  • TheBiggestTuna
    Patiently Waiting…
    For Saagar—the “conservative” host—to challenge just one of Krystal’s outrageously biased claims. They play the role of reporting from a “neutral” stance from both left-leaning and right-leaning hosts, but it’s consistently Krystal repeating leftists talking points and Saagar sitting there nodding his head; neglecting to at least offer a more right-wing perspective to an obviously liberal claim. The ONLY reason Glen Youngkin won in Virginia was because of the economy, you say? There’s not ANY other variable that could have played a role, Saagar? Maybe something first reported by the Daily Wire in the weeks leading up to the election… just a thought.
  • RE Chad
    Not so even
    I thought they were supposed to present the facts unbiased…. Still crazy left views, just presented a little better
  • Bjoooooorn
    Love love love
    So grateful my brother put Rising on my radar years ago, because you two have revolutionized how I think about politics and the media, & I can’t wait for more people to catch on to what you’re building. May it grow and grow and grow. I am massively thankful. Bravo
  • No/thank/you
    Great diverse content
    Smart move adding Counter Points. Keep each other accountable.
  • jstce_now
    Was a fan…
    I have been a fan of this podcast for almost a couple years now, but it’s has taken a unfortunate turn. Not a a big fan of the “progressive agenda” but justifying anything the Qanon crowd is doing is a dangerous and is a losing bet. Politics in this county is on a dangerous path, and it cannot be ignored.
  • ccollins_football
    Best news podcast
    Best news podcast out there
  • lv2sing
    Great, more central, straight news
    I really enjoy getting information from this show as it’s more matter-of-fact and less about the culture wars. It also helps challenge some of my views. I will say thorough, Krystal is way less fair than Sagar when they disagree. And considering how normal that is for right-leaning people to experience, it’s very frustrating.
  • Draged0
    Not bias? Not so fast
    I really wanted to like this. However if I wanted liberal nonsense I will turn on msnbc. Hard pass
  • Bane7212
    One talks down to the other.
    I’ll let you guess which after a couple of episodes.
  • ksmac13
    Equal Opportunity Haters
    They are smart & well informed, but the best thing is their honesty - no political hacks here. After listening to several episodes, I still didn’t know which way Kristal or Sagar leaned - Both call out the protectors of the donor class regardless of which side of the aisle! Check-In - Kristal is so in the tank for Fetterman, she has lost her credibility. She literally said it doesn’t matter if the dude has brain damage, it’s all about the way he’d vote. Disgusted with her lack of objectivity. Struggle to listen to what I used to look forward to.
  • Cablebum
    You’ve become what you said you would fight against…political shills. Krystal saying that Senators only need to vote yay or nay on issues was the last straw.
  • Asapadam
    Not achieving the goal of being unbiased
    I listen to this podcast to get a sense of what the left leaning person believes and why. If you want to hear a left leaning analysis of the current state of politics, then is the podcast for you.
  • DeutschlandDuck
    Saagar tries to make it unbiased, Krystal gives the dem party line
    Saagar is worth listening to, find his clips on YouTube and skip the rest.
  • SchroederRock
    Excellent News and Conversation Show
    I crave the conversation piece of news reporting and journalism. I know it opens up the door for heavy bias and opinion but I enjoy the thoughtful response to a fact-based story with potential “what this could mean”. Krystal and Saager offer a quality counter perspective of topics with right of center and left of center takes. They’re in agreement on many takes but sometimes what it takes to solve will differ based on personal values and how those issues relate to those values. It’s how news should be digested - honestly, intelligently, with a bit of wisdom thrown in. It’s sensible news reporting. It’s a show I may eventually support financially by becoming a premium subscriber but for now I’m getting on the podcast/video cast boat more consistently. I love that the brand is expanding and bringing in more talent to cover more topics. It’s a potential news network that I could see becoming a larger staple for those of us that don’t want to consume news that’s MSNBC and further left or FOX News and further right right. I’d rather have this kind of content and reasonable perspective than outlets that will cater to their base too much.
  • KbobG
    My go-to news program.
    If you’re tired of the biased mainstream news, listen to a few episodes of Breaking Points, I’m sure you’ll find it a therapeutic change from CNN, MSNBC and Fox.
  • KCchief13
    Extremely disappointing
    Was a paid subscriber when it first came out. The Russia blew up their own pipeline was the nail in the coffin. In the beginning of the breaking points I thought they believed in what they said which is hard to find in media. Unfortunately that’s far from the truth now.
  • Foggy Star
    Krystal Ball
    Omg Krystal Ball is incredibly stupid. Some of what she says is absolutely laughable, not to mention inaccurate. Skip this podcast. They both have giant heads.
  • JediKushion
    Repeat the review
    Better than MSM. Saagar is pretty good. Krystal clearly stuck in goofy orthodoxy. No matter how much she has pretended to be against the establishment, her true form is still shown in Bernie worship anytime he panders for a vote. Jimmy Dore Show is the better option for what the anti-MSM crowd is seeking.
  • CLKobe67
    I keep trying to like this show
    As much as I agree with the premise that cable news is tearing us apart, I’m not seeing how this news show is doing much better. It’s not a simple reporting of the facts, but biased reporting of a political view, especially Krystal. I do, however, really enjoy the Counterpoints segments on Fridays that are way more balanced in that there is a genuine and up front discussion of a topic from more than one point of view.
  • Dudelaxer
    Even better now.
    I’ve been listening to/watching Krystal and Saagar since their time at The Hill, and was delighted to see them break away. However, the addition of Emily, and her monologues, recenter the focus of the conversation away from Saagar’s deeply personal obsession with international diplomacy, and his seemingly inherited interest in the modern labor movement. More logical voices = more better. Keep it up y’all. Eat your heart out CNN+, this is what capitalism looks like.
  • sid156
    After a year, I had to leave
    No matter how you dress it up, this is an Entertainment/Opinion show, not a news show. I back this up by the fact that this show has not broken one news story on their own since it’s inception. Everything they report comes from other sources. As of now it seems the live shows and giving their friends a cut is more important than actual news. I kicked a years subscription when they started in the hopes that it would be something new. It turns out it’s not, just another influencer not a reporter. It would not be that expensive to hire an intern and give them a camera and send them out to ask the questions Krystal and Saagar keep saying they want asked. That has not happened. I am out.
  • naturenuts
    Ryan Has to Stop Stuttering
    The 10/23/22 show was basically unlistenable. Ryan stutters almost non-stop and it’s incredibly distracting. I don’t think he’s even aware of it, but this verbal tick has to change in order to host a podcast that people enjoy listen to.
  • RedrickSedin99
    Love it, but…
    I’ve been listening since 2020 and really enjoy it. I normally get tired head when Krystal goes nuclear on labor movement or gives a segment to the “solidarity” guy. Overall, it’s a good back and forth and Counterpoints add recently has been great.
  • Pdr777qxy
    Finally real news, unbiased
    Deep dive into the top news stories presented with detail and documentation and without a slant in either direction. Learn a great deal from every episode.
  • us57chevy
    Good could be better
    Their domestic policy and union coverage is very strong. Foreign policy and war coverage is their Achilles heel, they need more experts on beside Dr. Trita Parci. Saagar needs to step up to the plate more to present his point of view and Krystal needs to be a bit more patient to allow this to happen. The conversations that Ryan and Emily have on Counterpoints are very enjoyable.
  • hojokopolo
    Two great explainers 🙌🏾
    Earliest follower here. Since these two great people left the Hill, it has not been the same.
  • Jnice77
    Not so obnoxious “left leaning” perspective…
    Here for Saagar as he seems more moderate & sensible to me and more aligned with my values than Krystal. Plus, she comes off a bit condescending. I wish Saagar would give her more push back. In general, they try to keep the news unbiased but it’s obvious they favor more socialistic, left leaning perspectives. Either way, in today’s times, it’s good to listen to all sides so make sure you listen to the moderate to conservative sides too. Some of my favorites are Ben Shapiro (Libertarian Conservative), Meghan Kelley (Independent/mod to slightly right), & Allie Beth Stuckey (Christian conservative perspective).
  • DPC71
    The Best News Podcast
    Hands down, the best newscast out there. Cable news is ripping us apart; but they’re losing and they know it.
  • Colin Leiker
    Pro-Russian Propaganda
    This show is a disgrace to all the innocent Ukrainian men, women, and children who have been slaughtered by Russia’s terrorism. I have have been a follower since the day you guys left The Hill, now I know where you got the funding to start your own show. Shame on you, traitors.
  • jford5
    All knowing Krystal
    Krystal is more like a preacher than a reporter. Both have gotten more and more smug. And both evidently think they have a mainline in to popular opinion. For Krystal, this coincidentally turns out to be exactly how she personally feels about things
  • nyrfan90
    Early listener here, became interested seeing them on Rogan, sold as a show where you hear views on the right and left, quickly realized they both are two different sides of the same coin. Krystal is essentially a socialist and increasingly the show is just revolving around her with Saagar being the good boy he is going along. Very disappointing.
  • Motherpluck
    Honest people who have know clue what they are talking about.
    They are literally the dumbest people on the planet regarding foreign policy and economics. Both seem genuine, honest and nice though. Their takes are comically bad.
  • Dude6381
    Sellouts and propagandists
    Extremely disappointing. I was an early adopter. But I’ve had enough. They should change the name to Regurgitated Points.
  • dima1109
    vatniks cosplaying as actual people
    these people have no honor or dignity, they are clout-chasers who still won’t say a single negative thing about joe rogan because he had them on his show when they were starting out their podcast. their views on ukraine are completely despicable, and they are clearly heavily influenced by russian propaganda. avoid at all costs.
  • hgk9i
    Losing trust in this show
    Long time listener here. I’ve noticed that you guys have been very convicting of people that have negative press, without there being any conclusive evidence that what’s being said about them is FACT. Your newest episode, starting with the Farve scandal, for instance. I am not a fan of Farve. I don’t even watch football. I don’t know a thing about the man. But you, yourselves, even said he could clear the accusations. So, you do not know if this is just another unjust attack on someone’s character and reputation. Yet, you guys spewed some of the nastiest venom at him that I’ve heard on any media source. If you guys don’t know if it’s fact, report what you know and keep your opinions out of it. You did the same thing with Eric Greitens, and that was proven to be a false narrative towards him. You guys didn’t retract a single nasty thing you said about him. And I suspect (if Farve is innocent) that you won’t retract any of the nasty things you said about him. Again, I don’t feel any specific way towards these people in question, but you both clearly care more about sharing your opinion rather than reporting information. If he’s turns out to be guilty, then the man is guilty. But you’re not his judge. You’re becoming the same media you denounce. I’m disappointed in you both, and I will no longer be listening, as I don’t care for opinions that are clearly so bias. I wish you well and the best of luck in your future endeavors.
  • joe4444444
    Great Podcast
    Almost as good as eggs with runny yolks.
  • guy with not diploma
    The new CNN
    They love to talk about democracy but call the DPR elections a sham, call the LPR vote a sham, claim they are voting at gun point but can’t produce any video of it. Why don’t they act like journalists and go there? Oh that’s right it would cut their profits. Joke of a show. Please give us more money please oh yea Live show!
  • milehigh mateo
    Long time watcher since rising
    Lately It’s been getting a little hawkish. I hope they turn it around. I hope donation$ isn’t muddying their clarity. Ryan Grimm? Ive unfollowed the show, on apple and YT as feedback for them. I’ll still check in regularly. I might refollow. I hope they don’t end up in the lost cause bin. But with news, the more you like them personally, the more you need to scrutinize what they say.
  • DoubleDumbledore
    Saagar please get rid of Krystal
    I used to like this show but Krystal is just a talking head and lacks substance. Saagar is the reason I listen but can’t stand Krystal giving her narrow minded opinions anymore. Just waiting Patiently until Saagar Makes the move and starts his own show. You can totally do it…Krystal is holding you back from meeting your full potential and growing your audience.
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