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Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti

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  • Gpop joe
    Split option.
    I disagree with the hosts about a great deal. Having said that they are reasonably consistent and aren’t mindless repeaters of party talking points. Order of magnitude better than most.
  • Drewski11
    Echoing recent reviews
    Used to be a daily listening but gave it up around nov/dec 23. Krystal is off the rails with Israel/Hamas. Tbh I’m not even a big Israel supporter but she was very wrong early on with no apologies when truth to issues and events came out. I’ve heard from friends that she continues to be just as bad. Saagar doesn’t push back at all and just gets walked all over. I enjoy his takes and opinions on Twitter. Hope they right the ship because they have lost a ton of support from listeners.
  • davey mouse
    Krystal has become insufferable
    Love Saagar. Love Emily. Love Ryan. Krystal is a tough listen. She and I will never agree on much but I used to listen to her because I appreciated and respected her perspective. But I’ve had enough now. More Ryan and Emily please. Can’t Krystal just be a silent executive producer or something?
  • I.snap
    Tasteless now, activism disguised as news.
    She ruined it, plain and simple. Very unfortunate. Didn’t used to be like this. Depressing honestly.
  • loomasauris
    good show
    Interesting show
    I’ve almost totally dropped
    Really like the show a a few years ago. Enough to be a premium subscriber. Dropped that subscription. About to drop free feed. They talk babble with so much confidence.
  • Pipedup21
    Pretty good most often
    The need to make EVERYTHING about Gaza it wild, as a teamster I’m very glad Sean O’brian did not take a side because he is a union president not someone in charge of foreign policy.
  • postamaradulcia
    political shmoopie
    truly insufferable, inducing exhaustion, as one listens to two people agree with each other like a couple in a honeymoon period, and just as hyper and overwrought and weird to be around…expected something deeper
  • WalterJohnB
    Show has lost its way
    Used to be a great show with balanced discussion. Didn’t talk and yell over each other like cable news. Now Krystal does just that and has ruined the show. She shouts down and talks over any opinion or fact that dissents from her view on the Israel/Hamas war. Very disappointed in the direction the show went.
  • dfhudchj
    Becoming hard to listen to
    A while ago I would have rated it a five but ever since the Israel-Palestine conflict started Krystal has turned the show into commentary on a single issue. If they discuss 5 topics, 4 are about Palestine. I get it it’s important but this is an American show and you should have a better balance of foreign and domestic issues like you used to.
  • Sluggo is Chris
    Used to be less biased
    I used to rate this as a 5 star podcast but Krystal is too far in the Hamas camp to have any perspective and while I like Saagar, he is more or less a nodding head to her rants. He needs to push back when he disagrees.
  • RSE*T
    Valuable. Krystal is awesome
    The IDF and Israel are making their own beds with their disgusting crimes they gleefully post on social media. While it makes me personally sick, the natural consequences of the IDF’s and Netanyahu’s policies will come back to them. It doesn’t make me happy to say that, it’s simply a natural consequence of their horrific, failing and disproportionate response to Oct 7. There can be no decent outcome for Israel. Great and accurate coverage/analysis of current events WITH historical context. You don’t get this most places. Update: Krystal is the best. Ignore the haters. They can’t handle the truth and keep it up, Krystal! You rock. KRYSTAL IS AWESOME!
  • NickKol1975
    Crystal’s rants on Israel are becoming overbearing
    Cannot keep listening to the same screeching every day. Just rants. The inside info on politics was really good before the Israel Hamas war. Now it’s a single track rant session.
  • NeatDudular
    No fact checking
    Tucker Carlson does more fact checking than this show. Please don’t let these people radicalize you.
  • stairway2andy
    Blind spot
    If you support Hamas, then you’re going to love this podcast! They only cite Hamas statistics and sources which support their priors. Israel is not an apartheid state and saying that is an insult to the people who suffered apartheid in South Africa.
  • Ish Tam Farah
    Off the rails
    I used to enjoy the coverage of domestic politics ignored by other mainstream media. I remember the in depth segments on union formation and trends that effect my day to day life. Now it’s all Israel/Gaza. That’s fine, I guess. I don’t understand the Krystal’s obsession with Israel but OK. It’s her show. And then…a segment on Alex Jones “flipping” on Israel. Alex Jones! When you are covering Alex Jones’s opinion on foreign affairs, it’s time to recalibrate.
  • rusty echols
    Very disappointed
    Your coverage of the DOJ ruling regarding the real estate commission issue was shockingly misleading. You referred to realtors as being in a cartel and stated they were only after the money. The plaintiffs in this case were awarded less than $100 each but the lawyer’s received 82 million. Do a little digging and please present the facts in an honest and thoughtful manner.
  • NutsforMuts
    Unfair Criticism
    I don’t understand why when they are critiquing MSNBC, these two host find it necessary to inform their viewers or listeners that they NEVER EVER watch MSNBC.
  • GamecockHawk
    Can’t listen anymore. The show is just 80% Krystal ranting about Israel Palestine. She has made the show unbearable.
  • Hokiesfam
    Obsession with Gaza war is wearisome
    There are 196 countries in the world, and approximately 110 armed conflicts world wide. It would be great to learn about them. Maybe hear about other events worldwide in general. On this podcast, you get to hear non-stop coverage of the Gaza war, occasionally interrupted by Ukraine. It’s bad enough that it’s every podcast. It becomes unbearable that they drone on and on saying essentially the same thing week after week.
    So much advertising it is unlistenable, not that it’s worth it anyway. Just unsubscribed.
  • Lschwar2
    Hard to say which host is the dumbest. Actually it’s not.. it’s Krystal. Honorable mentions for the other three though. Unreal how out of it these people are.
  • Ben47031
    “This show is biased against my side”
    Hilarious how half of the reviews claim the show is biased against “their side” while the other half of the reviews claim the exact opposite. I guess that means you’re doing something right. With that being said, it does feel to me that the show has gotten a bit more “hot take-y” recently. Like too much bashing and opining, not enough news. But I guess that’s just the market incentives of ad-based news
  • ot2701
    3/11/24 Podcast BEST ever
    Your conversation on immigration on 3/11/2024 is when this show is truly GREAT. There are times or even where you all uniformly agree on everything and that’s not really why I think this show NEEDS to exist. It needs to exist to show people we can have conversations. That we can disagree and still care for each other as a country.
  • Mike Sliff
    Fell off hard.
    The show used to be informative and fairly unbiased in that there were actual viewpoints from both sides presented. It’s since been completely co-opted by some sort of mainstream/deep state organization that clearly has crafted a narrative that they are being forced to follow. Saagar’s neo-con establishment “viewpoints” actually tie in at the root with Krystal’s “liberal takes,” and unless people’s eyes are really open, they are falling for it hook line and sinker. Also, for the record, every time Krystal says “HeY gUyS” at the beginning of the episode or during a commercial spot, she sounds like the most obnoxious 12 year old girl trying to be an influencer, and it makes me want to jam a screwdriver into my ears.
  • Autimontseratti
    Dema on this show literally think its theirs
    Biased. Dems seem to think their Republican counterparts are just there to amplify their own voice. Republicans on the show clearly hide their own thoughts and views, and cower to the dems. Stand up!!! Krystal/Ryan aren’t right about everything, just because they speak over you! Really miss the initial intention this show had for providing unbiased coverage. Two-stars because it is nonetheless one of the better sources for political news.
  • Half Stop
    Krystal drags it down
    Krystal interrupts and overtalks other hosts way too much. I used to listen religiously but only catch a show here and there due to this. I get it that they have different viewpoints, originally that was the point of show. Krystal over talking others is unprofessional and amateurish at best.
  • Usergdhdu$;
    It’s hard to listen to Saagar
    It’s very hard to listen to him speak from his very high horse, on immigration, specifically. He sounds like every other self-righteous, xenophobic US person with immigrant ancestry who is very happy to come in and slam the door on everyone coming after them. Utterly classist, self-righteous, “conscientious” and lacking empathy - it’s nauseating to listen to him talk about “skilled” and “merit-based” migration only, “morality” and so on. I guess his highly educated and probably very intelligent professor parents “stood in line” and entered the US “legally”? Good for them. Many other people are not so lucky and come to USA in desperation fleeing dire circumstances. He lost me at the thing he said (March 11 2024 ep.) about “not rewarding ‘bad’ behavior”, by providing a path to citizenship to people who enter the US “illegally”. It’s only “bad” if you make it so. By criminalizing migration. Dude, if you drastically limit the legal options to seek refuge and asylum and seek plain old economic migration, i guess desperate people will come in “illegally”. And if you criminalize illegal immigration, gosh, by golly, you will have a lot of “criminals” crossing borders illegally. That you can conveniently point at from said high horse and spout “morality” at them. Starfish. 🫏🕳️.
  • tucsonsportsfan52
    Krystal’s view on immigration baffles me
    I genuinely can’t comprehend her argument. She talks in circles constantly saying she agrees the border needs to be secured and the system to citizenship needs to be simplified and adjudicated while also saying there’s no problems the current system with all the undocumented people flowing in and it’s a net benefit. She claims to not support open borders but simultaneously is against any strengthening of our border.
  • GLewis92
    Enjoyable but Biased
    I have enjoyed this podcast due to the critical analysis of the issues. However, they have recently become very biased. As a Nikki Haley voter, who was in the 40% of the Republican Party who voted against Trump and Biden, I was hoping to see my perspective in their commentary. Instead, in every day of the Republican primary (and even after she dropped out) they bashed her and her supporters as non-existent.
  • Yasiel2110
    Great points of view
    Excellent perspectives from every member of this group. You all go deeply into the details of a topic and occasionally engage in intense debates, but everyone maintains composure and considers opposing viewpoints thoughtfully.
  • laumein
    The Real Deal
    I’ve followed Breaking Points for years now and have always appreciated their ‘nothing off the table’ approach. Between genuine deep discussions to hard-pressing interviews, they continue to be a reliable news source. They admit to their biases (they are human after all and bias is unavoidable) and cover topics from multiple angles. This isn’t a show where you will agree with every single thing, which is healthy. Find points of contention, analyze them, ask yourself why you disagree, shape your views. That’s what this show is all about.
  • Ibmatt1
    Claims to be impartial
    They claim to be impartial but they sound more like Fox News everyday.
  • VIJames24
    Saagar needs his own show. Krystal has lost her mind.
    Used to be as close to unbiased news as you could find, but it’s obvious the Israel conflict is personal to Krystal, and her constant defense of Hamas is too hard to stomach. The amount of and length of Ads is also absurd. Saagar is a fantastic journalist, and should just have his own show.
  • Fmaggio1984
    Was good, something changed cannot put my finger on it
    Krystal talks over ever single person on the show, it has become almost unlistenable. Wish someone would point that out to her because the rest of the hosts are calm and clear.
  • Chuck Dismal
    Love it!
    Krystal, Emily and Ryan give thoughtful and composed insight on current affairs in the US.
  • jujus papa
    Okay podcast
    This podcast gets the job done but it takes a full 5 seconds for Krystals democrats hating sarcasm to show and continues throughout her rants while she lightly brushes past republican issues.
  • Nels4790
    Krystal Thinks Hamas Are The Good Guys
    Go F yourself Krystal, you are the worst of America.
  • Patricks Music
    Ba’ad Cop & Good Cop!?
    Much Mahalo!
  • Td1179
    Good breakdown on both sides of the issues in this country. I see some people are irritated with the ads but they have to have some way to pay for this. Use your fast forward button- problem solved
  • User12491748
    Not what is used to be
    This show was my go to for news, but has devolved into 50% pro-hamas ranting, 50% ads. Hard to enjoy, feels like they sold out big time.
  • ScipioAurelius
    Way too many ads
    Good stuff but the amount of ads makes the podcast unlistenable
  • Cookie2234
    Not exactly Independent, but well done.
    Right leaning for sure. Excuses aplenty for Trump Administration mostly but holds Biden Administration accountable. Crystal seems the most Independent and sensible. Enjoy the show
  • Mijoh87
    Krystal’s disdain for Emily’s positions when they have a girls show is awkward to listen to.
  • muffin-man22
    Not at all fair and balanced
    Sager’s brain dead Ukraine takes make my skin crawl. He sounds exactly like a Russian bot.
  • enw
    It’s “when”
    For the love of god someone please tell Saagar to stop saying “whenever”
  • Emclahow
    Krystal needs to go
    I love this podcast and the topics they bring up. I like their debates and spirited discussions, BUT for the love of God Krystal, let the man finish a sentence.
  • Tikoshak
    What’s up with Krystal
  • heremy jopke
    Krystal is killing this show!!
    She is so obnoxious and annoying with the worst takes ever. I’d sign up to be a premium subscriber but not with her! Remove her! She is going to kill this show!!!
  • kelvis2000
    Decent show but not 100% independent
    I like this show w/ the original 2 hosts. I do not consider this to be 100% independent news although going in the right direction. I would say this is about 60-70% of independent type journalism.
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