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Science #93

Safety Third is a weekly show hosted by William Osman, NileRed, The Backyard Scientist, Allen Pan, Peter Sripol, and a couple other YouTube "Scientists". Sometimes we have guests, sometimes it's just us, but always: safety is our number three priority.

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  • youre worthless, instagram
    Fills the void
    Episode 39 (I think it was) perfectly explains why I listen to this. This podcast has gotten me through packing up my house and moving. It’s like having the tv on in the background while you write an essay—sometimes you just need a break, and this podcast is it. It’s hilarious. I haven’t listened to a single episode I didn’t love.
  • Grandiose eel
    The graphic is accurate
    This has been my favorite podcast. The burning dumpster accurately describes the reality of your expectations from very smart people being lit on fire. They are realistically a bunch of friends playing off each other and not caring what everyone else thinks. Not child friendly but very entertaining.
  • Noodlecakesprettycool
    Top ten best podcasts.
    Will, I listen in my car and I generally enjoy this podcast.
  • Ketchupmaster
    these boys r funnee
    description say it all
  • nerf111
    I love the podcast can you have Mark Rober on and talk about technoblade
  • Javierguisasola
    Great pod. Love it. Get NileGreen back in to talk about Mark Mower and Mr.Breast
  • nitamurderer69420
  • Emperorpike
    Me like u pro gamer amoung us sussy imposters
    This podcast makes me wanna make a turkey American burger on my Honda motorcycle v8 grill. That or watch a Disney movie while wave boarding in the Bahamas with my grandmas. Or play Call of Duty: Warzone using a switch powers by a cat running, thus making steam turning turbines making electricity to heat Mazda mx 7 hot dogs
  • OhighO Skater on YT
    Safety Third has become my go to pod for driving
    I love this podcast and appreciate the amazing content they give us. Their show is always interesting and good for a laugh. It really helps pass the time on those long drives. I highly recommend giving it a chance!
  • jakeyboompie
    It’s always fun listening to these guys!
    They are some of my favorite YouTubers, and it’s fun to hear them talking on Safety Third!
  • Very much good 👍
    Very much good 👍
  • hen2609
    So funny
    So funny
  • juststarfish
    Big cool.
    It be big cool.
  • yytuyutyy
    You guys are funny I like listening to this podcast when I’m zoning out at work it makes six hours feel like two
  • engineering enjoyer 2000
    Therapy for Chemists and Engineers alike
  • geishsvehe
    I like listening to podcasts a lot and this one is chefs kiss
  • Vinnie gamer
    Y’all speak truth lol
    Thx for y’all doing this
  • Lars162435
    This podcast is one of my favorite podcasts of all time. And I listen to a lot of podcasts. A lot. I would highly recommend listening to. An easy 11/10 rating. The uploads aren’t too consistent, but it does make it fun to see a new episode when you aren’t expecting it!
    Im not the person who would ever write a review for a podcast… but I can’t get enough of this!!! I watch a lot of the YouTube content created by the host and it’s incredible how you almost get to see a more loose and hilarious! Ever episode always makes me feel more invested in the lives of these hectic people and I can’t get enough. Make more and keep up the work!!!!!!! 10/10
  • RubixNoob OP
    what i just said ⬆️
  • h2o too
    nerdy, funny, and generally awesome
    this podcast is great, especially when chubbyemu and nilered are on it. i’ve definitely learned a lot!
    I have gained 8 brain cells and now I have 8 Thank you
  • cartoon lemon
    Massive big Brian Gud good stuff 💯🔥👌🏽😫
  • Didgerizoo
    A sloppy god
    Smart people talking about how dumb they are is a recipe for amazing conversation
  • Dracicida
    Nothing like replacing glass eyes with peeled boiled eggs!
    Super funny show, really recommend this. Your guys personalities really shine through on the podcast
  • stingalldaidles
    Smells like safety
    Smells like unsafe
  • SMALLfry.
    The funniest semi-educational discussion you will ever hear.
    This is literally just a conversation between a bunch of friends about things that they are definitely not qualified to be playing with. (Except for chemistry, in NileRed’s case.)
  • Brandon A.D
    Really good.
    Funny, educative and somehow incredibly irresponsible at the same time and I’m here for it. I love the chemistry between the guys and the guest they bring. Also, I think I can say we all love when caretaker makes an intervention. Great work guys, keep it up.
  • EDGEGaming01858
    Great podcast
    Super funny
  • yosomoghty
    Ibis piberfibect
    Thibis thibe bibest pibodcibast ibeviber
  • fallout exploration
    I love all the YouTubers in this and I’m glad they made it
  • OsterTheMan
    I gained 3 brain cells from watching this. Now I have a total of 4.
  • &:&-"05!;
    Where’s my family?
    What’s going on?
  • 12Princess13
  • sørofficial
    Very good. Like it very much. That Nilered guy is pretty cool
  • absedyfeal
    Where am I
    Hi I was just sitting on my chair, reading a book when suddenly my vision went black and these five idiot guys started yelling about science and engineering in my ear, then forced me to write this review please help
  • Spacekiller_3000
    Best podcast
  • LittlemoneV
    Great relaxed podcast.
    I listen to this while I do my school work in class. This podcast has also encouraged me to increase my intake of chocolate milk, one of the many great side effects of this amazing podcast.
  • Peter Stripol
    very good watch because I am in this
  • Dguto9
    Absolutely Hilarious
    I really love listening to these! They are extremely funny, and so arbitrary. I never know what is going to happen next, it is always a surprise. Keep it up you guys, these are great!
  • tech roles
    William willie how big is your willie 123 or 4 inches William willie
  • deplorableconservative
    Like the podcast even though I don’t watch your channels
    My brother showed me a few of your guy’s videos but I was not an avid follower of your channels. All of your videos where entertaining but I never got hooked on them. However I remember I really enjoyed the videos where you guys would collaborate. You are all smart and charming people and you play off each other really well. It’s so interesting to hear all of your perspectives and your different personalities. Great podcast with great friends. God Bless you guys!
  • Eapaul
    Dear Billy Osman
    Your podcast sounds like a bunch of children figured out how to record a zoom and did a fake podcast. Me and my dragon, beard, love listening to you doing high quality science with your utub buddies. Keep up the good work.
  • Bill willkins gäy son
    HAVE IAN ON MORE PLZ♥️♥️♥️♥️
    Glad you guys don’t just have this on the ole bööbtube
  • joebob13684
    Pog pog pog pog
    It is all my favorite YouTubers
  • Artemis Fowl Jr.
  • Generic_User_103
    I love this show
    I watch all of these channels regularly and the second that I heard about a podcast I went and did not disappoint. This is my favorite podcast and I really hope that no matter how popular it is, they never stop making these. Also I want williamtoknowthatI have now officially watched every video on his channel 5 times. If you ever do create a email for the podcast I will be sure to send some emails in hope of being featured. Thanks for all you do, Luke
  • introverted_waterbender
    Very poggers
    Very cool makes you gain smart and melt brain at the same time very cool very pog
  • AuxKord
    Veri guud :))
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