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Chris Rose and Trevor Plouffe discuss the hottest topics in baseball Monday through Friday!

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  • 10110101100
    Ruined by Chris Rose
    Chris Rose ruins this show, as someone who originally listened everyday, it’s impossible to get through an episode.
  • AEP5
    Favorite Baseball Show
    This has become my favorite baseball podcast. Chris and Trevor are knowledgable, engaging, and authentic. They offer a good balance of criticism and highlights. The show is also a good length, and stays on the topic of baseball. They also always explain any visuals for audio only listeners. Recommended for all MLB fans.
  • JDavid1967
    Love It!
    My favorite baseball podcast. Love both these guys. Both Chris and Trevor are highly knowledgeable, a great combination together and, at their core, truly love the game. It’s obvious listening to them. Love it! Thank you, gentlemen. Keep up the great work!
  • Matt 157373
    Great format
    I’ve listened to other baseball podcasts like Talking Baseball and Baseball is Dead. While I like them too, this one is the best one-stop shop for baseball podcasts for a time-conscious listener. I like how it’s short and sweet and Chris and Trevor still manage to give some good insight on current baseball happenings and highlight important games and series. Great work!
  • zTrake
    top tier
  • Jvwestwood
    An insightful baseball show with no East Coast bias!
    Chris and Trevor are a great combo and combine to provide an enjoyable, well-informed take in a variety of trends and happenings in the world of baseball. I especially love the lack of East Coast bias! Finally a show not obsessed with the Mets and Yankees! Don’t worry east coast fan, If you’re on Orioles fan, Phillies fan, Blue Jays fan these guys have you covered and if you’re in the MidWest we’ll, Trevor played there so you’re covered as well. Lastly, Chris appears to be based in SoCal so Dodgers get plenty of love as well. A suggestion to make this an A+ podcast, please clarify the opening YES/NO question with Trevor ahead of time because he always seems to ask for clarification from Chris’s on air and sorta spoils the suspense every time. This is a minor thing. Overall, I’m a huge fan of the show and recommend it to all baseball lovers of both leagues.
  • godawgs101
    Great pod
    Been trying to find a daily baseball podcast, and this is the perfect one! These guys know a lot about baseball and share it on this incredible podcast.
  • adhandyfaith
    Why the profanity???
    I’ll listen to something else.
  • VicMaxrow
    Meh…. Listened to one ep to give it a shot and had to endure one of the hosts go on and on about Ohtani….. yawn ZZZ
  • hi pipaw
    Great podcast
    I love this podcast! Some people say that all they talk about is the Yankees and Braves. Its not their fault that those are some of the most interesting teams in baseball! I am a nationals fan and I am really hoping that once we rebuild we will get some more talk time on this podcast. Thank you guys so much for making this amazing podcast.
  • guccione24
    Great podcast. I really like it
  • amfg75
    Daily baseball!
    Daily baseball news and talk! Baseball. Daily. Thank you.
  • Tvsnow
    Love it!
    One of my favorite podcasts for any category of podcast (sports/baseball or not). Chris and Trevor have a great dynamic between them. I love hearing both of their perspectives. I just discovered this podcast during the post-season that is still going on, and I search for this one in my feed to make sure I listen to it every day. Five stars and highly recommended.
  • Raydio7
    90 Percent yankees and Mets
    If you're hoping for a podcast that talks about teams other than the Yankees, Mets, and Braves, this isn't it. Good enough discussion, but west coast teams are largely excluded, unless there's something going wrong with them. best team in baseball (Dodgers) only occasionally gets a mention.
  • J(ake) G.
    Great show with major east coast bias.
    East coast podcast in disguise. Great dudes, but afraid to talk non East coast ball.
  • Rmb84
    Great daily show!
    It’s the perfect length for a daily show! Just enough coverage to be informed while not overkill
  • tapesnotbombs
    More Teams Coverage Needed
    30 teams in basbeall and they still feel the need to talk about the yankees every episode. Gets old. Other than that, love the coverage lines and topics.
  • boomer pyook
    Great baseball podcast!
  • alsjfktkebjgbt
    Trevor Plouffe carries the show
    Good show, Trevor is fantastic while Chris often does lame virtue signaling/woke monologues. Show focuses on certain teams over others naturally based on performance and the hosts preferences, so don’t expect coverage of your favorite small market team.
  • 2323jake1990
    Best baseball recap out there
    By far my favorite baseball podcast. Great way to stay up to date on the topics without a large time commitment.
  • gbgenius
    Entertaining Show
    Gets me all the information I need to catch up from in under 30 minutes, perfect!
  • Chitowndrinker420
    Please post this show a couple of hours earlier in the day
    It’s a daily sports pod, should be posted earlier in the day.
  • jrosey24
    Good premise, bad execution. Trevor needs to improve big time
    Hard to take Trevor seriously. He refuses to say a negative thing or criticize any player or manager….. it’s like he’s afraid to piss off former teammates. He’s like the Dickie v of baseball talk lol every guy is the player of the year, every guy is a diaper Dandy. Just can’t be considered a credible member when you’re afraid of peoples feelings
  • dane cecil
    Goo gobs!
    Just goo gobs of money!
  • Mandannjdjsnsjakamananm
    Rose is baseball jesus. Trevor is merely a disciple. Amen
  • tounwindiwni
    The series
    This is really good to know what is going on on baseball! Now I know what is wrong with some franchises in baseball! Thanks
  • cubswin326
    Ad reads are horrendous
    JBM makes sure to wring out every penny of revenue from their properties. 20 minute podcast with 4 minutes of ad reads. Content is fine, ploufe sounds ripped out of his mind some episodes which makes it entertaining.
  • TommyTurk15
    HOF is a joke!
    Really not sure why this is never discussed but Clemens has 7 CY youngs doesn’t the writers have to vote on that too? As well for Bonds 7 MVPs ? Now was Bonds , Clemens , ARod , Shilling and Sosa are they not as good or some better then Ortiz ? This has confused me as well as the character clauses in Baseball ? Well hope to hear more debates as the days goes on ! And for F says get this lock out over already so MLB can black out my game that I watch when I pay them ! Idiots
  • JordMan12344
    Perfect Baseball Pod
    Concise and engaging conversation every time. Rose and Plouffe are the best
  • KitDuncan
    During season the perfect podcast if you’re in a hurry but wanna catch up on the latest in MLB. Love these guys
  • Zoidzach
    C Rose and Plouffe, AS combo
    Love these as always! Great to catch live, but I’m thrilled it’s in pod form. Keep up the great work guys!
  • jtvazq
    Love the combo. Keep doing your thing, Rosey!
  • Kev9788
    Great Show!
    Love hearing Rose and Plouffe chop it up and discuss the state of baseball and any exciting news.
  • F. Osman
    Love this pod
    My new favorite podcast. Chris Rose is a fantastic host. Brings great topics, great questions. He and Plouffe have great chemistry and listening to them everyday is a highlight.
  • TheRealZev
    We love Talkin baseball
    And everything Jomboy media related!!!
  • jasonmcc27
    Great content poor sound quality
    Sounds like they are recording in a fish tank
  • gieshbag
    Keep it rollin
  • camper1411
    Great Baseball Summary
    Amazing 15-20 minute summary of what happened that day in baseball. It is really cool to hear the side of a baseball player and a TV personal. PS: Trevor Plouffe should try out for the US World Baseball Classic Team. I am sure he could still pick it
  • BobsPools
    This show and Talkin giants get me through my day
  • bigbabydavid
    The BEST
    Rose and Plouffe were already the best part of my day on IG and now I can catch it every day on the pod??
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