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Pilot's Discretion brings you authentic conversations with some of aviation's most interesting people. From honest discussions about flight training to fascinating stories from airshow pilots, this podcast is for anyone who loves to fly. Stay tuned for our rapid-fire "ready to copy" segment at the end of every episode, where we go beyond the cliches to find out what each guest really thinks. Brought to you by Sporty's Pilot Shop, training and equipping pilots worldwide since 1961. Have a comment? Email us: podcast@sportys.com

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  • Mars Explore
    Very Imfomative
    This Podcast features humble pilots willing to come on the show and tell their experiences so others can learn from their mistakes. It is a valuable service.
  • frewdyby
    Best podcast!
    This is my favorite podcast!
  • Timdeck
    Episode 66
    Great interview with lots of good information and safety advice. Keep up the good work.
  • Brad4467
    Great show for pilots and non-pilots
    Just listened to Ep 24 with Richard McSpadden episode (you will be missed Richard) and it is quite chilling. Even the best, most experienced pilots can fall prey to the impossible turn, something Richard and John have talked much about. This podcast got me, a non pilot, to sign up for an introduction flight at Sporty’s and am so looking forward to it.
  • jimcoyer
    The best podcast around
    Pilots Discretion is my favorite podcast ever. I have yet to listen to a single episode I don’t find interesting, exciting and motivating. Sporty’s has refined a real gem. The Who’s Who list of guests are themselves fascinating to listen to. But it’s John Zimmerman’s measured, masterful cadence, ability to listen, and always thoughtfully insightful questions that make this program soar. The Ready To Copy segment is an aviation version of James Lipton’s famous 10 Questions that’s just perfect.
  • mvelasco07
    A must-listen!
    Pilot’s Discretion has quickly become a favorite in my feed! I'm consistently impressed by the engaging conversations, insightful content, and actionable ideas. I truly learn something every time I listen!
  • happy79912
    Great podcast
    I am a relatively new private pilot hew really loves aviation, I I think that the topics and people that are brought in are really great, and the host and questions are right on, Just a recommendation for the podcast is maybe to bring in avatars from more exotic country’s for example Israel(I am israeli and everything from GA aviation to military aviation is different) or maybe someone from China, it may interest the listeners to hear how aviation is doing in different country’s in the world, and not just in very western country’s like USA and Canada.
  • flyingdoctor111cj
    A hidden gem
    Over the last year or so this podcast has become one of my favorites. Interesting guests, challenging and insightful questions, great discussion. Along with opposing bases this is one of my absolute must listen to podcasts.
  • MartyK2144
    Working towards my private pilot license
    Sporty’s has been great so far and I’m working toward my ppl and would like to work my way up to a multi engine aircraft. Would love to have a 401 one day to be able to fly my family around. This podcast is a great and easy listen and is always around 30 minutes.
  • hhMaine
    New convert, loving current events relevance
    New listener and a student pilot: I came for the interview with Katie Mack and loved it so much, I started listening to the rest of the show. Great tips sprinkled throughout, lots on the impact of culture/tech on the industry. Keep interviewing impactful women, journalists, technologists, and non-traditional pilots! (Contradicting the negative bro-review before me)
  • johnnythegutterboy
    Great podcast except most recent with Katie Mack
    Enjoy this podcast but the one with Katie Mack was very cringe and hard to listen to.
  • Rinjur
    Great stuff but…
    When I get an email from sportys regarding the next episode and click on it, it opens the podcast app. But the episode isn’t there. Just the older one. Why is the newest one missing? So frustrating.
  • Prop_Blast
    Great podcast
    Interesting, educational, a little bit controversial. Great stuff!
  • Ahova11111
    Great for student pilots!
    Episode 3 was packed with great info for student pilots. Great questions regarding EFBs and flight simulators. Well covered topics. Thanks!
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