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Travel That Matters (named one of the 10 Best Podcasts of 2022 by Men’s Journal) explores the world’s most extraordinary travel experiences and destinations with award-winning editor, writer, and luxury travel expert Bruce Wallin. Bruce’s remarkable guests share inspiring, life-shaping stories about their adventures and cultural explorations, as well as travel tips and recommendations for the best destinations, hotels, restaurants, activities, and more. Their travel tales and insights cover everything from where to find delicious foods and ingredients and the most luxurious resorts and hotels, to the most fascinating modern cultural experiences and historical explorations.

The show’s special Master Chef episodes highlight the travels and tastes of the world’s top chefs, from culinary adventures through Africa with Marcus Samuelsson and exploring remote corners of Japan with Daniel Boulud, to discovering insider spots in Australia with Curtis Stone and relaxing and rejuvenating with Nina Compton on the beautiful island of Saint Lucia, with its stunning beaches and lush rainforests. You’ll even hear stories about great travelers like Anthony Bourdain and get souvenir recommendations, from traditional handicrafts to unique local delicacies.

Episodes of Travel That Matters span the globe, from Sicily, Italy, to Oaxaca, Mexico, to Tel-Aviv, Israel, and beyond. Listeners also learn about the greatest activities around the United States—award-winning wine tasting, the best new restaurants, epic hiking trails, secret skiing and surfing spots, and charming boutiques in places like Healdsburg and Napa Valley (California), Willamette Valley (Oregon), Jackson Hole (Wyoming), and New Orleans (Louisiana).

Listen to Travel That Matters every other Tuesday and gain insider knowledge to impactful adventures, extravagant hotels, top chefs, and secret hideaways, and discover the magic of travel at its very best.

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  • Mposeley
    Solid podcast - keeps getting better
    Love this show. Been listening since season 1 on a whim, and it was solid then, but has now matured into a well oiled, high quality travel machine! Bruce is clearly an expert in all things travel, and mix that with a great voice for radio, a high quality production, and now with high value guests on Season 3, I’m very happy this show is continuing to churn out great content. Can’t wait for the rest of season 3!
  • CatrinSkap
    Unique, interesting content
    I didn’t know about the food culture in Sweden, the Chinese presence in Africa, and that the Grand Central Market in LA is a great place to shop for spices - and this is all just from the first episode of season 3. Excited to hear what else I’ll learn about food and travel!
  • melissa share-it
    It’s finally back!
    Yay I was so worried this show was done for good! Woo so glad it’s back :) Bruce is my favorite person to take me across the globe. Welcome back Travel That Matters!
  • Malibu Scrambled
    It’s about time!
    Finally, featuring the folks who know travel best. The Worlds best master chefs! After all, what’s travel without experiencing the best dining experience as well. This, is cool.
  • KathyRI
    MasterChef series
    I’m a total foodie… And I am so looking forward to the new season the trailer sounds awesome! Can’t wait!
  • MplsMelanie
    Not your average travel podcast
    Love Bruce Wallin’s priority here for seeking out singular luxe travel experiences. He’s a great interviewer and explorer with interesting guests doing good work.
  • Gentrys on the Go
    Gleeful host!
    I’ve listened to most of the episodes, and what I’ve most enjoyed, apart from the insane, insider travel tips and remarkable guests, is the glee in Bruce’s voice during every episode. If you could use a travel supercharge and insight into why we should all be planning “travel that matters,” this is the podcast for you. On a selfish note, can you get Bruce to lead some of these journeys? I’d be first in line for gorillas and Galapagos!
  • CodyWal
    So insightful
    Really enjoy in g Travel That Matters. It’s great to hear from real experts who know all the ins and outs. My bucket list grows with each new episode!
  • lisaks2019
    Brilliant and informative
    I know the host, so maybe I’m biased, but this podcast is the best travel show out there. The guests are fascinating and the stories Bruce gets out of them make me want to pack my bags and book a flight. I always learn something new and cool from this show.
  • Guidaabida
    Stories on the edge of my seat!
    I really loved the episode with the Jouberts! What incredible stories to tell- and survive! Thanks for helping us live vicariously through these experiences until we can get out there!
  • mushroompuffer25
    Favorite Travel Show!
    Bruce is such a good host and I’ve learned so many inside secrets and stories about the world of luxury travel. Keep em coming!
  • TNreader77
    Meaningful travel
    Fun podcast that gives me new ideas for meaningful post-pandemic travel. Can’t wait to see the world again!
  • 90SecDrill
    An immersive travel experience in the comfort of your own home
    What I love about this show is how Bruce gets deep into conversation with his guests. He provides a unique insight into the meaningful travel experiences we are longing to embark upon having been stuck in the woes of this pandemic for over a year now.
  • Ben Hansford
    Favorite Travel Show from a Travel Lover
    This was hands down the best travel show I’ve heard. I’ve always loved to travel, and am always on the lookout for podcasts that scratch that itch. This was the perfect blend of information, fun, and a feeling of being in on the secret gems. Thanks CurtCo.
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