Son of a Boy Dad

Comedy #37Improv #1

Lil Sasquatch recently dropped out of college and is rudderless in this big mean world. To help fill in the gaps on the education he missed, he leans on his producer Rone to help him craft a healthy worldview and teach him what it means to be a man

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  • Hjk213!
    The Boys Don’t Miss
    Sas and Rone combine to create a pod that is a straight giggle fest every week. You can’t go wrong when you have the king of NY.Tuesdays have become the new Fridays. Viva!
  • mike21988
    sas is jacked
    I only listen for the fitness tips. that dude sas is JACKED
  • Nawyur
    Didn't even have time to listen to this weeks epi but i just know it was heat 🥵
  • Rachel.wilson02
    The only podcast ads I don’t skip
  • Dtobs
    Life changing
    The pod could change your life. Not mine but it could
  • Cam23838
    Gold, pure gold
  • corona_iris
    What the Damb this pod addicting I’ve listened to 12 episodes in 3 days. I stan Rone and Sassy
  • diamondhanddan
    No Owen no numbies it’s simple math
  • dormondd
    Lil sas cures my depression. Keep those numbies up
  • elleohmama
    Giggle fest
  • Harvey Butthole
    Sas is too much
    Gave it a solid five episodes and I just couldn’t get into anything sas said. Half of what he says sounds like he’s just making stories up. Like you can really relate to actually everything? Comes off as know it all. Had to unsubscribe, there are many more quality comedy podcasts at barstool let alone on the app in general. If you have a comedy maturation higher than a frat boy, don’t waste your time on this one
  • astronautcutie88
    Great podcast. The age and education difference makes this pod out of this world. Every time a new pod comes out I’ve got headphones in on the train laughing out loud. Keep it up boys.
  • KING SAS' Knight
    Unreal Listen
    The koy yet jovial Sas brings his A game each week while the smart and witty Rone serves as a rock for the pod. 10/10
  • Keati
    Greatest Podcast on the Internet
    Giggle city
  • G 7 ooonnnn
    Release the tapes!
  • Deez 4269
    Great combo
    Gave up porn for this podcast
  • DriscollAlexa
    Never misses
    Sasss!!! What a legend. Kid never misses. Keep it going boys. Helping with them burrrrrrs
  • team_gale
    good listen
    this entire podcast sounds like the intro to a podcast with an actual theme. like in other podcasts they start like “how’ve u been” and they go on some tangents and then get started, but they never do that here. it’s just an hour-ish of tangents and they never get started. but everyone knows that’s the best part of a podcast.
  • Tim656565
    Best in the game
    Lil sas don’t mf miss
  • nahnsee
    Nansee 5 stars cuz sas looks like the guy I lost my virginity too
  • kirkisreal1
    His stand up set wasn’t very funny. I like that the other barstool employees are hyping him up tho that’s very nice of them. Anyways I enjoy rone. Also sas takes over topics on the yak and the show has gone downhill since he’s joined.
  • Kirkalus
    I used to have H.I.V AIDS. After one listen. Now I don’t
  • number one favorite
    Dish Boy Dad
    I don’t watch or listen to anything anymore. Even sports are nothing to me. Games, music, you name it, I don’t do it. The only thing I do now is listen to Son of a Boy Dad. I listen from the first episode to the most recent, then I start the process over again. When a new episode drops, I listen to it multiple times, each time on a different playback speed. I got fired from my job for listening to SOABD on max volume on my 2014 Beats by Dre headphones. Apparently the greatest podcast on the planet isn’t for everyone. Shame. Whenever I hang out with friends I only speak in references to SOABD. They look confused/concerned at times but I power on. I’m gonna keep serving full suey straight to the NFL columbine.
  • ddemumbrum
    This podcast cured my early on set depression
  • Quassidy
    Son of a BOY dad?
    Love it. Why does sas say everything like it’s a question though
  • JJC3016
    Lil sas & rone the best
  • zachgeeler
    2 guys with no worldly experiences
    Pretty good though.
  • youngcandy69
  • CWest717
    Funniest podcast out there! Sorry Bill Burr
  • gr_01
    Love it
    Great show.
  • Wetjetbetshmet
  • TheseNuts121212
    Will they ever miss?
    Always listening on my morning trips to the bank
  • Blueberry Water
    Fat cocks
    Love your cocks keep it up
  • longhorninite
    Need sas standup
    Really want a 5 minute segment of harrowing silence while sas tells some stand up jokes without anyone in the room. Just a guy convincing himself he’s hilarious
  • Bgdsfkdowpcjtwhagco
    Erika’s favorite podcast
  • John1122567
    Rone good
    Why does sas have to say everything in the form of a question. Is he gonna talk like that for the rest of his life
  • mucci18
    KB wow
    KB cool guy would really like to know more about him and how long his sack is ya know
  • lindsay9511
    I feel like I shouldn’t love this pod but I do
    Theoretically a podcast with two guys saying whatever comes to mind should be my worst nightmare but here we are
  • kshhgy
    Best barstool pod
    By far. Pissing myself laughing every time
  • College Fanatic_ SEC#1
    King of New York
    While I am not a fan of monarchies, I can see why barstool has tapped lil sas to be Dave’s replacement in 5 years
  • JenJen21L
    luv u Harry
  • klaytonkelly
    This pod saved my life
    This podcast literally saved my entire life.
  • OpTEDmusPrime
    5/5. Great Show. Dave Should Be Rocketing This Pod To The Moon
    I’m so grateful for Son of A Boy Dad Podcast. After Father Coop left Barstool, we are lucky to have Sas and Rone bless us every Wednesday now. Sas and Rone are the future of Barstool and on the Barstool Mount Rushmore along with Dave and Josh Richards. These 2 are beauts.
  • deckkennedy
    Only pod that gets me laughing out loud
  • Saint Vanessa 92
    the best
    so funny and random. i love it
  • ecrichton24
    Only giving 5 stars so I can get sucked off by Sas & Rone. And because the podcast is funny, I guess.
  • Chas12345145
    Possibly the greatest podcast of all time
    One of the funniest pods I’ve heard
  • abbymclaughlin
    Laugh city
    I can’t believe more people don’t listen to this. Great stuff
  • Awesome man1209
    Sas is sus
  • Jakerthefish
    really magical stuff from lil sas and roney baby
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