Son of a Boy Dad

Comedy #238Improv #11

Lil Sasquatch recently dropped out of college and is rudderless in this big mean world. To help fill in the gaps on the education he missed, he leans on his producer Rone to help him craft a healthy worldview and teach him what it means to be a man

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  • mattymillions
    Lil sas
    Don’t stop the California shows. I was busy during the Irvine/bakersfield. I can’t wait to see you live in Sacramento. You rock
  • Rawxdiesel
    The Glazing is crazy
    Sassy boy the King of NY, Roney Baby the Prince, and Francis the Menace. What a trio… thanks for all the laughs. Alllllrighty then welcome to Son of a Boy Dad!
  • Peener420
    Banger pod
    Best podcast ever, it is so chill and always gets me laughing out loud on the job site leaving my coworkers wondering why I’m laughing to myself
  • Yelpers!
    Love Francis but not here
    Loved Oops the podcast and missed Francis so tried this out but it’s a tough listen. Just to big of an age gap for life stories. 2 Bros and the married guy. Please Francis, go back to Oops! Bring it back to Barstool. Giulio needs you bad!
  • Soleilmom
    Francis is the man!
    So much better with Francis!
  • 3boyspml
    Still a fav!
    I’ve been unfollowing podcasts so much lately because they’ve all gotten so bad! But I’ve been a long time listener and this one just keeps getting better!
  • toonzonefan
    5 Stars
    I wish I was as cool as Rone but I know more about planes than Sas.
  • t-grifd
    These dudes are simply the best. Great vibes. Love the addition of Francis.
  • BeansBeansBeans27
    Great Banter
    Doesn’t get any better than this, keep up the good work!
  • klind12
    Can’t stop glazing the boys
  • NotRone
    The best boys just being boys talking ball
  • scottE$hmurda
    Congrats kings
  • Ricky dicky0123321789
    Numbies go crazy
  • pbjeveryday
    Gandalf Aka “mithrandir”
    Gandalf with basically an extension of the creator God, and he wasn’t necessarily able to completely affect the outcomes of situation for regular people. He was just there kind it was like a guide. She wasn’t completely led off his chain ever because he was basically the most magical person next to God, also, why didn’t they fly the ring to the volcano with the eagles that say Gandolf from the Tower of or think in the second Lord of the rings movie? But basically, Gandolf wasn’t supposed to really get involved she was just there to make sure SARA‘s big boss didn’t completely take over, but he couldn’t completely chip the scales
  • apprentice of stoke
    Stoke levels high
    Always boosts stoke
  • papastrenke
    Best one is when someone says orgasm instead of organism
  • Geoff's Phone Review 8879
    Francis has to go, Brother
    Why change? Too many competing voices. Do less shows if it’s getting difficult to carry the air time. Francis can not help himself. He absolutely has to say every single thought that passes through his head. Show was great before. Tried today’s to see if it was just Rone and Sas…Francis chimes in off the bat with the same old “you know what? This, that and the other”
  • kingpatrick17
    Awesome pod
    Awesome pod
  • drew matg
    Sas has been on fire
  • realassdude
    Real men
    Love these guys! Men being men, keep it up bro! More tall red haired guy!
  • McBoozy___
    5 star
    Francis Rone Sas every episode
  • stoolieduke
    Boy dad/ Anus
    When boy dad and Anus are together they make the best podcast at barstool. Please move to Chicago and get the gang back together! #PaySas
  • Sweetness1871
    Long time listening but suddenly way too many ads
    10-15% add time per 55 min episode!?!?!
  • bearscohen29
    Go sas
    My b
  • wvu mountie123
    Banger episode
  • Cdrvg
    i don’t know what to do with my life right now i just want to be happy and be happy and be happy and not be sad and not be happy and be happy but i just want to live my life and be happy and be happier so it is what i am for and that’s all that counts.
  • fox GIF
    Do you want to meet up for a few
    I don’t want you in my life to get my car anymore I’m just going back in my house now I’m just getting ready for the shower I’ll let you know if you
  • CaptainCam07
    Pre show beers
    How many episodes is sas going to complain about how he can’t drink before doing a show?
  • Valvane Jim
    How the Turn Tables
    At some point after Dave’s repurchase Sas had to appreciate the irony that the Milton Barstool Business structure he aloofly mocked thinking it could never return returned.
  • henhouse1818
    Sas’s dad
    Best pod since Young and Happy
  • Jared0927
    Rone and Sas
  • NickyClixky
    Lemaire The Goat
    Great pod
  • KP234566
    Sas’s scared/nervous laughs 🤣
    Be on the look out for Sas and his funny anxiety filled laughs. Brings you back to when you were young hanging around older heads trying to fit in.
  • #71788
    Jelly roll FIT GREAT
    What a great interview, and great dude. Knew him from a couple songs but he is hilarious. Loved this one fellas
  • Dogstraightup
    Love SAS but some takes are Horrid
    Hates mushrooms and Zuccinni? Sure lets trust the palate of the kid who eats egg salad sandwiches for every meal.
  • kaleebaba
    This is the funniest podcast I listen to. Riffin
  • Hoosier Ryder
    Blue raspberry guy
    Y’all need some love too
  • Zapp426623
    Boo boo
    Doo doo
  • nickydege
    Give them boys a raise
    Killing it- on another note sas stop shutting down convos, they’ll be way funnier
  • agonz92
    Bad people
    Both seem like bad people
  • Gannon6900
    Boy Dad rules
    Sick new logo boys! 🔥🔥🔥
  • Tvgj
    obsessed, that is all.
  • pcndman
    100th episode
    Really took what rone said about how people don’t work hard enough especially if they have time to listen to the show. Decided to bump my 56 hour work week to 65. Grind
  • Coltonscool
    Best show to listen to on morning commute
    Dedicated to get numbys Anything to get Sas a raise
  • copperfit69
  • Chris>Mallory
    Ban Fidance
    Nothing less funny than Fidance talking about how funny he is. Even Sas tuned out. Oh wait - his story about snoring was actually less funny. Unbearable guest.
  • Joey from Atl
    Creative feedback for sas
    Show needs more nick. Ps. You killed it at the earl
  • gr_01
    Love the show. It’s great, except when Tom Scibeli is on.
    He stinks out loud.
  • thelegend12345
    Lil Sas is GOATED
    Honestly one of the funniest podcast I have ever heard!!
  • DC9324
    Great Pod
    Love the dawgs! Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis should be permanent occasional guests
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