Drama Queens

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Take yourself back in time...back to high school. The ups and downs, the loves the losses, the struggles the triumphs, being together with your friends...feeling every emotion of it.
Is 23 more than just a number to you? Do you respond to people by saying I don't wanna be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately? Do you expect to have life-changing moments while caught in the confetti or the rain?
Are you One Tree Hill obsessed?...it's OK...we're here for you. You can sit with us.
Are Brooke, Peyton and Haley your BFF goals?
These Drama Queens are getting back together!! Bethany Joy Lenz, Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush are the biggest Drama Queens and they are here with you to dissect every episode, deliver every detail you must know, and devote themselves to you as you rewatch every single scene together.
Join Joy, Hilarie and Sophia each week.
Relive it, Relove it, Rewatch it ...every One Tree Hill minute of it.

Be a Drama Queen.

Drama Queens, an iHeartRadio Podcast.

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Recent Reviews
  • ashley cantey
    Love listening to you girls. Big fan of the show, but it gets more political every episode. Especially the last one. I look forward every week to hearing you girls, but the political comments ruin it for me.
  • Kendra Atkins
    Had to stop listening
    It started out so great! I was so excited about hearing the behind the scenes of my favorite show. But with each episode comes more negativity and I leave listening to the episode feeling super bummed out. It’s like my way of remembering the episode was so great and then I listen to the podcast and they just dis on everyone and the writers so much. As much as I want to keep listening, I can’t handle to keep hearing them say how awful of writing each scene was for all their characters. The show was great!! We all loved it! So to now hear 3 main roles pick apart everything is too much.
  • Ashhhh137
    Best podcast ever
    I am so glad this podcast exists!!! I have loved one tree hill for so many years. I am rewatching it with you guys (the 7th time through) and it never gets old! You 3 are role models for my life and have been since I found OTH. Thank you for being great women! ❤️
  • Lo.Cutrell
    I live for this each week! Drama Queens is the show I always knew I needed. All the nostalgia!!
  • jm09t
    Eating on mic?
    Love you ladies and love the discussion, but the eating and chewing on mic is distracting and gross.
  • KaitlynRtrc
    Credit where credit is due
    Gotta give props, they last longer than I thought they would before making a presidential comment.
  • mizm0nk
    Losing interest
    How does this podcast still show a 5-star rating? I loved Brooke (with Lucas) since the beginning and inevitably hated Pucas. For nearly 2 decades!! But somehow in a few short weeks, because Sophia Bush is sooo annoying on this podcast, I really cannot stand Brooke anymore. She talks so much more than Joy and Hilarie. She’s twisting characters to fit her narrative. I can’t even remember why I loved this show when they sound so miserable playing their parts. Their commentary gets repetitive. Like many others have commented, I really wanted to love this podcast, but it has certainly fallen short.
  • nikkimccall
    Hanging with the girls
    Feels like having wine with the girls. I like the stories they interject into also talking about the series. Let’s be honest most of us here are for the hot gossip or is that just me?! 😜
  • KristinB1980
    Complaining non stop!
    Complain, complain, complain. That’s the podcast. Joy is not nearly as bad at complaining though.
  • eciresi
    Absolutely love it!
    I love listening every Monday. The podcast is hilarious, especially the most recent episode “Sparkle Pits”! Every week I get transported back to when I originally watched the series while in high school myself. So many great memories. I recently rewatched the entire series because of the podcast, it’s kinda like Pringles, can’t have just one!
  • Hmflll
    Love the podcast, but can we ease up on the ads please!
  • Marebare1979
    Love It!!
    This is my new favorite, I binged on early episodes but then I stopped so that I could rewatch OTH with these lovely ladies. Hearing their stories and experiences on and off screen are fascinating. I have been excited for every guest ESPECIALLY Paul Johansson (did I cry listening to Sophia talk about Paul, yes, yes I did). I look forward to what is to come, it can’t come soon enough. Thanks for letting me sit with you all.
  • lovealwaysK
    Amazing!! … but a few suggestions
    Love your podcast, I love the show rewatching it with you guys each week! This week Sparkle Pits was such a great episode, it really focused just about the episode and fun behind the scenes stories! I love you guys so much, I’m such a big fan! However, just a few suggestions I’m sure other reviews said.. This episode was amazing because it focused all about the episode. Not that I’m not interested in your personal lives, it’s fun hearing sometimes but we listen to the podcast to hear about the show , Not your feminist opinions. This show was written at a different time and you guys really just need to let that be, we all know things would be written different if it was on today so we don’t need to hear all your opinions about that, especially when it comes to bashing Lucas’s character and just the writing in general. Another suggestion, maybe discussing more of the episode in chronological order like a lot of other podcasts do, it’s just helpful for the listener. Love you guys and congrats Sophia on your engagement!
  • MariaP113
    Way too many advertisements!!
    Love the podcast and the content but chill on the advertisements
  • Mar-Mar 12345678910
    Finally !!
    Been waiting for someone to do a podcast about OTH so glad it was you guys !!! Love you all
  • hopeober
    Pleaseeee less ads
    I absolutely love this podcast and have since day one, I listen every week. But the increasing amount of ads week to week is rather frustrating. There were at least 12 minutes of ads in an hour episode, with one block in 6 to 7 minutes long I understand that ad space is important to make money, especially for a podcast of this size. But it’s making the episodes almost unbearable to listen to. I’ve noticed that many other people in their reviews feel the same way. Please consider less ads!
  • daniihamm
    Love love love!
    I love this podcast every week! Brings back memories from when oth was first on air and I love getting their perspective all these years later. It makes it fun to rewatch with them!
  • slknik827
    The Ultimate Gift!!
    The announcement of this podcast was the greatest surprise of 2021. As a longtime fan of the show and an even bigger fan of the girls, I can’t believe this is real! To hear the growth of the characters and the stories from behind the scenes from the mouths of the people that lived them is just perfection. Being from NC and a frequent visitor to Wilmington, I can’t say enough how cool it is to hear Sophia, Joy and Hilarie tell stories about fun nights in the same places I have hung out. Could Blue Post be any cooler?? The perspective of rewatching the show with a viewpoint from a different decade is awesome. Thank you girls so much for bringing this podcast to life and for nearly twenty years of modeling friendship goals. The way you all live your real lives with passion for your projects, family, friendships, fans and the earth is inspiring. I hope you see this through all nine seasons because it definitely puts a huge smile on my face each week and too many belly laughs to count! So much love!!
  • RLAP72
    Really wanted to like it
    Really wanted to like this podcast and did in the beginning. Didn’t get to far into episode 116 before I had to shut it off. Maybe I’ll come back later down the road and see if things change, but for now I’m out.
  • tinnaa37
    Enough with the Ads omg
    I love y’all so much but the amount of ads makes it hard to listen. The past few have been almost 8 minutes of ads. Im not saying don’t read ads because of course ya wanna get paid…but this is just tooooo much. Maybe a little fewer ads and you’ll have happier listeners, just a little feedback!!
  • kaitiladyy
    Very Disappointed
    I was so excited to hear that the girls of OTH were banding together to do a complete series rewatch and talk episode by episode together! And then they started releasing episodes…. These girls are making me hate the show that I once loved by filling it with overly feminist opinions and feelings of hatred to their show. This show was made in the EARLY 2000’s, obviously certain topics were not as big of a deal or talked about as much as they are now. I just feel like these girls should’ve never launched a rewatch if all they were going to do was pick apart the show and point out every single flaw rather than give us all the giddy feels as if we were watching the show again for the first time.
  • Jaq N
    OBSESSED!…. BUT the eating needs to stop 🙈
    I love the way the show is being analyzed! Sophia, Hilarie, and Joy’s perspective and views through a 2021 lense are so important and makes this podcast different than a typical recap show. The guests have added such a lovely touch and you can feel the love between cast mates. But PLEASE stop eating/chewing on mic 😳
  • KatyG32
    A little more positivity please
    Let me start by saying I love you three ladies and I love this show. That being said - I was SO excited for this podcast. But, there is just WAY too much negative talk every week. I understand pointing out a show’s flaws and weaknesses, but normally there’s a counterpoint to it and you can point to some strengths. All we hear about is the negative. Deb left Nathan and Dan - it’s not her fault she abandoned her son. Seriously? Also - putting ALL of the blame on Lucas, and absolutely zero blame on Peyton for the love triangle. Give me a break. 1. He is a teenage boy - doesn’t make it okay but they make mistakes and he was conflicted. 2. Peyton didn’t have to do anything with him. You’re acting as if she was forced. All the male characters are talked about so badly, and all the female characters are spoken about as if they could do no wrong. You don’t have to agree with all the plots and the script, but you don’t understand that their job was to create drama. If everything was butterflies and rainbows - your show would have been cancelled after 1 season (if that). This episode was not NEARLY as bad as you all are making it out to be.
  • KnH0521
    I was hesitant coming into the podcast because I love OTH but had heard the actresses had troubles. Turns out, they don’t seem quite ready yet to watch the show and share fun behind the scene stories. It feels like they are looking for any opportunity to complain about how awful the whole experience was. Then why stay on through so many seasons?! I felt like Nathan was upset with his Mom for leaving him behind with Dan. She ran off for a summer to be in a better place for herself but left her son and mom responsibilities to do so. But of course that is not how it was perceived by the ladies, as it seems they are looking for any opportunity to point out wrong doing. I keep listening because most of the guest star episodes have been wonderful and full of fun stories, Lee, Paul, Antwon and Barbara were all awesome! Keeping my fingers crossed the podcast can get more into the episodes and maybe the good parts and why they stayed for so many seasons.
  • mikemikedude
    Starting to struggle
    This has always been my favorite show of all time and I have loved these actresses since I was 15 years old. I was so excited for this podcast and the first couple episodes had my laughing and intrigued listening to their views. But as the episodes have progressed they feel more and more negative. Even though Joy addressed this in the 10/11/21 episode it still felt like it carried on getting more negative. I’m now finding that I can’t listen to it on my drive to work anymore because I don’t want my mood ruined that early in the day. I do want to hear their views and I enjoy looking at it with a 2021 lens. But the joy is getting less with each episode :(
  • gficfuvty
    OTH obsessed
    Love listening to this podcast, getting to hear from 3 amazing and intelligent women relive this time in their lives. I love to get their insight on the topics the show covered and all the behind the scenes info. I really look up to all 3 of the women and love the messages they share. I am only giving this podcast a 4 star because I feel like there are so many commercials/ads. It feels like they are one after the other, multiple times during the episodes. I understand they have to make money, just feels like a lot I guess.
  • othbj
    Love but a little feedback 🙏🏼
    I absolutely love this podcast 😭 I love you ladies and look up to you in the show and in life! 😭 and I also related to one tree hill growing up in so many ways and watched it as I was going through high school 😭 I know you could look back and re do a million things ! But don’t apologize for the story line or for the scenes you wish you could have changed ! It made the show ! And I really did have a lot of these similar scenarios happen to me in my high school experience (obviously not as dramatized) but In one way or another I think every young high school kid experiences one if not all of these forks in our growing up experience. Whether it was the the pressures of sex, finding validation you couldn’t get at home, or being introduced to drugs & alcohol for the first time, there was truth to each of those scenarios for a lot of us. But I longed for the friendships, support, and the want each character had to be better in the show. It Encouraged me to make better choices and choose better friends. I have to also add, poor Lucas 😭😭 are we sure we aren’t inflicting emotions on Chad ?? You guys speak nicely about every single other character personally and as their character and you NEVER say anything good about Lucas/Chad. The characters did view his acts as romantic. We fell in love with the story and related to the confusion you feel as a teenager trying to figure out love and your emotions ! If we had seen his actions as “gross” as you guys are trying to make it we wouldn’t have loved the show! I wish you would dive as deep into the vulnerability of Lucas character the way you do with Dan and “sweet baby Nathan” instead of making everything Lucas character did, have a manipulative motive or agenda. I think you pull in too much emotion on what you think the “writers were trying to do to you guys” instead of talking to the viewers on how those scenes affected us and made us fall in love with the show. (It also feels like you’re intentionally leaving out chad/Lucas almost Too obviously knowing Sophia isn’t his biggest fan) You’re ripping apart our favorite story lines and characters and it makes me sad 😭 Don’t apologize for the cringe over ALL the writing bc it is why we fell in love with it!! Such a fan ! You inspired me as characters and you inspire me as the women you are in real life ! Love you guys 🤍
  • stumfdhgc
    Great show.. too many ads
    I am in my 30s and recently rewatched all seasons of OTH so I do love to hear the ladies talk about the show. But I have to agree with another reviewer where the episodes might start off reviewing the episode but then there’s a lot of talk about their lives. Which isn’t a horrible thing bc I love to hear about their lives.. but then I get lost on what the episode was about again. And the ads are a LOT! I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a podcast with so many ads that are so long too. So there’s a lot of having to be attentive to my phone to skip through them.
  • CMS5
    Why I took 1 star away
    I absolutely LOVE One Tree Hill and these three ladies!! I get so excited to see the new episodes posted so I can hear them love it for the first time! BUT I had to take one star away because it hurts a little to listen. They have never watched these episodes before, unlike most fans who have rewatched the entire series multiple times. They’re watching through their 2021 PC glasses and kind of ripping apart out favorite show. They are really dissecting the episodes we love and it’s pretty depressing. I still have 4 stars because I’m hoping they can get past this and enjoy the show as the episodes progress.
  • Nicoled24
    Amazing podcast!!
    Seriously love this podcast so much!! I love how Sophia, Hillary and Joy aren’t afraid to speak the truth about how they feel about the episodes and I just love their chemistry and especially how hilarious they are! I really enjoy listening every week and I hope it never ends!!
  • Raybreeze
    I’m loving that not only are you recapping what happens and discussing your characters’ actions in each episode. But the extra content- what was going on in your professional lives, behind the scenes content, and even discussing how you felt about playing these characters. Your podcasts are so in depth and offer so much more dimension to the show as I watch along as well. Can’t thank you all enough for putting this podcasts together ladies! Hope you’re all staying safe and sane! ❤️
  • clarelacy
    Almost there!
    Have always loved these three humans, enjoyed the show as a kid, and now I love hearing them get together and chat each week. Honestly, I would listen to them talk about anything because I enjoy and appreciate them all as smart/awesome humans so much. While I love what we do get to hear about, I also wish there was a little more focus on the episode in chronological order which might come with time. I would appreciate a more comprehensive episode description at the beginning of each episode in case we aren’t able to watch along. Instead they give a one sentence description at best or they skip that and just start talking about a random scene. Still love them and love their stories from the way back when. It’s more of a girl chat than it is an episode watch back chat.
  • DanaBulls23
    A Challenge For Each of You
    I look forward to your podcast every week. You are each thoughtful in your opinions and questions. While some of the comments about Lucas’ behavior in Season 1 is hard to hear, as a woman in her early 40s, I think you are right in the assessment. I pose a challenge to each of you - Do you think you have a double standard when it comes to Nathan? His relationship with Peyton was months, if not years, of abuse. So, why is Nathan called “sweet baby Nathan”? And, why when talking about Nathan’s reaction to Deb’s affair, is the response: “those were the words written on the page”? If you judge Lucas by his actions on the show, shouldn’t Nathan be held to the same standard? You may excuse Nathan’s conduct because of Dan but, don’t forget, Lucas also had trauma - a lifetime of living in the same small town being shunned by his father and brother. Looking forward to the next episode.
  • theamalou
    Love this so much!
    I always loved the show and genuinely look forward to the podcast every week. I graduated high school in ‘03 and it really feels like I grew up with you all. It is eye opening hearing each of you reflect on the show and your experience and it’s wonderful to see the wonderful things each of you are doing and the strong women you’ve become! Much love!
  • Alicemariejosephine
    I love it BUT....
    JOY stop chewing. It's like an hour please I beg you. SOPHIA stop moaning and saying "mmmmm" when everyone talks. Geez.
  • WilmingtonFan1
    Stop Eating
    For the love of God, please stop eating while recording. It is actually painful to listen to you talk through the constant eating.
  • #1 F@N!
    Best thing to happen since sliced bread.
    This podcast is absolutely amazing. I feel like I’m chatting with a group of my best girl friends. Such a fun place to discuss boys and drama but then there’s those heartfelt conversations and real talk moments. I loved OTH but this podcast is even better!!! Hilarie, Brooke, and Joy are so wise and caring and are like the best mentors I could ever have. Hope this never ends!!
  • Hwill90
    I feel like all of you completely missed the point of the Deb/ Nathan situation. He was upset at her because she abandoned him for a summer to be with that other man. He was left behind getting the brunt of his dads abuse while begging his mom to come home. I love this show and was so excited for this podcast, but the constant character and writer bashing is getting really hard to listen too. I don’t know if I can handle one more episode of full out feminism, we hate men dialogue.
  • katx00024
    Jumping topics not relative to show
    Like another reviewer said, it takes me a week to get through an episode. The first few were great, but now they don’t even talk about the episode/plot or behind the scenes stories. It is just them talking about their lives when they were young mostly. I’m sad that they don’t read these reviews as constructive, because the other bad reviews have been explaining what’s wrong for over a month. Also, I listen to podcasts all day at work and when I drive home, and I have never experienced so many ads before. Like, 4 per break going on 4-6 minutes. I think I’ll have to quit listening cause it’s skewing my love of the show and Hilarie, Sophia, and Joy.
  • facebookapphater12345
    Started off strong…
    I’ve always been a huge fan of OTH and wanted to love this podcast, however it’s gotten way off track from what I believe the initial intention was. Instead of actually talking through the episodes, it seems to be mostly about a lesson on ethics. We understand a lot went on behind the scenes, but it would be great to hear more about the actual show. It also seems a little “holier than thou” to me…the girls seem to throw a lot of judgement onto others. We would love to hear about each episode and the characters in the show, Lucas included. It has so much potential but has gotten extremely hard to listen to.
  • no long names
    I drive a lot for work and listening to your podcasts has me so entertained. I love them. You 3 are amazing. Also calling Lucas out is right ESP when Joy put it the way she did with what you guys went through with Mark. You 3 are amazing strong women and i love supporting you guys
  • KB7BK
    Disappointed but hopeful
    I grew up adoring OTH, I even named my son Lucas because of the impact this show had on me. I wish the podcast was more of an outlet to celebrate what it was, instead of making fun of it and calling the storyline cringe all the time. The fans don’t look back on the story lines and cringe at the topics or the acting. We look back fondly and remember what those episodes meant to us. How they helped us, grew up with us, molded us. Not every episode requires a 2021 apology. I’ve been disappointed in the last couple of episodes because I feel like they are making fun of something that means so much to me. I’m hopeful they get off the high horse tangents they’ve been getting on and focus on celebrating the show along with us. If they can’t then I’ll have to stop listening and just continuing enjoying the show without their input.
  • almiragulchh
    I really wanted to give this 5 stars because I love all 3 characters and the actors themselves, but the constant complaining is excessive. I understand you’re telling your truth, but you literally signed up for this show and committed to it for years. I don’t understand how they act so superior to the storylines. They come off as innocent, goody two shoes and it’s rather annoying. They complain about their hair, their wardrobe, their storylines as if they were 13 year olds playing 16 year olds. You all were over 20! Come on! The only one that actually seems to have “rebelled” was Joy and they playfully ostracized her for having experienced something similar to her character. Sophia really tries to act like she’s so innocent in life. You almost dated all your costars, girl. And don’t get me started on the extreme amount of ads. I wish they’d just be a little more honest about their past and not try to paint this narrative of who they are now.
  • Beachvbguy
    Worst rewatch pod ever
    I just listened to my final ever episode of this pod. I understand that there was a lot wrong about the environment in which this show was written and produced, and I recognize and acknowledge that this must have been traumatic for these women, as young and lacking, or perceiving themselves as lacking in power they felt themselves to be. I have no question that everything they say that criticizes this show, from their experience and perspective is valid. The problem is, it couldn't be further from entertainment for me, and, for anyone like me, who enjoyed watching this show, and wanted the same rewatch experience available on so many other pods, the actual experience of listening to all the various gripes these actors have, irrespective of the validity, is the opposite of why I subscribed. I hope their pod advances the consciousness of people inclined to explore the past, and likely current inequities of the entertainment industry, but that's not what I thought I was here for, so I'll be going now.
  • sideshowT
    Love this podcast!
    I love the thoughtful and honest rewatch. It’s refreshing and so enjoyable to listen to. It would be a let down if they just kept to pleasing people rather than being honest. For me rewatching the show along side the podcast, I’ve appreciated the call outs of glaringly toxic behaviors we used to accept as norms and no character not discussed. The ladies have an evidently respectful and genuine relationship outside of the show and it comes through the podcast. I hope they don’t start to curb their opinions to please the masses. I hope they continue to own their own narratives. This is a great podcast for anyone who has rewatched their favorite show or movie from the past and has found aspects of it to not age well. They create a great narrative around the show while staying relatable to their audience without catering to them.
  • Murphyloulou
    I’m absolutely in love with this best part of my week
  • jtothabird
    Seriously! I LOVE OTH! I have rewatched it a multitude of times since it ended and I’ve been following these girls and their careers on socials! I’m so so glad they decided to do this and I follow along every week! I love hearing all the reunions and hearing their takes on the episodes! I love it! Keep it up girls!!
  • Boxoforeos
    drama queens mean business
    thanks for giving us something to look forward to again. i don’t know if i speak for all one tree hill fans out there, but there was a harsh line drawn a couple years ago, glad to know it’s still okay to love the show and all of our drama queens!
  • HBD1106
    Thank you!!!!!
    Please don’t ever stop recording these episodes!! My heart explodes listening back to each and every episode, and watching alongside you three. OTH was on while I was in high school and I feel like the things you all went through on the show, I was going through in real life. As an adult of 31 years old now, and having done my own therapy it’s beyond cathartic to rewatch and listen to you girls unpack everything. I feel like I’m truly healing my past through your words. Thank you!!!!!
  • Le weeks
    Best Podcast
    I love this! Has been my favorite show for forever and love hearing different perspective!
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