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Music #5

New stories, new laughs, new random hot takes that no one asked for... New Rory & Mal.

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  • Baisley95
    Love D Nd E!
    Super glad y’all gave Demaris a mic as well as Eddin they add some much needed relief to the sometimes “stale”flow of things. They both seem to be pretty open minded but also opinionated which is a relief from one cohost who maybe “stuck in their ways” so to speak. It’s hard to enjoy it all the way through because majority of the time it feels like Rory is talking to a emotionally emotionless brick wall who only uses logic. Bro gives me super closed off vibes in every way and on a personal note hope he can let his walls down some Nd not be so uptight Nd closed minded. Just because ppl don’t act/think like him doesn’t make it wrong, stupid or bad but that’s how he comes off with every subject y’all discuss(sometimes using those words) Nd it’s getting me tight to the point where I don’t want to listen but I don’t want to stop supporting…
  • KT080294
    Hands down my favorite podcast!
  • Smoove1494
    I tried on 3 different occasions to like this podcast. Nope, too boring
  • JerseyMane
    Every episode
    Mal speaks on something that he couldn’t possibly know like its a set in stone fact.
  • jbphater12
    He shoulda paid y’all more
    I fcks with y’all
  • Fresno5593838
    The split from Joe Butthead really brought out the best in these two! love listening to them.
  • najeeomari
    Love this podcast
    The new conspiracy episode might be my favorite.
  • Passport Jay
    Mal is on his Bulworth right now, get ‘em a Tomahawk ASAP..
  • 123cds568
  • missyleeks
    Literally love Rory, Mal, & Demaris but hated todays guest. Bes is a clown…don’t bring him back :)
  • Marley6ix
    Top podcast! Just one critique
    Salute to y’all!!! Keep doing ya thing, Apple Music should have y’all #1 music pod. If there’s anything that needs to be changed it’s Damaris, she be tryna insert herself way to much I thought it was Rory and Mal show but still a great show
  • Madmarv2129
    This is the one
    Been following them for years and they get better & better. Their chemistry is great and stories are just hilarious.
  • midlstr
    Love the show
    Way better without joe budden. Funny show, love baby d’s input.
  • yourgirlsmayne
    Editing need to step it up. The show is all over the place. y’all make too much money for the shows editing to be all over the place.
  • YourfavNurse21
    Must Read!
    Rory you need to put baby D on the album! 😂😂
    Enjoy the Podcast But….
    … Demaris sounds so ignorant and adds ZERO to the show!! I literally had to stop playing back the Will Smith episode because her commentary makes my ears bleed … If you really feel like you need a 3rd mic, please consider rotating it without her or find someone else. She lacks the maturity for this sort of work -
  • QueenNicolee
    Will & Chris episode made me turn it off
    Mal repeats himself wayyyy too much. Just to talk over Rory and the other woman and not say anything of importance or different from his previous statement. I couldn’t even get through the episode to hear what the other co hosts were saying because he kept saying “and again”… They tried to keep it going and make the episode funny but… yeah I can’t keep listening. And I’m at work desperately looking for content but yeah no
  • Cosadel
    Enjoying the show
    The show started slow but they picked up speed. Baby D is a nice addition to the show as well. But most of all. I enjoy how they literally just have conversations about any and everything lol it’s organic and genuine.
  • Wavie ;)
    I really wanted to like you guys I really did. I thought you were funny on the other pod but it’s not the same for me. Best of luck tho….
  • Lizet 🍆
    I love this podcast! Damaris talks too much tho!
  • Es7716
    Love this pod!
    Love rory and mal
  • Gorgeousfyi
    My Fav Podcast
    Love Rory and Mal! I look forward to the uploads every week!❤️
  • FleeZy Music
    Top 5 Pod!
  • ACCarter30
    Loved them on the old pod but so I followed them right over to their own. They’ve definitely grown as host and I love that for them ! I like the dynamic between Mal, Rory & Demaris (I know I spelled her name wrong) but she adds a great touch to the show ! Love it, keep going y’all !
  • Tomorrow or Today
    Love the show, never thought they could keep getting better but every week they do
  • Siani Mamadou
    Missed my Guyss 🧡🖤
    Missed you guys SOOO much excited for our new pod adventures 😂
  • sweets are neat
    The Squad’s Here!
    I love this show… so much that I make my husband listen/watch with me 😂
  • Owtlaw7
    Hand it up
  • Trav 🏆
    Gets better every episode 🐐🐐
  • TitoTAMT
    They really trying to be the bodega boys when they grow up……
  • Slimdoggy05
    I tried listening. Old episodes, new episodes. They are just way too boring
  • Martin L W
    It’s a little boring……
    Mal with all his fake stories about girls, But I support the guys.
  • AJ3032617
    Growth Growth 🔥🔥🔥
  • dawkiwa27
    Y’all have really hit your stride. Great pod!
  • LèBrent Fauxx
    Love the pod
    One of the best podcast out right now!
  • malachidevowow
    Luv it mane
    Luv it mane
  • Milmilzmama
    Love you guys!
    Happy to support Rory and Mal! Excited to get to know a team as well!
  • Kerend870
    My favorite podcast out there. Hilarious
    Love these guys and they’re just getting started
  • CurveTheGR8
    Man all y’all talk about is relationships and S*x… I CANT EVEN GET THRU THE FIRST 30min
  • up in the clouds bruh
    Red king
    Ghost writer they gotta bring that show back classic
  • @itsfreelunch
    The “Dream Guy” episode is one of the funniest they’ve done so far, keep going!
  • DonJuan246
    Best Podcast
    Best podcast from 2 Great people I been following for a long time. Salute to Rory and Mal!!!! 💰💰💰💰💰🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊
  • goodguymadcity
    Show the girl
    She talking more and more every ep she needs a drop…pod type boring full of sarcasm
  • kingston_kidd
    The pod gets boring quick when they talk about random stuff and sometimes the humor is real dry . Still a decent pod though
  • CritaCal
    Same episode
    Y’all really posted the same podcast from last week on purpose 🤦🏾‍♂️if you couldn’t record just don’t record…tf
  • DSJimmy
    It’s aight
    Some of these pods straight boring, most of them cool
  • Tommy Vincetti
    Episode 32
    For some reason the latest episode is playing the previous episode (31).
  • seace tng
    I know it’s 2 podcasts a week but I didn’t know it’s the same 2 podcast the same week
    31 & 32 exact same content
    C’mon man, tighten up smh
  • NAJ558898352
    I like it
    Nice vibe it’s like a bunch of friends just talking
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