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Judaism #6

Living the life of an Orthodox Jew in the 21st Century often necessitates a very significant income. Unfortunately, many are struggling to keep up.
The Problem Is Bigger Than We Realize
The cost of life for an Orthodox family with children can range from $150,000 to $350,000 or more, depending on city and schools of choice, lifestyle choices and number of children.
The median income in America is $68,000 per family.
This means that a family would potentially need to be in the top 5% of all income earners in the United States simply to get by!
The Solution
Solving this challenge begins with an open dialogue to create awareness and education and allowing for impactful feedback and interaction.
Kosher Money aims to be a pivotal piece in creating this much-needed conversation.
Eli Langer was the former CNBC Social Media Producer and is currently the CEO of Harvesting Media. Each week, Eli sits down with experts to discuss various topics.
This is an original podcast by Living Lchaim and its partnered-sponsor is Living Smarter Jewish.

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Recent Reviews
  • Aaron508
    Addressing topics that really matter
    Eli the host brings on guests that discuss the burning issue facing our community today - money and finances. Practical, informative and entertaining. Quality stuff! I especially appreciated Rabbi Kushners interviews, bring him back again soon!
  • WH4L
    Much needed!
    Thank you living lchaim for the best content
  • joelgol
    Kosher & Great
    Very meaningful conversation with fascinating questions
  • Kosher Money Fan
    Been watching on YouTube
    This is superb content, very helpful. Thank you, Eli Langer! Kosher Money!
  • The Ben Man
    Great Stuff
    I know the Langer family for years they do great stuff so enjoy .
  • kfir81
    Love your content guys kfir from Israel.
  • King Geoffrey Barathian
    Kosher Money
    This show is extremely informative and very helpful. I recommend it to all, but especially to young people. It will greatly help you with the complex field of budget & finances.
  • Shaingame11
    Excellent show!
    Every show is so informative and entertaining. These guys are revolutionizing the previously non spoken about world of financial literacy to the Orthodox world and beyond by opening up the floor for financial education and fiscal responsibility . Keep it up! A fan in Jackson
  • jojo11116
    Incredible group of guys listen to every episode so far outstanding everything is about facts numbers and also the mental effects my favorite episode was with naftulli
  • Danni67dh
    Very helpful
    For becoming more finance savvy which is a critical skill for the 21st century.
  • DaluTulak
    Love it!
    Amazing I listen to them all.
  • Shmuel Av
    Amazingly relevant!
    Love what you’re doing. In particular, the interview with R. Manis Friedman on KM and the interview with R. Doniel Kalish on IFTN are both life changing. Hatzlocha and brocha!!
  • shmueliFan
    Great show
    Very well produced!
  • Sir Fox number one
    New listener
    The ideas in these podcasts are very informative, a very good outcome would be if people listening from different communities were too take them to heart, and spread them actively. Not just personally but collectively. For example I just listened to the one about tuition and he spoke about group funding. It would be wonderful if people in different communities got together and formed local organizations that would group fund from all of the Jews in the community for all of the yeshivas and Jewish Schools in the area. The way I see it, is that this voluntary local taxation would inevitably make everyone’s financial situation easier to deal with. Person who read this review until this point, take the message and try to get a few people together and make this change just in your area. Your impact should be a major zechus for your entire community and for all of klal yisrael. And if you live in a diverse community thinking about the amount of ahavas yisrael this would cause is mind boggling. In that merit we should all soon see the coming of mashiach Speedly and in our days!
  • PassaicNJthx
    This Show is Amazing - Many People in Passaic, NJ Love It
    I live in Passaic, NJ and many guys I speak to love this show. ❤️
  • I ❤️ listening
    I Highly Recommend
    Very informative! The host of this podcast asks all the right questions and has all the right guests. If you want valuable, “Kosher” information this is for you!
  • Ewnetu Belete
    An eye opening podcast!!!
    This podcast is not only to money but to life in general it is thought provoking and an eye opening Rabbi Manis is an amazing person. I want to sit and learn more from him. Guy keep up the good work.
  • Avpires
    Very insightful content ⭐️
    I have watched are many of the episodes on this podcast and have been able to gather some very insightful content. I appreciate the I openness of the conversations.
  • Madreigis
  • Monseyyid
    So on the money!
    This podcast is exactly what this generation and our community needs. Keep it up! I can’t get enough, your guest choices have been amazing and your casual but direct questioning has the guests giving some of their best insights right here on the podcast. What’s a chessed you guys are doing!
  • SeanL AU
    Great Podcast
    Great, practical and educational talks. I’m learning great information and applying it is just as fun. Thank you 🙏🏾
  • thanksforthis99
    This podcast is epic
    Helping so many people. Thank you!
  • Luic1
    I'm not Jewish, but I have always been open to growth and learning. I ran across an episode on Youtube, and now tune in and revisit past episodes. The conversations are candid, and offer much value. There is so much to learn in these candid conversations beyond money. I enjoy learning about the culture and its principles. (Also enjoy the humor). The video is much better than just audio, but of course the podcast is great on the go. Thank you Kosher Money!
  • @1ek
    Although I’m not Jewish myself, I do love learning about different cultures and I’m glad I stumbled upon this channel through YouTube. Great podcast!!
  • krzydud
    Awesome podcast!!
    Great to listen to and learn from!
    No words
    This podcast is everything the Jewish community and beyond needs. Each episode delivers true value. Keep up the awesome work! (I guess I do have some words)
  • MichaelD613
    Very helpful
    Thank you Eli for all your insight!
  • Jason Ingber
    Fun and smart
    Great host and subject matter is crucial.
  • Efraimg92
    Love love love
    Love seeing these gurus really break down every day living for the layman! Thanks!
  • Speedster105
    Awesome content!
    Hi guys, I found your podcast and have been bing watching them since! I have read and listened to so many different self help books but haven’t found anything as relatable and Solid as these. Kudos to you!
  • Aaron Br.
    Excellent Podcast!
    Way to go with an excellent podcast! The world needed something like this, thank you!
  • ezramosko
    For some reason the school curriculum consists of a lot of history and science but nothing about regular day to day life. As you get older you sort of have to figure out that you should be getting life insurance, saving for retirement, budgeting, paying a mortgage and you need to figure it out on your own. This podcast is so necassary on a practical level and it's pretty funny too. Check it out!!
  • Sammy BK
    This is helping Klal Yisroel. Thank you Yaakov Langer
  • Yupp mo
    Amazingly helpful
    Not only enjoyable but truly helps with finances
  • moshepaul
    Really enjoying this Living Lchaim podcast! I also subscribed to their YouTube channel. Keep ‘em coming!!
  • mikeb657
    Terrific content, and timely humor, creates a high level and informative podcast.
  • Thegcodes
    Many Jewels in this show
    Very informative information from people who live and operate on the actual experience. Great show!
  • sndiidbwiwn
    Really enjoying this podcast!
    Kosher Money is so informative and a great place for people to start learning about finances.
  • joshsmith770
    Just perfect
    Love the show. So real and down to earth. Practical please keep it up!
  • Urik76895
    So validating
    Im only 21 min into the first episode and I just want to scream, cry and laugh all at the same time! This info is soooo flippin validating!! My husband and I went to college, have good jobs and life is still a struggle. Bh we discovered dave ramsey a number of years ago and we have turned our life around but again frum life is beautiful and so extremely expensive. Thank you for speaking about this critical topic openly-yes it’s boring but we need to learn this so we can tell our money where it goes- not the opposite. Thank you!!!
  • Oblivion7x7
    Amazing Praise HaShem!
    This podcast is informative and entertaining! I’m learning a lot as always wish I knew these things earlier in life!
  • T.W.5555
    Nice podcast. Real fan!! Interesting. Entertaining. Informative.
  • Hadasar
    The BEST!
    I listened to every single episode in the span of a few days and now I listen as they are released. There is sooo much great content on here and definitely a go to podcast!!!!
  • tzippinny
    So Important
    Great show and such an important subject. Must listen for all!
  • EBKurtz
    Great discussions, Great Host
    This podcast covers super important topics in an interesting and compelling way. Host Eli Langer has a great Everyman approachability that really welcomes the listener, talking with them instead of to them, which can be tricky with a topic like money. Looking forward to more episodes :)
  • Yomo9999
    Kosher Money is All The Rage
    Love this, love this. So many topics to cover and I cannot wait. I also watch them on YouTube
  • Pktrkts
    This is the content the new generation needs. Keep it going! 😍
  • Avigayil Becker
    Hands-down, my favorite podcast!
    I love every episode, it’s extremely insightful and helpful as a frum Jew! I recommend this podcast to anyone and everyone I meet :)
  • Slevp
    The orthodox needed this for too long. Thank you for what you’re doing. Keep em coming!
  • Avi Elefant
    i genuinely love this podcast
    we listened and this really changed our lives ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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