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Welcome to After The Island, the ultimate Love Island USA recap podcast hosted by OG Islanders Elizabeth Weber (S1 Winner) and Alexandra Stewart (S1 Runner-Up).Get ready to dive into all the drama, intrigue, and love from Season 5 at the Love Island Villa in Fiji. Join Alex and Elizabeth, your go-to sources for an insider's perspective on life inside the villa. As one of the first outlets the dumped Islanders turn to, After The Island brings you the stories straight from the source. With behind-the-scenes videos and exclusive interviews, they spill all the juicy rumors and give a lively rundown of each night's episode.As avid reality TV fans themselves, they make outrageous predictions, have fun gossip sessions, and provide a unique perspective by comparing their own Love Island journey to that of the newest Islanders. After The Island is the place to be for unfiltered discussions and entertaining recaps. The podcast airs live every weekday, ensuring they're always there for the fans to discuss the previous night's excitement.So, grab your headphones and immerse yourself in the world of Love Island USA with Alex and Elizabeth. Let's dish the tea together!

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  • Molly Josephine
    Love Island All Stars
    Are you not recapping the All Stars
  • ?!bbb
    Very enjoyable
    Nice to see these OG’s keeping the convos going and addressing all of the happenings of each season, good or bad. They have a nice way about them
  • Caiterator
    So so
    Been listening a couple days now and it just seems like these two don’t really pay attention to the show. Several times they have just left something as “I don’t know” but we literally watched that just happen in the show…if you were actually watching that is
  • Mrs.Beware
    Great Hosts, Horrible Quality
    Alex and Elizabeth are great hosts! I love how they make the guests feel comfortable every episode. However, the audio quality is not the best. It’s difficult to hear and choppy at times. It’s the same issue on Youtube + blurry video quality. I would love to keep up with the podcast but it’s hard when I can’t understand what anyone is saying in most episodes.
  • Shopping4heels
    Justice for Will & Kyra
    Completely biased. Nothing insightful. They are unbearable and totally insular. They are unbearable and bring nothing interesting. Vocal fry for days. They don’t do a good job of keeping the conversation interesting
  • lady_rara_621
    Stick to a topic, fix your sound
    Tried to give this a shot but the conversations are unbearable. The sound is awful. And they seem really uninformed about the show (that they were on!!) as well as reality TV in general. This needs major polishing.
  • Stacey370
    Like Um these are Valley Girls with Major Vocal Fry!
    I enjoy hearing opinions about the episodes. I really want to hear more interviews from cast members. They really need to work on their vocal fry and overuse of the word like. Wow it’s so annoying. I’d rather skip their convos and just listen to interviews.
  • Lish792
    Perfect duo!
    Absolutely love these two! I’m a big LIUsa fan and I’m so happy I found this podcast. Not many of my friends watch so it’s nice to listen to their convos right after. Besty vibes only! Love you ladies keep it up! 💖
  • frannie2001
    Like but needs work
    If you are looking for a Love Island podcast this is a great one but it needs some polishing. I really like listening but wish Alex and Elizabeth were a little more organized. They often recap the episodes completely out of order, forget major details, and are always talking over each other. I know it is live but I wish they had a better outline of their talking points so the show flowed better.
  • nn🥳
    Sound is terrible
    Great podcast, but for the love of God fix the sound. It’s ridiculous that you can’t hear the host. The introduction is so loud compared to the rest of the podcast. Three stars for sound.
  • JiLeg
    Love the Podcast but have a few suggestions
    I just want to start off by saying I enjoy this podcast and the ladies. I love their takes and insider knowledge of what goes down behind the scenes . I also look forward to their interviews with former islanders. I will say the podcast needs some sort of structure. Often times it is just Alex and Elizabeth rambling on and jumping all over the place with their thoughts. I think the recap portion of the podcast could be a little shorter. We all watched the episode and know what happened therefore we don’t need a play by play summary. What we come here for is your opinions, hot takes, discussions about the major events of the episode. Also it is so frustrating when Alex and Elizabeth can not remember important details about what happened in an episode (who talked to who, who kissed who, who Olivia is interested in). If you guys are going to be THE Love Island podcast then you should at least remember the Islanders names (including the Casa Amor cast.)
  • AndreaPickle
    Soooo what I need!!!
    This duo is exactly what I need the day after an episode! They help me unpack everything and feel like I am having a conversation with friends!!! Plus they always catch something juicy I missed!!! Love they read the chat and have guests as well so we can get multiple points of view on everything!! Love them so much!!
  • BB12445678910111213
    Enjoy The Listen | A Bit Unorganized
    I low key miss the last season of After The Island (much more casual & fun in Elizabeth’s basement lol)! I just feel like this new podcast (with ads) is so awk and organized. I can’t listen in my car bc the audio is off! Overall, I do enjoy listening to A + E’s thoughts on the show! ❤️
  • A Sil
    Honest Review + Giveaway Entry Answers
    This is seriously my favorite podcast!! Alex and Elizabeth are the best and have all the qualities you’d want in a host. They’re funny, entertaining, honest, interesting, blunt, and seriously both have great podcast voices lol! I’ve listened to them from the start of After The Island and followed them both since before then! They truly are beautiful girls inside and out which makes this podcast even better. Additionally, they bring on every islander that gets kicked off and have excellent interviews with them where they ask them the juiciest and best questions! They also will have on other past islanders as guest hosts which keeps it interesting and fun! If you’re looking for the best podcast whether you’re watching Love Island or not, this is definitely it! As I’m getting ready to head off to college for the first time (😬), this podcast is always a super one to listen to as I’m doing some online shopping or planning out my room! I’ve never missed an episode and just can’t say enough wonderful things about this podcast or the amazing ladies that host it! Love you Alex and Elizabeth and thank you so much for bringing us such an incredible and enjoyable podcast! ❤️ I’ll be leaving multiple reviews for the sake of multiple entries but here’s all of my answers in one! I know I’m super late! I’ve been so busy otherwise I’d have done it earlier but I’m staying up past 2 am to do this and dig up the answers haha! Hopefully worth it! 🤞🏻 1. Peter Penman 2. Bucks County, PA (but she’s specifically from Newtown and is often in the cities of New Hope and Doylestown) 3. Dakota 4. I believe a Harley Davidson motorcycle 5. Kyra 6. Trina *edit: apparently you can’t leave multiple reviews so I’m glad I included all of my answers in this one and I guess I’ll just hope this was enough 😅*
    Alex & Elizabeth are the best! I love listening to you guys talk about the show from their perspective. Also so fun listening to the ex-islanders answer all our questions! They are so fun too when I listen live on YouTube ❤️
  • DanDanTheReviewMan
    A new and interesting view into the Villa
    Just started listening to the podcast for this season of Love Island and I’m loving it! It’s so nice to be able to hear from people who know how the show works on their views of things happening on the show. It also brings such a positive energy! 1. Petey Penmen 2. A small town in Bucks County, PA 3. Dakota 4. Harley Davidson Motorcycle 5. Kyra 6. Trina
  • katerachel_
    Favorite Podcast!
    Alex & Elizabeth always bring such a positive energy to the show and literally make me laugh out loud! An amazing podcast for any Love Island fan that makes the show even more fun to watch. They have great exit interviews and interact with fans in such a fun way. (Also, my answer for the giveaway is that Josh’s school’s mascot was Petey Penmen!) <3
  • jennackoj
    Love to listen at work…
    I love to listen to this at work so I can hear all the scoop from the previous nights episode but while I’m workin I use only one earbud and it is very difficult to hear both speaking due to the setting of the mics or something.
  • heydoll0125
    Bucks county - Shannon’s hometown
    Love to hear your thoughts on the episodes , I wish I could talk to you guys on the live but it’s so early for me lol I LOVE Florita and Korey together I wanted them to stay together!! Also love Shannon and Josh. I think Trina & cinco are going home! Please interview cely!! Or cely and Justine
  • molls1313
    i absolutely love “after the island”
    Watching past season girls and guys come on and talk about the recent episodes and seasons, really gives a full effect on how it really is in the villa. Alex and Elizabeth personality are fully shown and when they have guest come on us viewers see the real emotions and how they are as people. I love and will continue watching throughly! They keep their notes and love how they transition from each event or part of episode! Love Love Love the lives. They make sure the people are welcomed into the real world again! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Laila Josephine
    An essential asset to watching love island
    i’ve loved alex and elizabeth’s dynamic since i saw them on season 1. i loveee their recaps for the show especially since they know first hand how it all works. i followed them through all of season 2 and now the current one as well and i am obsessed ! i watch after every episode.
  • AyannaMoore53
    Amazing podcast
    I look forward to after the island everyday! The ladies are so kind and fun! As for the giveaway questions Josh’s mascot is Petey Penmen, Shannon is from Bucks County,Aimees dogs name is Dakota, I couldn’t find anything specific on what Korey drives but I saw some posts about a motorcycle so I will go with that. Both Kyra and Lei-Yen did IT makeup looks for Halloween but Lei-Yen’s was more recent, and Trina was Eve for Halloween. 🥰
  • DevDevito
    Audio issues
    I wish the audio would play in each ear rather than Elizabeth in one ear and alex in the other. As a single earphone work listener, it makes it hard.
  • callherdaddy4e
    Technical difficulties
    If you want to listen to the most unorganized podcast with horrible technical difficulties in every recording you’re at the right place! You better have 2 headphones in because each host talks into a different ear phone
  • Bullet 35
    Fascinated show
    I'm really hooked on "Love Island ", I enjoy listening to your podcast , yes I do hope to see a real romance soon on the Island .
  • Erica Barragan
    Love this show!
    These girls are consistent and come with the notes! They bring up things that I don’t catch watching the show ! Love these girls ! Trina
  • olivia_m__d
    Sound issues
    The sound quality of the podcast is horrible. If you’re listening to this in the car alongside another app (like Waze) you basically blow out your eardrums and have to constantly raise and lower the volume. It makes it almost impossible to listen to the podcast.
  • Jlh1676
    i LOVE your podcast!! (giveaway answers)
    I have been OBSESSED with the two of you since your season aired! I love the energy you guys bring in every episode. It’s so fun watching the episode and then hearing your thoughts on the things that are happening in the Villa. It’s nice hearing your point of views from people that have been in their shoes before! 1. Petey Penman 2. Bucks County, PA 3.Dakota 4.Harley Davidson 5. Kyra 6. Trina
  • bridgetrrrr
    The Best!!
    I’ve been watching After the Island since their very first livestream on season 2 and have loved every episode since! Alex and Elizabeth do such a good job of recapping and sharing opinions while making sure to be respectful talking about the Islanders before getting to meet them, and they help fuel my Love Island addiction LOL I recommend their podcast to anyone who watches the show!! My giveaway answers are: Petey Penmen, a small town in Bucks County, Dakota, Harley Davidson bike, Kyra, and Trina!
  • Xox.arany
    peter penmen, Buckys county, Jeremy or josh,he drives a motorcycle, kyra, Trina
    One of my favorite things about my experience watching love island is this podcast ! You guys are both amazing and it’s really awesome to listen to other perspectives on the show, especially since none of my friends watch the show. I love this podcast and keep it up!
  • Noel.damico
    Mascot of Josh’s school - Petey Penmen!
    LOVE this podcast!!! I tell all my friends who watch Love Island to listen to them!
  • This os a fun game
    Answers ❤️
    1: Petey Penman 2:Bucks County’s Shannon St. 3: Dakota 4:Harley
  • noellakkk
    My favorites EVER!!!
    I honestly sometimes enjoy hearing them talk about the episode more than the episode itself I loveeeee them so much and I always look forward to them.❤️ (5.Lei-yen=IT)
  • Lysssss<3
    I love this podcast I listen to it everyday will driving or just throughout my day i’m obsessed!! Elizabeth’s and Alex’s laugh is literally contagious I swear they have the sweetest souls you can just feel their energy<3 Also Josh’s baseball mascot is Petey Penmen, Aimee’s dog is named Dakota, and Shannon is from Bucks County, Philadelphia that’s all I know !💗
  • TaniaLanda
    Giveaway entry: Josh’s baseball team mascot is Petey Penmen
    Shannon’s hometown is Philly, and Aimees dog is named Dakota Love this podcast! It’s always great to hear what Alex and Elizabeth are thinking about what’s going on in the villa, their commentary is always hilarious!
  • MorganLank
    After the island!!!! +giveaway answers
    Hi Alex and Elizabeth!!!! I love watching your recaps on youtube! I love to hear all the juicy details you remember and talking about your very important opinions lol. Y’all were my favorite on season 1 of Love Island, i just loved watching you guys and hearing your talks. Anyways for the giveaway here are my answers: 1. Peter Penman 2. Bucks County, Pennsylvania 3. Dakota 4. Motorcycle 5. Kyra 6. Trina Love you guys!!! ❤️
  • caitlinjennaharvey
    So fun
    Listening to this podcast is so fun and I love hearing Alex and Elizabeth’s reads on people and their behind the scenes takes on production and editing. Also Josh’s baseball team mascot = Petey Penmen
  • mariellebosco
    You’re amazing
    You both bring such amazing energy. Glad you’re still doing ATI. My answers (if it’s not too late) 1. Petey Penman (SNHU Penman) 2. Bucks County, PA (but isn’t that not technically a town?) 3. Dakota I don’t have time to figure out the other two but I def could if I had time :,)
  • girlygirlytip
    trina was eve for halloween in 2017!
  • goldenfiremagic
    Shannon’s Hometown
    Answer #2 is Warminster, PA. Great podcast, always entertaining!
  • hlovvvve
    So entertaining!!!
    Alex and Elizabeth give such an interesting perspective on the show. Having been on season 1, they always spill tea on what is going on behind the scenes. I would reccomend this podcast to anyone who watches Love Island! GIVEAWAY ANSWERS: 1. Josh’s baseball team mascot is The Petey Penmen 2. Shannon’s hometown is Philadelphia 3. Aimee’s dog is named Dakota 4. Korey drives a Harley Motorcycle 5. Javonny was IT for Halloween 6. Olivia was Eve for Halloween
  • jeonjungkook<3
    Trivia 1: Petey Penmen 2: Bucks County in Pennsylvania 3: Dakota 4: Motorcycle 5: Lei-yen 6: Trina
    I love watching them “I’m a big fan” they bring their honest opinion about the islanders and the show.Alex and Elizabeth are both very energetic and well spoken especially when they approach the Islanders when interviewing them and they are very entertaining.
  • ty-169
    So fun!
    Love watching your recaps! 1. Petey Penmen 2. Warminster 3. Dakota 4. Harley Davidson/Ford Mustang GT 5. Kyra 6. Trina
  • JustinBieberLov3r
    Love them 🤍🤍
    Ive been watching After the Island since last year and I absolutely them! Their shows are so fun and it’s great to have community in which we can all relate or talk about a show we love ! By the way Shannon is from Bucks County Pennsylvania!!
  • nshvfvdjaueb
    Give away
    Petey Penmen Bucks County, Philadelphia Dakota motorbike Harley Davidson Kyra Trina
  • juliana craig
    1: petey penmen 2: bucks county, pennsylvania 3: dakota 4: harley 5: kyra 6 : olivia
    love these girls and this podcast i’ve been watching love island from the moment it started in australia season 1 through every season since until this one. seriously one of my favorite shows. these girls put an incredible amount of effort into their productions of this podcast and their livestreams on youtube. their personalities are amazing and i’ve enjoyed being able to see and hear their opinions since coming off the show themselves.
  • Ikawdj
    Petey Penman, Bucks County, PA , Dakota, Harley Davidson, Kyra and Lei-Yen, Trina
    I absolutely love this podcast and Alex and Elizabeth. They are so authentic and make it feel like you're watching love island with your best friends. I love how they interact with the chat and reply back to comments. My favorite part is when they interview islanders who have been voted off. 1. Petey Penman 2. Bucks County, PA 3. Dakota 4. Harley Davidson 5. Kyra and Lei-Yen 6. Trina
  • Maddiecakes25
    Petey Penmen, Philadelphia, Dakota, Harley, Kyra, Trina
    Alex and Elizabeth provide insight on life in the villa while discussing the islanders. They have created a community for love island fans that promotes positivity and good vibes! Highly recommend for any LI fans!
  • andreaac:
    Answer 1
    1. Petey Penman I love listening to After the island!! It’s nice to see other povs for the show :) 2. Buck county 3. Dakota 4. Mustang 5. Kyra
  • Sandracathryn
    Like hanging with my bff’s
    Love this podcast! So fun to listen to prior cast members talk about what’s really happening. They have a beautiful friendship and both are so down to earth, I feel like I’m with my besties when I listen to them. Silversmiths 🍴 Philly 🦅 Dakota🐾 Trina 🐍
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