Fool Coverage with Manny MUA and Laura Lee


Light coverage, medium coverage, full coverage? Nope, we’re here to bring you Fool Coverage. There’s nothing like us on the market. 100% unique and 1000% glamorous.
OG social media influencers, beauty gurus, and absolute besties, Manny MUA and Laura Lee are bringing you advice about beauty and fashion, stories about running our successful businesses, and the inside info about living in the spotlight as social media stars.
And tea, the hottest tea. All the juiciest gossip, about all the fools in the world. We’ve got those fools covered.
We’ve been cancelled, we’ve been called fools ourselves. But nothing is going to stop us from living our best lives. Especially when we can overcome and outshine the haters out there. Be it Manny’s Lunar Beauty make up line, or Laura’s Laura Lee Cosmetics and her Nudie Patootie clothing line, nothing can stop these two from making as big of a splash as possible.
Tune in every week for new episodes of Fool Coverage.

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Recent Reviews
  • Jdloz
    Love them!
  • blueoftn
    Literally Obsessed
    As my two besties would say!!!!
  • Jacqueline ♥️
    🐧 🐧
  • abiherr
    Love this duo so much !
    The peak of my week is listening to the hilarious conversations Laura and Manny have. They are comedy gold with great advice and great topics .
  • leagrz
    5 stars hunny
    Penguin 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧 I wait for Friday so I can listen makes my days at work 100x better 💖💖💖 Much love Laura and manny 🫶🏻🫶🏻💖💖💖
  • bearsbeetsbattlestargalactica2
    Such a good duo
    Love listening to these 2! Very entertaining and hilarious! I love both of their laughs!!!!
  • chelseyshaeee
    my actual fav podcast
  • Kaysubdn
    Love Manny and Laura🤍
    So genuine and so hilarious! Love you two together 🥹
  • PS-Patty
    My Peak of the Week!
    Loving the pod! Can always expect a good laugh and it feels like convos with friends <3 Love you guys and appreciate the honestly and laughs
  • Smartinezsosa
    My binge
    Binging on the job! So entertaining 😁
  • itsnat32323
    🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧 Love this podcast, Definitely my all time favorite🥰.
  • CarrieDiane
  • devviekoca
    Best part of my week always. Comforting, funny, perfect. Ily guys
  • Jess_ann82
    Friday ritual
    I’m off every Friday and listening to your show always starts my day off with a bang! Love y’all you crack me up every episode!
  • hunterr1999
    Love this show
    I love listening to them I have them playing in the background when I’m just chilling at home a lot of the time.
  • HBSVs Mom
    Fool Coverage is fo fun!
    I love listening and watching Laura and Manny chat and laugh as they cover a ton of topics. So fun and enjoyable!
  • kkkkkkaaaaatttttt
    Love y’all and this podcast so much ❤️ Such good vibes when I’m here!
  • Nancy galan punk
    Came from mannys youtube
    I love manny sinceee he started YouTube. When I seen he started a podcast.. I’m there! Love the vibes here. Great way to be on the road to work and listening to both of you guys:)
  • Currie wade (;
    I’m freaking obsessed I love Shane so much this podcast is a breath of fresh air and it’s entertaining hilarious fun and above all Shane knows how to keep an audience captivated keep up the good work can’t wait for more episodes!! ♥️♥️♥️
  • kelllllllllbelllllllllllll
    The best the best the best
    Love this podcast! Love the hosts! I look forward to a new episode every week. Obsessed with Manny and Laura. Their friendship is amazing. Love how much they respect and love each other
  • _NYOnion
    Who thought this was a good idea?
    I couldn’t think of two idiots I’d rather hear less from, besides maybe Patrick starr. Who’s telling these brainless trolls that they should be podcasting? Absolute trash
  • Claws2011
    Love them!
    They’re amazing and always so entertaining 😂
  • Samm150
    Best podcast ever!!!!
    The only way it could be more perfect is if they released an episode every day. I look forward to fridays because I know I can put this on, on my way to work and it’ll give me the extra spark to have a good day
  • episode 43
    I loved Gabriel Zamora’s episode!!!!!! I legit couldn’t stop laughing!!! Please have him again! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I felt like I was in a room with friends just hella laughing!
  • actneh17
    amazing people
    Love them as YouTubers and even more as duo podcasters! They’re so funny and you truly feel like youre in the room with them. I look forward to every Friday!
  • HCP@95
    Love the energy but…
    I feel like Laura did the latest episode with like… her retainer in …or something.
  • Ferrbearr420
    Love love love this duo
    This is a feel good podcast y’all! They cover it all and keep it light and fun! Both manny and Laura have the best laughs! This podcast makes me smile :)
  • Bloopers18
    Episode titles very misleading
    I was so obsessed with them in the beginning however lately they’re episodes jump from so many different topics at once and that’s fine but they’re titles are very misleading. They talk about that topic for like 5 mins? And then jump to something else without even giving real context or information. I love them both but they should do they’re research before talking about a topic.
  • Analeciaaa
    Love it but
    These commercials be doing the most we need them all bunched in one so I can skip the whole 15 mins of them or switch the sound quality so I know when to skip Jesus Christ
  • Michelle090300
    Love the podcast
    I listen every Friday! Love it so much! Can we please make Tyler a permanent podcast member. Thankssssss
  • melikins2018
    Initially when this podcasts was released, I was OBSESSED! I felt like a gal that was just chatting up with both of y’all in the living room. As the podcast has progressed I feel like some of the conversations don’t have much depth or context. It takes 20 minutes to get into the topic, too many ads and unnecessary conversation trying to fill up the time segment. In addition, it sounds like you both are recording two segments the same day. By the time the podcast is released it feels old news. The gaby petito is the perfect example, everything you both disclosed I had already read or heard about in the news outlet. It sounded like you pulled up an article and read it to your audience. Kayne west is another example, you guys didn’t really talk much about it, took forever for you to speak on the topic. By the time I was actually listening to The podcasts so much had already changed with Kayne-Kim-Pete fiasco. I understand you are both celebrities and I respect you for that. But perhaps you both have too much in your plate. Perhaps it would benefit you both going back to recording one segment at a time, adding more context, looking into the topics and adding more depth. It will help not sound so burnt out. I will try and listen to an episode in a month or so but if it remains the same unfortunately I will unsubscribe. Love you both all but hunny give the audience a little more.
  • acrumback
    Always Laughing!
    I love Laura, Manny, and Tyler (he should be a permanent third person on the podcast) so much! When I tell you the pee stories had me laughing by myself in the car like an idiot…I look forward to tuning in every week to listen to trivia, dating stories, and Laura’s southern lingo/mispronunciation. It’s all just TOO GOOD!
  • jakeyjlover
    So funny
    I love listening to y’all. I would of 5 starred but them commercials is getting LONG and frequent. Get that coin though.
  • Amanda.Jo
    I just love their vibes, their realness in every situation and they’re never boring. This podcast is my first choice.
  • CRVR8909
    Laura needs to tone down her voice a whole lot Lately has been unbearable screechy and not pleasant
  • M.19.E
    Yay for fridays!!
    This is absolutely an amazing podcast. Love the dynamic
  • lilneu
    My Favorite Podcast
    I’m obsessed with this podcast! These 2 FOOLS 😂 are so funny and make me laugh in every episode! I listen to these while driving and I can’t get enough of these podcasts. I love that they talk about topics that are happening in the world! I’m in love with this podcast and I really recommend it if you want a good laugh!
  • Alexisadelia
    I’m a fool!
    Love Manny & Laura! Been following them both for years on YouTube and social media. Since this podcast started, my Friday mornings have become even better. I’m always catching myself laughing with them. Wish there was another episode during the week 🤞🏻
  • ChellyManely
    I don’t keep up with the beauty world anymore but nevertheless I love this podcast. Beauty topics are discussed here but it’s so much more than that. Laura and Manny are so funny and it’s so much fun being able to listen in on their friendship. Every episode is great whether it is just them or if they have a guess on the show. This podcast is fun, funny, lighthearted, and entertaining.
  • livie072003
    Love this podcast!!
    I just started listening to this today and I absolutely love it! I have always been a fan of manny and Laura and have always loved their friendship. They give so much info and they’re super fun. Can’t wait to catch up!!
  • Jhowe16
    OMG I love u guys so much
    You guys remind me of me when I was a little younger and was in love with makeup
  • Liznjose23
    Love these two
    I love Laura & Manny having both personalities in one place is Magic.
  • yadeliguillen
    LOVE THEM!!!
    Oh I literally just started listening to you guys at work recently and I AM LIVING & THRIVING!!! But I’m all caught up and sad now LOL
  • Theonebrittaney
    My First Podcast, I’m such a Fool!
    This is my first time listening to a podcast via apple podcast. I have been watching Fool Coverage on YouTube, but listening to it only it just as great! Love the honesty, love the friendship love the authenticity! Y’all are my people been an OG from the beginning! We’ve all grown together! Love y’all! Sending blessings for your 2022! * you guys should do like a subscriber spotlight where you have actually subscriber so a guest segment! Will be so real and connecting and open up conversations! Think about it! I thought of it first lol*
  • Lilmax4037
    New Favorite
    I love this podcast I am obsessed and look forward to a new episode every Friday!
  • farfalle78
    Obsessed with this podcast. Really enjoy your dynamic and the topics you cover. I do have one complaint - the incessant use of the word “literally”…lol! Other than that, keep up the great work…love listening!
  • Seyhan able
    Love you FOOLS
    Love you FOOLS! I found manny from “the girls wanna battle” podcast and now I’m hooked! You guys have me laughing all day <3 Seyhan
  • Rosario11122:
    Love the podcast but its mannys laugh for meh 😂😂😂
  • Skyelr
    Love it
    I love seeing a real/genuine side to Manny and Laura Lee. The unfiltered opinions and commentary between two friends is fun to listen to. I look forward to your podcasts every Friday, you’re one of my favs!
  • kitten live🐱
    So good! My fav podcast rn!!! Y’all are amazing! Love the awesome advice, yet the awesome funny factor. Love it!🤗
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