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Light coverage, medium coverage, full coverage? Nope, we’re here to bring you Fool Coverage. There’s nothing like us on the market. 100% unique and 1000% glamorous.OG social media influencers, beauty gurus, and absolute besties, Manny MUA and Laura Lee are bringing you advice about beauty and fashion, stories about running our successful businesses, and the inside info about living in the spotlight as social media stars.And tea, the hottest tea. All the juiciest gossip, about all the fools in the world. We’ve got those fools covered.We’ve been cancelled, we’ve been called fools ourselves. But nothing is going to stop us from living our best lives. Especially when we can overcome and outshine the haters out there. Be it Manny’s Lunar Beauty make up line, or Laura’s Laura Lee Cosmetics and her Nudie Patootie clothing line, nothing can stop these two from making as big of a splash as possible.Tune in every week for new episodes of Fool Coverage.We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can: For advertising opportunities please email   Privacy Policy:

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  • Abbsolutely Not
    Screaming Crying anddd Throwing up 🤣
    Literally DYING at the last episode, not even a specific part. Just dying of laughter the whole episode 😂
  • Norwal18
    Love but…
    I really love listing to this podcast. Absolutely love Manny and Laura and their friendship. BUT I agree with many others in saying that they need to do more research into the topics they discuss. It’s hard to listen to them talk about subjects when it’s obvious they know nothing about it. It feels like they are just regurgitating everything they read online without adding any of their own incites. And don’t talk about serious/heavy topics if you are going to get all your information from daily mail. It’s just lazy.
  • aimeea05
    Can’t believe I just started following
    OG YouTube follower who has been living under a rock and sleeping on this podcast. So fun and upbeat. Going into my podcast weekly rotation.
  • 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆😱😱😱😱😱
    Yes mam!
    I’m from Georgia and this east coast country girl LOVES her some Laura Lee and manny Mua. One day I’ll be in the pod as a guest ;) but yall already feel like my bffs
  • _NYOnion
    No no no no no
    Not these two country bumpkin sounding idiots
  • .missylulu.
    I need more
    This podcast is on the top list of my favorites, I enjoy the pits and peaks, I enjoy the juicy topics, I enjoy the laughter these two share and the friends between them. I’m also a fan of their social content. I need more episodes, more frequently ! But anyways if you’re into keeping up with juicy gossip, this is a podcast for you.
  • AcatinGA
    The best podcast ever
    I love manny and Laura, it’s like I am sitting with them, laughing, getting advice and positive encouragement. Their energy is absolutely beautiful ✨ xoxo AcatinGA
  • jasestand
    Bad Takes
    At first I loved the pod, but it started to get really boring and frustrating because they talk about topics they know nothing about. My last straw was their stance on the Colleen Ballinger situation.
  • Kaymbash
  • BarbieJxoxo
  • THEREEALplayer1
    But are your guests iconic… or not ?
  • kelllllllllbelllllllllllll
    Not the same
    Used to loooove listening to this podcast but feels like the topics you cover are a little old. I get that you record only twice a month but it just doesn’t feel like you two care about podcasting anymore. Plus some of the topics you pick..maybe try researching a little more before you discuss them with each other.
  • Lorenaaaa 💗
    Manny 🤝 “Conglomerate”
    Been a long time fan of Manny and Laura 🫶🏼 and I look forward to your chats every week ☺️ I listen during work and on my drives and I’m always laughing with y’all! 🩷 Also here for the extreme use of the word “conglomerate” by Manny 😂
  • Sarahpie91
    Crying laughing
    Nanual Dutiarez! Dying crying laughing!!! You two are so hilarious together!
  • cookie dough 23
    Time slips away
    I will be listening to this pod and it goes by so fast even with the one hour episodes. I love y’all and your podcast. Keep it up!
  • BunnyBacca
    Weren’t they cancelled like MANY years ago?
  • Hotsauce2621
    Love Love Love
    I love my true crime podcasts but I needed something funny to listen to and I love Manny on Instagram!! He’s hilarious, and I love this podcast along side of Laura.
  • Toshy143
    Bring up religion
    Not a huge fan of them bring up just the catholic Church. It’s in EVERY RELIGION.
  • Badketball-FFA
    i love this podcast but the miranda lambert thing was sooo wrong the girls were using flash photography which is nit allowed in her concerts so those girls were interrupting the show and the fans were also annoyed please educate yourself
  • Heidi!321
    Stop with the politics
    No one listens to this podcast for the politics, so please stop with political and religious topics. Listeners who agree with you don’t need to hear it cause they already agree. And listeners who don’t agree don’t want to hear it and won’t change their mind. This podcast should be an escape from all of that negativity. Additionally, I love most of the other topics but am tired of the lack of fact checking. I constantly hear topics covered and feel like I know more about it than the speakers. I wish they’d do a true deep dive and share information that isn’t obvious.
  • RCCCC77777
    Ugh! Love them so much!
    god I love them so much!!!! They’ve came so far
  • Kayleep112412
    Love it Soo much
    Is it just me or does Laura lee sound drunk anyway love you guys so much
  • daniellec888
    Political topics are a no no
    Stop with the politics and pushing your liberal views. Some of your listeners don’t agree. Lost a listener. It’s totally not necessary. Disgusting
  • jaxaries44
    I love Laura and mannys bestie banter
    I also live in your new merch tee it’s amazing. This last episode about unpopular opinions did start to make me feel anxious about the world in general and kinda downed me with negativity because as much as I agree with a lot of what you both said it felt like utter doom closing in from ai to global warming. .. talk of all problems and no solutions kind of felt like a spiral that I didn’t need or expect. but I love you two soy much xoxo
  • Rebes M
    My Top Favorite Podcast 💞
    Love listening to Laura and Manny, they always give their honest opinion on events happened and also keep me up on the chisme 💞 love you guys !!😍
  • shavxhsvx
    Fact checker
    Podcasting comes with a responsibility. Especially when talking about true crime or other sensitive topics. I’ve followed Manny and Laura for years and love them but they really need to hire a researcher for this podcast if they want to discuss deeper topics. One example being the Gabby Petito case…that was hard to listen to.
  • fiendkeo
    Scandavol info
    As a Vanderpump rules ride or die fan I can tell you a lot about this scandal lol. Raquel and Tom were seeing each other during the whole time of filming season 10. All while Ariana and Raquel were BEST friends. Also he not only betrayed his life partner, but he betrayed all his friends and restaurant partner Tom Schwartz. They have 2 businesses together with Lisa and this has impacted their business tremendously. I could go on and on but I’m not 😉
  • 😎😎😎✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻🥐🥐🥐lady 🐞
    WOW 🤩
    Your guys are the best love 💕 you guys 😀😀😀😀😍😍😍😍
  • Ange415
    Love Love Love
    I have been watching the both of you for so long,I’ve seen both your channels grow and I’ve seen your friendship grow. I love the vibes you both give off and I love your friendship! Keep up the good times and high vibes and forget the haters! Love you both!
  • what id my name
  • Kyliesotelo
    No guest
    Please stop with the guest.
  • Quincy BJJ
    Political topics again!?!
    Seriously, stay off political topics.
  • novelalove
    Amber scholl
    Please don’t have this guest ever again! Did not like her she talked too much and is very “creida” ask manny he knows what this means. She sounded very fake, and she just kept saying how she made it and of all the things she has and how she has money. Idk didn’t like her vibe. I’m sorry guys but I’m just being honest
  • aallllicccciiiaaa
    Love you guys but
    I do love you both but Laura I’m begging you to let other people talk!! The long winded sentences and dominating all conversations let your guests talk!!
  • AubreyCooper
    I LOVE
    Hi I am such a super fan I follow every single episode and recommend to all my friends. Y'all have such a good flow and all of your content is hilarious. Love you guys🥰🥰
  • Erica[Rawr]
    I think their energy together is such a vibe. You can tell they have truly grown and have become happier and that transcends through this podcast. I love it! 🖤🖤🖤
  • cvelascoooo💘
    I LOVE YOU GUYS I never miss an episode. I love listening to you guys it’s like sitting a talking with my besties keep doing what you’re doing and know you are LOVED. #FOOLFAM4EVERRRRR
  • D.WEZY:)
    I'm so glad I started listening to this in 2023 because I have SOO many episodes to catch up on. I love that each podcast is about an hour long and super entertaining with no filter. Absolutely LOVE and 10/10 would recommend.
  • 22yankee
    I absolutely loveee this podcast my only request is to have moreeee!!! Like special episodes that’s longer or like 2 random Extra drops in a month 🥲 Love you guys🤍
  • MeSalem10
    LOVE but..
    I love this podcast! I love the discussions and their friendship ❤️ I look forward for it every Friday but lately (this is a small issue), they have been releasing the episodes later on Fridays. I used to enjoy listening to it on my way to work while dealing with morning traffic. I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that they have been releasing it later. Now I don’t have the pleasure of listening to it during morning traffic 😩
  • Katehull
    I seriously love that yins came out with a podcast! I watch your YT videos yins do together all the time and cryyyy laughing so this is amazing! My fav podcast!!
  • pandaplzzz
    My drug
    Listening every week makes me feel better and forget about all my problems. As a 32 year young cat lady I really feel like part of the fool family!
  • nicky10281225
    Love this pod!!!
    I work 10 hour shifts and y’all’s pod gets me through these long days! The tea, the laughter the relatable ish! Ive been kinda snooping around on other pods and they just can’t draw me in like this podcast. Love y’all!
  • jmh19896264
    Shouting out a stolen brand Shane on you both
    Shoutout for Jaclyn hill when she stole her brand shame on you both
  • BHurst24
    The Best most relatable podcast
    I am in love with all 3 (Tyler as well) of you! I listen every weekend since the beginning and I am invested. Love you guys
  • mozzieluv
    Favorite duo!
    I’m honestly late to this podcast but I watch Laura and Manny individually on YouTube and omg I am loving their podcast! I’ve been watching their episodes on YouTube the last few days and it’s become a favorite! I came here to give them 5 stars ⭐️
  • Monaveeda
    Been here a while
    Girls I’ve been here since the beginning and I am READY to continue supporting you both. Love you. ♥️ I’ve bought mannys collab with jeffree and Laura’s brush collab with morphe (obvi now buying from their own brands but just showing how long Ive been here) love you guys!
  • Eyeball Master
    I love you guys so much but…
    For the love of god stop spoiling movies for me! Or at least include a spoil alert! Thank you!
  • whbdnc
    I am so happy this podcast was made. It makes my Fridays better all the time!!
  • Jenna530862863_582073357
    Beta podcast ever
    Literally can’t wait for the next episode live these 2
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