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Aftershock is a fast-paced thriller about a massive earthquake that destroys the West Coast, causing a mysterious island to rise up from the Pacific - with Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead), David Harbour (Stranger Things), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead), and Tati Gabrielle (The 100).

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  • Salley1518
    Gets racist
    It was really good until it became racist. Then on top of that the teenagers started to be in charge. In what world to adults default to teenagers decisions. Then there’s 3-4, 3 minute ad reads. Very annoying.
  • SodaGirl
    I stumbled upon this fiction podcast by accident but have been binge listening to this for over a week. One of the characters shares my name (Shasta) and I don’t run across people with my name often. Great cast! I really feel like I’m a part of this and living this event with them.
  • Disappointingly racist
    Slightly racist
    As you get further into the season, they start to blame white people for everything. The Germans, the Irish, the Italian’s did nothing get your facts straight. It was the British. in fact, you can use Google to find this information. Stop spreading hate absolutely disgusting. James Cook, the British explorer
  • Tiffany Snook
    Great cast good storytelling
    Cast and soundscape are fantastic really hooks you and keeps you listening as the story unfolds. Ads in season one were a little ridiculous but season 2 was much better, not upset at all that there are ads they have to get paid for their work just got tired of hearing the same ad at the end of one ep and then again at the beginning of the next. Still well worth the listen can’t wait for more!
  • wendyclearGrewUpKinda
    way too many ad reads
    the show is great. but ads make up at least 50% of each episode’s run time. way too many, way too long.
  • W84w
    Good show, ridiculous amount of ads!
    Great show intense writing but for god sakes with all the commercials. I get it someone’s gotta pay for it but it’s a bit out of hand on this one for my liking.
  • JohnnyStrife
    Great until…
    …the show devolved into a woke white male hatefest. It’s interesting how the female characters constantly talk about how evil white men are, yet 100% of the issues in the story are caused by the lies and foolish decisions made by those female characters. And just as in real life, the white men have to clean up their messes while apologizing for being white men. Disgusting.
  • joshPost
    Way too many advertisements
    Story is pretty good, but literally every 5 minutes the story is interrupted for 3 or more minutes for more and more and more adds.
  • Afiyahla
    Great podcast, compelling & suspenseful! Commercials - too many & too long. Necessary I guess to cover cost of such a talented & comprehensive production team 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • Finding Mnemosyne
    Need the next season!!
    I am SO glad you came back for season 2. I need to know when to look forward to season 3!
  • comomalolo
    Jury still out
    Just starting episode 3 and I have no clue what is going on or what the story is really about. Note to fictional podcasters: I have noticed a trend of producing 20 minute episodes where nothing happens and the story does not progress. Please don’t do that.
  • Rolth
    Ads ads ads
    This reminds me of one of those games that pops up an ad after every level. There aren10 minutes of ads for less than 30 minutes of content. The content is great, but overall the ads are insanely annoying.
  • (Walter55)
    Is this a weekly series, or just whenever the heck you feel like putting out an episode, once every ten years! Just pack it in if you can’t live up to the job!
  • wlhsit
    I can't finish season 2. Not sure why Tati decided to change her character's voice to sound like a 12 year old but it is CRINGEY.
  • Mno87
    So good! But the ads are brutal.
    I really am enjoying this podcast but the amount of ads is bonkers.
  • A-Phife
    Great show …
    Bruh. I very, very rarely leave reviews. And I really dig the story—writing and acting is good to great, refreshingly so for the genre and surprisingly so for any story remotely involving teenagers. And I know you gotta pay your bills, and I know ads are critical to that. But I’m listening to S02E02 and (at least as of 9/30/23) the first twelve minutes of podcast contains four minutes of podcast. Really, yall? Two minutes of ads, four minutes of story, then SIX MINUTES OF ADS?! Come on.
  • GsxrGirl750
    SFV local
    It’s fun to listen to a show about an earthquake in the city I live in. I was a young kid during the Northridge quake so this is an interesting take on how things could have turned in another dimension. Topanga is no joke! Fun writing style. Great vocal actors.
  • arkbadwolf
    Love it
    I absolutely love this pod cast. Very well done. Thank you!
  • M A-M
    Just an insufferable amount of ads
    Pretty good story with excellent acting absolutely ruined by the most ads ever crammed into a 30 minute podcast. Only check it out if you’re willing to give your patience and your skipping finger a workout.
  • Tbmeade
    1st season so much better
    Not liking the musical bit and the accents seem over exaggerated. The dialogue is borderline cheesy.
  • Aye1life
    Ending frustration
    I absolutely love this show but they really didn’t give us much information on the virus. Semi annoyed.
  • devilish_misfit
    The only thing I don’t like about this show is the fact I have to wait to get the next episode. All of the actors are phenomenal!!!
  • GringaMamasita
    After 1.5 episodes, stopped listening
    I wanted to like it. *Spoiler alert* In Episode 2, it’s clearly evident that the female lead character is weak and docile minded. I abhor hearing talk of keeping things peaceful when there clearly isn’t peace to be had in a disaster situation. She’s a dumb ***** for throwing the gun, a necessary survival tool, in the water.
  • Woozy woowoo
    Really good show
    If I had one complaint, very very small spoiler alert in season 2, the kid keeps calling this girl he really likes mommy. Drives me nuts, it’s so weird. Makes me think the kid has mommy issues, weird ones…oh mommy u look so good🤦‍♂️
  • KayLine101
    Ads are ridiculous!
    While the story is good, half of the show is Ads!! Ruining the whole show.
  • -/ellehelle\-
    Escapism for haters
    But really. I hate almost everything. But I genuinely really like this show. It’s escapism at its finest bc it’s so well written and acted that you don’t notice the writing and acting 🤯 and there’s shockingly few ads for this kind of thing (relatively speaking) I mean it. You’ll like it. Plus Negan is here! And don’t you just love to hate to listen to that guy talk
  • Kaylartaylor08
    Been waiting so long for season 2
    So entertaining!! Happy it came back for season 2.
  • Kavuyi
    Many shows with two seasons have the second season in a mess. This show? Amazing!!! Yo!! Loved it. Amazing acting. The sounds. Totally happy I listened to this.
  • Nuclear_Waste
    Pretty good!
    If this happened in real life my manager would still expect me to come in the next day lol
  • Jayodie1980
  • Nothankyou19
    Decent story, too many ads
    Decent story with way too many ads
  • Dayton crowder
    I’ve been waiting 2 years for this to come out. I’m so happy now!😊
  • ck do ufk
    So good
    I love this show, it made my day that made a second season. Thank you
  • JHavwr
    Best Fictional Drama out
    Brilliant acting, storyline and sound make this the best drama / action story out right now. Well done!
  • djsky1010
    Aftershock is back!!
    I loved the first season. My fav actor from the walking dead is here.
  • diagenetic
    Awesome storytelling!
    Binge listened to this entire show. The sound design and acting was incredible! Super immersive. Highly recommend
  • jannelle_West🍀🍉
    Dude aftershock really needs a season 2 no joke you can’t just leave it like that, come on just make a new season. Plus, Other people want a new season as well. We all need a true suspenseful ending that makes you want more and more please make more seasons.😇😊👍🏽
  • Avawolman
    Season 2
    Are we ever going to get a season 2?
  • tilyann
    Woke nonsense
    I couldn’t finish it. I was really interested in the story but after a few episodes, I was over the anti-white nonsense. It was embarrassing and cringeworthy, especially for an adult cast.
  • Xloganl13X
    Pretty good
    Overall the show was pretty good. The story and characters were very interesting. Of course there had to be some ridiculous ideas inserted throughout, typical left wing crap. The ads were also very obnoxious, interrupting 3 times during an episode with the same ad. Other than those 2 complaints, great show.
  • FuzeOne
    Pretty good
    I hate to sound stereotype ,but the daughter is black ?? She surely didn’t sound like it ( sorry I wrote that, but she has a “ white “ voice .. Also I love it when the Hawaiian gurl kept it real with colonizing . Great!! But that son’s racist moments could have been way more real.. You a true racist, racial slurs should have been said .. “GURL”? That’s a racist slur towards a WOC?? The “N” word could have been used to be more realistic.. Other than those I have mentioned, it’s pretty good.. Can’t wait till season 2 👍🏾👍🏾
  • Jenn the Liberty Lion
    Sarah Wayne Callies
    She is one of my all time favorite actresses. I first saw her in TWD and hated her which meant she was very good. I then watched her in Colony and hated her even more which meant she was really great. I saw her in the movie with Nick Cage and was very disappointed that her roll was not bigger. Nick was hogging the screen up and Callies should have gotten more. I didn't like the movie but of course Callies was awesome. When i heard about her podcast i had to listen. Im excited for her to take this turn into a new direction: writing, directing, and acting. Aftershock is or at times, i thought a bit on the silly side. I didn't care for the flashbacks and flash further backs. I thought the overall story was good but lacking clear philosophical points. The main character did not believe in guns but the person she was trying to protect a 16 year old killed a man with --- what? Her bare hands? A stick? I found it odd also that the 16 year old who was an expert at sailing was also an idiot and had no survival skills nor did she have the intelligence to understand dynamics of relationships past her own emotions. This was odd to me and i think a flaw in the archetype of the character. The male voices were a little confusing as to me, they all sounded the same. It was not realistic in some situations and very real in others. But it was interesting. Took some very unexpected turns, sometimes a little too quickly. Relationships and forgiveness does mot usually turn from one direction to the next so quickly. But- She got the archetypes mostly right. Which is probably the most important aspect. She also got the lines down. Saying a lot in very few words i think is a magical thing when tied to the videography. Callies was pretty good at this using only sound and the lines to achieve the movement of situations and painting pictures. Not easy to do. I thought this show was pretty good. I personally would like to see more philosophical highlights to the characters and their lines, also, perhaps slow it down some on the character changes. Im not sure i recognized where the arch or climax was, the entire show was basically a climax. I think its pretty close to what life would be like in reality except for maybe the Hawaiian girl who claimed the island. Strange. 🤔 If Callies continues her great work she may soon become the next Darabont. I hope she will write some on screen stuff soon. The movies coming out these days are junk and the world needs the next Darabont to step up. This was a fun podcast to listen to.
  • 1mrtd
    Guilt Trip
    The irony of this series being written by a white woman while not being able to make it through a single episode without implying that white men are racist colonizers is laughable. I have honestly lost respect for all of the actors involved with this production. Being anti-white is still racism. This is a premise that had potential but was completely torpedoed by virtue signaling by another famous white woman trying to pack in as much woke tropes into her “art” as possible. I gave it 7 episodes and then I just couldn’t listen to any more.
  • Nicolemarie917
    I want more!
    I’m super picky about podcast audio dramas and this is def a top favorite. I’m waiting for season 2, and I really hope it comes out soon because I want to know what happens!
  • Miz Luv
    Mixed feelings.
    THE GOOD: Mostly decent acting with a few standouts, especially Jeffrey Dean Morgan (obviously). || THE MEDIOCRE: Fun idea, weak script. Not particularly well researched (annoying inaccuracies), and a few too many implausibilities (even for a dystopian fantasy). || THE BAD: So many ads. It’s from iHeart so it’s basically just an obnoxious massive ad-delivery vehicle. I’ve pretty much given up on nearly everything iHeart puts out because of the intrusive and seriously off-putting approach to advertising. || Please understand, I’m not objecting to ads. I do actually get it. Ads pay for talented actors, writers, producers, and audio engineers. But, NEWSFLASH: if you can’t figure out a way to serve ads without literally ruining the listening experience, and totally alienating your subscribers, then you will eventually generate zero revenue. It’s counterproductive, at best. There are more and more seriously good audio dramas out there. Many of them have figured out how to get sponsors and investors without devoting a third of each episode to ads via lengthy intros and multiple interruptions. Figure it out, iHeart. Ugh.
  • Dovahnh
    Great podcast!
    I loved this podcast! Many plot twists that kept you wanting more! I couldn’t wait to drive to and from work so I could listen to it!
  • Melcoons
    Not bad
    It’s not bad. Acting is good. Story is decent. Only gripe is the ignorance around guns & history. Thinking guns is the cause of violence is ignorant and ignores thousands of years of warfare. The idea of the white man (anglos)as the only color, ethnicity to conquer land, mistreat people, ignores thousands of years world wide The idea that europeans were the first people to the americas is as laughable as the 2 previous paragraphs, and shows the lack of research by the writer/director. People have been coming to the Americas since the times of Abraham.
  • heroic mouse
    Surprisingly good!
    Yes episodes are short and there’re ads, but the show is really well written/acted/great story which more than makes up for both! Worth checking out👍
  • JasonB86
    PLZ Make another Season!!!!
    Great listen. The main character does an excellent job, and the creators do any amazing job of of making you feel as if you’re right there when listening. I’ve been dying for another season of this to come out bc they really left us hanging.
  • just some dude #37
    Typical woke
    Get woke go broke. Anyone that is a prepper is bad. White males are bad. Guns are bad (except when the government has them). You get the point. Won’t be looking for a second season.
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