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Each week hosts Spencer Henry [Cult Liter Podcast] and Madison Reyes sit back and read outlandish, hilarious, and sometimes scathing obituaries. Every Thursday they come to the table with bizarre history, strange funeral traditions, and so much more! Each episode ends with a 'dumb criminals' segment in which they each talk about hilarious run-ins with the law. 

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  • Masce & Ace
    I have always read the obituary section when ever I get the paper so naturally this podcast piqued my interest. Spencer and Madison are hilarious and just as fascinated by odd facts and scathing obituaries as I am.
  • JjennyT
    Would rate 10 star if I could
    Never miss an episode!
  • S. Mayo14
    Legit obsessed
    I found you through morbid and love it! I have a very dark sense of humor so this podcast content I feel is just for me. I get a David Rose and Moira-esque vibes from the hosts which makes it even more funny to me. They make me bust out laughing in the middle of work all the time 🤣 Love you guys keep up the good work! 🖤
  • Rissyrooo
    The freaking best
    Ive now decided to write my own obituary because after listening I don’t think anyone could do it the right way. So I’ll just do it myself. I’ve listen to all the eps about 3 times each, I always feel like I’m just hanging out and laughing with friends. PLEASE come to Ojai or Ventura (California 😉) for a live show! (Let me know if you need places!) you guys are awesome.
  • christine tar
    Where you two been all my life ??
    Just. What. I. Needed. This podcast is endlessly entertaining … snarky & sophisticated
  • Bluedevil95
    My new favorite duo!
    Warning: do not listen while at work if your a personal care service provider! I literally have to hold back LOL-ing in the middle of a treatment session every time Madison goes off, she has to most contagious laugh! I absolutely love the topics discussed by these two amazing people. Insightful and always hilarious! Their stories never disappoint whether they are down right spiteful or truly whole hearted, I both laugh and cry regularly while listening. Oh and can’t forget to mention Hotdog and Doris!! 🐕‍🦺🐾 If you like this make sure to check out Cult Liter too!
  • Coonkid
    The podcast only brings joy.
    I just love these two, they have a genuine and lovely friendship. This is the quintessential scenario where you feel like you’re hanging out with friends chitchatting and laughing when in truth, you’re just sitting alone in the dark listening to a podcast. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Meh, oh well….
  • bdbdhxj
    I absolutely LOVE the both of you and wish you would publish more than once a week. I listen to you guys while I work (I’m a wildland firefighter),While I drive, while I do dishes, while I do laundry, I mean just pretty much will I live. I even got my boyfriend into you guys.My only complaint is that I did not find you guys sooner because I live in Humboldt which is five hours from San Francisco and I SO would have gone to your live!
  • Jecka1964
    Sometimes when I listen to this show, I laugh so hard that people look at me weird. At least it’s why I think they’re looking at me weird. Either way, best podcast ever!
  • srich2017
    I love Madison’s laugh! 🤣
  • AprilAnnFools
    I can’t get enough!!
    After each episode I find myself wanting to talk like you! “Babeeee!” And those infectious laughs! I can’t get enough! It brings so much joy and random laughs to my day during the dark, odd topics I enjoy listening to. Thank you for the smiles, and random death facts I can share with my friends! Xoxo, you guys are great!
  • KattyMW
    My two favorite suppar models 💃🏼🕺🏼
  • Jamibarss
    I love you two!!! I have the same CA “accent” and I appreciate how you embrace it. I adore your relationship and it makes the podcast even more enjoyable! Thank you for your positive contribution to my mental health! Xoxo
  • BriStylish
    One of my new favorite podcasts
    I am exactly like Madison and I love it so much.
  • SaStall
    Geoffffffff is the classic mispronunciation EVERRRRRR 💀🤣🤣
    My absolute fave podcast… Thursday’s are the best days now… you two and your banter and laughter is infectious!!!! Love Love Love your podcast
  • Addicted1103
    A podcast worth listening too
    Love Spencer and Madison, I feel like I’m part of their friend gang. Just your daily dose of morbid comedy
  • Courtlekins
    Honestly the best podcast ever
    I laugh until my stomach hurts listening to this!
  • BonnieSueSouth
    Adorable fun podcast about death…?? Yes!!! Come on Geoff!
    You two are precious!! I adore listening to you every week now that im caught up! Your banter is delightful and reminds me of how my friends and i interact 😍 love that you bring levity and happiness to this very dark topic. Im always learning something with your coffin spinners! Keep up the fabulous work you beautiful souls! 💚🌈
    Oh Bitch… these two kill me 😉
    Madison and Spencer are the absolute best! The topics are great and so fun! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this much while also being educated. They remind me of my best friend and I which makes me love them more. They bring such an amazing energy to such crazy topics! It’s phenomenal. I honestly liaten to them regularly, but I’ll also play this when I’m feeling low, or need a pick me up. Automatic belly laughs. Also such this podcast is such a great conversation starter! I tell everyone about them! This is the first podcast I’ve EVER listened too. Best decision ever! I’m addicted. THANK YOU MADISON AND SPENCER! 🖤🖤
  • Bunny,Party
    My new fav
    During quarantine I started walking four miles a day and I usually listen to crime podcasts. Consequently, as I walk I am always looking over my shoulder. Now when people pass me by, I laughing hysterically! I could just listen to Spencer and Madison laugh! Love this show so much!
  • The_Pinkienator
    New favorite!
    I absolutely adore the show! I think the hosts are hilarious and clever and I just love listening to them. Keep up the great work you two! I laugh out loud often and I can’t tell you how much that means❤️
  • 0LOU0
    These two make me laugh.
  • LexusMorgan
    The best
    I could listen to Madison and Spencer chat about anything and everything and just be so happy. I love them and this so much!
  • Grandma Joy80
    You thought candy was born
    One of my favorite things said. I giggle to myself when. I'm thinking of the whole John Candy bit. I simply adore the two. Spencer feels like an old friend. Who I could talk for hours with. Madison oh my God. Every time this girl laughs it makes me laugh. I would totally have her as a BFF. I simply love the show.
  • TexasJoJo72
    Laugh out loud
    Shocking, petty and hilarious!
  • heathmow
    Laughing out loud for real
    I recently went on a 5 hour car ride and listened to this podcast the whole time. I was laughing out loud! My dog was in the car with me and would twist his head every time Madison scream laughed 🤣
  • Denaliyuki
    A podcast that I had to binge listen to when I heard my first episode. Feels like talking to your funny friends 🕸
  • Kaylapage2013
    Ob FREAKIN sessed
    Heard about you guys on Morbid. And I’m so glad I did! Love you two so much! It’s so comforting to know I’m not alone in my weirdness🥰🤪thanks for all the laughs, keep em comin! ☺️❤️
  • Ali Jane 85
    Heard Spence and Madison a month or so ago on Morbid and fell in love! They remind me of my best friend and myself and the crazy things we go on tangents about. I absolutely love them!!!
  • CosmicLogic78
    Loyal Geoff Here
    Is that what we're calling ourselves, or nah? Either way I love Madison’s laugh and the show in general (as well as Cult Leader-and that’s a lot)! I feel like a more official fan of the show than other people will become since I’ve been listening from the very 1st episode so I am claiming Official VIP status. Does it mean anything? Not really. But it feels good to type! Keep up the great work! Shane
  • KelJul89
    Unclaimed boner- my fave yet😂
    Love love love this podcast. Equally love Madison's laugh. Please keep these coming, so hilarious. Spencer and Madison make me feel like we are just chillin somewhere talking like besties about all kinda crazy things. Never a dull moment. It's a podcast about all things death but literally can cheer anyone up or make the most sour puss person laugh. Love you guys!
  • emksw
    Cult Liter Convert
    Came here because of cult liter….no regerts. Thank you both for the constant laughs and hot dog and Doris stories.
  • hotgirlnattt
    I love this podcast!! Spencer and Madison are so funny!! They crack me up. I have currently binged every episode and I look forward to a new episode every week. I love you guys so much!! Keep it up guys!! ♥️
  • Ashley L.
    So funny!
    Stumbled upon this podcast after listening to morbid. I’m only on episode 3 and I love it! It’s hilarious. I think I fell out of my chair laughing about the bowling alley funeral 😂 So funny, I cry laugh almost every episode 😂
  • Eklofe10
    YES BABY!!
    This show is my guilty pleasure! After I binged what I’d missed after finding the show, I now look forward to it coming out each week. It’s the best! Last time I was out with my friends I felt inclined to drop knowledge bombs on them about coffin babies, death erections & demon sex! YEA BABY! Keep it coming, I can’t get enough! I adore both of the hosts, they’re perfectly dark & funny in all the best ways possible. Just push play & get addicted! 🤘🏻🖤
  • PerfectKelly7
    Love this podcast!
    I could listen to Madison laugh all day and I have! I’ve been binge listening to the show since I heard about it on Morbid and it quickly became a favorite! Spencer cracks me up!
  • grifaim
    Funniest Podcast Ever!!!
    This is the BEST podcast!! I have never laughed so hard in my life … speaking of laughs .. Madison’s LAUGH is seriously the best laugh!!! 🤍
  • Chivalry is never dead
    Here from Morbid and I’m so happy I started listening. Y’all are hilarious and I laugh with each episode. I also love your guys relationship! Binging these episodes!
  • jennhoffm
    Spencer doesn’t have to come fight 😂
    You guys are so freaking funny. I am so glad I found you!!! ALSO y’all about made me get into a wreck with the necropants. I could not keep it together
  • potpotgoose
    Herd you a few weeks ago on Morbid and thought I would give you a try and I would have to say you guys don’t disappoint. Everyone needs a good laugh and you don’t fall short. Thanks for the entertainment. 😀👍🏻
  • Malloreylundy
    Giggles every episode!
    I learned about this show from Cult liter and have binged it completely. I giggle every episode as I listen. I recommend this one to anyone looking for a new pod. Spencer and Madison are amazingly cheerful, insightful and full of fun tidbits!! Please keep it up!! Love it.
  • 15cheese15
    I love these two so much. It’s rare that I actually laugh out loud at a podcast but Spencer and Madison are both so funny, they’re amazing story tellers, and their laughs in general make me laugh! 10/10 would rec
  • LaLaLiz P.
    Keep ya laughing
    Madison and Spencer keep you laughing and learning the whole time you listen to Obituary. Their friendship is the absolute sweetest and the way they banter and feed off each others energy is just so refreshing. I listen to them every week on my way to work and of course listen to Cult Liter as well. My husband now thinks I’m nuts because he was in the car during the death erection episode and when Madison told of all the different ways to execute people. 🤣 Please give this podcast a listen! You will be hooked.
  • Coley Cannoli
    Love this pod v much
    Their banter is natural and top notch, no cringe moments. Seriously good podcast. Perfect for listeners who need a break from the typical true crime. From a fellow ~interesting~ laugher, I was absolutely losing it at the laughing practice. That basically could have been a recording of me in front of the mirror 15 years ago 😂. I now love laughing happily and loudly. Especially to this podcast. Everyone listen! P.s.- I’m an anxious parent of 3 very young kids and I’ve always had an intense fear of death. This helps. Thank you.
  • Meg_Wilson this better work
    You guys are HILARIOUS! I’m binging your episodes and I’m currently starting episode 12 while I’m at work, I disassociated for a minute and when I came back you guys were talking about how she was a looker! She was swallowing and getting the job done but then she started spitting out the back!! I had to go back and relisten to realize you were talking about a VACUUM 😂 I’m seriously crying at my desk from laughing so hard!! I just wanted to say thank you for this podcast, it’s one of my new favorites!
  • Ansley912
    Love love love
    I am OBSESSED with this podcast!!! I LOVE Spencer and Madison so much!!I have been a huge podcast listener for a few years. (Seriously listened to hundreds…so yeah I’m an expert 😂)This podcast is definitely up there with my favorites! Keep up the amazing work you two!! Love you guys!
  • Belle_69
    It’s pretty funny but…
    The show’s pretty interesting and the hosts are funny. The one VERY annoying “But” is their “Preppy” accent. Like everything is a question??? After every sentence??? After every explanation???? Every other word is a question????
  • karwit
    10/10 baby!
    Spencer *slays* me and Madison’s laugh is to *die* for!
  • BeautifulMinimalMillennial
    Hilarious podcast! Some of these obituaries are hilarious. Awesome and totally binge worthy podcast.
  • emannh12
    One of the best shows out there!
    You guys are awesome! This podcast gets me through my work week! Love the laughing along with you guys!! Definitely one of my favorite podcasts so far!
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