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Each week hosts Spencer Henry (Cult Liter Podcast) and Madison Reyes sit back and read outlandish, hilarious, and sometimes scathing obituaries. Every Thursday they come to the table with bizarre history, strange funeral traditions, and so much more! Each episode ends with a 'dumb criminals' segment in which they each talk about hilarious run-ins with the law. 

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  • Why can't nickname b same?
    Hi larious
    Goofy banter, cute listener Geoff’s, love the crazy clumsiness of Madison’s antics. Your laughs and sassiness are so inviting. Patrick really knows how to turn it on or ease off when needed! Would love to hang with them irl. So fun!
  • planthead98
    OOOOHBITCH it’s a review 🖤🧚🏼
    the best duo! i feel the friendship with every episode ☺️ you guys have made the bizarre hilarious, keep up the great work love always a geoff cult babe 🖤🕷️
  • Shiiraa
    My absolute favorites
    I love Madison and Spencer so much! They have such good chemistry with each other and it makes the podcast so much more fun. I love hearing them laugh, it feels like I’m in the room with them! My favorite podcast EVER and I can’t wait for the live shows. Get your tickets!!
  • tickledpink831
    geoffs for life
    LOVE this podcast ! criminal of the week gives me life
  • KayCLT
    Has me yellin’ OH MY GAWWDDD until in cry laughing
    I’m terrified of death, but I listened to one episode of this show and listening to these two banter had me in tears laughing. I’m binging It now and absolutely love listening to everything they have to say, it’s informative, and their humor makes me feel better. I love these two ♥️
  • 🎄🤷🏻‍♀️👀😂
    I was just getting into podcasts when my friend suggested Obituary, and you guys were brand spanking new, baby podcast if you will, but I was hooked immediately! I honestly started snorting to myself within the first 5 minutes of the first episode. Spencer and Madison you guys are the cutest and most hilarious wholesome couple of gals ever, I love listening to you guys! Ya’ll never fail to make me laugh and smile like an idiot at work. Thank you!
  • Darlabell51
    I just started listening and may I say, I have never laughed so hard! This couple play well off each other and some of these honest to goodness obits are hilarious! Keep up the good work!
  • Mally_Mal_Mal6789
    Consistently great
    So glad I found this show. Keep it up!
  • dareytrue
    My Palette Cleanser
    Constantly using this podcast as my hilarious but still morbid palette cleanser from true crime podcasts! These two never fail to make me laugh! It’s like you’re third wheeling two besties 😂 love it
  • Katelyn Wilcox
    Spencer and Madison are THE duo
    I’ve been listening since the beginning, converted along with the cult liter! It’s been an honor to grow alongside them. I love these two so much, they always having me choking back laughs and tears. I can’t wait to see what 2023 brings for these two lovely ghouls!
  • yourmoomsssxare
    Amazing fun show love you guys so much
  • Shadanarshadi
    Obsessed ❤️
    I’m so obsessed with this show! I look forward to it every week
  • jules1399
    G E O F
    I have been listening for a year now. But I missed the episode that said what a G E O F is, will someone please tell me what it stands for. I may be one
  • ssrecognizex
    Hands Down Favorite Podcast
    I’m sure I’m not the only one but I’m super selective with my podcasts and can only listen to very few before getting bored or annoyed. Maybe it’s my adhd, maybe it’s my bad hearing, hey who knows! Anyways, this podcast kills me, it was suggested by Morbid and quickly became my favorite podcast now (sorry Morbid! 😬). It’s super funny, insanely interesting and I love that there’s a structure so you know what you’re getting. Spencer and Madison are the best!
  • MegCampbell87
    Fan for life, one of my top listens
    Spencer and Madison are the best, I always end up having a good laugh and have learned some crazy stuff along the way. I recommend this podcast to everyone I know. If you aren’t a Geoff what are you even doing with your life?
  • run98012
    The BEST
    I snort laugh at least 12 times each episode. But I also learn important things about mummies and Vikings. I love these two
  • jaymee lh
    Time - Killer
    It’s a funny podcast to listen to just to kill time. Madison and Spencer share the funniest obituaries as well as criminals. It’s a great way to keep occupied while doing other things!
  • dmfb10787
    Hilarious girlies
    I absolutely love you both. The moment I heard your voices I was like yep lol. Thanks for the laughs and work you do for keeping a hairstylist and mom laughing through the day! Xoxo
  • Leynalula
    So much fun
    I’m not typically a “laugh out loud” kind of person but these two have me snorting in my car every time. Madison’s laughter is so contagious! These two have a talent for making dark and morbid topics both educational and entertaining. Love this podcast!
  • Debannjac
    I am so obsessed with this show! I look forward to it every week. I really just want to be the thruple. Of Madison and spencer! I love them equally by the way. I also love cult liter. I am definitely a Geoff thanks so much!
  • LotsaRxs
    I laugh so hard that my cackle can be heard throughout the entire house, the gym, my car, and any grocery store. They are so hilarious that I’m going to fall off the stairmaster or drop weights on myself.
  • supersmoothkoala
    Honey Bunny
    My wife won’t shut up about how much she likes this podcast.
  • Jeffnickdajow279
    LOVE this duo
    I look forward to this every week
  • Emilie124635
    I listen to this podcast during my workday at home. It makes me feel like I’m actually spending time with friends even though I’m home alone. Love you guys and your friendship! 😘
  • Sunshine.562
    Who would write that for someone’s obituary?!
    Another podcast from Spencer Henry?! HECK YES! If you love Cult Liter, OBITCHuary is going to be up your alley but a little more lighthearted and more focus on the interesting obituaries that people have written for those who have passed. Salty? Check. Funny? Check. Down right mean? Double check. And for all of you coming for Madison? Take a seat. She’s absolutely hilarious, her cackling laugh is *chefs kiss* and her chemistry with Spencer makes for some great episodes full of laughter while talking about something most would find morbid. If you’ve got nothing else to do but berate the woman — grow up.
  • chishxosnxowoan
    Always a hoot
    I feel like Spencer and Madison are my besties, they never fail to make me laugh out loud with all the outlandish stories and mispronounced words. They approach dark topics with sensitivity but can always find the light in them and have such a positive outlook on life by exploring death. Can’t wait to hear more, and say hi Hot Dog, Doris, and Desi for me!
  • 0LOU0
    These two f*#^ers crack me up!!! Thanks for making me laugh.
  • katefeelsdisappointed
    Thanks for the laughs
  • Loganfool
    Keep breaking in!
  • Lng-lng
    The best! A Geoff 4eva
    I could listen to their banter all day! Literally laugh out loud every time I listen.
  • nickname: dontHave1
    I’m here for the theme song.
    Staying for the last laughs. Deliciously done deaths from the world and two people who dare to dish it. If you find yourself offended, please find another pod. …cue that cute theme song 🥰
  • ESG333
    So great
    Literally just the best.
  • shesings?
    Love it!
    Discovered this podcast recently after listening to Cult Liter and I absolutely love it! They make me wheeze laugh every day during my dog walks and commutes. Highly recommend!
  • felly2222
    Brilliant blend of hilarity and need to know info
    This podcast is like being invited to sit with two best friends who can’t help but find a way to laugh and it’s so contagious you can’t help but laugh along.
  • HalloQueen9
    I adore these 2!
    So funny, so interesting—- I just love listening to this show!
  • Bootie from Cincy
    My ear holes love everything about this show!!
    Seriously…I love everything! And I don’t know what you look like, but in my head? You look like Amy Poehler and Jordan Klepper!!! (Forgive misspellings) 🙏❤️
  • mm494
    Driving could be hazardous listening to this show
    I have almost driven off the road while listening to this podcast. So funny!! You two are so hilarious!
  • Anna Creighton
    My bffs who don’t yet know we’re bffs
    This podcast has been exactly what I’ve needed. Spencer and Madison are simply the best and I’m a proud Geoff.
  • Rebecca Lester
    My favorite show!
    As an anthropologist, I absolutely LOVE this podcast! Rituals about death are really rituals about life, and can tell us so much about a culture’s core values. Spencer and Madison are so interesting and hilarious, and I love learning while laughing hysterically. Thank you for giving me something interesting, fun, and educational to look forward to each week!
  • *Jodi**
    Vegan eats human nose
    I recently started listening to your podcast as it was suggested by a coworker. We’re social workers and tend to have a dark sense of humor so your podcast really hits the spot. I just listen to you talking about the review regarding Madison‘s laugh. And I have to tell you I absolutely love Madison‘s laugh! It’s one of the reasons that I continue to listen. I love the content and the back-and-forth between the two of you and recently told my best friend to start listening. I literally laughed out loud while I’m driving to and from work. I’m sure other drivers around me think I’m delirious. You guys are great, keep up the good work! Madison keep laughing, every time you laugh it brings a smile to my face and I laugh along with you both. You Geoffs are great, keep up the good work & please keep laughing!!
  • kamv30
    I love the content, humor, and especially the friendship and banter between Madison and Spencer. I look forward to new episodes!
  • Jena 208
    Love this podcast
    I never know how to explain this podcast when trying to tell people to listen to it but I recommend it to all my friends. I can’t listen to y’all in public though because I start cracking up like a crazy person. Keep up the hard work
  • MissMasonPaige
    Wholesome Content
    Definitely one of my favorite podcasts. They never fail to have a well-rounded episode!
  • patty diss
    Geoff forever!! Keep up the great work!
  • Jwsilcol
    This is the King Henry VIII truther podcast I never knew I needed.
  • Karen non-meme-adjacent
    And she was
    I’ve been a hospice nurse for over 30 years so have had an odd humor regarding all things death related. This pod cast is sensitive, funny, and I want to take these two to dinner and tell them my wilder stories! Good job Geoff’s!
  • Nutmeg2189
    Ohh my gawddd when I die I wanna be a tree
    I never leave reviews! This podcast cracks me uppp! I love it! But I listen late night baking and you all make me laugh so hard sometimes I mess up my dang decorated cookies! 😂🤣 look up how to be a tree when you die! That’s what I’ve wanted for the longest!
  • nobugn
    I roll in my coffin
    I can’t say how much this show makes me laugh, educates me, gives me conversation material and helps me help my friend that often gets a “cold” heal with the wonderful advice you guys give. Thank you for this podcast you make my day when I listen to you. Laugh is important and you guys achieve it every time. Morbid got me hooked on you 🤔😵‍💫🥰 FYI Morbid covered the Winchester Mystery house 😏
  • Lin_Z bee
    I love everything about this pod! Spencer and Madison are the best hosts and are always entertaining! I always have this playing while I work it helps me get through my day!
  • esteemudge
    I am a pickyyyyy podcast listener
    I can only listen to morbid and TGOG but I’m caught up on both so I decided to try this one and omgggg say hello to my 3rd favorite pod!!!! I seriously laugh out loud with them. Their giggles are so contagious. I crack up every time they say “oh my gwod”. Their relationship is adorable and I’m so glad I gave it a try!!!
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