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Each week hosts Spencer Henry [Cult Liter Podcast] and Madison Reyes sit back and read outlandish, hilarious, and sometimes scathing obituaries. Every Thursday they come to the table with bizarre history, strange funeral traditions, and so much more! Each episode ends with a 'dumb criminals' segment in which they each talk about hilarious run-ins with the law. 

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  • Kate M Maine
    Five stars
    You two-timing beetle!! KateM
  • hannahisapalendrome
    Ankle roll all day
    I love this pod more than anything! I cackle endlessly while listening and I really want to be BFFs with you both. I’ll roll my ankle with Madison any day. Don’t ever stop.
  • Risky0729
    Adores y’all !!!
    I Absolutely love this podcast!!! Every time I hear Madison laugh I laugh!! And I love when Spencer tried to keep it together and just loses it 🤣🤣
  • mykaelaaaaaa
    Perf lil angels
    One star rating? Puhhhhhh-lease.
  • Haleyloveshouses
    Best podcast ever
    I genuinely look forward to new episodes of this podcast every week, all week long. I love this show and the hosts make me laugh obnoxiously every single episode. Plus you can tell they are genuinely good and caring people and they are friendship GOALS. Love love love them!
  • MadiBre
    I’m just writing this review to laugh at the Karen who has a problem with Spacer and Madison Mr. Eyes supporting women’s rights. I love you biiiiiiiootches big time and even more so now. Your loving Geoff, Madi🤘🏻
  • gracias_gracelyn
    I’m heartbroken
    I listen to podcasts to escape the world not to hear more political opinions and find out at the end of an episode what you’re using the money to donate to. I have been listening to this podcast religiously for months and it was my absolute FAVORITE and after listening to the last episode I don’t even want to listen anymore. It would have been one thing if you mentioned the proceeds from the ads in the beginning of the episode so those who didn’t want to contribute didn’t have to listen but you didn’t and that shows that you don’t care as much about your listeners as I really thought you guys did.
  • Cass1170
    Oh baby!
    I love Madison and Spencer so much! One of my absolute favorite podcasts.
  • Nat2581
    Oh Baby!!
    I unapologetically laugh out loud in public when I’m listening through my headphones!! You two are amazing and I’m proud to be a Geoff and I tell everyone I know that this is the place to be!! Spencer and Madison have an amazing friendship and it’s on full display!! An ankle breaking good time!!
  • corey1734
    Best show ever.
    Best show ever.
  • W Kate Roberts
    Screaming funny
    I often have to pause because I am laughing so hard. I work at home as a creative so I listen to a lot of podcasts. Can’t listen to this one while operating heavy machinery because I may just hurt myself laughing. Thanks!
  • Mar1334
    They’re so funny and real. You won’t find another podcast that talks about the topics they do, especially the way they do. I think I’m speaking for everyone here.. give us more episodes! We want you in our ears all the time 😂 Love you guys! 😘😘
  • Mea711
    2 star review Boo!
    I adore Madison and Spencer and am literally giving a review because some Gerk-off-Geof had the nerve to give you guys 2 stars! Boo to them and yay to you both!
  • Neicicjr dl
    Literally obsessed with Spencer and Madison!!!!! They keep me laughing ALWAYS and I love their friendship
  • alleyafern
    Oh my god!
    Love love love this show! Proud to call myself a Geoff! Spencer and Madison have my dream friendship! This is the first podcast that has made me scream laugh and Madison’s laugh literally gives me dopamine. Love these two so much💕
  • TLV47
    I’m on a binge. Currently on episode 31. I’m obsessed with your voices, THE LAUGHS, stories, etc… Yall both have the best laughs. FAVORITE PODCAST EVER!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Karislynn
    I love love love love this show!!! I found it right before (unbeknownst to me) a major depressive episode hit and when I so needed to laugh, I found spencer and Madison! This has been such a wonderful show to listen to and laugh with. Just adore them. So so much. (Also my mom died when I was 15 - and have had nightmares about hair and nails that don’t stop growing and they taught me that doesn’t happen so thank you!!! 😂😂😂)
  • Jimmy Poe nickname
    oh babey
    I love you guys so so much i’ve been listening since you first aired. im so glad you guys are thriving
  • tbunny2292
    Oh baby
    This is the perfect podcast to listen to while I stress clean my house. Love you guys!
  • Skrichard17
    My fav podcast
    Truly no other podcast out there like this one. The only podcast that makes me audibly laugh out loud
  • NicB115
    A giggle!
    Oh my god!!! I didn’t think I could love you guys anymore until you’ve informed me that a group of clowns was called A GIGGLE! Lol! That is all.
  • braaandi95
    I’ve laughed and cried (the pet episode was rough 🥺) I love you both and look forward to listening on thursdays!!
  • JMalaspina
    Thursdays never blipped my radar
    But now it’s one of my favorite days of the week! Why? Because Spencer and Madison! The show these two create is always interesting, always hilarious, and I always learn 2-99 things per episode.
  • Chun-lin Romero
    Laugh til it hurts
    I laugh so hard my stomach craps and tears are flowing. The content is exactly the kind of weird that I wanna hear. I love the hosts. They are animal lovers with a dark sense of humor. Just like all the best humans.
  • una_leslie
    I love you guys! I look forward to Thursdays because you! ❤️
  • Brittyk2
    I love you guys
    I just started listening and absolutely love you 2!!! Your “oh my gawd” lol it makes me laugh. Keep it up 🥰🥰🥰
  • PincushionQueen27
    So fun
    Don’t worry Madison! I use Tidal too 😜$ straight to the artists you listen too unlike Spotify!
    So good
    Highly entertaining. 10/10 would recommend to anyone with a sense of humor and a brain.
  • Hgtyudfhsidofb
    Just discovered this podcast and I fell in love. Thank you for making me laugh uncontrollably while working and driving.
  • Lacey8807
    This is my favorite exercise podcast.
  • Carriekaty
    ❤️ ❤️ love!
    You asked if you had any witch fans! You do, this witch loves you two!
  • Baileyrcxyz
    Love it
    First of all, I love Spencer and Cult Liter. Secondly, Madison’s laugh is e v e r y t h i n g ! It brings me so much joy. You guys are hilarious and have amazing chemistry. I can’t help but be in a good mood listening to you. Thanks for sharing a ton of interesting info, and always making me laugh. Never stop making this pod!
  • saigeyvonne
    Highlight of my Day
    I’ve struggled for so long trying to find a podcast that I genuinely love listening to. Either voices are annoying, boring, the topics are off/too opinionated, or the ads are lame. But Madison and Spencer are so relatable, so funny, and listening just feels like you’re sitting in the living room with them; hanging out with your besties, talking about funny funerals, crazy death stories, and learning new things about what happens to us after we die. They’ve made the dreadful crawl of LA traffic something I look forward to.
  • 23dj
    Love this show! And OMG the brain eating people from Papua New Guinea got the human version of Mad Cow!!
  • WallaBritt
    Well, let’s be honest — they’re not flawless, which makes them the most relatable and enjoyable. Spencer + Madison = PERfection as podcasters and friends. I feel like I’m learning and being surprised right along with them. Madison’s laugh is infectious and Spencer’s reactions to things are priceless. I usually listen to podcasts before bed, but these two I just can’t. Otherwise I’m laughing when I should be sleeping.
  • lanzoo1
    I love listening to these 2, they are hilarious and cover very interesting topics!
  • carleyGeoff
    A Phila, Pa. Favorite
    Absolutely love these two I’m always laughing hysterically at each episode. They also bring topics up that are super interesting and I’m always learning new things. ❤️❤️
  • Bootie from Cincy
    I completely agree with MsGang21!! DITTO!
    Seriously…I love everything! The good, the bad, the (I’d like to substitute “ugly “, for “gawgeus!”) peace and love
  • TheTrueSizzle
    Spencer and Madison are hilarious and a joy to listen to
    Time flies listening to them banter back and forth. They frequently have me laughing out loud in areas I probably shouldn’t be.
  • Kaykay10189
    New favorite podcast!
    These two are some of the funniest people i’ve ever listened to! I 110% recommend this to anyone who like comedy mixed with some morbid topics :)
  • MsGang21
    A good palate cleanser from all the crime pods
    Started listening a couple months ago when I was sent over by morbid. Love this podcast for its light-hearted satire of life’s tragedy’s. Spencer and Madison’s banter and mispronunciations make the podcast. They’re just two best buds just goofin with a microphone. I could listen to Spencer’s sass and Madison’s laugh all day. I almost crashed my car in tears laughing at the ghost sex episode.
  • ashpeeee
    Top Podcast For Me
    I Looooove Madison and Spencer so much. Their banter and laughter is a nice change from the heavy usual true crime podcast. I listen to some episodes over again just to brighten my mood.
  • JulieandNoah
    Yes girl
  • Nateirma
    So informative and hilarious
    Discovered this gem of a podcast by accident! Looking for something different and interesting to listen while I work! I’ve binge through the whole year in a couple weeks. Love all the amazing topics but more especially the friendship between Spencer and Madison!
  • SugarKissez
    L💖ve this!
    I love this podcast so much!
  • KAH1207
    Just Lovely
    I love listening to the duo! I was introduced to them by Morbid and I was hooked! Love the topics and their laugh is contagious.
  • dell_crow
    My new favorite podcast
    They have great chemistry and are fun to listen to! Love to hear that they do their research too! I am hooked.
  • saricadee
    Thank you both for this pod 🌹
    Thank goodness I found you two. Campy humor, bff banter, and the readings of obit stories all mediated by your duality of palpable sensitivity and generous comic relief. It’s that kind of satisfaction I’ve only ever experienced at a bombshell estate sale.. Do you know what I mean? Keep going and write that book!
  • mars2go
    Listen, you are my people! You both have the best sense of humor! Love love love it!
  • Jenny Miller
    Really good mental health break
    This is my go to podcast if I just need a good healthy laugh. Their laughter is contagious and they bring levity to some serious topics. When life starts to feel overwhelming, this podcast can help put things in perspective.
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