Friday Night Karaoke

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No ads, no gimmicks - just Karaoke! Friday Night Karaoke features amateur artists every week singing the songs they love, just for you! Get your weekly dose of vocal expression. Get featured on the podcast by joining the official Friday Night Karaoke Facebook group at!

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  • Bona and Team Capsho
    The best vibes! Love these guys!
    Friday Night Karoake cuts through the noise with its refreshing simplicity. Joe and Mike are super cool and make it a genuinely enjoyable listen for any fan of vocal expression. From Bona and Team Capsho
  • Petey the P Palawan
    Fun and friendly show
    Not only does the music rock but the hosts do too. I love listening when I’m driving home from work!
  • Ozeal
    Nothing but good vibes here!
    Fun podcast with two entertaining hosts, Mike and Joe bring that high energy karaoke passion to this podcast. There’s some great karaoke talent here. Highly recommend you follow this podcast for good vibes, laughter, and karaoke community. Who’s ready to rock the mic next? Cheers, Ozeal
  • Dankadoe
    Positive energy at it’s finest…
    You know that feeling you get, when you’re watching the bloopers from a movie and you realize how much FUN it must have been to make that movie!? It makes you wish you could be IN a film (just for the joy of making the cast and crew laugh along the way). FNK offers that same kind of feeling. You can actually BE a part of the cast while making music together. There is talent, there is laughter, there are good people. Mike & Joe showcase some highlights in this podcast — and they are always entertaining. I can not say enough good things about Friday Night Karaoke as an overall experience. ‘Just fantastic.
  • bigmacher
    Friday night?
    More like any night. Am I Right? LOVE this podcast. Joe and Mike are awesome.
  • Licia Morelli
    The karaoke happy factor
    I can’t stop smiling! Mike, Joe and the karaoke performers bring the banter every week. If you need a good shot in the arm to give you an energy boost, this podcast is it. Fun, funny, and chock full of amazing performances - you’ll binge listen for sure.
  • Ed Cunard
    True karaoke fun
    Love this podcast and Facebook group. Just genuine feel good, positive vibes.
  • chicjken joe
    Fun and genuine
    Great podcast, easy to listen to, the hosts are having a good time and so will you.
  • maggieg1234567
    Best group ever!
    These podcast and Facebook group filled with talented peeps and not to mention really cool people.. is the best! I am so glad to be apart of this group..These two guys rock socks.. always make these podcast happen and the are really appreciated! Keep up the awesome work guys!
  • karendkolar
    Hands down favorite podcast
    I look forward to this podcast each end every single week. Many times it becomes the highlight of my week. I love hearing all the members of the group giving it their all as well as listening to Mike & Joe. The friendship you guys share and chemistry on air makes this!!!! I know it takes a ton of people to make this happen so hands down phenomenal job to each and every one of you!! It’s hard to top my love for true crime podcasts but this does it. To anyone looking at reviews before listening, do yourself a huge favor and just Listen to these right now 100% worth it. You’ll be back. And come join the group on Facebook 💙
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