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  • casskloes
    This podcast has been such a blessing for me and I’m sure whoever is listening! Thank you for making this world better. Blessed be our God forever and ever!
  • Isabellaravioli
    The perfect podcast
    If you’re looking for a podcast that will inspire, push you to grow, and help you to see what God wants to use you for, you don’t need to look anymore! This podcast is amazing, and it just gets better and better with every new episode!!! Thank you double portion crew for the work that you guys are doing!!!
  • Kpibee
    An excellent podcast!
    Thank you for the work you’re doing - such a blessing!
  • Sethng423
    100% A Must Listen
    If your a young person listening to podcasts then this ought to be your number 1! Thank you Double portion for your dedication to helping young people grow. 🔥
  • Aaron B 01
    #1 podcast
    Love listening to Double Portion pods while at work or even at the gym sometimes! Feels like I’m back at home whenever I tune in! For sure a must listen too for others thinking about it. 🔥💯
  • NDB74
    Mark ye well the old landmarks!!!
    Awesome content with great discussion of vitally important topics. Double Portion team, keep up the good work. I have just recently came across your Podcast & have just completed listening to the third episode of modesty & holiness. I have seen people that seemed to be great men & women of God fall prey to the collapse of holiness. This always seems to have a snowball effect & only grows after it begins. Sometimes it’s hard to feel like there are many churches left that is holding to the heirlooms our forefathers preached so straight & true & it is refreshing to find another light still burning without wavering in a dark world. With the collapse of Apostolic standards on so many sides, I often say that if the standards doesn’t matter, our Apostolic pioneers were either wrong or were liars. I believe they were led by God & were very right. It takes separation! Thank You!
  • Sis Foster of GCK
    This podcast has opened my eyes to some of the deeper things of God! “If you are the salt, you are the influencer” definitely spoke to me! Thank you for this podcast!!
  • Isaiah Fishburn
    Great, Godly Podcast
    This is an absolutely, amazing podcast! I love the content that y’all have put out! I love the fact that y’all are doing this podcast as a conversation instead of just like a one man show lol Keep up the good work!!!
  • JL Gibson
    Love the podcast!!
    I love your laidback, yet in-depth style! I enjoy hearing these podcasts! On the holiness series, please do an episode on facial hair. There is another podcast from another large Pentecostal organization that seems to leave it up to the pastor, and doesn’t come out strong against it. I would love to hear you guy’s take on the issue!
  • JN Marshall
    Incredible Content
    Great podcast. Incredible content addressing needed subjects in a way that only experience can give. Thank you for sharing your outlook and heartbeat with the world!
  • NikkiKast
    Bible bomb!!!
    Thank you for starting this podcast! It’s been a blessing. This podcast is so inspiring, and I’m not just saying that because that’s my Bishop, youth pastor, or my Sunday School pastor, I’m saying that cause it’s true. I love this podcast!
  • Pastor Harlan Morgan
    Pentecostal Heritage
    We greatly enjoyed the guest appearance episode with Bishop Larry Booker and his discussion of Pentecostal Heritage. What a treasure! Thank you! Pastor Harlan Morgan FPC - Sulphur, LA
  • Chicken pocks daily
    LOVE IT!!
    This Podcast is the BOOM, SHAKA, LAKA!
  • Caitlin McClain
    Looking for ward to upcoming episodes!
  • Bro SteLew
    Keep e’m coming
    Throw down in Puebtown that’s what I’m talking about! God is good! Awesome podcast already.
  • bigteezy98
    Love it already. Looking forward to the upcoming episodes! 🔥
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