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Those that don’t have time for wellness will eventually have to make time for illness. My name is Dr. Jaime Seeman, a board certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist with a background in Nutrition, Exercise and Health Science. I am also a current Fellow in Integrative Medicine and a Board Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist. I am a wife and a mom to three little girls. I have a passion for preventative medicine. As a former college athlete I got away with poor nutrition most of my life, until the ultimate stress test of your health…PREGNANCY! Weight gain and fatigue became a constant battle. Low thyroid function, hormonal imbalance and pre-diabetes crept into my life. I’ve finally found a sustainable way to optimize my health. We have had it wrong for too long. Our medical system is NOT curing chronic disease. I have never looked, felt or lived better. I am here to help you with your HUMAN OPTIMIZATION! You were not put here to suffer, its time for you to SHINE, it’s time for you to be FIT & FABULOUS!

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  • Blumkee
    Great show!
    I’m really enjoying your show and the guests you’ve brought on! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and unique perspectives with is!
  • ABC3 girls
    Great podcast
    Love your show! You provide great info and you are so east to listen to, thank you for all you do!
  • hobbitmom
    Great Talk with Dr. Bret Scher
    Love this podcast. Thank you.
  • Stargazer6304
    Dr Jamie still hitting home runs!
    I absolutely love listening to Dr Jamie Seeman and the wide variety of guests she interviews! I always learn something new with each session. One of the most fascinating sessions was with the sex therapist who shared about sex toys to aid and improve our sexual function. I’m 70 years old and thought…how did I never know this stuff?!? It’s never to late to learn and never to late to rejuvenate your love life!
  • mvelasco07
    A must-listen!
    I recently discovered The Fit and Fabulous Podcast and have been consistently impressed by the wealth of knowledge and insights shared in each episode. No matter the topic - you're guaranteed to gain something from the conversations between Dr. Jaime and her incredible guests. Go ahead and give it a "follow," this podcast will quickly become a favorite in your feed!
  • RoseMiller98765
    Thought this podcast was fact-based. The abortion discussion proved that it’s not.
  • Kelly GoJo
    Evidence-based amazing-ness❤️
    Thanks to Dr. Jaime for bringing on such amazing guests and sharing her wealth of knowledge. I teach data-driven decision making to graduate students and I recently shared her podcast episode with Alan Aragon . It is a rich hour of conversation that was accessible and technical. She always asks amazing questions and I learn so much. I’m grateful for Dr. Jaime’s dedication to helping her listeners and patients gain a greater awareness of how to improve their quality of life through fitness and nutrition.
  • Player60435678
    Long Covid podcast
    Have been following Dr Jamie for a while but decided on a walk today to listen to a podcast. My walk was in place of a workout because I felt lingering Covid symptoms (10 months later) flaring back up but wanted to still get some movement in. Stumbled upon her podcast that spoke on long Covid and timing was 👌🏼👌🏼! So much made sense & I realized I had slipped from my daily healthy eating! I will be back on my clean eating for my body…. Prioritizing sleep and listening to my body. Her guest speaker spoke so well and knew what I needed to hear! I realized I wasn’t imagining these symptoms!
  • S Anderson from WI
    Inspirational and Educational
    This podcast is great! I learn something in each episode and Jamie is an inspiration to all. Check it out.
  • SLS1979
    Wow! I adore this podcast ♥️
    All episodes have been wonderful but Episode 25 with Dr. Rimka was absolutely phenomenal! I have learned so much and will continue to share this content. Thank you (both) for taking the time to make this show. P.S. I wish more doctors in my area were more open minded and diet /food centered as you 2 are. Around here they just prescribe more pills.
  • Steph in NE
    Health Empowerment!
    This powerful lady wants to share her practical medical and nutrition experiences and knowledge with the world! From an early YouTube video about the microbiome and immunity, I’ve followed her after starting on a transformational keto journey for myself and being introduced by Dr. Annette Bosworth. Dr. Seeman is bringing great coaching to my community in the heartland of America and I am excited for the ripple effect to all around the globe. I don’t know how she does it all, but I pray for success for her leadership as she and her family put themselves “out there” to help us all! Favorite episodes thus far are the interview with her Dad (shared that one and helped an older relative) and the one about PCOS (shared that one to help someone in a current struggle with infertility.) If you like this type of content, may I also recommend the LowCarbMD podcast? Check out Dr. Seeman’s interview there regarding Upgrade PI, too!
  • tishardh
    I found this podcast when she interviewed a gynecologist. I learned that many of my symptoms were probably hormone related. Got my hormones in check and my anxiety is GONE. Life changing info and I’m so grateful!!
  • pinkyladii
    Life changing
    Thank you for inspiring me to make positive changes in my life. You give me the tools to be the best version of a mother I can be!
  • fairyslipper
    Game Changer
    I started down the rabbit hole of good metabolic health a year ago, and one of the podcasts I was learning from led me to the Fit and Fabulous Podcast in a roundabout way. I am SO grateful for Dr. Seeman and all the positive messages she is sharing with us. I have binged every episode and learn so much in each and every one, that I find myself looking forward to Mondays now to see what I can learn that day. Dr. Seeman is such an inspiration and I have no words for how much she has changed my life!
  • Great Lakes Nicole
    Inspiring and enlightening 💪❤️
    This lady works hard and gives no excuses! Busier than anyone I know, and does it all! Dr. Jaime talks about so much on this podcast with a variety of guests. Two of my favorite episodes were with Tara Garrison, who just goes out and gets it and is so positive, and strives to crush everyday, and the newest episode with Michelle Levitt, who talks about nutrition and healthy habits for the family, especially our kids! If you need a laugh out loud episode, Luke Cook’s episode was hysterical! Listen to them all, you can’t go wrong. Thank you Doctor Fit and Fabulous ❤️
  • Shellbell2184
    Wonder Woman
    So glad to call Dr Jaime my doctor!! After following her for two years, she has helped me reverse my insulin resistance and to incorporate healthy habits to my family. Her wealth of knowledge and passion to help others is so inspiring! Her podcasts are fun, informational and relatable. I enjoy her podcast every week!
  • davidlorick
    Very Entertaining!
    Jamie’s podcasts are both informative and entertaining. She brings expertise and humor to topics and it’s well worth a listen. She also features greats guests and conducts insightful interviews!
  • Mamatiph
    Role Model Extraordinaire❣️
    I’ve been following this inspiring and beautiful person on IG for over a year now. Thanks, Dr Jaime, for helping me conquer my stubborn insulin resistance. Your podcast is off to a great start and I’m so glad to be here at the beginning. #ATTS!
  • BearOpi
    Free flowing
    Fun and great content! Love the organic flow of information/inspiration!
  • Ftposi34
    I am loving this podcast. I have so much respect for doctors who are willing educate and share knowledge-especially different ways of looking at thing that go against the standard messaging. I am learning and I am inspired to take charge of my own and my family members health. Keep them coming!
  • Imthemomandisaidso
    Useful, Lifesaving information
    Discovered FitAndFabulous podcast through LowCarb MD podcast, and absolutely adore Dr Jamie Seeman. Must say that Episode 10 is by far my most favorite with her guest Dr Mary Newport MD
  • annav14
    Smart and so incredibly informative
    Every podcast is excellent. Dr. Seeman is brilliant and just listening to her will give you an advantage in life. I just wish she was my doctor.
  • ShirlesRN
    I’m super excited for this podcast. Thanks for investing your time and knowledge into the world with the intent of healing our bodies. You are an inspiration and great example within the healthcare industry.
  • jllme22
    I’ve been a follower of Dr. Jaime for some time and loving this podcast for its variety and especially nuances of low carb/keto lifestyle. Totally relatable topics. I also appreciated the science/details/explanation on salt and minerals with Dr. Dinic 🙌🏼 look forward to this every week!!
  • amirican gammer
    Great Information!
    Dr. Jaime is so down to earth and really cares about getting real information out to the public to help improve our overall health and well-being! I’m looking forward for more podcasts to come!
  • Chad (getfitbetrue)
    Amazing Podcast Dr. Jaime
    Dr. Jaime Rocks!!!!! She is my Favorite Titan Mom and watch her Titan Games episode all the time with friends. I love it that she finally has a Podcast. Always learning something new all the time from her. Have been sharing this podcast with friends & family as well. Looking forward to new & exciting guests and “Seeman Analysis” too!!! 🔥💪👀😉
  • CAMTX84
    Let’s! Go!
    She’s the real deal and our family is very grateful for her. So excited about this podcast.
  • laceyjlou8
    Always Inspiring
    I love Doctor Fit and Fabulous’ content on social media, so excited to get more content here!
  • SPaulsboe
    I happened to come across Jaime on another podcast and I am THRILLED she has started her own. I have a very similar history and recently started a ketogenic diet that is changing my life. I cannot wait to learn all of the things from Jaime!
  • heidikasia
    Love this woman’s work and dedication!
    I joined Dr Jamie in challenge through Facebook group in February 2021 and that’s how I got to learn more of who she is and the work that she does. I love listening to her dropping the wisdom with kindness and intelligence. The result is total motivation I get to challenge myself and actually do things to improve myself. So excited for this podcast!
  • tleanneryan
    Loved this podcast
    Loved listening to this podcast and can’t wait to listen to more
  • carinborg
    Credible, authentic, inspirational
    Your podcasts are a great combination of truth, knowledge, personality and inspiration. Oh…The Places You Will Go! Changing the world….
  • SaraD in NE
    I had already listened to all the podcasts Dr Seeman has been a guest in. I’m so happy she started her own. Such a great teacher and so knowledgeable!
  • justina_rae
    I have been following Dr Jaime Seeman for about a year and love how she breaks down the science behind it all. She is a wealth of knowledge and I am so glad she finally has a podcast!
  • Kyskimmie
    Spot on! Phenomenal!
    I’ve followed Dr. Seeman for quite awhile, as a medical professional myself, finding such a knowledgeable physician who supports the ketogenic lifestyle is nothing short of incredible. This was so informative and easy to understand for anyone interested in learning more about this fit and fabulous lifestyle! I’m a research nerd, so the articles brought into this provided a wealth of information that I can’t wait to delve into further. Thank you for an AMAZING podcast, I can’t wait to hear more!
  • njoy 1 life
    Love her!
    So excited to have her thoughts and ideas in one place…I have been following her for years and continue to learn so much from her wealth of knowledge and simple explanations!
  • TaylorMade72
    The Best !
    Knowledge and empowerment for health, nutrition, family, and living life to the fullest !
  • SassySEAL
    It’s so nice to have a female physicians perspective on the KetoDiet! I’m looking forward to hearing more about this along with other life topics. Dr fit and fabulous is a wealth of info and I’m so happy to see her finally on this platform
  • heatherpaige_fit
    My new favorite podcast. Love Jamie’s knowledge, transparency and her overall charisma.
  • carnivore_java_beauty
    Loved it!
    Excellent first episode, I cannot wait to hear more. You have been one of my top idols ever since starting this health journey of mine. Thank you for all the hours of research and content you put out. You and your husband are doing amazing things!
  • makayla mosely
    Fit and fabulous podcast
    I might be biased since Dr. Seeman delivered my perfect little angel baby, but she really is the best of the best! Everything she says she lives out to the fullest and it simply SHOWS. Fitness, health, glowing skin, mom life - she’s got it all. As a patient I truly get to experience how genuine and personal she is. Let’s go fit and fabulous podcast! Trust me, you will want to learn from her!!
  • Wordywordup
    Truth, Wisdom, & Real!
    Great job on your first episode! Can’t wait for more. You are always real, sharing your knowledge, humble, listening and learning, respectful, and open to others experiences while laying out the truth with facts anywhere you are found through personal contact & social media. I’m confident you will do all that and more here. This podcast series will provide value to anyone who listens. Proud of you!! Thanks for sharing to make the world better, fit, and fabulous!!
  • Bluesninja
    Long awaited!
    This podcast has been a long time coming. Thank you Dr Seeman for gracing the airwaves. You are such an inspiration. I can’t wait to see what great guests and wisdom you have to share. Keep it up 👊🏼
  • Chiclet Spitter
    Doc will set you right!
    If there ever was a healthcare provider who knows what they’re talking about Dr F&F is it. Prepare to learn a lot about health & nutrition. A must subscribe podcast!
  • Hey there!!!!!!!!
    Love all things Dr. Fit & Fab!
    From family, health, diet, exercise, travel, beauty & loving/living life fully….Dr. Jaime does & is it all!!! Fill your heart, mind & soul with her wealth of knowledge!
  • mary ila
    Finally a medical doctor who speaks in real world terms and helps provide actual direction for HEALTH not illness! Love this!
  • bekahdragon
    Real facts from a Woman Doc
    Love that Dr Seeman is doing a podcast. I’ve gleaned so much info watching her as a guest on Carnivore Cure and many other YouTube videos I watch. She is 100% right we are our own champions of health. Knowledge is power!
  • Motz J
    Good stuff!
    Been following for a bit and super excited to see where Dr Jamie takes this! Inspiring, informative, and interesting!
  • Lambert Library
    Clear, Relevant Information
    Jamie had an enjoyable speaking voice and was professional in here delivery with no swearing to get here points across. I appreciate the simple, clear explanations of hormonal and metabolic functions and the effects they have on the body. Your health is on you, and she will empower you to make the best choices.
  • Person_574832701
    Best podcast on health
    Dr. Seeman’s truthful and direct approach to health and fitness has changed my life. Following her advice has brought me from prediabetic and feeling hopeless to normal blood sugar levels. I’ve built muscle and lost over 40 lbs of fat in these past 6 months. It’s been fun running around in shorts and swimsuits again this summer. So happy she has a podcast. I’m looking forward her upcoming guests and topics!
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