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A few years ago, Derrick Levasseur and Cody Calafiore teamed up to create one of the greatest alliances of all time. Now after winning the show a couple of times, they're teaming up again to bring you their insight regarding CBS’s hit series, Big Brother. Every Friday after the live eviction they’ll be coming to you with a recap of the week, their opinions on the houseguest, and who’s in the best position to win the game. And they also want to hear from you! So get your questions ready and welcome to The Winner’s Circle..

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  • march maddened
    Original was best
    Glad it’s back to just Derrick and Cody. But ……The live stream format is not great! Love this podcast but hopefully post episode format comes back.
  • lex1722
    Tiffany if awful
    She has become a bitter, hypocritical clout chaser.
  • Pink8181
    Love this season of big brother!!
    I disagree with Tiffany’s opinion of this season of BB! I love that one group of ppl are not running the house. There’s so much going on they are all playing the game. Differently. I love this season! I love almost the whole cast. Idk I just see this season in a whole different light then Tiff does!
  • Grandma17!
    All Stars
    Loving the podcast, loving everybody’s thoughts on thing ! I’ve watched big brother from the beginning. Hate this season hate the universe or whatever they call it hate that nobody’s really playing the game except for maybe Cam. I think Cire is trying, but she can’t win any comps. I would love to see and all stars again people that really know how to play the game.!!!
  • Waldo108
    Love this podcast not a fan of the new format
    The live stream format was hard to get used to especially listening in podcast format but I love Derrick and Cody and it is fun to hear their perspective on the game. Keep up the good work!
  • Madison6xo
    Longer Live Show
    Love Derrick & Cody! Love Tiffany! Great show with great insight. One suggestion - stay live longer after Thursdays episode. It’s difficult listen to the show + podcast & a lot of viewers join the live after the episode ended.
  • Newuserkatie
    Tiffany Has To Go
    Used to love this podcast but I’m giving up on it- Tiffany is a terrible podcaster. If you want to listen to someone who doesn’t know what she’s talking about complain for an hour, enjoy I guess.
  • Geosmith18
    Love it
    Two former great players. Great insight. Well grounded. Love getting their opinions on big brother and also whatever else they want to talk about. Tiffany is a dud. I personally don’t enjoy her opinions or insight. She’s a bit of a know it all which obviously no one does so it’s weird to act that way especially when you’re not particularly good at competitions and especially competitions on the challenge. You were an anchor for the red team.
  • Gravel voice is a hard no
    Can’t listen when Tiffany is on
    Love the pod when it’s the 2 guys. It’s funny, entertaining and you both have good insights. Tiffany is so hard to listen to, when she is on I cannot listen and delete her episodes. Just because she was on BB does not mean she can host a pod cast. It is painful to listen to. One star due to Tiffany.
  • FunkyFreshNat
    SO many ads
    I love the content of this podcast, but there is an ungodly amount of ad breaks. The eviction episodes are unlistenable at this point. No reason for 6+ ads in a 10 minute episode. So many happen in the middle of a sentence too, so it’s actively hard to listen to
  • Stac09
    I love this pod so much. If Cody can say boo all the time I would give it 6 stars. 🤣🤣🤣 I laugh everytime.
  • MO0922
    Thanks but no thanks for your opinion Tiffany
    I have enjoyed BB from the beginning and was so excited for this podcast! I have listened from the start. I know that all season are not phenomenal but the amount of complaining that Tiffany did on this last live feed recap was a little much. I will more than likely not listen to her episodes anymore. Saying BB should have stopped at Season 23 was pretty rude and unnecessary being that BB is the reason why she is on this podcast right now. Just my opinion.
  • Handrews4580
    Love the Podcast
    I have been a BB fan since the beginning. In my opinion Derrick was the BEST player knocking out Dr Will from the top spot. Love listening and on occasion watching the podcast and hearing what y’all have to say about what’s happening in the house! BTW I watched Traitors because Cody and Kyle were playing (I’m a Summer House fan too)! Kate was a bonus 😂. Anyway love your podcast 😃!
  • Tosh Bosh from VT
    Loving the new format
    I am loving the new format of this years show! Going live during the eviction episode is so fun. I’m there each week to give you that thumbs up. I appreciate the Hitman’s perspective and look forward to the Hitlist. I hope you guys bring that back in full sometime!
  • RachNoelle
    I LOVE hearing big brother recaps and loves from the two best winners who know it best!! Love you guys! Keep up the good work! Also shoutout Tiffany! You've been a great addition!
  • hgtvkuufehkjh
    Love these guys and LOVE Tiff
    I listen to you all on my daily walks & it makes them go by so much faster because your talks and takes on the game are always so intriguing. LOVED Tiff on Big Brother (yall too, but that’s my girl lol) & am a huge fan of her Live Feed takes. Keep up the good work guys & excited to see what new merch you come up with!
  • DrJen24
    You’re losing me!
    I love Derrick and Cody and have been listening since the start. My first disappointment was Tiffany joining (sorry girl!). In the beginning she sounded too much like a 900-number late night operator. She’s better now but I think she focuses on the wrong things. Even more disappointing is this new format with the live shows. I want to focus strictly on the show while I’m watching, not try to listen to commentary during. Then in listening later in the car there are too many gaps of silence. It’s hard to follow. I miss the days when we could take a deep dive into what was happening after we had watched it. Please bring back the old format!!!
  • Lachattenoir
    Recently changed for the worse
    They talk more about what’s happening on their live feed and chat than they do what happened on the show. If it stays like this, I’m definitely out. Too many other great BB podcasts are out there to settle for this.
  • Leonarda4
    5 stars! Best big brother players
    Love listening to you guys on my ride to work in the car! You guys do an amazing job! Great updates and interviews! They don’t miss a beat!
  • Sdubs75
    Recap would be better.
    I like hearing your comments(even when I disagree). But….. a live recap AFTER the show would be better. Then you can take 15 minutes and get your thoughts together on all of the segments and be clear on what your saying.
  • Lynn Speck
    Great podcast
    I I am enjoying Tiffany being on the show however I started watching it because of Derek and Cody and I really miss their feedback guys please come back quickly **Guys for those of us on the West Coast that have to watch later so no way to watch with you**
  • Mikevf
    Don’t love the live episode show
    Love you guys but hard to follow you during live show. I’d prefer post show coverage. Keep up the great work!!
  • Raylouhawk
    Take a breath
    Does Tiffany ever stop talking? First time listening and if this is what I will be listening to every podcast, I’m out.
  • Swmmagrl4ever
    Episode/Discussion Idea
    First, I’m a huge fan of the show. I listen regularly, especially during the BB season. The hit list is my favorite part! An idea for a show or a discussion: Morals/Values in reality TV. They touched on it a bit with Cody’s inability to turn on his fellow traitors, Tiffany with her work with the Cookout. We also see it in BB All Stars when Tyler struggles with not wanting to be seen as a manipulative person because that isn’t who he truly feels he is. It’s I think it could be a very interesting discussion to hear like when and how they’ve all experienced their morals and values coming through, even though they are able to recognize “it’s just a game”. These games are very psychological and hearing the humbling side of these legends when they’ve struggled and maybe we didn’t see it on TV.
  • phxross
    Love it, but...
    Fantastic podcast. Love content. But ad placement has to be changed. Too abrupt, occurs mid host sentence. There are much better ways to go in and out of ads.
  • Christi 2207
    Love love love!!
    I loved watching Traitors and I love hearing Derek, Cody and Tiffany talk about it. Love this podcast.
  • Highhighhighbaby
    Love behind the scenes!
    I listen for all the behind the scenes details! I love how the episodes are not too long!
  • T.L.G. 218
    Binged the entire season in one day! It was that good. Love listening to the Pod as well to get more content!
  • Ron0824
    Hyper Aware
    Excellent tips for everyone to be safe and always be aware of what’s going on around them. Any deterrence available is a good bet!
  • Monie_S
    You are amazing queen. Keep that calm pressure coming.
  • Jcs_evc
    Really wanted to like…
    This podcast is so hard to get through, between Cody and Derrick not having a clue about what’s really going on to Tiffany not knowing how to interview people. I really want to like this podcast- they get great guests but don’t know what to do with them.
  • Pokhgfxssdchjnvghnjj
    Love love lovvve Derek and Cody but Tiffany …
    If Tiffany is going to interview could she humble herself a little…. Indy playing for the UK ?? Did she not hear Indy screaming “forrr brasilll” all season… I don’t like listening to episodes with Tiffany. Please please reconsider her addition to the podcast.
  • SaturnLover
    This podcast is disgusting. Especially from the people who cheated the season to win the game. They’re nasty.
  • Kingboysduece
    Really disappointed. They don’t watch the live feeds or do the research to provide any insight. If you are only interested in the edited version of the show, this may be for you.
  • Sharmi Lawrence
    Great! Love these guys!
    Love love love
  • RLB45
    Really enjoy!
    I really enjoy Derrick and Cody and how they review the show. Two of my favorite players. I also enjoy Tiffany and getting her perception of the live feeds! She does have her favorites! 😂😂😂. Keep up the great work - I hope you continue to review Big Brother! ❤️❤️
  • Alyd94
    Ads are so loud & random
    I think they need a new producer. Tired of having my volume on high trying to hear them and then BAM. Random ad blaring in my ear. It’s so frustrating.
  • allyssacruz
    Decent but could be better
    I loved you both as winners and really wanted to like this podcast, but you ignore so many problematic things you said and did in the house while holding Michael and Brittney to a standard you didn’t have for yourselves. I mean, the caping for Kyle is…wow. I know he’s a white straight guy, but I’d look what direction your fingers are pointing. Wish I liked your pod more than I did, but I wish you both the best.
  • cindynh76
    The Ultimate BB Podcast!
    Wow, I’m so glad I found this podcast! Derrick, Cody, & Tiffany examine BB in an analytical way and you can trust their takes because they have played the game! I feel like I was being brainwashed by the popular “BB update” podcast that I used to listen to. The Winners Circle podcast is the real deal.
  • Thejess44
    Tried to listen
    I listen to many podcasts. What keeps me listening is content, their energy and their voice. I know Tiff just started podcasting, but her voice is soft and energy is so low key on most of her shows..Especially this last one. I Lasted 10 min. I just couldn’t get into it. The one show with Chaddha and Azah was fun and had lots of energy. Hope she gets better. Derek and Cody have lots of energy in their voice
  • D_Vali
    I lovee what Tiff brings to the podcast!! It’s so refreshing and I love listening to her episodes and the perspectives that she brings to the game. Love everything about this!
  • Ccw0609
    Tiffany can be long winded
    I thought this podcast was hosted by Derrick and Cody. I started listening and came upon episodes where Tiffany was guest hosting. She makes good points, but I find it hard to listen to her because she can be long winded and go on and on, not really letting the other person talk. Disappointed because I wanted to listen but had a hard time keeping my attention.
  • realitytvfan5ever
    LOVE Tiffany, Iffy on D&C this season
    I think it is SO important to have a representation from a woman, especially a Black woman on this podcast. The voices of women, and women of color, are so often not given a platform. Tiffany, and her guests, offer such a different perspective from Derrick and Cody, and I think is extremely necessary to have her episodes/commentary. She has opened my eyes to issues I never noticed on the show, and even biases I would have never thought of. We are lucky the she is willing to educate the audience on many important topics. Tiffany is the reason I’ve continued listening this season. Derrick and Cody have been off this season. I’ve loved the past two, but this one has been really disheartening to listen to. There have been so many excuses made for problematic behaviors on the show, and it comes off as insensitive and ignorant. It seems as though Derrick and Cody can’t, and refuse to, put themselves in the shoes of anyone but a straight, white, man. Whether people like it or not, race, sexuality, and gender equality ARE important topics inside and outside the house. People in minority groups can’t escape their identities and other people’s biases just because “it’s a game.” The conversations that happen in the house aren’t “just for optics.” These people live with prejudices against them (inside and outside the house) every single day. It’s effects their daily life whether or not they’re playing a game. Problematic behavior should be called out and should affect the game. There isn’t a rule book to this game, and anything goes. That’s why it’s Big Brother. The game adapts with the times, and that includes social media and “optics.” Stop hating on the game just because people are getting called out for problematic behaviors. You have all the grace in the world for a straight, white man, but can’t fathom having grace for the people in minority groups in the house. If it wasn’t for Tiffany and the post-eviction interviews, I probably would’ve stopped listening. I’ve always been a fan, but I’ve really lost some respect for Cody and Derrick this season. I’m hoping you can take some time to reflect on some of your “takes” and see how they can be harmful to people in minority groups. We need to all work together to create a world with kind human beings, and not try to silence people who speak out against problematic behaviors. I know Derrick and Cody are genuinely good people, so I hope they can learn and grow as well after this season.
  • Housewife3
    Lost a lot of respect for you both. Listened to several big brother podcast and have never listened to so many personal attacks that were wrongly directed. Sticking to the format per usual of bro’s rooting for bro’s. I was still in it for the listen, but can no longer even stomach the podcast after the last two episodes.
  • marceloaveron
    Greatest Big Brother podcast on the internet
    Really refreshing to hear actual BB players/legends giving their thoughts on the game. Super straight forward, you guys never hold anything back.
  • Haleighcherie
    Love the podcast! Just listened to Jasmine’s episode, there’s no such thing as a level 4 sprain 🤔
  • Bg2626
    Love it
    Love listening to all of your insights to the game. Adding Tiffany’s live feed episodes was a great addition! Keep up the great work
  • medh3
    Derrick over stepped
    Usually you two are pretty on point w game analysis, not this episode. Saying not making excuses for Kyle then proceed to make excuses for him. He's an almost 30 yr old grown man. He's older than Michael! Both of u saying kyle can learn from his mistakes in the game post show while Derrick attacks Michael not only as a person outside of the game but also his personal character and integrity as an attorney!?? And only that targeted attack for michael, what about brittany? With ur logic she should be a "bad person" outside of game too, no ? Where's the same kyle outrage? Michael needs to be made aware before agreeing to go on podcast. I wasn't even really rooting for Michael but this episode makes Derrick look pretty bad. Talk abt integrity, js Maybe should've waited longer before you filmed.
  • Daffodils35
    Michael won’t nominate Monte, Terrance, or Taylor given the “optics”, right?
  • Paul's Dog
    My new favorite BB podcast
    The interviews with the evicted guests are great but having Tiffany and other Cookout members critique what is going on in BB24 is so valuable. Some other podcasts (RHAP) pontificate about what they would do, when they have no idea what they would do because they’ve never played the game. Tiffany and the rest of the Cookout, plus Derrick & Cody, know first hand how differently people act inside the game as opposed to outside. My new favorite BB podcast.
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