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Jeff doesn’t hold back when it comes back to his personal life, and his many, many, issues. From legal battles to his messy relationships, or arguments with neighbors and staff, Jeff airs it all out with his famous no-filter.

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    2023 has great moments
    I’m new to the show and it has its good moments but also some questionable episodes. I wish he would add to the mix some of his flips real state stories into the mix to make it a bit more relatable but overall the show is entertaining!
  • not a trol, just truthful
    Best podcast and radio show
    Fantastic and so entertaining! Love listening to Jeff Lewis and the chumps!
  • GirlnewsSDpuma7
    Appreciation 💛
    The EXACT moment in my week when my job in retail makes me want to drive my car into a wall, Jeff & his crew (love ALL of you) release a new episode on my phone to unwind me and make me laugh at the world. Thank you
  • mybigfatfabolouslifer
  • Hellocarol624
    I love you Jeff- anti - Shannon
    Jeff, Your lovely and we actually met at the brea improv and you were so great, and we have a pic together!! Jeff please stop having Shannon on. It doesn’t matter how intensive the out patient program was if she drank the whole time while being in it lol come on bro, Lots of love!
  • Tamfrommurrieta
    U rock Jeff!!!
    I so love how u ask the questions we want to ask!!!! For example with the Shannon interview!!! Sort of annoying how annoyed she was getting!!! Girl u were drunk and hit a house...this is your chance to get it all out and then move on!!!
  • MJ4Sam
    Breath of fresh air!
    If we all acknowledge our issues like Jeff does the world would be a better place! New listener but not new to watching your real estate shows. I started listening to the newest podcasts but couldn’t get enough so I started today at your first. I’m listening to the one when you came to Reno in 2021! I’m not sure if you've come back yet but don’t go to the Fandango! It’s gross and you’ll have the runs on your way home. The best casino buffet is in Reno at Toucan Charlie’s (hands down) I’ve lived in the Carson Valley for a while. I can help direct and recommend things if you ever come back this way! Good luck to you and all your endeavors! Mary
  • deanandtweetwee
    I’ve tried and tried
    But this show has become so boring and ridiculous. It’s hard to even listen to when fast forwarding. I liked it a year ago - now I want to puke.
  • Leslie SZ
    Melissa Rivers
    She’s annoying.
  • supergoof
    Debbie downer
    Lord this qween comes off as the biggest backstabbing phony.
  • jessplease42
    I’ve died and gone to comedy heaven!
    I had no clue who Jeff Lewis was 2 weeks ago and today this is TRULY my fave podcast on the entire planet. It’s pee your pants hilarious and I’m a CHUMP4LIFE
  • Renatka55
    Love Jeff, Shane n Megan
    They have a great sense of humor
  • LtnBird
    Love all oof your guests; however, fortune is the queen! Love when she is on! 👋👋❤️😊
  • ShanDunn1
    Best Podcast Ever
    Fun light and it’s Jeff I mean what else do you want 😁
  • Courtney1250
    I love your sick and twisted show
    Said with lots of humor and love. Love this show. Always has me in stitches. Hilarious! Shout out, Shane.
  • dirtyjess
    Love this show!
    Love Jeff Lewis! This podcast just shows his realest self then what we see on his show - Hollywood house lift.He’s honest, he’s funny, and he has good guest.
  • mary sio
    Dorinda is sooooo FAKE
    She was such a B** she was put on pause and she’s on here saying how fair and generous friend she is
  • Cos430
    Horrible human
    If you like listening to someone who uses his employees to humiliate and down grade then this is your show.
  • pinacoloda
    Pls Noo Teddi M!
    Enjoy your show, but please know Teddy Mellencamp or Shannon B; they are insufferable!
  • Charityp
    Family court
    Hey Jeff, family court reporter here for several years. You guys need to get new lawyers! Sounds like they are playin you and your ex against each other at your expense!! Love your show!
  • Jj jelled
    No more Mersades. Such a negative energy.
  • robyn2205
    Love Jeff
    I love listening to Jeff! Please don’t have Teddi on, she’s insufferable. She seems to think she’s never wrong. Yikes!
  • NewFanGirl
    Ugh just no. Keltie was awful. Jeff’s edit on TV is a much better version of him. He is someone that goes to therapy so he can know and give proper responses, not to actually improve. But wow-to drag *everyone* in your life, have zero loyalty, and be so low as to drag your child into the show as fodder for gossip and content-is lower than even I thought Andy Cohen was willing to support. Indistinguishable from an absolute bottom feeder, but recognisable due to his fillers and Botox!
  • KittyLikestoRead
    The best Jerry, the best!
    Please 🙏 I am begging you - no more Patti Stranger. Otherwise-Hands down my favorite radio show/podcast, so much so that I subscribed to SiriusXM just to listen to Jeff Lewis Live and the after-shows. Really enjoyed Jamie Kennedy paired with Leah Black, Todrick and Chaz Dean. Doctor Judy and the lady Judge are THE best.
  • twofacedschenna
    Are you running out of ideas?
  • BROWN238238238
    Please do bravo stars or just the Chumps
    Oscar Jamison Shane - all the chumps are amazing- it’s brutal when you have someone like the Keltie person- so boring/ please just talk with the regulars and talk about your life!
  • Mrs.RLS
    MJ needs to go
    Please stop having MJ on the show. She is awful and rude.
  • limidamm
    Keltie is SO obnoxious
    Jeff & Shane are amazing Keltie is so annoying
  • thisisapain33
    Love Keltie
    Great show Keltie was fun !!! Great energy self deprecating and funny !!!
  • Bobbiekane
    No thanks to Keltie!!
    Have always been a big fan of hers on all the entertainment shows… unfortunately as cohost on todays show, we learn who the real Keltie is & it ain’t pretty!!! She is soooo obnoxious & it’s very apparent she thinks very very highly of herself… the way she talks about training her new assistant was so demeaning esp when she said- well he’s from Ohio- trying to explain the steep learning curve stepping into her fabulous world…knowing she’s gone thru 5 assistants in 10 yrs says it all!! Hope she listens to herself & maybe learns a little humility… usually love Jeff’s show & always gives a 5 star rating but this was just too cringey!! Please don’t invite her back Jeff
  • dut1020
    Love the show!
    I have to be honest though, did not like the Keltie Knight episode. She is so annoying.
  • Desert Princss
    I laugh all the way to work
    Love you Jeff and all the Chumps!
  • KimMM76
    Love Jeff!
    Love listening to your show, and it never fails to make me laugh! Loved the Stassi episode! She is such a fave! So honest and authentically herself. Just tells it like it is! I’m really on a Jeff Lewis kick! So sad 2nd season of Hollywood houselift is over😢 I need my Jeff fix so I watched what I could of old Jeff Lewis flipping out seasons, but then it disappeared from Freevee, but I found it on Netflix, but only 1st 5 seasons😢 Just in a “Jeff” loving mood lately🤣❤️ I need more!!!
  • SantaClausIndiana
    Hard pass.
  • deedkg
    Much Needed Laughs
    I’m loving the show! The camaraderie is amazing! I feel like I’m right there with you all! Much needed fun during these crazy times!
  • 11122998877
    Light, funny
    I enjoy this show because it’s not serious, it’s silly, light, and fun.
  • crazyplayer748
    Favorite Podcast Ever!!
    Jeff is so messy and hilarious and I love it!! He is never not funny! Shane cracks me up too! Shout out Shane, lol! If you are a Bravo fan, this is a great podcast to listen to. Thanks for making me laugh in the car and during my workouts! Xoxo
  • Despondent Chucklehead
    Love Jeff and his guests!
    Jeff has always been hilarious! I love that he is an open book, sharing so much, that he kind of feels like a friend! He’s critical but relatable and even a bit vulnerable at the same time! I love his cohosts and guests, too! It’s always a great show!
  • Toaster for LIFE!!!
    Transparency that doesn’t exist.
    Heather McDonald also got sued. Funny how you conveniently left that out. Never can tell the truth.
  • HubbleLife
    Sai Da Silva pls!
    Love having Sai on the show. She and MJ are my favorites
  • ariatargaryan
    A Daily Delight!
    Jeff genuinely shows interest in every guest, displaying his natural curiosity that sets him apart as an exceptional interviewer. His remarkable ability to be honest and vulnerable surpasses others, and coupled with his humor, makes his show a daily delight for me.
  • Abner1010
    The best
    An amazing laugh every time I listen. Also loving seeing a different side of Jeff here and on Hollywood House-lift.
  • Demented Darla
    One of the best
    ❤️❤️❤️ Jeff’s podcast. I listen at night while driving from Bakersfield to Los Angeles for my job. I am constantly cracking up. Keep up the good work.
  • AJHubb33
    I started listening to Jeff day 1 on Sirius. I no longer have Sirius, so I was excited to see a snippet of the show on my Podcast app. This makes my want to renew my subscription so I can listen to entire episodes. So freaking funny!
  • Sophomoric
    Not Good
    If you’re looking for a headache, this is the podcast for you. It’s just not that good and lacks talent.
  • Cgarcinc
    Love love Jeff flipping out was one of the best shows! So happy to see you back on Amazon!
  • LovednotSpoiled
    Lea is awful
    This show is usually entertaining, but her whining, negativity and just overall vibe ruins the show everytime. She is so out of touch with reality and thinks her opinions are the gold standard. Just an awful fake human. She just doesn’t vibe well with the great cohosts on the show
  • GioFTL
    Hilarious and entertaining
    The show is funny and entertaining. Your real listeners and true fans, as well as, just about anyone with a little common sense, we all know you are not “dragging your child” into the show for content. The person who wrote that has more issues than Jeff Lewis. Maybe she should stop being so judgmental as to how Jeff or Andy Cohen are raising their child and perhaps start looking at her own miserable life, which has left her humorless and miserable. The Chump community support you and know there is nothing you wouldn’t do to protect your child from harm. Keep up the great job you and your entire team do. Your show is unique, light-hearted, hysterical and real!
  • Snegl@
    Very entertaining!
    Unbelievable, make me laugh every day
  • kelssssw
    I LOVE when Kerri Lewis is on!!!
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