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Here’s Where It Gets Interesting finds the stories of America you probably haven’t heard. Host Sharon McMahon, a longtime teacher and one of today’s most influential voices, will ignite your curiosity about the fascinating stuff that wasn’t in history textbooks. She’s joined by notable thought leaders who share insights about history, culture, and politics, and inspire us to grow into more thoughtful, well-informed citizens.

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  • Lostlake1
    Informative but too many advertisements.
    Title says it all
  • Sherlice.N.
    Great podcast
    Very interesting topics and I have learned so much!
  • Fanabc
    Carlos & Sharon
    How to Human podcast: Fantastic. Entertaining dialog and so much helpful truth and incentive for us all to get along.
  • tsoak
    US history extraordinaire
    I’m interested in US history but I didn’t realize I was THIS interested. Sharon makes it all so real and easy to follow and understand. I highly recommend this podcast!
  • ama glg
    Most ethical person in earth!
    In a time when so much is being thrown at us, Sharon helps to keep things straight!
  • nscrump
    This podcast has been very enlightening for me. Whether the subject is about past First Ladies, Jello in a bath tube or the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII, I have been educated. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to better understand our past, present and future.
  • Ksisiam
    Love love love!
    Sharon tells well informed, important stories that you may not have heard and has amazing guests! I am always waiting for the next episode.
  • besthalfodlife
    Great, educational podcast
    I really like this podcast for its entertaining, educational format. Sharon is a hoot. Highly recommend. The only problem is the editing/ad placement. There are so many ads and some are quite long. Some are just dropped randomly within the podcast with no warning. Better formatting/editing would make this podcast top notch.
  • jennjprm
    My weekly history continuing education
    I have been listening to this show for about a year now. Each episode I learn something I never knew about our country. Sharon makes things interesting in a topic I never cared much about in school. If I taught history her podcasts would be homework. Thanks for helping me better understand why things are the way they are.
  • Sheaps10
    Love you
    You have a great way of telling stories thank you for doing what you do!
  • Lala9291
    Too many ads
    This is a well-produced podcast with great content. However, I can’t listen as often as I would like because I get frustrated at the ads. I understand the need for ads to keep podcasts like this going, but they feel misplaced in the flow of the script sometimes and there can be 3 (fairly long) breaks in a 25 min episode. This meets the length/frequency of ads I hear in long-form podcasts of 90-120min. Besides that frustration, this is a nice, educational podcast.
  • Klyn102
    Continuing Education made interesting
    I find myself repeatedly referring people to this podcast as well as to Sharon’s IG stories. I am always learning something new in an absolutely unbiased way in both platforms. Very thankful to have found Sharon McMahon and for the work she does.
  • maestragraves
    Pertinent title
    Yes! The stories, facts, information provide for space to ponder “Here’s where it gets interesting.” They are thought-provoking and educational in a way that doesn’t tell me how or what to think. The episodes are fun and insightful. Thank you, Sharon!
  • Goldieschlager
    Great content, so many ads
    I really like the content of this podcast and the stories I’m hearing— they ARE interesting and they’re delivered in such a way that I feel like I’m having a conversation with Sharon about these subjects. I love that! I feel like there are just SO MANY ADS. And some of them are 4 minutes long. Some of them are for MLMs. I get that podcasts cost money, and I work in marketing so I’m HERE FOR IT. But it makes this podcast much harder to listen to when it’s 40% ads, and each ad break portion is longer than the stories/content portions. Especially loving the first wives series, though, and they’re worth skipping through the ads to hear these interesting tidbits.
  • Mias35883
    Only getting 4 stars because of the ads!
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. So much great knowledge! Unfortunately the ads have increased and its starting to get to be too much. I get that it pays the bills, but its so many. Please slow down on the amount of ads.
  • ChrisyP21
    Obsessed with this Podcast!
    I am always so delighted by this podcast! I could honestly listen to Sharon all day. Her stories are always so interesting and engaging. The conversations she has with her guests are fascinating and get me thinking about ways to improve. She brings much needed hope and light to the world and I’m so grateful for the work she does!
  • Karen Loves This!
    I love love love Sharon’s Podcast
    As a 36 year career teacher in history I am absolutely loving this podcast. I can’t wait for the next episode. Sharon, you are awesome! Soooo interesting and sooo much information. I wish I had known half of this information when I taught. I am loving the First Ladies episodes. I have recommended your podcast to all of my friends.
  • Anonymous1!2!3!4!
    Great Podcast but Ads are Awful
    I love Sharon and her podcasts! The content is great, but the ads have gotten out of control!!! They play at the oddest times during the podcast and the ads are long and seem to happen every ~5 minutes. For an episode less than 40 minutes, 30 second-1minute ads every 5 minutes is annoying. Please bunch the ads to the beginning or end of the episode and stop the random ads in the middle of the episodes.
  • demelar
    History Geekiness for All
    Sharon’s interesting anecdotal gems coupled with her bright-eyed delivery make me feel happy to be an aspiring history geek.
  • Haejinee
    Enjoyable Podcast!
    I’m not an auditory learner, but the way Sharon tells her stories make it so simple to listen. I learned so much. She’s the real deal gov’t teacher!
  • Scottish Teen
    Enriching and relatable
    Enriching history presented in a humble and relatable manner. I learn something new each time I listen. I really appreciate this podcast. Thank you for your work.
  • Junebug0913
    I learn something new every time I listen. Thank you for these wonderful podcasts.
  • Class o' 85
    Every time I listen, I learn something new
    Sharon has a way of presenting history and facts in a linear, connective fashion such that not only do I learn something new about our history with each podcast, but I can relate it to the present. Even though history can be fraught with pain and shame, she always leaves us with a morsel of hope that not only will we survive our troubles, but we will thrive. And the fact that she has raised and given away over a million dollars to those in need, demonstrates how much she cares about others. Sharon is America’s Hope Diamond…to be treasured and admired.
  • -Carmen.
    Stimulating in the best way
    I feel fed intellectually every time I listen to an episode. Further, it’s the type of learning that goes beyond “huh, that’s interesting” and into “this fundamentally changes my understanding of how things work in this country and how I participate with it” territory. Impactful.
  • Soaps by B
    Life in Crescendo
    Loved the interview with Cynthia Covey. What a glorious mindset that we need in our country. Thank you for sharing this book with your listeners.
  • NMwalkinggal
    The ads!
    I really enjoyed the Resilience series—great content and well-researched. However, the ads are beyond annoying. They are super long and interrupt at odd times. I stayed with the program for the content, but I don’t think I can continue. Too bad sponsorships are ruining a good thing.
  • CSH_91
    What happened?
    Used to be my favorite podcast. What happened? Where are the rest of the First Lady stories? Feel left down. The guests are so obscure and the subjects are over done and boring. History was the draw. It’s gone so I guess I’m gone.
  • VectorBotTim
    Great Show
    Just stumbled across this podcast today. Well produced, with great conversations.
  • Ballistis
    So Much To Learn
    Every episode has so much great information. I loved Momentum and Resilience series, and everything in between. Great listen. Should be on everyone’s podcast lists!
  • ***okay***
    I’ve been waiting for this podcast to be released & it doesn’t disappoint! I left Instagram and the only two people I miss are Sharon & Jenna from Smarthernews. Thankfully, they both have podcasts! Sharon’s stories & topics are so interesting and told in an entertaining way! I learn something new every episode. Thank you Sharon! Update- I used to love this podcast and found the historical stories interesting and informative. I especially liked when Sharon went through each state with a fascinating story. I don’t like the new format. The ads are really annoying- too many and awful timing. This podcast seems to be leaning further and further to the left. It’s a bummer, I used to find Sharon down to earth, relatable and unbiased. Sadly, I no longer feel that way and find myself listening less and less.
  • Upright Media
    Best Podcast Ever
    Listening to this podcast is what every American needs! Thanks so much for bringing so much education, information and light to us all! You are living your purpose and we are so blessed!!!
  • danny rules!!!!!!!!
    Evan McMullin
    Great interview with him. Thanks!
  • Sbrosch
    Interview with Evan.
    Excellent, informative and enlightening. Thank you, Sharon, for interviewing Evan. I am better informed because of this podcast.
  • Leisa Hanks
    So good!
    What a great interview - shouldn’t we all be on the same page for our country! I love that we need to listen to both sides to succeed!
  • midwifebc
    So good.
    First became acquainted with Sharon on The Ally Tour with Lisa Sharon Harper. I knew I wanted to hear more.
  • MelandBry
    Free history class!
    Thanks for putting in the research and conducting interviews that shine the light on lesser known history that is important to add to our perspective about current events!
  • Gwwwwyrdbkb
    Short yet packed
    I really appreciate the length of each episode being less than 30 mins. However, just because they’re short does not mean they don’t pack a punch! These episodes are packed with historical information from experts that always teach me something new.
  • campusrosie
    Sharon McMahon….
    ……everything she does is always amazing and so informative.
  • Brookebg
    Great content
    Loving the content. The ads are distracting and too long. I feel like they cut in at strange times and I can’t remember what was being discussed before the ad.
  • azgals!
    Love this podcast and every episode!
  • xjawmeex
    Sharon is THE BEST!
    I’m so glad to have found Sharon many months ago on Instagram, and am a proud governerd! I’m so happy for this podcast, and highly recommend it for anyone out there who enjoys #facts and learning tidbits about things in history that we likely never learned in school. More importantly, she makes these topics fun and entertaining. She’s engaging, kind and truly America’s favorite government teacher. Do yourself a favor and binge this podcast! You won’t regret it. Edit — my ONLY request is to work on the ads; the timing is random, sometimes after barely starting the episode, and again less than 10 min later (for a 30 min podcast). They interject in the middle of discussions and it just takes away from the show some. The content is amazing and Sharon is so wonderful, but the ads (timing and frequency for a short episode) really ruin it at times.
  • Kluns24
    So Good!
    I’ve always enjoyed history and learning….but never have I felt that knowing our country’s history is more important. Thank you, Sharon!
  • AnnyDelmoe
    I’m learning so much!
    I’ve always enjoyed history but this podcast is done so well! I’m learning so much and am excited to keep going!!
  • Miranda Rizzi
    Important history
    Thank you so much for sharing this history with us! I had no idea what had gone on. It is important for us to learn this and not let history repeat itself.
  • BugletB30
    Pretty good.
    I liked the original name and format better, plus there were fewer ads than there are now. Info is still good, but it feels less down-to-earth and much more like a documentary series.
  • KateHSt48
    I still love the content but the increase in advertisements is distracting
    I’ve been a long time listener (since the very first state focused episodes) and I truly love the way Sharon McMahon tells her stories. She brings incredibly important topics to light in a way that makes it easy to digest. This current series Ive found it very distracting how many advertisement breaks there are and I’m struggling to follow the theme and thread of the podcast because of that.
  • Jennifer Fukutomi Lee
    Thank you from my Japanese American family
    Thank you Sharon for bringing to light much of the untold history of the incarceration of Japanese Americans during WW2. My father was born at Minidoka; his mother, father, older siblings, grandmother and uncles were farmers who were taken from their homes in Portland, Oregon after EO 9066. All of his siblings and a couple of his aunts were citizens, born in America. I got little bits of the family history growing up from my father, who was only a baby when they were released, so what he knew was just a fraction of their entire experience. My family never really talked about it after they were released. It was a shameful, traumatic part of their history they just wanted to forget. They moved to Los Angeles after the war to start over, eventually saving enough money to by a strawberry farm in Oxnard, Ca. They built a successful business that the family ran for decades. They were incredibly resilient. My grandmother died when I was a baby so I never had the chance to talk to her about it. I’ve done a lot of my own research as an adult trying to piece their experience together myself. My great uncle was one of the 442nd soldiers who received a Purple Heart that she mentions in episode 8. My dad used to show me his dog tags and Purple Heart medal, and pictures of him in uniform. I am just so grateful for the work Sharon’s team has done to compile this comprehensive historical account that has added to my knowledge of my own family history. I can’t wait for the rest of the episodes! This season and every other she has produced are phenomenal and will make you a more knowledgeable and empathic human.
  • jenbax02
    Thoughtfully pushes beyond the comfort zone!
    Love listening to Sharon address hot button issues with kindness and consideration. She makes you think about new perspectives and gives encouragement for being informed and calm in sharing new insights that encourage introspection and exploration. It’s time to change and stretch the narrative to be more inclusive and humble about our American Story.
  • Bizcochito73
    Love the content, need to address the format
    I absolutely love Sharon and her dedication to presenting history and the news from an unbiased and thoughtful point. Some facts are uncomfortable and she does a good job at helping her audience reflect and confront our deeply rooted beliefs. In a time where polarization is at its worst, she has the unique gift of bringing people together. My issue with the podcast is the formatting around ads. Most of the time they cut in between an interesting sentence and disrupt the flow of the discussion. There should be a clear pause or a “when we come back” kind of intro to ads, some music, something, so it doesn’t feel so disruptive.
  • melissamarilyn77
    Well researched historical info
    I appreciate learning about history I didn’t learn about in school and learning more about history. Well researched and interesting. The more we know, the better we can do. Let’s not repeat history, but seek to be more inclusive, more fair, and better community members. This podcast is helping me to begin those actions.
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