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Have you ever heard a story that has left your mind blown? The kind of story that sounds like a pure exaggeration? The kind of story that you want to turn around and tell to all your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors?

Those are the stories you can expect to hear on The Sharon Says So Podcast, every single week.

Host Sharon McMahon, a longtime government and law teacher, has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers on her viral Instagram account @sharonsaysso where she combats political misinformation with non-partisan facts.

Sharon is no stranger to the rumor mill and is here to expose the damning details and unheard truth behind the TRUE stories of America you may never knew existed from espionage to sled dogs to presidential scandals and much, much more.

Sharon will also be joined each week by some of the nation’s most prolific thought leaders, government officials, authors and more to discuss developing matters of national importance in an effort to keep you informed on today’s rapidly changing news cycle.

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Recent Reviews
  • bitchinkittin
    Almost Perfect Podcast
    I want to give this podcast 5 stars but there is a ton of ableist language that is very distracting. There are also some episodes with extremely sensitive content that should have content warnings but they don’t.
  • Lisalearns
    Kansas; an accidental election with Sharon McMahon
    Another great podcast about a little known government related part of history. Appreciated hearing it in Sharon‘s uplifting and positive tone!
  • 2acT
    Love, Love
    I have stumbled across this podcast channel and I am learning so much. Loved the Louisiana episode. You make learning fun!
  • AzMims
    Love these little chats
    Her short comfortable conversations feel like a quick call to a like minded bestie! I love these historical vignettes that bring persons from the past to life. The conversations about facts, politics, and civility are my favorite!
  • emaline_12
    Governerd 4 life!
    Sharon is a breath of fresh air! She has a way of teaching history and sharing ideas that draws you in and feels nothing like high school AP history/ government. Listening to this podcast while I fold laundry or while I’m driving makes the mundane tasks exciting and thought provoking!
  • Mkennedy40
    Learning so much!
    My heart was touched by this podcast and as a teacher/mom it was nice to hear about how to talk to kids about the terror of 9/11. This podcast is classy and informational!
  • Thereisastewart
    Governerd for life
    One of my favorite Podcasts to listen to. Sharon makes it easy to want to tune in each episode. She’s always providing unique, funny, thought provoking, random facts and stories that leave you wanting more.
  • RubyHamp
    Not my favorite.
    I loved Sharon when I first started following. His bias comes out a little too much for me and ruins the podcast.
  • Rhoffman
    Excellent Podcast
    This Podcast has incredible stories, encouragement, history lessons, and a brand for Unity among all of us. I love the respect and the unconditional positive regard Sharon extends in all she does.
  • KaraE12
    Sharon is the best!!!
    Sharon is the best!!! Can’t wait to hear more!
  • Penguinkathleen
    Wish it wasn’t biased
    Her simple episodes of telling stories are interesting. But it’s obvious she leans one was and is very biased. It’s unfortunate because it ruins some episodes.
  • TCK Mom
    Can’t wait for the next episode
    History/government based-episode. Always interesting, always kind. Love this podcast and can’t wait for the next episode to drop.
  • meganvball9
    Great Stories! But……
    While I thoroughly enjoy the main stories of each podcast, I find myself increasingly annoyed by the guests. Many are trying to be funny and laugh during really dark parts of a story. Sharon seems to follow their lead. I have listened to 4 podcasts so far and will update my review after I listen to more. Like I said, the main stories are great! The guests take away from that.
  • Momboknits
    Rosemary & White Christmas
    I really enjoyed this episode. I love the movie White Christmas and Rosemary Clooney’s hits. I really enjoyed how Sharon wove a story of her life and her life difficulties in such a positive way but gave new tidbits about the story! Very enjoyable listen!
  • nats_adventures
    A great way to learn and be uplifted
    Sharon, I have no idea if you read all of these but I have to say that these historical state episodes have been an absolute and utter delight! Thank you for making my commute to work so educational, inspirational, and fun. I’ve even cried because so many of these humans I had never even heard of were so brave and kind and bold and beautiful ❤️
  • leighregan
    My favorite podcast!!
    Omg love this podcast so much. Stop reading my review and go listen. You’ll learn so much and will become a better human. xo
  • mama-mag
    Great podcast!
    Thanks for this fantastic podcast, Sharon! I simply love your podcasts!
  • AshleyAshleyAshley!
    *Her* facts don’t require your approval
    Sharon is a great story teller and very knowledgeable of how the government works. She shares very interesting facts about our world and fascinating stories about our country. Unfortunately she also claims to be sharing “just the facts” about politics, and it becomes obvious where her priorities lie in what she leaves out. May I suggest to all her listeners to make sure she’s sharing the whole fact and not just the fluffy, “make conservatives look weak” part.
  • lorenzo1920
    Such a fun listen
    I really enjoy listening to this podcast every week! I send my husband all her brain tingle moments!
  • sfdeezy
    Love this!
    I came across Sharon on Instagram and fell in love with her logic and facts! I believe misinformation and disinformation is a public knowledge crisis! Thank you Sharon!
  • krista45
    Such amazing story teller, ✨facts don’t require your approval ✨🤍😂 I learn something new and interesting each week that get my brain tingles going. Thank you for your research Sharon ❤️
  • Bi-Coastal Ellie
    Great random information that’s not random!
    Love her storytelling and interviews. Thought provoking and entertaining!
  • realamug
    Entertaining and Educational
    I love that I learn something new every time I listen and not boring to listen to
  • MJV
    Worth a listen
    The wide variety of topics and guests as well as the enthusiasm of the host( Sharon), makes this series of podcasts worth a listen.
  • mamo3111111
    One of the best!
    I am a person who loves to learn and I have learned so much from these podcasts! Definitely worth the time to listen to, especially if you love to make random connections to why things are the way they are in the world today! Thank you Sharon!
  • MorgHansen
    Educated, entertained & uplifted
    Absolutely love this podcast! It is interesting, heartwarming, funny & everything in between. Definitely give this a listen! You will not be disappointed.
  • Desrayy
    Love how personable she is
    I adore Sharon, her podcast, and her IG for keeping me up to date on events, educating me on history and other newsworthy stories. I appreciate the way she breaks things down. Also, it must be said that the kindness she shares is infectious. We need more Sharon’s in this world. 💛
  • CcanipeFreeman
    Teaching us what we didn’t learn in school!
    Sharon teaches us all of the incredibly cool and not well known things about American history! Fun for the whole family to listen!
  • TallyD
    Love these!
    Sharon’s not trying to persuade you to change your mind on anything which is refreshing. She highlights interesting tidbits of American history. I look forward to these every week!
  • Ehrenberger
    What a Gift
    Sharon is a gift to all of us, seriously. I follow her on Instagram and she’s completely changed my outlook on politics, difficult conversations, and seeing the good in small doses. This podcast is just that, amazingly entertaining stories about history sprinkled in with some good life lessons. Sharon is an incredible story teller and I look forward to all the stories she has to tell. Update to add: the episode Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man was phenomenal. Thank you Sharon for holding space for such an important message.
  • Sara-E.
    This much appetite for middle school obnoxious?
    I subscribed because I was spending more time in the car and the description sounded like right up my alley- nonpartisan facts. Educated guests. Great historical stories. The first episode I heard left me skeptical- does she always talk to her audience like we’re nominally intelligent middle schoolers who need dramatic, obnoxious voice changes and slang to find anything interesting? And why would she have a random author as a guest when this guest knew nothing about the topic and seemed to be there just to say “wow” over and over, and share her social media info? I gave it another try through one more episode and yep, if that’s the standard fare, this adult doesn’t have the time to waste on being talked to like a 12-year-old with no attention span.
  • JackPack1010
    Sharon brings a refreshing perspective and ability to enlighten the world with TRUTH. Her fact-based methods and primary source approach is the best thing on the internet today.
  • lexp777
    So good!
    I love this informative podcast! Such a great addition to my week and I love Sharon!
  • RosyDaisy
    Thank you
    Thank you for such amazing content. They help remind me to always look for the facts when reading the news. I especially loved your episode on how to be a good Internet citizen. This one hit home. And really helped me work through some anxiety and stress. Thank you, again.
  • Marykay S
    Sooo good!!!
    I love podcasts. I can tell how much I like a particular one by how many episodes I share. Every week I am sending an episode to friends, family, coworkers. Such a variety! History, emotional health, growth. Sharon has it all!
  • Holly Lung
    Just listened to episode 26. What a fantastic telling of a truly inspiring story!
  • CallieCB
    Give Me ALL The Sharon Content
    Sharon, you are a gift! I am so grateful to have something that I look forward to each day and learn from! Between your podcast and your Instagram, you are a wealth of information and I love being able to get bite-sized pieces of information that is so easy to digest! You make history FUN and I’ve learned so much from you! Thank you for all you do!♥️
  • ramonaHhunt
    Entertaining, educational, perfect duration!
    This podcast is everything I need! It is educational, entertaining, and the durations of each episode are just right. They’re not too drawn out but long enough to pique interest in each topic.
  • Amanda H7
    Great choice!
    Sharon always has a perfect mixture of funny, inspiring, informative content. Love everything that she does. Absolutely 5 stars!
  • Jay's Store
    Love Sharon and this podcast!
    Thankful to have something in my ears that leaves me feeling more informed about history and the current world we live in. Leaves me thinking and curious to explore more about certain topics. Thank you Sharon!
  • Katieskis
    Best entertainment
    I always love this podcast because it’s a mix of wild histories, thought provoking guests, and conversations that inspire hope.
  • ashnagy
    Informative, funny and entertaining!
    Informative, funny and entertaining!
  • Huffmomma27
    Looking forward to hearing more of Sharonsaysso! So insightful, interesting and engaging! Reminds me of Steve Harvey, now you know the rest of the story!
  • savanaj003
    Great listen
    Such a great podcast! So informative and about interesting topics!
  • What the 5 star
    Love the variety!
    I love the variety of content in the podcasts. Sometimes it’s inspiring and interesting stories about people in history, sometimes it’s discussions with experts giving great advice, sometimes it’s interviews with people who have been through real experiences and have so much wisdom to share. And sometimes it’s Sharon answering our questions! Love them all and look forward to them every week!
  • Chasityss
    The best podcast I’ve ever listened to!!
    This is the best podcast I’ve ever heard! 100% worth your time.
  • Leahmk4
    I’ve learned so much!
    Sharon shares all of the information I never knew I needed to know! I love learning the most interesting things, and sharing the knowledge with others. I’ve followed her on Instagram for a long time, and I was SO happy when she decided to start her Podcast. Go listen now! You’ll be so happy you did.
  • Jolanta De La Rosa
    Love it!
    Thank you Sharon. Your podcast is wonderful. Very informative and inspiring. Love your podcast
  • janmarie.jsNoDak
    We all need more of this!
    So relatable, sharing things that we never knew we needed. The Midwest appeal is real!! Love Sharon Says So!
    Literally everything that Sharon does is GOLD! She somehow had the perfect way of being able to make you feel hopeful and entertained all the while educating you on things that are important both in the past and the present. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Sharon’s Instagram and podcast have changed my life! I look forward to listening to each new podcast episode when they’re released!
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