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TV is our love language. From Housewives to the Challenge, Drag Race to Succession. TV gives us life. Emily Hanks recaps new episodes of your favorite reality TV shows plus Weekly Wrap-Ups where she runs through the latest gossip in entertainment! Join her live on YouTube every Monday and Friday at 3pm PT!

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  • Ginger666
    Love Pia
    The podcast is good especially when Pia or Kendrick is on, but the graphics are the cringiest. What is with the weird photo of you? You look very thirsty. 🥶😺🫦🌧️
  • Mom2jia
    You are as blunt as me and I love it🤷🏽‍♀️Love your podcast and perspective … Are you are Virgo too 😂what I love the most is that you can keep my attention with you being you lol! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
  • VIDA 79
    Love the podcast
    Love it so much that even though I’m only interested in Bravo stuff, I still listen to the weekly pop culture one with Kendrick! Too much Scheana hate. Otherwise great podcast.
  • Mibhali
    Fun takes!
    Love all the details and recaps like she’s talking with us!
  • GeminiSteph617
    You’re the best
    Love your podcast and recaps of Vanderpump and now The Valley. So dead on, honest and real. Don’t be scared to read reviews because you’re amazing. Drown out the trolls and noise, cause gguess what- they’re obviously STILL LISTENING😆 🩵
  • moomoomoose2
    Good recaps, Emily is a bit unhinged
    More open-mindedness from Emily would be nice. It seems she thinks she’s right about everything. But I do enjoy the recaps and she has great guests too.
  • Bridget MPW
    A Bravo Fan’s Dream
    Don’t always agree with your hot takes but always appreciate and love your perspective. 💕 Love episodes with you and Pia together too!
  • TexasGirl3452
  • Ghat7286
    Love it but please less diet talk!
    Absolutely love the pod but I wish Emily and Kendrick would be more mindful of their diet/eating talk. I appreciate how open and honest she has been about her own issues with disordered eating and she seems to be aware that many of her listeners have probably struggled with toxic diet culture but too often she slips into things like focusing on weight loss and how much “better” people look with smaller bodies. There’s also a lot of assigning moral value to food (eg “I was so bad bc I ate a bunch this week”) that may be triggering for listeners who are recovering from EDs. All bodies are good bodies and eating what you want, when you want it, doesn’t make you “bad”!
  • woo5678
    Thank you for the honesty!!
    I just wanted to make sure any possible negative reviews regarding your stance on being against racism (a shocking concept!) are balanced out by a nice one!! :) you’re doing amazing sweetie!!
  • Not_Lauren _FR_UT
    You’re doing amazing sweetie
    Loving the bed chronicles on YouTube & needed to come on here and support!
  • Kac in h-brook
    This has become a must listen show for me.
    I love Emily’s honesty and kind opinions of reality TV. I enjoy listening during my work days.
  • alishaBach
    Best recap podcast out there ‼️
    So glad I found this podcast, you are the best!
  • KellF13
    Deep Dive 💜
    Emily gives such great deep dives. I applaud her views and her opinions are solid. She asks great questions and it shows! I look forward to her episodes. Thanks Emily! Don’t change a thing- you’re authentic and lovely!
  • My favorite wedding app
    She says what I’m thinking
    Randomly found this podcast a few weeks ago and everything she says about VPR is exactly how I feel. She makes me feel validated in my feelings lol. I find myself nodding my head a lot when she shares her thoughts on VPR. I just watched one of her episodes on YouTube and loved her even more that she’s just chilling in bed with her adorable cats. She is just my favorite podcaster ever. Wish we could grab coffee and talk about VPR together. Thanks for the entertainment!!!
  • Jbakermay
    Best re-caps
    Best place to come for perspective, humor and overall a good time.
  • Bravo is my escape
    Ultimate Bravo recap podcast
    If you want a Bravo recap podcast that also explores the nuances of your favorite Bravolebrties and Bravo shows, this is your podcast. I don’t typically love a straight recap podcast, but Emily brings so much thought to her recaps and I love when she does episodes where she peppers in audio clips. While I don’t always agree with her opinions, Emily is never mean. Also, her Patreon is totally worth the cost (for bonus content and ad free episodes)
  • tiaracoral3699
    Love it !!
    Love the takes! I also love the episodes with Pia!!
  • parvati zaynab
    This show is excellent!!
    Emily is funny, intelligent, insightful, and delightful!! Really superb show!! Plus love the cat content as an extra
  • usernamehererrrr
    Preventative 5 stars
    Love this podcast, love your honest opinions, love Pia and Kendrick (especially the Sunday round-ups). If you like pop culture and TV this podcast is a must.
  • Aasta23
    Love it
    Your takes are spot on and I just really think you are a great person. So happy to support you! I know you stay off the Apple comments but hope you see this one!!!
  • Rachieroxx
    My new fave!
    Emily I love your pod! You say what we are thinking! Thanks for Kendrick too, he’s so funny and I love his pod too!
  • ffchhhhhjjbvghh
    Great episode
    Enjoy the podcast and hot takes. EMs instagram is fire as well! 😻
  • Sara..S
    These reviews are wild! Do I agree with all of Emily’s opinions? No. Does she always get me laughing? YES! Love it all babe, keep it up
    My favorite
    I love listening to Emily’s perspective on VPR. Have you noticed the disgust in Lala’s face when she speaks about Ariana? Lala is so envious of Ariana. Lala reminds me of Trump with how scorched earth she becomes.
  • zoecccccc
    Love your recaps!!!!
  • Belmont5565
    Jealous Lala
    Great counter to Lala’s jealous rage and anti-Ariana campaign.
  • SaraSabol
    But now we said it
    Luke is creepy and I’m glad you said it!
  • HubbleLife
    Obsessed with Scheana and taking her down like a personal vendetta. If Emily thinks Scheana is dumb, then all this bad talk is giving troll, bully for likes, weird cringe vibes
  • spin lady
    Love you but sad
    I love this podcast and have been a very loyal listener since the beginning. I am so sad that you have put the basics that you used to cover behind the paywall. Summer House is giving and I wish you would cover it for everyone. I enjoy the live stuff but your true gem podcasts are the Bravo recaps and opinions. I wish I could subscribe to everything but it’s just too much 💗
  • Tessmb123
    Love it!!
    Keep doing what your doing! Love your takes! Love your guests! Love your no nonsense attitude! I find myself talking out loud along with you while I listen in my car! lol keep up the great work! ✨💕
  • 31133V
    a little bothered
    I generally like the podcast but was a little annoyed at the latest episode when you were talking about quiet on set. You didn’t know Jennette McCurdy’s name and then called her Janet the whole time. Her mom died, not her dad. Her mom horribly abused her and forced her to act. You said just Drake’s parents went to court. It wasn’t his parents, it was his mom and brother bc his dad still didn’t know. You said Amanda Bynes is doing badly right now. She’s in school to be a nail tech and is taking her state boards w a job lined up. That is a lot better than most people I know, absolutely amazing for someone that went through what she did. You said that Ariana did something when it was actually Jamie Lynn. You didn’t know half their names. You said that you didn’t want to believe that these people could support Brian peck. One of my ex friends was assaulted and talked about it very publicly, make sure the guy was ostracized and actually got him beat up (that’s not my issue, idc what happened to him). But then when her 14 year old sister had a 21 year old bf (which she knew bc she went to school w him), she helped her mom hide the relationship from her dad. Parents are divorced so he didn’t know. But then the mom let him move in, and her sister got pregnant at 17. Now they aren’t together but hes made life miserable still. I say all that bc you need to believe that people would act unexpectedly in these types of situations. They will support things that seemingly do not align w other things they do and say. This is the second time you’ve said something along the lines of that. The other was when talking about VPR and Katie (maybe someone else too) and how she’d never be friends w James (I think) if he was abusive. People see what they want. Please give SA survivors the same level of attention that you do housewives if you are going to talk about it.
  • dddaaaapppp
    Love this podcast and love Emily!!! Thank you for saying everything I want to hear😂❤️
  • MR72578
    Love all of your hot takes!
    I love this podcast so much! Find Emily on Patreon too, you won’t regret it!
  • misskristakay
    She Speaks DayQuil
    Sick Emily is unhinged. 10/10 no notes 🖤
  • K Dweck
    Love love love
    Pia is great - you guys should be partners on all recaps
  • cookies543
    Amazing - favorite podcast!
    I Love Emily’s voice & I have to hear her take on all my favorite shows. I love the longer 3 hour episodes with Pia!
  • Xfinity6383
    Love!! Too funny!
    Love this pod. Emily is fantastic. Pia and all the other collaborators are wonderful as well. Too funny and insightful! Especially LOVE the Ariana lawsuit coverage. Someone please tell Ariana she needs to call Camille Vasquez!!!
  • Kea764314
    Great pod
    I love this pod, but I can’t listen to the VPR recaps anymore. The over analyzing and anger isn’t enjoyable.
  • mandy0425
    Love love
    Emily feels like you are talking with friends! She brings so much detail and pride in her research. I can’t imagine keeping up with all those shows! Love the guests she has but also the solo episodes are amazing. 10/10!
  • DanaLovesBravo
    Emotionally Intelligent Recaps
    If you’re a therapy girlie like me, you can tell that Emily is one of us. Her recaps are funny but also emotionally intelligent and insightful. I’m constantly saying “yesss!” out loud, when listening to her pod. Love her.
  • DenverNon-hiker7
    Emily and Pia have won me over
    I usually only listen when Pia is on because I do like their chemistry together. Emily has won me over with how hard she works and how knowledgeable she is
  • mooca0401
    Emily is so funny. Love her insights. That’s it!
  • jarmon3
    Love but
    Love the podcast, but downplaying antisemitism to compare it with racism is not ok. We are, in fact, called out for stealing jobs and are under significant amount hate, INCLUDING a vast amount of systemic racism. Please use your platform better and be more sensitive to ALL your listeners.
  • Will-Ken
    Honestly,these two girls are always acting like haters trashing Kyle all the time.Not cool!
  • evsperl
    Emily is the best!!!
    Emily’s reviews and recaps are so insightful and heartfelt. She also has great co-hosts like the wonderful Pia. Love you Emily!!!
  • AmandaBella19
    A strong point of view
    I haven’t always agreed with Emily’s opinions, and sometimes I find myself punching the steering wheel, but she stands in her truth and works hard in this podcast. For that, she deserves all the flowers.
  • emilysmom1230
    The Best!!!
    Happy Birthday, Queen!!! 👸👑❤️🔥Wishing you the best birthday EVERRRRR!!!! Thank you for all you do to entertain us! You are truly THE BEST in the podcasting biz!! Love you, girl! 😘❤️🩷💙
  • D/Love
    One of the best!
    Love you Emily! Find me at work gasping and cackling right along every week! 😎😎😎
  • PinksBeach
    Love the pod
    Love it
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