Long Shadow

History #16

Many Americans watched the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001 unfold right before our eyes. What happened on 9/11 and how it changed our world is the most important story of the modern age. It’s the hinge on which so much changed. But in the years since the history we've come to tell of that day is incomplete—and sometimes wrong.

Hosted by journalist Garrett Graff, author of the bestselling book THE ONLY PLANE IN THE SKY: AN ORAL HISTORY OF 9/11, "Long Shadow" examines the questions that linger two decades later and the enduring mysteries that still surround 9/11, the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil. This is a different history of September 11th than you likely remember. But it’s one that will help you make sense of the world the attacks left behind.

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  • Hrayman714
    Fantastic Podcast
    That was probably the most detailed information of 9/11 I’ve ever heard. Must-listen!
  • creamyalmondz
    An Amazing and Engrossing Podcast!!
    The best podcast I have heard regarding 9/11! Its a very engrossing podcast! I had tears in my eyes listening to it and felt like I could see what they were saying, as if I was there with them. The sound effects, music, and storytelling is top notch. Even though I was not in NY or DC on that day, I think about 9/11 every single day of my life…
  • Jroya
    Makes false assumptions with false premises and asks the wrong questions…
    Sorry, but saying America (I.e. the general public) had a ‘failure of imagination’ on the morning of Sept 11th after the first plane hit… because “most Americans assumed it wasn’t terrorism at first”. That’s crazy. Of course they didn’t. Before that morning, the last major event where a plane hit a sky scraper in New York City was in the 1940s, I believe - when a WW2 bomber type of prop plane accidentally slammed into the Empire State Building in a low fog/bad weather incident. And 2001 was before smart phones when viral video is shared instantly. So most people were getting phone calls or tuning into radios, or maybe in front of a TV but even then, after the first plane they just had live footage of the hole and the fire. There was no context. No confirmation of the size or type of plane that hit. So sorry, podcast host, no - people didn’t fail in their “lack of imagination” at that moment. They were thinking the more rational thing with the facts they had available. I don’t think people would be so calm and reasonable today / they would see the same footage and all the wackos out there would think “oh no, space lasers have struck AGAIN”. Of course, after the second plane, I don’t think anyone’s imaginations were failing to think it was terrorism. Shock, disbelief… reverence even… maybe. But shouldn’t that reaction be expected of the American public? And re “why weren’t more people saved and rescued from the towers that morning”…. Umm, again, sorry - but having basic facts about how many floors are in the towers, how many people worked there, the building and fire and safety codes in the late 60s/early 70s when the towers were built… seeing the force of the planes and the jet fuel and the fire and destruction… at least in that moment, that morning, I remember thinking “no one on those top floors will get out.” But some did. Taking into account all of the first responders rushing in, the lives on the planes that were hijacked, the people below on the ground, even just from falling debris from initial impact, not even counting the collapse… it’s INCREDIBLE more lives weren’t lost. The title of your first episode should be “why more lives weren’t lost in the towers on 9/11” OR - “how so many people lived to see 9/12 who worked every day in the twin towers” Yeah. This podcast is feeding a bad narrative. I recommend some of the more thoughtful (and visual, which is key for a day like 9/11) series that have been put together over recent years. And if you want one single unique documentary - Spike Lee does a pretty great job with the story of the towers (how they were built and some of the history/events of the towers… through the day they came down and the nation’s reaction to it) - in the third episode of his NYC 9/11>2021 Epicenters series.
  • Jiksurp
    Really good
    This is an excellent podcast. The only thing I have an issue with is that he states that the hospitals barely received a trickle of patients. Bellevue hospital in Manhattan received quite a few patients and it was very chaotic as they dealt with people walking in and coming via ambulance. They had several traumatic injuries including the female whose back was practically torn off and several burn victims.
  • MikeC_24
    Best podcast of 2021
    Long Shadow is the most compelling podcast available today. It is a masterpiece of storycraft and insight. Highly, highly recommend.
  • 3000mmm
    Never Forget
    Gut wrenching but eye opening. 9/11… Never Forget.
  • KKMMex
    Fascinating and detailed account of the lead-up to 9/11
    This amazingly detailed podcast provides listeners with so much information about 9/11, Al Qaeda, and the aftermath of the terror attacks that changed America forever. I highly recommend it.
  • nfk1981
    Never forget
    I personally think this podcast did a great job answering questions but also honoring those who lost their lives.
  • @usingtofollow on twitter
    Best podcast miniseries I’ve ever heard. Very well done. Bravo to all involved
  • FashionandFaith
    Such a well-done podcast. I’d expect nothing less from Garret Graff.
  • LalalisaT
    One of the best
    One of the best podcasts I have ever listened to. You learn, you laugh, you cry, you love.
  • SydneyLynn451
    So detailed!
    Everyone did a great job with this podcast.
  • Vigdaro
    Gripping truth
    As and ex military air traffic controller episode one had me hooked immediately. Public media didn’t talk or share much about what the controllers heard and saw on the radar that morning. Thank you for bringing their stories & impact felt on that terrible day. Your two decades of research is eye opening as we, the listeners, hear the whole story. Thank you for your diligence & respectful journalism.
  • DEashBabs
    Just ok
    I listened to this podcast after listening to Blindspot: The road to 9/11. This podcast is not nearly as good as The Road to 9/11. The host for Longshadow jumps around a lot in the episodes. He also has a weird narration voice. Some episodes are okay but some are not. I’d recommend listening to the blindspot podcast to get a chronological history dating back to the late 1980s of how 9/11 came to be.
  • Sniper Jackson
    This Podcast is so well organized, so well built, and so well explained. Brilliant. Highly, highly recommend!
  • skyharbor6
    “Never Forget” - a mantra in action
    I feel like this podcast is an excellent vehicle to remind ourselves - or to learn in the first place - the history of 9/11 as it was, without the veneer of decades passed since. The stories of the regular Americans bring me to tears. Stories of government failures make me sad. Having the opportunity to reflect on what we lost, and to think about who we want to be versus who we have become in the time since, is precious. I’d highly recommend this as a regular listen for commemorating the anniversaries of the attack.
  • King, Kevin
    This podcast was so well done. It was unbelievably informative. It has elements of suspense, emotion and storytelling. I’ve never learned more about something than I have when listening to this podcast.
  • ReillyPods
    I was 8 months pregnant 9/11 my spouse was on a plane. For those who lived it, takes you back in a visceral way with broader and deeper context. Recommend even though it was heart wrenching.
  • mtracyKC
    Podcast review
    Podcast series was very well done. Detailed to relay information but also done in a thoughtful manner. Garrett Graff has done a wonderful job in writing and narrating. His voice is so calming with just the right amount of intensity. I learned things about 9/11 that I never knew. Thank you for this podcast as we will never forget. I started listening to other podcasts on 9/11 and none compared to this series in my opinion so I did not listen to them.
  • Djhssbbdhssjzjdjxyahsjcis
    So so so good
    I was 5 when the attacks on 9/11 took place, I remember leaving school and sitting in front of the news until bed time. I had no idea why or even what was happening but I new that it was significant. Every year since then I have sat on my couch on 9/11 and the days surrounding glued to any documentary I could get my hands on. This still offered so much new information.
  • WBON22
    From the first minute to the last. A great telling of the unknown and little known stories and clarifying of some of the miss understood.
  • Sad estate
    Very well done.
    The host does a great job with this podcast.
  • Cmun2468
    Congratulations on presenting a compelling and riveting anthology on a day we all thought we understood. The audio clips, the narration and the episode themes were all wonderfully curated. This is such a fitting piece for the 20th anniversary. You really took me on an intellectual and emotional journey spanning two decades in a few impactful episodes. Great job!
  • Johnny424
    how is this not rated top 10?
  • Beth @ the goad abode
    Thoughtful and moving
    I was 20 on 9/11, so I remember some things, but not enough. The stories in this podcast were told beautifully. Thank you!
  • nmpmo99
    Every year when the anniversary of 9/11 comes around I find myself feeling equal parts sad and curious to learn more about this historical tragedy. I was in college when 9/11 occurred. This podcast is informative and had me consumed from the first episode.
  • nainotsoB
    Long Shadow
    Just excellent and eye opening podcast. So disappointing with the US government. It leaves a very Long Shadow.
  • diannason
    Great show
    Held my attention. Learned and cried my way throughout. Thank you
  • NA100775
    There’s very few documentaries I didn’t see about 9/11 but none compared to the extent of knowledge in this Podcast. I listened to the whole podcast in one night because of how informative and fascinating it is. Be warned though! This is INTENSE to listen to. You will cry, get extremely angry and be shocked . Not for anyone with a faint heart. It’s sad very very sad. But you will find out details you had no clue about. Extremely well made Pod!
  • jessk44881
    Hard but important analysis
    Garrett is a really thoughtful abs detail oriented reporter.
  • TV Craig
    Well done! Informative, unbiased, impactful.. an example that there are still some real journalists left! Keep up the great work!
  • MagLoLex
    Enjoyed every minute!
  • Paul Austin
    Strong reporting and storytelling
    I was young when the attacks happened and this podcast tells some of the stories that I didn’t know in a compelling way. Well worth a listen.
  • SilverChart
    This is an incredibly deep and powerful podcast. It takes the listener through the unknown stories of 9/11 with a depth, grace, intellect, compassion and full range of human emotion. Everything from what happened before the attacks, the day of the attacks and the stories of investigators and survivors, much in their own words, is presented in an incredible format with each episode building on the one before in a complete and all encompassing way. The final episode in which three of the survivors, a woman who worked in the building, a fire fighter and a Port Authority policeman, speak about that day at ground zero and their lives after truly stirs the human heart. The amount of work that went into this podcast has to be thousands of hours of information gathering and interviewing. I lost my brother to PTSD, much of which occurred from 9/11, as he lived and worked near ground zero and he witnessed first hand the horrors of that day. He ended up taking his own life several years ago and the pain is with me everyday. Thank you so much for producing this podcast. It honors all those who have been lost and gives great insight into everything that took place around 9/11. My hope is that everyone will listen to this podcast. This podcast is truly a gift to all.
  • Kbmaryland
    Surprising at times, even when you lived it
    This podcast is well produced with original sound, interviews and narration by the host. I found it riveting, even though I was an adult during 9/11 and paid attention to the details that were publicly available afterwards. Recommend.
  • Kat Ferrand
    Highly Recommended
    Incredible content. Extremely relevant both in 2021 and historically. Beautifully produced. If you are a fan of Garrett’s book do not miss this. Bravo to the sound/music editors - brilliant!!
  • melissa11575
    Well done. Very informational, and it makes you think so much more about all the people that were lost that day!
  • MylissaR
    Informative and compassionate.
    Very informative, told with compassion.
  • Stef11580
    This podcast is so wonderfully done. I learned so much that I had no idea about. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to honor our heroes and those we lost on that day.
  • another person boston
    Poignant and informative
    Thank you for this most informative podcast. This was well researched and documented and tastefully and respectfully produced.
  • LadyBQ
    What’s higher than 5 stars?
    This is a fantastic podcast. I want to know everything about 9/11 and the events that followed. I’ve read dozens of books, seen all the movies, and have been a news junkie since that beautiful Tuesday. I’ve grown weary of the government’s non-explanations, suspicious of news coverage, and skeptical that we’ll ever really hear the truth. Finally, Garrett Graff gives us the real story. Thank you.
  • Curious SW
    Garrett did an amazing job of capturing different angles of that tragic day! From the personal accounts to the narration of the events that took place. I remember that day so vividly. My route to work from Maryland to Fairfax (VA) would’ve taken me pass the pentagon. However, I was pregnant with my firstborn (born Oct 3, 2001) and didn’t feel well that day…so I called out. I remembered watching the television stunned and afraid that I was about to bring a baby into this. Our lives were changed forever on that fateful day. We must never forget.
  • KatB1010
    Very powerful
    I happened on this podcast wanting to find a way to quietly remember 9/11. I didn’t expect to be as moved by it - it’s amazing. Thoughtful & thought provoking at the same time.
  • SED1593
    Well researched. Engaging
    This did answer many lingering questions i have about 9/11 and it was well done. I appreciate it very much!
  • Sgonzalezjr321
    Excellent. Heavy. Needed.
    I was a freshman in college when 9/11 took place. I will never forget that morning but there is so much that I didn’t know. This podcast series is heavy but the story telling is respectful and needed. Must listen for anyone interested is 9/11. Thank you for producing it!!!
  • Lilly21661
    A masterpiece
    Garett Graff is one of the most talented and amazing journalists working today. His research is impeccable, his writing is fantastic and this podcast is incredible. The stories are riveting, disturbing and important. The last episode had me in tears as I drove on the highway. Beautiful, important and heartbreaking.
  • SmokeyB510
    A Unbiased and Informational Account of 9/11
    I have never listened to a podcast that was so emotional and unbiased at the same time. I was FLOORED but some of the information. STUNNED by some information. I would consider myself very knowledgable on 9/11. So well done!
  • Kimiller
    This is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to.
  • laurie2210
    Excellent podcast that takes you through the entire history of that day. Impeccable job by podcaster.
  • b69mach1
    Too woke
    Sympathizes’s with the terrorists to much. There is no amount of reasoning that made it alright to kill thousands of innocent civilians in the world trade centers.
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