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TV & Film #37

"The thing with blind items is that we don't often see what's right in front of our eyes" - Gossip Girl Troy and Kelli are here for all of your celebrity gossip needs! They take you beyond the "celebrity blinds" and dive deeper into the dark side of Hollywood. This podcast is full of scandal, intrigue, and gossip surrounding your favorite celebrities. Please note this podcast is for entertainment purposes only, it's all alleged.

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  • PrinceDepp
    Love it but…
    Love the show and the energy but please try to shorten the ads. It takes up majority of the time.
  • IvetteDL
    Love! Love! Love!
    I’m a bit behind on the pod because my life has been consumed by The Challenge so when I noticed yall had an episode with Jemmye I screamed!! Loved the episode & would love more similar to it!! 🩷
  • Feliss2017
    Conflicting feelings
    This pod used to be a favorite of mine but I have had a very hard time listening since I was threatened to be Dox’d in their patreon and they didn’t remove the offending person or come to my aid whatsoever. If people are going to pay for your content, maybe try to provide a safe space for them to not feel harassed :/ I’ve loved Troy for a long time but listening just for him isn’t enough anymore. Kelli used to have hot takes but seems almost neutralized lately, not sure if it’s the success or the fear of backlash but it’s giving “knee pads” a little
  • ctnmcfs
    5 stars isn’t enough!!!
    I love this podcast so much! Troy and Kelly are BEYOND knowledgeable!! Pop culture savants!!! I love the vibe between the two of them…feels like I’m chatting and giggling ( LOVE their laughs!) with my besties!!!!
  • DamienLucifer
    Too many facts wrong
    I enjoy hearing some of the blinds but they get so many facts wrong on people they know nothing about lol its not a dealbreaker but its mildly annoying. For example, they mentioned the miranda lambert selfie debacle at her show and sided with the audience member not researching that she was an entitled rich lady that wasnt a fan and imo deserved to be called out. Miranda has a blue collar background and like her, i have little patience for the entitlement of the 1%. That audience member was not a victim and i think it was less about the selfie and more about the fact that she was an entitled douche regardless.
  • Hannpee
    Uniformed and poor quality
    The two hosts say off the cuff things that are just blatantly wrong. They have no niche expertise or experience that make the podcast interesting. The sound quality is also awful, I can’t tell if the two are recording in different locations or if it’s just a lack of sound proofing and half way decent recording equipment. They also don’t seem to really know each other, it comes across as a desperate money grab between two people who can’t be bothered to research a topic and just read blinds without any input or entertainment.
  • Erika_AWL
    Something Has Changed
    I was a listener of Troy’s previous podcasts and have always loved his take on celebrity. And when he joined forces with Kelly, I was excited to finally enter into blind items. With that said, I only really like the episodes of this podcast that pertain to reading blind items. The pop culture kiki stuff just isn’t good or interesting enough. With so many others doing celebrity tea, I would just much rather listen to some other podcast doing it better. Also, and also this was an issue for Troy’s other podcast, there isn’t much diversity in the celebs they discuss. You hardly won’t hardly get a POC or Black celeb discussed in much episodes. Black celebs also have blind items you just have to vary the sites you visit 👀
  • steel city 246
    Disrespectful to sporadic listeners
    I listen to blind episodes that interest me and do not pay for patreon. I just sat through the kstew episode where you reference a Mohammed 20+ times without ever saying who he is. He is not a celebrity. I have never heard his name. Am I supposed to have Google up to get through your episodes?
  • clclynnc
    used to love it, but lately it’s giving off pick me vibes. sad, i adored their old format.
  • BHB222
    If you like racist drivel
    Then this is the right podcast for you. They are so off putting and think they are so above others, that I can’t even finish one podcast. Don’t do it.
  • I’m sorry! Had to say it!
    Just cancelled Patreon subscription
    I went back and forth on canceling for weeks because they share some great info (ie. were years ahead on the Diddy stuff) but they’re obsession with being ~above~ anything popular or well liked got too annoying to listen to. Very much pick me.
  • Kassie7676
    Good content
    Content is good and hosts are good. But the overuse of “iconic” “literally” “you know what I mean like” are super annoying. Otherwise a good listen.
  • Chuck Dumpster
    Friendly and comfy
    These two personalities are far from the typical podcast i would consume. Also i disagree with their bias towards anything or anyone thats orange-man adjacent. That said, i still give this FIVE stars. Its that magic that you dont duplicate and their mostly balanced perspectives. I dont even enjoy Hollywood culture yet this is one of my cant miss shows.
  • Janice786
    Love love love
    I feel like Troy and Kelly are my friends!! I love their thoughts and vibes and they’re so fun. The content is fabulous and we have a great community. I love the pop culture Kiki’s!
  • Aubreywithheld
    I tried.
    They get way too many basic facts wrong. Sai on rhony have everything?? How about how she met her husband? No. Bye.
  • putdownputin
    I’m going to see Troy and Kelli live in DC on May 3 and I’ve never been more excited!! This is my favorite podcast. I’m obsessed
  • amjam123456
    See you in St Paul
    Love Troy and Kelli! Can’t wait to see you live again
  • Daaaaakkkoooottaa
    I could listen to these two talk about paint drying they are that funny!! Plus they have great takes/ opinions on pop culture, super entertaining
  • Hootie405
    Love these two sm
    I love the hosts, the content is great, and the theme song is a BOP.
  • likah nasir
    Love these two & this pod.
  • cls03
    Can’t get enough!
    I look forward to the days of the week new episodes are released! Love it so much that I listen to their Patreon now. Content is juicy and the hosts are fabulous :)
  • Keidra8
    I never miss an episode!
  • ABRcov
    Absolute Favorite
    Where do I begin? Just hearing the theme song makes me happy! This is my #1 favorite pod cast, and I’ve really been loving the pop culture Kiki episodes in addition to learning all the dirty “secrets” about my favorite celebrities. Troy and Kelly’s friendship is so authentic and makes this show so fun! This show makes makes me happy, if you want to laugh out loud or gasp, give this show a listen!
  • JLHLMW207
    My life line
    Best show hands down. I live for every Ep.
  • KhloeMallPeopleProblems
    Juicy Fun
    Kelli & Troy have a perfect mix of banter, chemistry, and encyclopedic knowledge on the most niche topics. Did I think I needed a whole podcast on Jon & Kate Plus 8? No… but I am ever so grateful that they did the most hysterical & witty deep dive on this once in a life time train wreck of a show.? YES! I still laugh thinking about their quips! And they have so many more fun and rotted episodes to enjoy! Love them to death and can’t wait to be swaddled by them at their live show in LA. 🥰
  • Laskeee
    ❤️ this show
    Love these two! Can’t wait to see them live!!!
  • Du Spears
    The podcast you need in you life
    Troy & Kelli are great! I look forward to listening every week. The chemistry between the 2 is soooo good & I just want mooore.
  • RayrayBbbb
    My favorite podcast ever
    If you have ever wanted to be a fly on the wall to celebrities, Troy and Kelli will take you about as close as you can get. This is my favorite podcast, and the patreon episodes are 100% worth it. I love putting my friends onto this podcast. And I love meeting friends that already listen. Ahh I cannot say enough good, I look forward to every new episode. Troy and Kelli just get eachother. While it’s super well researched it still feels like you’re on FaceTime with a of couple friends. If you’re nosy and into pop culture I cannot recommend enough !!!!
  • Rishswish
    Always look forward to new episodes!
  • camrynw1
    beyond the blinds & fluently forward give me something to look forward to every week!
  • uuchfbfjjgitjr
    Fun show!
  • LoveMyDachshunds
    For Sure
    Really enjoy your podcast but I’d strongly suggest you listen and review your communication style before publishing. The constant use of ‘For Sure’ so often and constantly in so many episodes is too much. While you’re recording you may not be aware of it. As is with the overuse of ‘100 percent’ in punctuating agreement. Otherwise really enjoy the energy you bring and content.
  • AccountFixed14
    Your new best friends!!!
    Troy & Kelli are just everything. They are very well read, witches. If you need to know why, listen to their episodes. They’ve manifested so many moments. Low key, you need this show in your life. 🥰
  • oldvenmouser
    Too many Ads messing up following along…
    I love Troy and Kelly and I want them to make that coin. But the amount of Ads has gotten out of control. This weeks Kiki I had to sit through 4 ads and then they are in shock about a blind item when I come back and I can’t even remember who they’re talking about. PLEASE guys do the ad break in between blind items. It’s still too many but I’m really frustrated with missing things and having to rewind past the ads again to know who they were talking about.
  • RosiieePosiiee
    Fun Podcast
    I don’t consider myself to be a person that cares about celebrities, but I do love gossip, and this podcast delivers. I am surprised by something in every episode. I have one critique, though, and that is the sound quality. Troy and Kelli are always at different volumes – I often find myself having to turn up my volume to hear Troy, then Kelli hurts my ears lol. But overall, I like learning about the gossip of celebrities that I’ve heard of.
  • carl199640
    Very disappointed and hurt by Troy’s comments about Israel. We are all upset when innocent lives are lost in terrorists attacks and wars. However, I beg you from the bottom of my heart, as a Jewish listener who has been terrified of the resurgence of the genocide that killed her ancestors and displaced her family from their homes: please stop falsely accusing Israel of genocide. I hate to even bring this up, I’ve been terrified and silenced by all this hate. I always looked to this podcast as a source of escape, and it was safe for me up until now. Unfortunately I no longer feel safe. You have an audience and you have a responsibility to get off tik tok and learn the facts before you perpetuating a really dangerous narrative. So please, I don’t say this lightly. Please educate yourself. Maybe make some Jewish friends, we don’t bite. And please stop using that word.
  • Sugar9539
    Cannot support this podcast
    I have been a listener for years and unfortunately I can no longer listen to this podcast due to the ignorance and recklessness of the lies about a “genocide” - I am disappointed to hear you spew propaganda and lies about how a terrorist group called Hamas committed terrorism on a Jewish holiday and attacked Israel. Hamas isn’t Palestine. Israel isn’t killing Palestinians but Hamas is.
  • Navletttttttt
    Intelligent and humorous, these two take pop culture to a higher level with a critical lens.
  • Listener567968
    Antisemitic misinformed stupidity
    This podcast originally was supposed to be a fluffy fun diversion but now they think they understand world politics and willfully spread antisemitic bigotry. If you are going to speak about the Middle East, pick up a book and learn.
  • Savannajoanna
    Still my favorite podcast
    Love this podcast so much! I don’t always agree with Troy and Kelly’s opinions but that’s ok! I really enjoy hearing their point of view on different celebs and topics! I’ve been listening for years now and they’ve opened up my podcast world to other great shows (celebrity memoir bookclub, what I will say) but this show is still my favorite after years of listening! I look forward to all of the episodes and can’t wait for the next one!
  • Kat. RW
    The low ratings actually make zero sense?
    Reading through the lower reviews and as someone who never misses an episode of anything Troy and Kelli do—some of these reviews make absolutely no sense at all. The claims are inaccurate and the exact opposite of what this podcast is really about. Like the one star reviews are both unhinged and really ignorant.
  • Madelynn Lowry
    Love love!
    Loved the Grammys recap! Agreed with all your points. I love both of your points of view! Chuckled out loud more than once during the whole episode! Can’t get enough!
  • cindynh76
    I’ve been a fan so long, but why be so cruel & rip people a part based on nothing. It makes me so sad because I’ve always been a fan, but it makes me feel so yucky listening to such mean cuts on people.
  • smcg37
    Hangin with your besties
    Highlight of my morning is listening to my (in my mind) friends Troy and Kelli while having coffee and getting ready for work. I’ve also listened to every episode 2-3 times… so yea it’s always great fun. Pop culture Kiki has become my favorite recently. Can’t recommend enough!
  • RebeccaO'Sullivan
    Love this show
    I took a huge podcast break. This is pretty much the only podcast I still listen to. Thank you for putting together such great content!
  • bren*123
    Favorite podcast
    This podcast continuously gets me through grad school 🥲 I loooove it!
  • Omay0051
    Just discovered this but is now a new fave! Hosts are great and great content!
  • Brittybink
    pls leave their moms alone
    my favorite podcast
  • IdontKnowHer90
    My People
    Even though they have ruined certain actors and singers for me, Troy and Kelli are so charming and fun to listen to. I finally subscribed to their Patreon because I quickly listened to all of their free episodes and couldn’t get enough. Thanks for the hours of entertainment!
  • KYS1328
    Trashy and uninformed
    I made it through about 20 minutes of this disgusting and predatory content. It’s horrid and should be removed from this platform, the creators should also be more aware when they are talking about people who were children at the time the are “exposing.”
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