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"The thing with blind items is that we don't often see what's right in front of our eyes" - Gossip Girl Troy and Kelli are here for all of your celebrity gossip needs! They take you beyond the "celebrity blinds" and dive deeper into the dark side of Hollywood. This podcast is full of scandal, intrigue, and gossip surrounding your favorite celebrities. Please note this podcast is for entertainment purposes only, it's all alleged.

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  • Myssraven
    Once you peek behind the curtain
    I found this podcast right for. The start and I was hooked. It’s a guilty pleasure that I tell everyone about. Unapologetically a patron. Once you peek behind the curtain, you can’t go back and we only get the alleged info from Kelli and Troy. Their personalities are the best. Even the rotted eps have moments that make me laugh. New Ep drops are the best part of my week.
  • reaganblack
    love this podcast!!
    i cannot truly express how much i love this podcast! i feel like i’m just a friend of troy and kelli listening to them talk about blinds/pop culture. they’re the best and this is such a great show!
  • Kyliesotelo
    My favs!
  • Midipiki
    So addicted! Troy and Kelli have the best commentary and this podcast really has me in a para social relationship with these two!
  • Sharmelle
    A fun-to-listen podcast!
    This podcast is a go-to for me when it comes to pop culture and blind gossip. Kelli and Troy have great chemistry and obviously enjoy what they do.
  • KimmiEslice
    Piece of crap podcast
    This is an absolute rubbish of a podcast! There are no facts. It’s all just their opinion and it’s all lies. Such slander of people who didn’t do as these losers say!!
    Every episode gets 5 stars
    One of my favorite pop culture podcasts!! Great topics, I always look forward to new episodes
  • Melonadee
    entertaining but no relevant celebrities
    this is one of my go-to entertaining podcasts for just turning off my brain… and I get that the hosts are older… but as a gen z individual, I just don’t care for a lot of the people they discuss. I wish they would sometimes switch it up and choose more relevant celebrities.
  • AccountFixed14
    So much fun!!
    Love Troy & Kelli! This show is funny, emotional, and so inviting. If you’re into pop culture, tune in each week! You’ll love them!
  • TheBabyPaul
    Entertaining and educating
    I don’t believe all the so called blinds but these two do a good job of exposing behind the scenes of celebrity lives- yachting, contract couples, etc.
  • Stoutmoose
    Thank you.
  • uuchfbfjjgitjr
    Troy and Kelli are the best. I love how natural, respectful and fun their conversations are with one another. They lay the tea out while also offering compassion for the humans it’s about. Super fun to listen to:)
  • podperson773
    Troy’s giggle is EVERYTHING
    A fun (mostly) podcast! Feels like a grownup version of catching up with your friends at your locker before class.
  • Maria_defini
    SOOOO fun!!
    I randomly found this pod scrolling for something to listen to and I’m OBSESSED! Blew through a ton of old ones and I will keep this in the rotation for sure!!!
  • Uhokaythisisdumb
    Fav Blind Item Podcast
    This is my favorite blind item podcast! I’ve been hooked since this was suggested to me! They are so funny and relatable!
  • Mimi8988
    Love the conversation between the hosts!
    Kelli and Troy are so knowledgeable when it comes to celebrity gossip and I look forward to every episode. Troy is so endearing and I love his laugh. It is sometimes hard to follow along when Kelli is reading a lengthy blind but that is just a tiny blip in the amazingness that is this podcast
  • Gay Gay Talese
    The fake laughs are insufferable. The wheezing/gasping for air after the laughs is worse. The content is stolen from other sources. None of this is listenable.
  • Vallllllll04
    The best podcast
    I love Kelli and Troy so so so much, they are funny and smart and I stop everything I’m doing as soon as I get that Paterson alert for a new episode 💜.
  • Loula_B
    Feels just like a water cooler conversation
    Since I have primarily worked from home for the last three years, I miss the in-office banter with my colleagues. Listening to Troy and Kelly at the start of my day fills a chit-chat void. As an elder millennial I love hearing all the gossip about my favorite stars of yesteryear and feel validated anytime something problematic is addressed in a way it should have been 15 years ago.
  • paigemcmc
    A million stars
    Amazing episode with great commentary! Love this podcast.
    My fave podcast
    Troy is a wealth of knowledge in all things pop culture and I love Kelly and Troy’s banter and chemistry. Love the pod!
    4 stars for Troy
    I will listen to this just for Troy. He’s has such great commentary. Minus a star for Kelli. She’s great for CW, old MTV Laguna Hills knowledge. But I don’t really care for her opinion on anything outside of that. She’s trying too much to be white girl woke. How is Schiaparelli glorifying trophy hunting, that’s a reach. It’s high end art and that animal friendly. maybe stick to the blind items. And TROY PLEASE MAKE A TODAY IN POP CULTURE PODCAST WITH OLIVIA FROM TIK TOK!!! I always relisten to your kardashian episode.
  • ghobrt
    All the tea
    They have all the tea and I love it. 10/10 entertaining
  • Leenalady
    Always real!!
    I love this podcast so much. Informative and full of laughs!!
  • smcg37
    A friend introduced me to this podcast a couple weeks ago and I have BINGED almost every episode since! I stopped keeping up on my other weekly podcasts to listen to this whenever I can tbh. Troy and Kelli please come to MI!
  • cjg1988
    Love the dirty details
    I love this podcast! Blinds are fascinating. I take them with a grain of salt, and I wish everyone else would too instead of taking it so seriously. A little repetitive when it comes to content but they just read what they have so not so much their fault. Love troy and Kelli both.
  • Oj122008
    You twooooo
    I love both of your spirits so much! You bring me so much joy and laughter - thank you. Even with your snark, it’s just the right amount of sass. Never mean. So appreciate you!!
  • aj2977656
    Weirdo group
    Labeling fake toxic standom rumors as blinds/fact
  • heatonking
    Love them!
    I enjoy listening to Troy and Kelli- they are like the friends who spill the tea after a couple glasses of wine. Great pop culture and blind information- a lot of which I hadn’t heard. Keep getting unhinged!
  • Ebreeze4
    Love, love, love!
    Troy and Kelli are like the friends you sit down with over happy hour or brunch to swap stories and ‘OMG-did-you-hear’ moments. I love this podcast so much I gifted myself with a Patreon membership just so I could hear more!
  • yee 👀
    I am a Patreon member and I used to listen to this podcast religiously, Kelli and Troy are so funny! Recently I caught up on the last couple months and I was disappointed neither of them condemned Ye’s anti-Semitic rants. Kelli did bring it up a few times and I understand Troy doesn’t want to give this awful man more attention, but I think it would be helpful to know where you stand when anti-Semitism has been spreading and escalating so horrifically over the last year. There are so many apologists for this kind of rhetoric in media, in entertainment, really all over the place and I would love to know you know guys are not 😭 Sincerely, a Jewish fan
  • jgs0525
    Low Quality Pod
    I love a good pop culture podcast, but this one is just… bad? I understand the premise of reading blinds on celebrities, but that is literally all they do. The description of the show states that they go “beyond the blinds,” but that doesn’t tend to happen. They read blinds in a chronological order, then give their opinion on some of them, but no actual conversations between the hosts tend to materialize. It sounds like they could be seated in two separate rooms recording. The hosts even contradict themselves when they say, “Blinds aren’t always truthful,” but then turn around and react like these blinds are gospel and factual. There is also no fluidity to the episodes, it is very choppy with seconds-full of silence and stammering. Overall, just a very strange and poor quality podcast. If you’re looking for a good PC podcast with journalistic integrity, I’d recommend Shameless and their scandal series.
  • fhits CB m
    Troy deserves better
    Disappointed that Troy is doing this, he has such an incredible ability to speak so eloquently about celebs and pop culture and tell the tale so well and has supreme analytical mind that is able to see things and draw conclusions and provide insight, and this pod reduced him to just reading buncha script written by others… uninspired and wasted talent And his cohost is a total dud, sooo unlikeable and annoying Why this? Hard pass.
  • B. Nan
    Beyond Amazing
    Just love Kelly and Troy. Beyond the Blinds is so real and down to earth.
  • Sjay622
    The best
    Love you two soothe sayers
  • CAM17*
    Amazing podcast
    Kelli and Troy are great hosts, have so much fun together (which is fun to listen to), and have thoughtful conversations around topics that are heavy. I naively didn’t know about a lot of the dark interactions/behaviors they read blinds about. Yikes. It’s been an eye-opening experience listening to all of their episodes! Highly recommend the Patreon ones in addition to their public episodes.
  • Music.Kitty
    Okay wow
    There is life before finding this podcast, and there is life after. I’ve become so annoying since becoming a Patreon, but I truly wish everyone could understand how insane this world is and I just want to spread the good word. Thank you Troy & Kelli for opening my mind in the worst way. (Also I live in Nashville kelly please lets go to tin roof demonbreun together)
  • Ladidimo
    I’m excited and scared every time an episode comes out
    I love this podcast so much! I look forward to it every Thursday and I have to hide my shocked face at work while I listen. An episode I’m looking forward to being covered is Justin Timberlake bc I want Troy to trash him the entire time and call him a noodle head. Kelli, I beg for an episode on Jesse James Decker (on Patreon, for your protection of course). Also, please keep up with the pop culture talk, I like hearing your opinions!
  • Aozkan
    So juicy!
    I’m a new listener but have quickly fallen in love with this podcast. Troy and Kelli are a perfect duo and work very well together. The episodes are always full of juicy blind items that are fun to listen to.
  • Victoria M. Sullivan
    Each week gets worse
    The quality of the podcast has gone down. Each week is a hit or miss with mostly missees. Every week it’s the same irrelevant then and irrelevant now celebrity blind item life. No one really cares about Trey Songz or Faith Mcgraw
  • c87line
    Love!! But please make the volume louder
    Love this podcast so much! Glad I found it and you guys always make me laugh out loud. Took off one star because please make the volume louder! I have to turn the speakers up in my car almost to the max 😩
  • Drawsaw
    My favorite podcast hands down
    Troy and Kelli are like your bffs who know everything about pop culture. They are so funny and entertaining!
  • Swdream00
    Troy my sweet baby angel!!!!
    Troy my sweet baby angel!!!! I’ve been lost without new Dunzo episodes and I feel so stupid I just found this but am so happy!!!
  • Nowaykimberly
    (Allegedly) Troy and Kelly give me life
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for over a year now and they never disappoint. Great chemistry, I love the pop culture updates in the beginning, and I loooove being in the know. Thank you, Troy and Kelly!!
  • Andrésney
    Why do you insist on keeping that hair cut?
    Listening to Kelly talk about Kim K is funny! Ugly girls are always the most insecure when it comes to girls the whole world is in agreement are beautiful!
  • Jadallape
    Stars for Troy
    Love Troy and Smush Room, which is a vastly superior pod to this one. Unfortunately, it appears he’s ended that one to focus on this. Kelly isn’t a great host, and it surprising how little about pop culture (outside of Laguna beach, the hills) she recalls when this pod is about it. Troy; please reconsider your move to this pod. Look at the BTB Reddit, your fans support you and are disappointed with the quality of this pod, which is beneath you. Will continue to support because Troy and Smush Room were a constant support to me through tough times but genuinely hoping he engages in content more worth his talent (without a cohost).
  • Deelsz
    Favorite podcast of all time!
    This podcast is so heartwarming and fun. Such great hosts - you guys are seriously so fun and insightful! Makes my commute so much more enjoyable. I love learning that Hollywood is not what it seems - imo you’re doing a public service 😂💙💙💙 keep up the great work!
  • mikeisikoff
    Yall remember ONTD?!
    Luv the goss sesh
  • kfett2
    So stupid. How old are these hosts that they have to drop the f bomb every other word?
  • Eve&Elli
    My Favorite Podcast!
    I’ve been listening to Beyond the Blinds for awhile, but just signed up for their Patreon this month. Kelli and Troy make you feel like you’re sitting at the bar with your friends listening to them drop the hottest gossip they’ve heard and you just sit there enthralled! They work so well together and deliver their content in a way that is so entertaining. After moving to a new city, they remind me of my friends at home and make my day better. I highly recommend Beyond the Blinds and their Patreon.
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