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We don’t always know where exactly our creative path will take us. Thankfully there are clues, breadcrumbs that we can glean from others who share this journey. Each week Nicholas Wilton, artist and founder of Art2Life, will be sharing stories, insights, and inspiring talks with creatives from all walks of life from painters, writers, filmmakers, thought leaders, and all those just super passionate about sharing their wisdom of self-discovery. So whether you are new to art, an established artist, or just creatively curious, this podcast is a weekly invitation to discern, discover, and then dive deeper into what brings you alive.

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  • Cece LA
    Yes, please.
    As a multi-passion creative entrepreneur, it’s easy to get lost in business and self-development podcasts. I’m so happy I found this podcast. It’s a breath of fresh air in my podcast rotation. I love what this podcast is all about - The art of your life. The art in your life. Yes, please. The guests are all amazing. I love the flow of conversation. I resonate so much with the topics covered. Highly recommend!! Clarissa Podcast host, Painting Your Path™
  • FabWiley
    Edification by Jerry Saltz
    There is a reason this podcast is so requested. It really was edifying and gratifying to hear all of these nuggets - most of all we artists must keep on!! I will re listen and remember his words of encouragement and his humor!
  • Fryemama2
    Exactly what I need.
    This this exactly what I was looking for to support my art making journey. Nicholas’s voice is so soothing and warm. The message is always inclusive and supportive. Thank you for sharing this pod with artists everywhere!
  • dreamalittledreamwithme
    Thank you for your authentic living, authentic life podcast. As I journaled this morning about my lack of time to create I was reminded Nicholas of this podcast. You can call it whatever you want, I call it a big beautiful God wink! I also signed up for your workshop beginning March 4th. My juices are stirring. Thank you, Thank you.
  • Matthew/ Maximilian
    I am so glad I found Your page on Instagram. I am really enjoying Your podcasts. Such an eclectic group of people that bring such an inspiration to many forms of art. Thank You for what You do. Love Your work as well. Stay healthy and keep on being you.
  • Mags T.
    Perfect Timing
    Today’s episode about balancing your art and life couldn’t have come at a more synchronistic moment. It was as though Nick had a pipeline to my exact thoughts. I listened as I painted and his words helped me come to a realization on how to proceed with upcoming events. Very helpful. Thanks, Nick, for your insightful words. Each episode seems to have a helpful tidbit but this one was gold for me.
  • petriebunch
    Very Encouraging
    Nicholas has a very peaceful approach to art making and his information and the people he interviews are interesting. He is very knowledgeable, thoughtful and encouraging . I love listening to his podcast while I’m painting!
  • WBird11:28
    Most uplifting art podcast
    I’ve been listening to Art to Life now for about a year. I always feel energized and encouraged after I listen, which is what artists need because we know this path can be hard. Thank you Nicholas for your genuine, thoughtful words and for your years of insight into creating and the art world.
  • lolacan!
    Best podcast on art AND life!
    I love this podcast so so much! Nicholas is extremely generous in offering his wisdom and sharing inspiration. I learn from every single episode. Thank you thank you!!
  • Famfarm
    I love love this podcast!
    I literally get aha moments just about every episode! I am a multi medium artist working currently in clay/sculpture and love to listen to this podcast while sculpting for ideas on how to move myself out into the world in my most authentic way.❤️
  • It’sSue
    Always uplifting, engaging and helpful
    One of my favorite podcasts - for the art-making tips and the dose of confidence Nicholas offers in each episode. Art-making pulls from so many different parts of our lives: our psyche, our lived experience and our soul. Nick generously pours wisdom and encouragement into each of these areas, along with healthy amounts of technical tips and advice. He’s like a life coach for artists! I learn something new with every episode. I bet you will, too!
  • GoodGood Soul
    Not thrilled that he is becoming a guru
    He's interesting and smart and creative but I am starting to get turned off by his "teachings." I liked him better when he was more vulnerable and humble. It almost feels like he is turning in to a preacher. I can't put my finger on it but he just feels "off." I enjoyed his interviews with other artists and their journeys. Would enjoy more than that.
  • MuseHawaii
    Art Is Life
    Ep54 Rocked my world! I’ve never written a review on a podcast, or maybe anything for that matter. Having lived in New York on the lower Eastside and upper Eastside, my days off spent at museums and nights in village clubs taking in the magic of NY nights…listening to Jerry Saltz talk about the art world and his passion for art and life, truly lit a spark for which I have no words. He is truly iconic. Thank you Nicolas for this amazing podcast.
  • crap what ever
    Life changing
    Your wonderful podcast is informative on so many different levels. Your wisdom alone is inspiring. Thank you for bringing so many talented artists to this podcast, they all have a piece of the puzzle that I’ve been looking for. I listen to most of them twice, because they are loaded with so much knowledge. Thank you! Lori Arnold
  • altakuns
    Great podcast
    Great poolcast. I can share. Selling is difficult for me. This will help me look at it from a different perspective. Thank you
  • Paulphotographer
    Selling your art episode
    This is the best podcast episode I’ve listened to about selling art. Really nice job Nick, glad I found this podcast.
  • shipwreckblues
    Absolutely essential for all creatives
    This podcast has single-handedly gotten me out of a prolonged artist block, shut down toxic inner talk and helped me start building a consistent, sustainable art practice for the first time in my life (thank you!) In a perfect world there would be a new episode every day hahaha But in all seriousness, if you’re a creative (of any type) you should tune in, there is perspective-altering wisdom in every epi. Can not wait to sign up for next year’s Creative Visionary Program and spread my wings even more. A heartfelt thank you to Nicholas Wilton and the entire team for all that you do - not to be dramatic, but you are changing lives for the better. Thank you, more please!! 🙌
  • Improving statement.
    Also an artist
    I enjoyed your podcast on overcoming self doubt. I have done this also where life happens and I haven’t been in my studio fo days. I have also just cleaned my studio and found items that I had set aside to work on and never got to it, but upon revisiting these items I have been encouraged and energized to continue with the idea that began the work in the first place.
  • LaFinta
    LOVE the longer format!!!
    Hi Nick, I’ve listened to every single episode. I loved them all. They’ve totally changed my life. My only complaint is they are never long enough lol! Keep up the good work. 🎨
  • DawneTapp
    Nicholas Wilton: Mindless Objectivity
    Episode 99: Nick, your willingness/ability to share your vulnerability is truly inspiring. Thank you.
  • Mb4art
    What I love about Nick is that he walks the walk. Talking about being vulnerable and leaving it all on the table. His philosophy of play in art frees me up to by a fearless goofball. To mess up sometimes. To actually enjoy the messes. I can’t wait for #100!
  • Bytccm
    Where have you been all my life???
    Honestly, this is the first time listening to the podcast, and I’m so excited about it! Have been painting for 20 years, and Nick’s philosophy about being unique, grateful for the whole process and the gift of self exploration that art gives us is truly soul lifting. I can’t wait to go back to past shows to learn, get inspired and encouraged! And will not miss future shows to come. Thank you!!!
  • AmberUpti
    This is my new favorite podcasts. It’s so refreshing to hear about other artist’s struggles and how they work through them. Im inspired to start working after I listen. I perceive art making in a whole new way now.
  • gingergvt
    I especially love how Nick answers the questions of folks who write in. He takes everyone seriously no matter the level of the art making. Despite having a discouraging day today, I’m ready to paint tomorrow and reinvigorated after listening to the last episode.
  • Happy pirate fires cannon
    So inspiring!
    I can’t tell you how many days I come out to my barn/studio feeling uninspired but then I listen Art to Life and to Nick and his no nonsense approach and it relaxes me and gives me the motivation to just play with the paint. No masterpieces as yet but I’m having fun so it’s all good. Thank you Nick!!
  • Tayvallich
    Love the July 19 episode
    “Can you trust what is emerging” is a fabulous episode! Have listened to it twice - so many great nuggets of wisdom from Nick. If you are an artist, and know the ups and downs of the art making process, this episode is for you!!
  • Midwest Jenn
    Painting alone in my studio can be lonely. The Art2Life podcast helps me feel connected and inspired. Keep up the good work!
  • Natick Town
    Might be the best art podcast available
    Nicholas Wilton is one of the most generous, generative, supportive, and understanding teachers I’ve ‘met.’ This podcast is filled with wisdom. Each one. Nicholas is a warm and engaging interviewer, among the best.
  • GSNY76
    Inspiring and Thoughtful
    Thanks for this podcast! I listen to it when I’m painting and love the new ideas it brings to light. Very inspiring and makes you think about your art making in new ways.
  • Mary Oros Sculpture
    Thirsty For This Topic
    Thanks for the thought provoking podcast. I‘ve listened to it a few times now. Definitely looking forward to more of on this topic. Timely for me since I will be called upon to talk about my work at an opening this weekend. Keep going with the highly informative podcasts- they’re great!
  • BodhiSadhak
    Thank you!
    Love your art, teaching and now your podcast. Thank you! Art2Life is definitely my favorite podcast!
  • 4Veronica
    Art to life podcasts
    I love the art to life podcasts. Everyone of them has been helpful and interesting.
  • showmeparis
    This podcast is my studio buddy
    Love listening to Nick and his guests as I work! Also on hour-long car trips. There are some episodes I listen to multiple times—the brain learns through repetition, and that helps me to really integrate new ideas. Really grateful to this podcast as a companion in my artmaking journey.
  • Ardie#
    Thankful for the Many Blessings of Art2Life
    I am loving Nic’s Art2Life podcasts! Each episode blesses me in several ways: - They keep me exercising as I listen, keeping me moving for longer periods. - Nic introduces me to new, to me, artists. And I click on the links in the program notes to see their work as I listen. I love this expansion of my horizons! - I am inspired by these artists and their stories. - It also feels good to have many of my attitudes and thoughts about creativity expressed by others. - I love the enthusiasm and love of life and artmaking of Nic and the artists he interviews. Thank you Nicolas Wilton!
  • Carol D Artist
    Nick has such a generous spirit and I so appreciate how he shares his own personal experiences of being an artist in a way that not only informs and enlightens but also encourages all of us to just keep going with our art making.
  • GinnyJP
    Wish I listened more consistently…
    Ironically, having just listened to Nicholas Wilton‘s excellent podcast on being consistent in my art practice, I realize that I wish I were more consistent in listening to this podcast. Almost every time I have remembered to tune in I have been glad that I did. I appreciate his tips, his humility, his humor, and his encouragement. Highly recommend.
  • Stephanie_991
    Refreshing, reframing art conversations
    Nick’s podcast is like food for my soul. The content is engaging, informative, and super helpful in balancing my art and overall life. I always feel more grounded, recharged, and motivated after listening. I highly recommend the Art2Life podcast!
  • Paula Walla Doodle all the Day
    Fabulous insights for the creative soul
    Nick gets deep satisfaction from helping creatives on all levels improve their art and their lives. I have deep appreciation for his insights and teachings. This podcast adds so much to my creative life and it’s fun and delightful to listen to!
  • Endoscopy RN
    Incredible podcasts
    Nick naturally embodies generosity, kindness, and humility. He’s so smart. He’s extremely encouraging, fun to listen to, makes you chuckle, and overall just makes you want to be a better person. These podcasts are full of insight and knowledge about art and life. You won’t for a second regret listening to him!!
  • LynaMazzo
    Weekly motivation to connect
    I love listening to this podcast! Nick is so wise and generous with his advice about art making and all the related things. ❤️
  • LuLu Gazelle
    Great podcast with practical and inspirational advice
    Art2Life podcasts are a great resource for artists. Nick and guests are so consistently presenting and sharing practical information and career steering material that really impacts us in the art community
  • The Patina
    My new favorite creativity podcast!
    I am an artist, writer, and podcast junky. This is my new first go to listen. Great motivation and insight for creatives of all types. I listen while on my morning walk and once home nearly run to my canvas or laptop to get working. Thanks for the passionate inspiration!
  • Dianasd4
    Ear Food for the Soul
    Episode 80 on authenticity with Rick Scott was exactly what I needed to hear today. Excellent listen. Love the food for the head and the heart you bring to us, Nicholas! Thank you 🙏🏻
  • 1jdc[]
    Thank you
    Thank you and Noah for such a wonderful episode! I too am a big Brice Marden fan. I look forward each week to your podcast. Thank you!
  • Scar-Mann
    Best Art Podcast ever made
    Thank you so much Nicholas for creating this podcast. I am a fine art photographer, and this podcast has improved my work and perception of the art world more than anything I’ve ever listened to. I would love to take one of your workshops one day. I want to explore mixed media. Ie. Painting on my photographs. ♥️Scarlet
  • ToniValentine
    Wonderful discussion and advice!
  • joa59
    I’ve been painting most of my 62 years yet I’ve learned so much from Nicholas. He’s truly brilliant, kind and humble. I recommend this podcast highly!
  • fraud site
    Do yourself a kindness…listen and just let it in. Nicholas is a gem and he drops a trail of shimmering gems in each episode. Thank you Nicholas!
  • mavior7
    Art Accelerator
    So valuable for creatives of all kinds. A practical philosophy that's long overdue!
  • MarylandEditor
    Hope for artists!
    EdKaitz, Maryland artist. LOVE this pod!
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