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The Affirmations for Black Girls Podcast creates a safe space for women who may be suppressing their feelings. It’s a space where they can be open with themselves. Providing emotional support and encouragement to Black girls that have encountered things they don’t yet feel comfortable sharing with friends, family, or the world.

AFBG discusses all things relationships, faith, careers, self love and personal development, whilst helping others to reflect on their own life’s journey and think about how they’re feeling in order to move forward in a healthy manner.

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  • sino.thando
    So grateful for this podcast
    I’ve been listening to this podcast and I’ve learned a lot. The content is super relatable.
  • Mrs massey
    Wonderful podcast
    As a divorced mom of two, I admit that this young lady exudes a great deal of wisdom for her age. Her shows are enlightening as well as informative. I start my week by listening to her and sharing her podcast with my colleagues and Sorors.
  • Chasanity
    Very Pleasant
    I will say I skimmed over this podcast a few times. And now I’m mad I did start listening sooner. First the host is my new bestie, and I just feel so motivated and peaceful after listening. It’s what what you should be filling yourself with. Thanks sis.
  • MzLaniece
    Omg thank you Holy Spirit for guiding me here🙌🏾
    When i say this podcast is exactly what I’ve been needing to find😊🙏🏾I myself is 28 years old and life have been something in my journey however having the Lord leading me in the midst of every trial that I was facing he brought me out in the winning side. Now I myself deal with mental health issues due to what I been through and over time I really believe he had healed some wounds but there are some that are still in need of being healed and I truly believe that God is having his way to set me free from all the wounds that’s are still bothering me but coming to this podcast knowing that I’m not alone and that someone who’s exactly my age that can relate is amazing feeling knowing that I’m not alone🤗Thank you for having the courage to allow God to use your voice to help everyone that come across and benefit from your podcast😊 Stay Blessed🙏🏾🥰
  • zzimbwa
    Love this Podcast!
    I found this podcast just scrolling through and I am so happy that I did!!! Tyra has helped me get through so much and we don’t even know each other personally. I really love how she begins each podcast with an affirmation because I can add those to my own collection of affirmations for my day. I especially love the segments on healing from romantic relationships! Highly recommend.
  • IcyLeo8
    Discovering Who I Am
    This podcast, along with my therapist, has really helped me manage my depression and low self esteem. I’m really grateful for you Tyra!
  • JessBme16
    Love this Podcast!
    I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this podcast but I’m so glad I did. It’s empowering, informative and fun! Loving this Black girl Magic!!💕
  • Weberkweli
    Thank you !
    These episodes are the start of my day I listen to them to keep leveled and grounded with my routine to better myself . I love your podcasts as they are relatable and inspiring . I need more ! Lol keep doing your thang.
  • Bmkiki
    For Life’s Rainy Days
    Love love love your podcasts! Love the energy you give off!! I have been listening to Affirmations for Black girls and trying to stay consistent with my daily routine to say my own and can’t thank you enough for what you do!! Keep doing what you love Queen Tyra!
  • Jocenelle
    I love how each episode starts with an affirmation. It sets the tone and I can always return to it when I need it the most
  • Punchieeeeee
    Love it
    Love love love this podcast. I love that this is a safe space & it’s so authentic.
  • AZURE💋
    Your saving me.
    Omg! I was listening to your podcast while driving and start to cry out loud I want to say thank you! For being that person that can find the words to say .. your helping me get through a rough patch in my life right now
  • Divinely_Gifted
    Authentic & Raw
    I am sooo grateful for Tyra and her podcast. She is raw and authentic. Her episode and recommendation are phenomenal. This podcast has helped me in sooo many ways. Down to just feeling like I’m heard and seen. Hands down my favorite podcast. I loveeee the intro music and the affirmations. Tyra I thank you for sharing and healing us all. You are changing the path of healing for yourself and all of those who listen. Peace and love to you and your healing 🤎💕
  • Drea Shan
    I just discovered you after deciding that I would start listening to a podcast each week. I would admit that you’ve won me over thus far and I tend to come checking for new podcasts every other day before I go to sleep at night. I really enjoy listening!
  • Sub2yoqizYt
    Thank you 💙
    Thank you, your helping me get through the toughest time of my life.
  • Bulley B.
    Thank you Tyra. You have help me through the worst time of my life. I have been in a dark place for the past 2years. The podcast has help me become more comfortable with myself. Help me heal a broken young lady who has lost her self. Thank you so much.
  • fhdfvdjfv
    A black girl must have podcast
    I been a listener for a month now and I been binging on this podcast to caught up. I love how she designed this podcast and I must say I love the affirmations. I got into affirmations a few years ago when I my son’s father left me and I was so depressed. I am intentionally replacing my music in the car with podcast that feeds my spirit and soul. I am happy I found this podcast. Give it a try and listen Trya won’t disappoint.
  • mvvkayla
    New listener
    I’ve listened to 2 of her podcasts today (randomly chosen) while doing some laundry & cleaning around the house today, & I must say that it was very self cleansing, her voice is so calming & relaxing & doesn’t bore you along listening. From TWO PODCASTS I feel like a whole new woman! I pray she does more podcasts soon! They are much needed for the ladies out here like me!! Love her <3 (it also helps with my anxiety & to not over think while doing nothing)
  • Torontoraptersfan1962
    Exactly what I was looking for
    I’m a little new to the world of podcast. I was looking for something on self-care and affirmations and came across this podcast. I instantly loved it. I hope she comes back in 2023.
    Love it 💗
    This is GREAT!! Literally my first time listening and I fell in love, I feel is understood and this podcast is like a safe place 💗💗
  • Tyra Pugh
    I can relate
    Omggg! My name is Tyra too, and I’m currently going through the samething, I’m stuck and depressed. Any tips?
  • j<3rdyn
    Loved it :))
  • yo yo yong
    This podcast was everything I needed to get through this season/breakup. So much wisdom, keep at it 😘
  • Jhane T
    Thank you
    Thank you for this podcast. Today was my first day listening to one of the episodes and it brings so much happiness to my life. I love the affirmations at the beginning of the episodes. It also helps me get my life in order as a business owner. It’s very inspiring and up-lifting. Keep doing great things.
  • Coffeebeandean
    Thank you for this show!
    A friend told me to add this into my podcast library and I’m so glad I did! Every time I listen I get a new boost of confidence but also happiness. Keep up the great work sis !
  • Qui💕
    Thank you so much 💕
    Me and my ex-boyfriend of almost a year just recently broke up a month ago’s been very emotional & mentally draining. He’s a few years younger then me which was something I was very skeptical about getting into but we both fell so hard in the beginning the rest was history. In August he decided to transfer to a University about 6 hours away without really asking me how I felt about it ...he basically already had his decision made . Fast forward a couple months later and here we are ...everything was going great for me but the long-distance was more then he thought he could handle. I felt him pulling away & becoming very distant which was very unusual for him ...we had a serious talk and decided to end the relationship. It was very hard for both of us ...he also explained that he knew a couple months before he left that he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship but never told me anything. After hearing him say that it really effected me mentally and is making it harder for me to grieve . I feel like everything we planned is gone down the drain ...another wasted love ...but your podcast has opened my eyes so much ...thank you for helping me with my grieving process ...something I’m very scared of but definitely needed to happen in order for me to be truly happy & at peace 🧘🏾‍♀️💕.
  • Kimberlysharp28
    Thank you!
    I’ve been trying to work on my mental health for years & I started listening to Tyra for almost a month now & I see a change in myself. Please go listen because she’s so relatable. Thank you Tyra for taking the time out to do these podcasts. 💕
  • lablixk
    Relatable and Life-Changing
    Since about June I have been listening to Tyra’s podcast and as a 19 year old who just turned 20 I can't be more appreciative of her openness, honesty and advice. The gentleness and care she takes with each episode does not go unrecognized and has made an immense difference on how I think about my own life experiences and the ones of the women in my family and it’s effect on my own. Thank you Tyra, if anyone comes across this podcast please listen. It’ll make a difference little by little.
  • Joyous Lynn
    Thank you!
    This has honestly saved me! Today I was at my lowest and didn’t know what to do or who to turned to. This has given me so much peace. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ❤️‍🩹🫶🏾
  • NeeceLoves
    Thank you!!!
    Truly a Godsend!!!! I’m sooo grateful I was guided to this beautiful, healing and enlightening podcast. Thank you for being born Tyra!!! Sending you hugs and unconditional love 🥰🤗💖💕🌷
  • Alysha Maria
    Exactly what I needed
    I’m so glad I came across this show! It came exactly when I needed it, and has touched on so many things I’ve experienced. Whether it’s going to bed or listening in the morning, each episode leaves me with positivity as I travel on this healing journey. ♥️
  • lularoeailondranguyen
    Aug.17 episode was right on time!
    This podcast popped up as a recommendation! Scrolled down and Episode Aug.17th title caught my eye. Exactly what I needed after a few days of not the best news. Hitting the follow button now! Thank you!
  • loverfg333
    This podcast always puts me in a great mood. Keep shining 😚
  • keishanti
    Thank you.
    I never really write reviews, or even take the time out to do things like this. After watching one episode I know that I will be sprung on this podcast forever literally LOL. I love how honest and open Tyra is that’s what attracts people to her show! I’ve already shared her channel with multiple people just because of the wisdom I gained and that I hope they gain from listening to her. Thank you for stepping out on faith and making this podcast you are truly a blessing to not only me but other black girls as well.
  • ItsMrsVee
    Love this Podcast
    I absolutely love this podcast! By far the best that I have heard and listened to yet! Tyra is very transparent, open and honest! I just love it!
  • TheMariMichelle
    Tyra is my homegirl in my head. The content is very modern, transparent, and relatable. Every Single Episode touches my heart and makes me feel seen. Keep going Tyra! We’re rooting for you.
  • Tiffany B.Renee💜
    Finding Comfort in Discomfort! - Tiffany Rivera
    Thank you so much Queen for sharing this episode!!! This episode really blessed me !! I’m finding comfort after going through a terrible divorce and after writing books from experiencing child loss ! You have encouraged me to possibly create a podcast ! Thank you Queen ! I appreciate you ! Keep sharing your jewels !
  • Anita Beauty
    Excellent topics
    Keep up your good work and I always enjoy listening to you.
  • lottalyrics
    I really missed you. I noticed the weeks without an episode and I have been praying for you! So happy to see the new episode posted this last Sunday. You encourage me so much and have never even met you so let me give back by praying for you, sincerely. Thank you Amber
  • jas.johnson
    I love your podcast!
    Thank you for being so vulnerable in your podcast. This is the first podcast that I ever listen to and I am a complete fan now. I really appreciate how you broke down in steps how to respect your own space as well as gotten detailed about boundaries and a change my perspective in a good way. I'm so happy that you stop procrastinating and you made your podcast because it's changing lives. I just followed you on Instagram and I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with you thank you so much love you Tyra !
  • bllc508
    Thank you!!!
    Thank you for your time and wisdom you share. it is so helpful and insightful! I hope you know you showing up makes a world of a difference in I believe many lives that listen. Thank you again
  • boojeanie10
    Everything to me!❤️❤️
    My therapist and sister had been telling me they listen to podcasts. So one day I begin scrolling & thought I’d give it a try. I saw the name and thought how enlightening I say affirmations let me see what this is about! And the very first topic that stood out to me & I listened to was about childhood trauma… this is something I suffer(ed) with. I listened & now I’m hooked!! I love Tyra she is so down to earth & she focuses on many things that are relatable to many. I love it here! 💕
  • nikia h.
    A relatable podcast!
    This podcast is so relatable and down to earth. Tyra really is my home girl and keeps me going! My favorite episode was the friendship one 🥰 I love how she navigates, life, experiences, trauma, etc. highly recommend 🥰
  • azakiiya
    This gone hit different 😩
    I listened to the trailer and was HOOKED 😭 I’m here for it and can’t wait to see how this turns out! 🥰 almost broke my thumb trynna trynna tap that ⭐️ 😂
  • m.j723
    Every episode is an breath of compassion & recognition 🤎
    Such a beautiful space 🤎 there is so much wisdom & realization that comes with each episode. Come in with your heart open & your eyes looking inward ✨ Thank you 💜
  • Taisha527
    Thank you
    I want to start of by thanking you for doing this podcast. I just started following you today and I am so thankful to find someone that relates to me. Can’t wait to see where this podcast goes! Thank you Tyra!
  • KiaP22
    Absolutely LOVE this channel! The stories and lessons give me life. Definitely recommend to anyone ❤️
  • TamiriaL
    A gift from God
  • itsPhylisha
    Loveee the podcast
    I love how relatable the content is. I look forward to the notifications when you drop a new episode! Keep dropping these gems!
  • HoneysDiamond
    Am I ready to Be A Mom Episode
    From the time I discovered your podcast I’ve always enjoyed the topics you discuss. But this last episode was my absolute favorite. The revelations you had from your experience with your God daughter and reflecting on your parents growing up resonated so much. The part that made me emotional was when you stated you always resort to being the person you needed when you were a child. I think about that all the time. I do feel like remembering that will help immensely with being a good mom and just a good person in general. Thank you so much for this episode. Opened my mind and heart to a lot of new things. Cannot wait to hear more.
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