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Sean Ross and Evan Ross Katz take a deep dive into all things SURVIVOR. Drop Your Buffs takes a retrospective look at the greatest seasons, players and iconic moments from the reality show that started it all. Plus, we go straight to the source, interviewing legendary contestants of the game.

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  • ShanersB
    Finally unsubscribing. There are so many better Survivor pods that offer both humor and critique. This one is straight up hours of complaining. Yawn.
  • clairewasrobbed
    Love you guys!
    However, i have been feeling lately like those who are not willing to pay for the patreon are getting nothing. i feel like interviews would be nice, and maybe a rewatch of a more popular season would be nice on the main feed, something like cambodia or david vs goliath. it’s definitely not you’re fault that 46 is giving nothing, but i feel like the podcast for the main feed has been, like survivor, feeling redundant.
  • SingItBack
    I’m Out
    I’ve been listening since S42 and this week was when I finally decided that I’m out. The problems are self evident and I’m not going to use this space to drag the podcast. I am however, leaving a one-star rating because well, the podcast is starless.
    Can’t Watch/Still Listen
    I’ve seen every episode of every season of “Survivor”…until now. It’s a shadow of its former self & I’ve loved it too much in the past to watch it flail & die so spectacularly. I can’t imagine what new viewers must think of whatever this Probst-ian nightmare is. So even though I can’t bear to watch the actual “show” anymore, I so appreciate Sean & Evan’s takes, recaps & truth-telling. They give it to you straight (so to speak) & just because Jeff screwed things up for everyone, I’m not ready to quit the Ross boys.
  • i weighed a bald 72, unless i put some bricks in my pants
    Love-Hate Relationship
    As a new listener and fellow member of the alphabet gang, I feel like I have a love-hate relationship with this podcast! While I genuinely appreciate Shawn and Evans’ critiques and analysis of the show from a production standpoint, the negativity about the show itself and specially how season 46 is unfolding is quite tough to listen to. I totally understand and agree with many of the production critiques they have mentioned of 46 / new era, and I know Sean and Evan verbatim said beginning of this season said they weren’t interested in covering the particular season but are still doing it anyway…. But I almost feel like it would be better if they didn’t because the energy feels a lil jaded (I say that with love here)! For example the whole thing about hunter in the latest could have just been edited out if we weren’t gonna get to hear your perspectives. Like I would much rather hear hunter analysis than hear y’all objectifying Bhanu??? That felt weird. I first found this podcast through folks mentioning on reddit and then listening to the interviews with previous survivor legends like Parvati and Sandra, and I really found those shows a lot more exciting and awesome. Maybe it would help to get more ex castaways to join the show for the recaps so they could share their thoughts and mix up the energy a bit. Anyway will keep listening in hopes that things can improve
  • John Dorado
    Unabashedly Honest and Charming
    Look folks, this is not an ego stroking podcast to Survivor’s production team. This is a podcast coming from two diehard fans of the show. The show has cast brilliantly over the years; unfortunately, Survivor 46 is no where near the compelling storytelling the show once was. If you are a new era Survivor apologist, this podcast is not for you. This recap show is for those that appreciate honest conversations, dissecting what contributes to great television (not just great strategy). I value entertainment analysis vs strictly strategy analysis, which is why I tune in. Very gay and very honest - thank you!
  • Dan GW
    Whiny, catty and bitchy
    If you want to listen to whiny negativity this is the podcast for you. The Bingetown girls are much better then these two.
  • Tfbjkc
    Getting better all the time
    Listen, I gave some constructive criticism with my 5star review back in the day, but now I’m a Patreon subscriber. In my unsolicited opinion, they’ve gotten a lot better at critiquing the show. I have my own criticisms with the show and honestly how can you not have a bunch of criticisms for Survivor?? I do however agree with the last review— the spoilers hurt my feelings. Like just because you saw a spoiler for the Traitors finale, you don’t have to share that— save it for after the episode airs and tell us that you were spoiled. Same thing happened for me with the Kate reveal. BUT to be fair, I understand that the hosts and a lot of the people who listen are very online and I’m the one who is different. So maybe that’s my problem. I still wouldn’t stop listening.
  • Leela A S
    “Negativity” AKA having actual taste and a point of view
    I have been a fan for the last year or so and finally subscribed to the Patreon and the timing could not have been better because of Evan and Sean’s excellent coverage of the Traitors US, old season recaps, and deep dives into the ongoing disappointment that is New Era Survivor. Their honesty keeps me grounded in a world where New Era Survivor is trying beat me into submission. Sorry to those who don’t want historicism and reality with their reality tv, but this podcast only keeps getting better!
  • itstheweekndboii
    Unlike Jeff Probst, Sean and Evan just get it. I have been a DYB listener and patron since the very beginning. Every week, the one thing I look forward to most is this pod to hear their takes which some may think are unpopular but are actually just the truth. Listeners are fed with a variety of shows and to be frank, I’m stuffed. Stars all around, no other notes!
  • mlm85718
    Still listening
    The negativity is tough, but I keep listening hoping you guys will turn a corner! I didn’t want to mess up your reviews with anything but 5 stars, but there really should be spoiler warnings.. several things on traitors were spoiled for me (because I’m not watching the previews with hawk eyes and don’t know the chronology of each challenge) and I started the Nicaragua rewatch because I wanted to actually watch the season for the first time and listen along, but then in the first episode you guys said who won and I didn’t know, so I didn’t end up watching the season or listening to the recap. I wish there had been a warning that you guys’ understanding was all listeners have watched all seasons. I hope you guys will keep recapping current seasons but also it does feel like you both genuinely hate it at this point, so maybe stopping isn’t the worst idea. Wanted to share these thoughts without messing up your rating so still giving 5 stars but please stop with the spoilers!!! 😭
  • DL12358252528393
    the negativity
    Finally unsubscribing — the negativity has become unbearable! If I’m choosing to watch a show, why would I want to listen to the hate every week (and it’s not nuanced cultural criticism)
  • mathu420
    “a taste of home for who exactly”
    obsessed with natasha from detroit’s read on applebee’s bc why was my reaction to that being the sponsor of the food being beyond disappointing bc as yall said applebee’s is not that girl for me either
  • Nadia_christina
    Love the pod
  • kkn0411
    Love these guys but….
    Found them during survivor. Love the podcast! Listening free episode for traitors 2 and they gave away spoilers for other Traitors shows (uk?) that I haven’t watched yet and planned on watching. So I had to stop immediately.
  • dawndora
    THIS is THE Survivor Podcast (I’m biased)
    I found DYB during the summer when I just moved and started a new job with a long commute so I started to listen to the podcast in my car and QUICKLY flew through their episodes! I am not a huge fan of the new era, but I would always make sure to catch up with Sean and Evan every time they posted a new episode review! They even made me a Traitors fan when my mom couldn’t. I was super into 44 and 45 and following Sean and Evan through the journey of these two new era seasons was such a trip! They make their viewers feel seen, always answers questions thoughtfully, offers their own takes and opinions and are truly their authentic selves 100% of the time. It was a rough 2023 for me and there is just something about this podcast that’s truly comforting! I love you guys and appreciate all the work you guys do!
  • piscottso
    Favorite (not just Survivor) Podcast!
    4.5 average rating is CRIMINAL. Sean and Evan have the best podcast out there offering a queer, relevant, insightful look at survivor episodes and now other shows I love as well - can’t wait for the Traitors commentary! AND they invite their audience to participate with voice notes, so I totally bragged to all my friends when mine was featured in an episode LOL. LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST!
  • abrilporfavor
    “I did predict this”
    I have been listening to DYB since the beginning. I have to toot my own horn and say that I knew Sean and Evan’s pod would grow to STAR status because these two are just the best. They feed what I have discovered to be a not-so-small niche of Survivor-obsessed girls gays and theys, and we eat well every week. It’s like if Las Cultch and Know-It-Alls had a baby…and the baby makes itself laugh, invents idioms that are just slightly off from actual idioms, and actively stirs up drama with current players. I earnestly think this pod is breathing new life into the Survivor fandom and for that we should all be grateful. Love!
  • Smallfolk
    I tried….
    Wanted to like this…. The whiny co-host obsessed with nonsense details…. Nope.
  • LukasFelix09
    Unhinged = sign me up
    I joined the patreon solely to see drama on the insta stories.
  • matthew.ranalletta
    feels like a Brooklyn night idk
    These gays misremember facts about past seasons constantly and make fun of the contestants, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If I wanted someone to be nice I would listen to J*ff.
  • B556488
    My favorite podcast
    Far and away my favorite podcast let alone survivor podcast. Evan and Sean bring the perspective and nuance that can be lost on the mainstream feeds and fans. Between the two of them there’s a balanced perspective - groundbreaking- which I guess is increasingly unfamiliar in these polarizing times. They also center women and POC, understand the cultural and power dynamics at play in the game and outside of it, and are body and sex positive and it’s all just like an oasis in the middle of a desert of dude bro macho game bot survivor takes. WHILE BEING HILARIOUS THO. I love their little and big takes- from the cinematography and editing of a challenge to the real realness about their views of players. They’re friends with the best survivor legends but also simultaneously not afraid to read players to filth. It’s like part gossip magazine part art critique with these two and I live for it. Highlights are when they laugh uncontrollably together and make fun of Jeff’s obsolescence. After a while you’ll be watching Survivor and something will be said and you’ll be like “oop that’s gunna be on the pod.” It’s also a Parvati fan club in here which tells you all you need to know about ideological alignment. Proud Patreon- the only podcast I pay for, and happily, for as long as they’ll make content. Thanks guys for all your hard work.
  • Ovary Up
    5 stars
    ILY Evan and Sean!!!!! Honestly not enough poison in my opinion!!! More poison!
  • BeHowe15
    Makes Survivor worth watching
    Survivor continues to get floppier every season, but I watch anyway so I can listen to the Drop Your Buffs recaps. Sean and Evan make me laugh so hard. I love poison!
  • mostly Laura
    I became a survivor fan 10 years too late
    Like some other listeners I am also a bit addicted, at least to the Survivor content. I think Sean and Evan balance each other out well. It’s kind of funny and kind of concerning that both hosts seem to only be doing the podcast out of obligation to some unknown entity — because they don’t like new era survivor, don’t like CBS, definitely have other ventures and interests, and “wouldn’t watch the season except for the podcast”. Secretly they must enjoy it. Survivor is simply the vehicle
  • CathDeSi
    Ancient Voices of a Generation
    Back in January, I started a new job requiring me to drive and alas, my train binge-watching needed a replacement that left my eyes on the road… Enter podcasts about my reality TV guilty pleasures... I tried several survivor pods, most of which I couldn’t get past the first few minutes. Enter Sean & Evan, whose real friendship is evident through their chemistry. Their humor and storytelling make me giggle every week, and for that, I’m thankful. When the season is on hiatus, the rewatches on Patreon are delightful. If you are bothered by criticism of the show, perhaps get out a bit more, try another, more overproduced pod, or find the antidote for poison.
  • Sk8r88
    Pod brings joy and Sean and Evan can do whatever they want!
    DYB brings me joy, answers questions on why moves were made, and celebrates the wildest, funniest moments of eps. Standard definition seasons were best, get off Evans back everyone!
  • YoMeMoiBen
    To disagree is to be human
    I was the fan Evan “attacked” on the pod’s and was amused and laughed out loud. Keep up the Survivor coverage and gay on gay crime. If we agreed on everything I wouldn’t keep tuning in ✌🏽
  • KGM97
    stars all around!
  • jgo88
    He’s losing it
    Evan is now attacking fans on the drop your buffs insta! Not a good look…
  • wildchild14
    star falling
    I loved the earlier seasons but am frustrated how they moved so much honesty hour commentary to the after show & now the main is more strategy analysis. Patreon/ subscriber benefits should be bonus content like the rewatches not the og content now put behind paywall. :)))))) Their audience has grown & they are more enmeshed in the survivor establishment than perhaps they’d like to admit. Can’t have yr cake and eat it too! I’ll be tuning in for Australian recaps tho w/ Sean and Ricard.
  • Reviewname1794
    Shawn is great, but Evan is so negative that he completely ruins the pod. He clearly doesn’t like the show and I’m not sure why he even does a survivor podcast.
  • Jateak
    LET IT BE KNOWN that the 5 stars are specifically directed to the US and Australia Survivor episode reviews, and amazing interviews of the past players. I love the queer POV and references when talking about survivor, because, gurrl survivor is camp. Always and forever. All that aside I’m completely ignoring the AJLT episodes. I am not interested in Sex and the City, and will never entertain the idea of watching it. It seems like these AJLT reviews more suitable for the Shut Up, Evan! But you gave me so much joy that I’m willing to blindly ignore those episodes. Do more Survivor please!!!
  • BreeSquared
    Don’t sweat the little things y’all
    One host is a level headed fan with fair criticisms of missteps or suggestions for tweaks, but who is ultimately here to have a good time with the segments and recaps, and the other is just a hater at this point 😂 hardly ever thinks people are standing out, they are spending so much time each episode nitpicking silly details for not living up to their personal expectations, instead of taking it for what it is, and it’s becoming a drag. :/
  • jojoejoe87
    Love Sean
    Love Sean, he is a joy and my reason for continuing to tune in.
  • kaite b
    A Star is Risen
    I absolutely love to vehemently disagree with everything Evan says. It’s hilarious.
  • therealjdt
    Addictive hate listen
    All was made clear in the interview with Carolyn, where she expressed such exasperation with these two and they were desperate to try to placate her, but too smug to understand how they come across. I started listening in season 43 when it offered a decent amount of substantial commentary. Since then it’s devolved into such a hilarious parody of trivial nitpicking, I can’t stop listening.
  • genosairen
    Sean <3
    Sean is great, that’s about it!!
  • htime454
    Star or starless??
    STAR! thank u for what u do
  • Justin McCarthy 2
    5-Star Pod, Starless Segment
    Sadly, star/starless is a flop segment. Perhaps fun for the hosts (or host?) but not fun for us.
  • HR926
    *Insert Vape Emoji*
    Ummmm hi it’s Hannah Rose - thank god people can’t negatively comment this review because I’m sure it would come BUT YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING and while I’ve never listened until the “We Can Do Hard Things” episode recap (ironic, I seemingly cannot do hard things on Survivor) - you healed my soul. THANK YOUUUUU also lol @ the business reviews.
  • Arul61
    keep doing the AJLT pods please!!
  • peachpuppi
    Love love love
    Love these guys, love this pod!
  • trkybcn
    Why on gods green earth did you not edit out the yellow jackets spoiler???? You knew it was a spoiler and still chose to keep it in the podcast??? That was so unnecessary and incredibly silly.
  • JoeyJoJo69
    Shut Up, Evan
    I’m all do a thoughtful critique, but why is Evan on this pod considering that all he does is complain about the show. Shawn is excellent. There has to be a better cohost out there. Please find them.
  • Little Matt Walsh
    Love the Pod!
    I just discovered the podcast a week ago. I was walking in the park yesterday listening to the episode where you said Scout Cloud Lee had clear top energy, and I could not stop laughing. People were looking at me, and I just thought, I could not possibly begin to describe to somebody what I was listening to or why I was laughing. So, thank you. Five stars, no notes, etc.
  • bkd65
    Not for nothing…
    Not for nothing Evan adds the perfect spice to Sean’s “I’m the grown up” pot pie. Totally not the same when he’s gone. I prob would move on.
  • Michael Grandolfi
    Great podcast!
    Love both the cohosts, and they have some great interviews with past contestants. It’s too bad 43/44 are so god awful, you guys deserve better 😂
  • chuck d 22
    Great pod 💯💯
    Fun, balanced, entertaining, engaging, thoughtful, amazing!! Thank you!
  • QuietRiot76
    Terrific interviews with iconic Survivor Alums
    This is a great podcast to go to for Survivor episode recaps, but what earns the five stars for me are the interviews with Survivor Alums. Evan and Sean get outstanding guests with legend status, but they also make a point to get underrated icons we don’t hear from very often. I love their talks and admire how skilled they are. I’m rooting for them to get Amanda Kimmel, who is at the top of their wish list. Make it happen, universe!
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