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The Ringer Reality TV Podcast is the home for all things unscripted TV. Johnny Bananas recaps 'The Challenge,' Tyson Apostol recaps 'Survivor,' Rachel Lindsay recaps all the shows over at Bravo, and Ringer favorites cover all manner of streaming shows across the reality spectrum, from 'The Great British Bake Off' to 'The Circle' to 'Selling Sunset.'

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  • wildandfunny
    Morally corrupt
    Paige is fake and calculated - Carl is also a proven liar just like her boyfriend aka winterhouse trash bag. I will never believe Carls version nor Craig’s version of any events - Paige love ya do better
  • brooklynmuse79
    Do it. Write the essay; then do the podcast.
  • Reem bean
    Rachel is projecting obviously
    Rachel is on Lindsay’s side bc she’s obviously triggered 🥴. Cally is def not pointing this out and it’s so obvious
  • YupOkay
    Great shows!
    Juliet is the best. Morally Corrupt is so much better with Callie. Rachel needs to go. Astrology? Just have Callie and Jodi do the show, they are not trying to get Instagram followers.
  • kellymay12
    The Pod Has Spoken
    Minus one star for making me sift through all the other content to get to the Survivor stuff I come here for, but otherwise all my stars go to everything Tyson brings to the table, including this delicious dynamic of showing us that Riley absolutely cannot take a joke. The recaps are good, but the palpable tension derived from the distaste Riley has for Tyson? Chef’s kiss.
  • woo woo apple
    Confusing to Navigate
    I wish I could just get to Death, Taxes and Bananas without having to go through 10 pods I don’t want to listen to. Especially due to the fact I could be driving and his pod ends and another show I don’t even watch comes on and I am stuck listening to it till I can safely find another episode. I can’t tell what I missed cuz there are so many other pods I have to skim through. Can’t they all have their own channel or set up here so it is only the one show on one channel? Would have given 5 stars if so…cuz come on, Bananas is hilarious and can even do a show just talking to himself and make it hilarious. Why doesn’t he have his own channel again?
  • Team A44
    Love you bananas you are my fav reality star. Come win the challenge again and you need to be on traitors season 3 like Kate did for season 2… ❤️
  • carolinehhall
    Morally Corrupt
    As much as I love morally corrupt and have been listening since day 1, I would love for the hosts to have more differing opinions. Slowly but surely, they all seem to take the same “sides” in debates and it’s frustrating. Best example is VPR 11 - not one host has seen Lala or Scheana’s side or really tried to it seems. Love hearing your thoughts on Ariana even if I don’t share them - you open my eyes to views I didn’t see before, but I would love some DEBATE! Y’all mention the group text a lot and maybe y'all are discussing those differing opinions there? Please share!
  • wildhope421
    Could be better
    Morally corrupt is not a bad podcast but it could be better. Sometimes they just skip certain shows with no rhyme or reason. Also, Rachel and Callie (not so much Jodi) often don’t know names or specific details. I’m sitting there thinking, “her daughter’s name is Gabriella!”, “Rachel’s stepson’s name is Jaden!”. I don’t even watch Vanderpump Rules and I knew the finale was this past week. I just don’t understand. This is a paid job. Look these things up before you record OR stop and look it since you have control over the editing. Rachel does this on Higher Learning too. If you don’t want to do the legwork and the research, I’ll happily take your check and do it lol.
  • Dm101lk
    Love the VPR Recap
    I love Rachel and Jodi’s take on VPR. They are spot on and understand the disgusting behavior this season from Sandoval, Lala, Scheana and Brock. I’m also glad they are calling out the Producers and Andy on how they’re trying to make Arianna look bad. I used to love Andy but he’s starting to give me the ick.
  • Lolo13419
    Morally Corrupt - Does Rachel WATCH the shows or read headlines?
    I’m so confused at how uninformed Rachel is on these podcasts. If Callie wasn’t there to bail her out, this podcast would be frightful. It’s so uncomfortable to listen to Rachel sound so unknowing about her OWN business. Callie Curry is terrific!!
  • IvetteDL
    Johnny Bananas!
    Love Johnny Bananas! Would love to have Justina Valentine back on 🩷
  • Nicolerann89
    Please do the bare minimum of research
    That’s all. Edit: Hasn’t gotten any better. Do the Morally Corrupt women even watch the shows? The amount of details they get wrong is laughable
  • notatedtalk
    Too Much Feedback, from me not your mic.
    Survivor Pod: please stop spoiling every other season, not everyone has seen them all. Bananas: really toxic conversations that feel misogynistic. Love the shows he recaps, wish it was a different host doing it. Bachelor Party: no notes, love! Morally Corrupt: Callie Curry really shines as well as Jodie Walker. Rachel’s weakness is continuity in watching the shows and having encyclopedic knowledge the other hosts bring. Generally hiring more female voices and allowing them to achieve power positions across The Ringer brand is something that is needed. RIP Tea Time, we miss you dearly.
  • VIDA 79
    Love the bravo content
    Love it so much, I wish it was longer!!
  • luckynyc777
    You miss a lot
    The whole guys night at the Brazilian steakhouse was mentioned several times by Schwartz as being a rat pack themed night. For you both to act completely clueless and ask what’s happening here etc etc is a pretty big miss. Pay attention, not the first time.
  • AnchYou
    Father Nature/America’s Dad (and Riley) bring it each week.
    Title says it.
  • Chloeteresa
    Johnny go away
    I give up on trying to listen to the traitors podcast. Johnny just wants to talk. His ego seems bigger than anything else. Instant turn off of any future podcast with him.
  • ryanairsuxxxx
    Best podcast just wish it was more consistent
  • mary sio
    Rachel Lindsay - make your dog stop barking
    The dog barks every podcast
  • chb0566
    Anne-Marie nurse anesthetist
    They are not the same thing anesthesiologist are doctors Anne Marie is a nurse!
  • Gratzzz
    I love love loveD this podcast and had given it 5 stars in the past because it’s a go to for me but that just flipped off. Listening to the podcast posted March 1st (time 7:14 in) hearing Rachel Lindsey discuss… someone that was unknowingly recorded during a sexual act without consent is NOT predatory???? Really? I don’t care if you love him or hate him. No consent at any age, no matter how old or young for either party, it’s not ok!!!! The person recoding anything without consent has now become a predator. There are plenty of other podcasts that cover the same material that don’t shame someone that had no idea they were being recorded during an intimate moment. Gross. I hope you are never in that position!
  • Bernella
    Rachel and Jodi are bullies
    Why are Rachel and Jodi such mean girls about people on reality shows? I’m done listening—can’t continue with the negativity.
  • Peaceole
    Claire? Game changer? Really? Smh
  • Jae2323
    Pod Has Spoken Game changers
    Episode 4. Claire? A game changer?? I don’t even remember her 🤣💀
  • TanyaB.
    Bring Back Zack
    I love the different opinion but I will not be listening anymore until Zack is back. I may not always agree with him but I always enjoy his take the most!!!
  • eileen334455
    I’m confused why you guys don’t have a regular podcast schedule?
    If you want great reviews, stick to a regular schedule.(e.g, bananas should have a regular podcast schedule)
  • Justasomeonewhocares
    Can’t tolerate this host
    This weirdo can’t see past his own giant head. Talk about undeserved ego. And how does a guy from California have a Chicago/NY accent, do you even know who you are?
    Bananas Needs A Break
    Jeez…Bananas REALLY has a boner for Dan Gheesling, huh? The jealousy is profound. I’m not even a Dan fan but he must be something to bother Jonathan Devenanzio so much! The pod is MEH. It’s time for a new voice. 🍌 🍌 🍌 is kind of over, right? Nothing to see/hear here folks…the salmon of Capistrano can do better. 🤷‍♂️
  • MW001212
    Who gave Johnny Bananas a mic?
    I love everything Ringer puts out. Except this. Johnny Bananas is an uncharismatic narcissist. His commentary is 1% insightful, 60% fishing for compliments, and 39% making baseless character judgements that have little relevance. Agonizing to listen to - and this is from someone obsessed with the Traitors.
  • lizsaysthat
    Bananas, who *spoiler* didn’t spend very long on this season of Traitors — and who said he’d never seen any other season — sounds like a straight-up dummy when he criticizes other players’ strategies. I’m giving 3 stars instead of 1 because I know his isn’t the only show on this feed.
  • Dawn00000
    Love the episode with Bananas and CT, great to hear all their stories
  • WRTherulers
    CT says what??
    I’m listening to the two of them talk about their challenge days and friendship, etc. but literally could not understand half of what CT said at the end-slurring his words SO much!!
  • wifey67
    Loved the CT/Bananas episode
    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this. It didn’t feel like an interview, it was a conversation between 2 of the best to ever do it, giving each other their respect. Also loved hearing. CT’s side of things in so much that went down in the past. Great show and congratulations on 100 episodes
  • GraceForAtlanta
    Rachel is too biased and Johnny is too cocky
    Rachel is too biased to be entertaining and Johnny’s armchair quarterback sessions are annoying
  • Keeling11
    Little boys
    I listen to this podcast feed occasionally and usually like it. But Johnny Bananas and Marcus Jordan talking about The Traitors was almost unbearable. It’s basically the two of them trying to pump up their own egos and defend why they were murdered so early in the season. They’re supposed to be talking about the first three episodes, but they cover almost nothing except their own (very short) parts in them. They’re clearly embarrassed but trying to save face, and it’s really annoying to listen to. I’m disappointed because I wanted to listen to people talk about The Traitor - there’s a lot going on and it’s a great show! But this episode really turned me off.
  • dclaire26
    I really like this podcast but Rachel should not be covering RHOBH. You are recapping what is happening on this show - not who AnneMarie is as YOUR friend. We don’t care. Jodie & Chelsea, please take point on this recap - Rachel have several seats!
  • kckckckckkckckckckc
    Not sure
    Maybe don’t say the word “gyps” even if it’s referring to a specific person. Otherwise love ya
  • HLC303CO
    Rachel needs to be honest about Annamarie
    Rachael, Rachel, Rachel….. i’ve always loved and valued your opinion on these recaps. But hearing you defend AnneMarie because she’s your friend is not journalism. As a medical professional, it is unethical for her to get involved in someone’s healthcare, who is not her direct patient. Not to mention doing it on TV. Please stop defending her!
  • Pennygirl1234
    Bananas pod
    Love love what bananas did for Tanisha. He could’ve earned this love by the fans a long time ago had he did the same for Sarah. Sarah deserved that money and Bananas stole it because he is a douche.
  • Lmac1253
    Rachel’s bias
    I usually like the show but Rachel’s defense of Annemarie is laughable and honestly so biased it has no place in reality. They don’t actively re-edit the show while it’s airing because of feedback from fans 😂😂😂 that’s so ridiculous. Are they editing her unfairly? Maybe. Maybe her solo scenes didn’t work for the show and so they’re only covering her drama in the group. Which is unfortunately for her and us, is all esophagus based lol. She miscalculated and it’s reflecting very poorly on her. Rachel please stop making it out that bravo and the team behind BH is vilifying her - she did that to herself.
  • gmalpz
    Biased Opinions make it unbearable
    This is for the morally corrupt podcast- I really gave it a shot but the hosts often get the facts wrong which is super annoying. Why cover bravo if you constantly get the info wrong. The last straw for me was Rachel’s extremely biased take - especially while covering RHOBH. She defended the problematic Annemarie (she is transphobic and her husband has several SA accusations) and blamed it on editing. There are a lot of way better Bravo podcasts out there so don’t waste your time on this one.
  • fuzzlestiltskin
    Rachel Lindsay has too much bias
    Rachel’s personal biases on the rhony reboot against Erin Lichy and her pro Annemarie Wiley bias makes her take sides and an unreliable narrator. Rachel was not able to recognize AW’s unprofessionalism in discussing someone’s medical conditions, trying to out Sutton as an alcoholic and eating disorder while admitting she didn’t even know her. She should recuse herself if she can’t watch like a viewer. I don’t want to hear that she really knows it’s a bad edit unless she will spill tea. I do not want to hear about Rachel’s divorce, so just stop talking about it low key or tell us about a reality tv marriage gone bad. End of story. She is not the story, not for housewives. FYI - the show is about women older than me and I know that Taylor Dane “tells it to my heart.”
  • Pischina
    I like Rachel Lindsay but she doesn’t seem to pay a lot of attention to the Bravo shows she covers, nor does she know anything happening in real time outside of the episodes. I don’t get a lot of value from her coverage, instead it’s as frustrating as discussing a Bravo show with a friend who’s only seen a couple episodes.
  • Copperboom28
    Stop defending Annemarie
    Love the podcast, but please don’t ever take this route again. The words have come out of Annemarie’s mouth; footage is available (obviously) to back her up. You’re shocked that the person who acted poorly and offered non-apologies told you a different story?! C’mon Rachel, you’re smarter than that. They even showed footage of her saying she’s an anesthesiologist; not a nurse. She effed up; she should own it. Her current actions online are only making it worse. The fact that your spending so much time defending her made me finally stop listening. It’s also not okay for people to be bullying her in return. Say that and leave it at that; but defending a close friend that you have biases towards to the degree you are, is not why we listen to this podcast. I’m a big fan; just please don’t insult is with this again.
  • MEO31
    SO well done and fun!
    This is so well done and does not add to the scandoval fatigue whatsoever -it reinvigorates it for the good! Keep up the amazing work!
  • Milwaukee Ryan
    Fact check miss
    Fact checking your facts: Schwartz was on season ONE of Stars on Mars, not two!! But really who cares lol
  • Sashola0987
    The American Scandoval did not hit
    Just three hours of a summary of scandoval, as if that hasn’t been rehashed and repeated for the last 10 months. Even includes all the sound bites of everything everyone’s already heard. Expected some more in depth analysis.
  • jessica molta gorham
    Came from Ryan Bailey’s podcast (So bad it’s Good) recommendation and I’m loving this so much!
  • Elle_mmnnoopp
    Unmatched about the “scandoval” story
    I’ll admit VPR wasn’t on my radar during it’s come up (former bartender wrapped in my own social circle). The zeitgeist pulled me in and made me obsessed. Hands down this breakdown is ON POINT!
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