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Welcome to the Mark Narrations Reddit Podcast where we cover a whole host of reddit stories. From AITA stories, Revenge stories and Relationship stories. With 2 episodes posted daily weekdays you'll find plenty to listen to. I hope you enjoy your stay!

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  • Kenzie 🐎
    Honestly I love but..
    I do really love this podcast! It’s just the ads show up randomly and sometimes scare me when I’m sleeping lol but otherwise I love these and understand this is a YouTube video, recommending this to everyone!! (PS: the story’s are worth it 😉) Edit: Not a huge fan of this podcast anymore. I’ve been reading reviews and it seems like some of the episodes are being deleted then posted as if it’s new, and again the ad placement is TERRIBLE. I hate whenever i’m listening to op’s story or mark reading the comments and then BAM random 1 minute ad, it gets me side tracked and I usually can’t remember what he was saying last.
  • Unicorn_babe_cool_smart3612
    love but..
    I love this podcast Reddit but there’s A LOT of stories are repeated..
  • no35thanks
    Favorite Reddit Podcast
    I regularly listen to a handful of Reddit podcasts and have attempted to listen to several more, this one is my favorite. I think Mark is really kind and calm, he sounds like a good person. I also appreciate that there is no censoring for swear words. Many of the other daily Reddit podcasts say g-rated words in place of what posts actually say so they aren’t demonetized on YouTube. Fine on them but I like feeling like an adult when I listen to podcasts 😂
  • Panicky pancake
    Butter to the ears
    Marks smooth English voice is so nice to listen too. I listen to this podcast everyday at work. Probably one of my favorite podcasts. Easy listening,
  • megalochon
    Can’t stop listening
    Quality content. Mark is basically 2020s Mr. Rogers for adults. No dragged out fluff, familiar/predictable routine, has rational and relatable reactions to stories, calm not-annoying voice. My number one go-to podcast to listen to while doing everything.
  • Laceygay
    Super awesome most bestest show!
    I love the show! I agree with most of Mark's commentary. He seems like a great guy! I have gone through and listened to every episode while delivering pizza and am caught up. I just wish there was more! I also appreciate that he leaves in the more explicit words and content. We're adults here. Don't like it, don't listen!
  • jme13lee
    Thank you!
    Absolutely love Mark!! His podcast and videos helped me through the hardest time of my life. Thank you Mark for your talent, laugh, and love!!!
  • magnabella
    Soothing and happy
    I love Mark's voice and his heartfelt input on the various stories he reads. I've listened to all the episodes multiple times. It's great to fall asleep to as well.
  • hdmebdk
    Can’t listen anymore :(
    I loved this… until it got rated explicit. See, my setting make it to where anything explicit is unplayable. But good podcast Nonetheless!
  • cdawl
    Horrendous Accent
    Idk how anyone can listen, it’s like nails on a chalk board. So disappointing to find content your interested in, but not be able to listen because of an awful British accent.
  • 30th Stinkin tried at a name
    So close
    to being almost perfect, but having an amazon ad talking about how annoying ads on comedy podcasts are, in the middle of a story about the worst moment of someone live just ruins it for me lol
  • polkadotburrito
    The best reddit podcast I found
    Love this podcast. Love, how many episodes are. My only complaint is that there are stories are repeated. And that I can’t figure out with Mark looks like on the Internet. 😂
  • lizard_wizard942
    perfect for sleeping
    most sleeping dedicated pods use weird voices that are like nails on a chalkboard to me, but with marks accent and the way he speaks slowly i always fall asleep by the end of the episode unintentionally perfect sleep pod
  • Grhwjfgfdhv
    I love it! This is my favorite podcast there are so many episodes but a more diverse selection of subreddits would be nice aita gets boring
  • Rebecculous
    My favorite narrator
    I used to listen to these Reddit stories on YouTube every day, and there are a number of people trying their hand at narration. Some of them are okay, at least one of them is only marginally less painful than actual torture… Mark Narrations is the one that I come back to time and again. He has a lovely Australian accent, and when he interjects his own opinions, I find him to be a kind, open-minded and non-judgemental individual whose opinions are often in line with my own, but more importantly, are never cruel, hateful or disrespectful. He shows a clear understanding of interpersonal relationships, boundaries and communication. Also, he has a silly sense of humor which is fun.
  • Water1Witch
    Love this show! So many episodes 😅
    I love this show! The narrator is so kind and upbeat. But I will probably never be able to listen to it all and my completionist brain is pouting. Did the math and I would literally have to listen to this show 24 hours every day for over 1,600 days to get through it all. Lol 😆
  • Emma/Jamie
    Love it but they are all r/relationship and we need a change up
    Love the podcast just want variety
  • dragonlover252525
    Great podcast but why are they ALL r/relationships???
  • BonnieFaust
    My favorite podcast!
    Love his voice and his kind input. The stories are interesting and he is so respectful of different beliefs and backgrounds.
  • tjohns35
    Great content
    I listen to a lot of podcasts everyday, and this show is my number 1 pick. In fact, it kills me that some of the episodes don’t show up in my feed early enough in my day! Mark has a great narration voice, reads clearly, and his commentary doesn’t go on too long, unlike other similar shows. He chooses interesting stories and his show isn’t too short or too long.
  • 108aga73
    Wonderful podcast
    It took me 3 months but I’ve finally listed to every single episode. All caught up
  • postmodernLorena
    Great Show
    I especially enjoy listening to his kind voice.
  • Smockit34
    Kids and cell phones
    Sadly you are all missing the point and either don’t have children or you are blind to what kids DS are doing. My own kids would stay up all night texting their friends then claim they were too tired to go to school. When you have friends over Yes they are expected to follow our house rules. No phones at the dinner table, no phones at bed time. Do you really believe that they won’t get on one or the others phone and start texting all their friends?
  • deimos & sanford
    The karma
    Your most recent episode about a stepmom destroying all the dead moms stuff to try to delete her memories man the karma that kicks her to a hole next level of you fricked up the stepmom should have lost everything but the karma mah chefs kiss
  • Fellycakes
    Love these
    Love these so much. Makes work easier and entertaining because I have to do a lot of driving and housework, so it keeps my mind busy and entertained. I probably listen waaay too much a day, I’ll be very sad when I run out of the 1000+ to listen to! I also listened to these on a recent 14 hour road trip. I get bored of music after a while, and my boyfriend told me that when it was my turn to drive it helped him drift off to sleep. Mark, thank you! Keep it up, it really makes our lives better :)
  • Harrison Given
    I’d love to give this podcast 5 stars. Bad Editing.
    But in spite of it being an otherwise great Reddit podcast, I find the lack of effort in ad placement/editing a major drawback. Every single episode you have to be prepared for an ad break to cut off the story in the middle of a word or sentence. I understand the need for ads. It’s fine. But put them between stories, or between OPs and Comments, etc. It’s so frustrating to have to remember what was being said in the sentence that you’re suddenly back in after an ad break. Meh. Sorry Mark, otherwise you do a good job. But the ad breaks stink.
  • Catiecookie
    My Favorite Podcast
    I came across this podcast when I was trying to find a different Reddit podcast outside of THT back in fall of last year, and I would be lost without this. I’m diagnosed ADHD, so doing things like chores is a task for me, but this podcast makes it all a breeze. Mark is a great narrator, and covers a lot of comments so you can see differing perspectives, which I appreciate and feel like has helped me in my own personal relationships. He is also just a genuinely kind person. As a transmasc person, it’s hard to find podcasts that feel inclusive or super LGBTQ+ friendly, but Mark puts appropriate triggers and has an authentic care for the people of that community. His personal journey is also very touching, and so it just exciting to see his community grow! :) We’re all rooting for you, Mark!
  • tristuit24
    Best Reddit Podcast
    I love listening. Mark is very good at telling the story and always reads a lot of comments from the post. He's also good at reading all the different opinions from people and always updates the stories when they come out.
  • His Love Bug17
    Hello Waffle Gang!
    Hello! Love listing to your podcast while I work (personal shopper.) You make my day go by so much faster. Thanks, From across the pond in California
  • arieallover
    Quality of this pod is going down..
    I’ve listened to this podcast daily since 2021 and for the love of all things good, PLEASE give more variety. AITA is getting so annoying with the very obvious NTA verdicts and old stories with no updates keep appearing. Not sure why it’s not synced up with the YT.
  • amiyia <3
    my favorite
    this is one of my favorite reddit podcast to date ! i listen to it while at work and it makes the work day go by faster . i love the daily uploads
  • Assil8
    Just found this podcast…
    The other day and have binged so many episodes so far! I LOVE IT !!! It’s so crazy,funny,sad, stories to hear, I didn’t know half of these stories actually happened to people wow. I can’t remember which story I had but was almost in tears but I wish the best for everyone in these stories! And the narrator?! Omg he’s so funny HOLY MOLEY 😂 you’re awesome!
  • NickyRenee42
    Fun accent and a kind human reading interesting drama
    Perfection! Some days I want to listen to the drama while I do other things 💖
  • #$7);$)3'okfme
    Pretty good
    I think this podcast is pretty good but I wish you did more than just one subreddit overall I like it
  • RiceBunny79
    Repeat episodes
    I enjoy this podcast. But every once in a while old episodes get deleted and reuploaded as if they were new. I don’t like feeling like I’m being tricked
  • MissFoster10
    Fav podcast. Addicted!
    The drama. The accent. The updates. What more could I ask for?
  • gaming raider
    Good enough
    He makes good content but I think he should blur out the bad words
  • AtomicLizzie
    How I fall asleep every night ❤️
  • rhikirhiki
    Guilty pleasure
    I love this show Mark is so kind and fun to listen to I binged all of his content through the pandemic but now I’m caught up and don’t know what to do with myself. I can listen for hours. Love the show!
  • Kapeete
    Mark Narrations
    This is my favorite podcast. I started listening to Mark’s stories every day, starting last summer, right after losing my second beloved parent this year. I find Mark’s Narrations comforting as well as entertaining. I do love these stories, and the way Mark presents them with his gorgeous, emotive voice with that accent we American women adore. (I have shared some stories, and before there’s a comment on the story, the first reaction is “ah, I love his accent”). When his voice sounds incredulous or holds a laugh as he reads, I laugh or smile at his reactions as much as the story itself. His story choices are good ones, and he provides follow-up posts to each story, which is satisfying. I started from the earliest post, and quickly appreciated his perspective, which comes from kindness and empathy. His background that he brings to the stories—just the right amount of sharing—about jobs, that he was bullied at school, had loving parents. He also lost a parent, and I appreciate his sharing about his loss. His compassionate words have helped me in my own grief, and his story-telling has distracted me from the stress of this last year. It took me about 6 months to catch up on all of his podcasts. I then tried to listen to other Redditt story narrators, but I’m sorry to say I couldn’t listen to these at all. This is an outstanding podcast.
  • JKM_RN
    Love, Love, LOVE!
    Mark without the YT commercials & breaks <3
  • wonderful person 101
    really gets me through my work day, i love listening and the commentary is perfect!! 6⭐️
  • chgxhxkxgxlxyy
    Love his voice, it’s amazing 🧇🧇🧇
    Him getting angry about display cake, me agreeing. 🥲🤲🏻🧇🧇
  • Chaisxjksa
    Delivery isn’t very good. Very slow speaker, so I did x1.75, but the words still don’t flow well. I think the narrator is just having a hard time reading the whole sentence.
  • Classy_diamond_life
    I love marks videos, he’s got a great podcast voice. I love his takes and hearing what he thinks. I’ve binged all the videos over on YouTube lol. I’ve been following for awhile. I really enjoy it. I recommend this pod
  • Shelbs.jpg
    Love Mark Narrations
    Absolutely adore this show, wish I didn’t tear through all of the available episodes. Could literally listen to him all day. Work is great with him in my ears :)
  • GQueen121
    On my top list of podcasts
    This is my go to listening app. Mark is a great narrator and keeps the stories interesting. Better than all the other AITA apps, Mark tends to stay on track with the storyline and gives good advise.
  • AnyankaAngel
    New favorite!
    Mark is my new favorite person to listen to every day,while I’m walking dogs in the Bay Area of California (there you go Mark, now you know ❤️) you bring me joy and smiles and laughter, of which there is nothing better; keep up the amazing work and know I’ll be here, listening with my doggos! Xoxo Meg
  • just.another.crimejunkie
    Love this!
    I listen to a lot of Reddit podcast and Mark’s is my favorite by far! I found his podcasts just a few months ago and I listen to him every day at work. He is just so collected in most of his readings, very refreshing after hearing so many Reddit readings were the reader yells and harshly pushes their views.
  • CrztThree
    My teenagers and I have been listening to this for about a year. It gives them a really good insight as to how society sees situations in a way that nothing I say ever could .So glad I found this! Thanks so much!
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