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PROOF is your podcast for in-depth NFT coverage. On PROOF, we interview NFT artists, both up-and-coming and industry icons. We also cover the generative art scene, the NFT gaming/metaverse, and founders building new tools for creators and collectors. PROOF is hosted by serial entrepreneur and technology venture capitalist Kevin Rose. Time Magazine calls Kevin one of the "Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web," and Bloomberg lists him as a "Top 25 Angel Investor." Kevin has appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Show, Charlie Rose Show, and the print covers of Businessweek and Inc. Magazine.

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  • Joe in Sf's Marina
    Back to X and CS
    I look forward to the day they get away referencing XCOPY and Chromie Squiggles on every podcast. Obviously groundbreaking in their own right, but as they know more than many, the world of art is so much bigger.
  • DillanSimmons
    Rich guy rountable
    This used to be an interesting podcast to discover new NFT news and artists but has evolved into something corporate. Hearing Kevin and his guests talk about the same major artists and the million dollar bids they are making is cringe.
  • 3gghaed
    My favorite podcast
    Been a fan of Kevin since 2003 and learned so much from him throughout the years and this podcast is my favorite NFT related podcast.
  • brewer404
    Proof Podcast is the BEST
    This is a fantastic place if you want to learn more about the web3 cultural move on the internet. NFTs is one of the pillars of PROOF but it is so much more. They bring in expertise from the crypto space and amazing artist. I don't miss and episode. Subscribe now, you'll thank me later!
  • iForTalent2313
    The best
    KRO will lead us to the promise land.
  • Tsaex
    This is what Allyship looks like!
    Thank you Proof for amazing episodes! I particularly loved the one of PussyRiot. It’s so inspiring for women from all over the world. Also it is great to see what allyship looks in this space! You offering her MoonBirds was the absolute best ever! Hoping to see more Women Led NFTs so that it’s more relatable to us as well!
  • VinnyCozz
    Best NFT based podcast on the market
    Thank you Kevin and the proof podcast. Every episode that comes out makes the NFT space more relatable and the interviews show the future power of NFTs beyond PFPs. Biggest regret in the space is not investing in the proof NFT. This is the Sothebys of the NFT world.
  • malfoxley
    Great show!
    Kevin, host of the PROOF podcast, highlights all aspects of NTF artists, creators and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • nmendler
    Web3 LETS GO!
    I love what Kevin is doing with Proof. As a Web2 professional trying to find my footing while transitioning to Web3 this podcast is SO helpful to better understand the landscape! Pumped to be a part of the collective as well.
  • Double J85
    Excellent Interviewer
    Proof and MoFi are such great Podcasts. They are filled with an unbelievable amount of education and alpha information! Kevin Rose is an amazing interviewer and always addresses questions that I'm thinking as well as ones I haven't thought about. The clarity of his speech and sound of his voice makes it so easy to follow that I listen while getting some exercise in. This is by far my favorite Podcast for crypto/NFTs. Keep em' coming Kevin!
  • JeffBar1
    Fantastic Podcast
    I love listening to Kevin’s interviews. His questions are so thoughtful and he is great at simplifying a topic so I can more easily understand. First heard him with Tim Ferris on the Random show (which makes me laugh out loud) and now I’m hooked on Modern Finance and Proof. I wish the shows were released more often!
  • Bobby Brazen
    You’re in the right place
    LISTEN TO THIS SHOW. Look at what’s happening. Look at how early you are. Stay a while.
  • curtmac01
    Best NFT podcast
    Kevin Rose brings amazing artists to the spotlight on this podcast. Kevin’s authentic passion and natural curiosity of everything NFT’s and crypto makes him a wonderful interviewer and host. I look forward to every episode. Still waiting on some more great HEN artists to come on the show and what about XCOPY?! One day… Keep up the great work Kevin!
  • PZ29
    Super enlightening show!
    Kevin Rose is a great interviewer and has a fantastic pulse on the NFT space
  • Clarkography
    Fantastic podcast on emerging nft artists and tech
    Kevin hosts this fantastic podcast that delves into artists and the technology behind NFT’s and this emerging market that will change the world. His guests provide insight to their history and the decision making behind some of the most successful projects in the space. Take notes of what is said as there’s plenty to research and information to chew on. Live the show and Kevin’s enthusiasm. Multiple listens per episode.
  • Rurallyscrewed
    I love Kevin Rose
    I’m a single mom of two in small town Virginia and have become interested in cryptocurrency and NFTs because of Kevin Rose. He’s incredibly smart, knowledgeable, down-to-earth, laid back, obviously very successful and super easy to listen to. He’s brought me into this world. I’m an investor in Bitcoin, Solana and Ethereum because of Kevin Rose. Opened a BlockFi account today, thanks to Kevin Rose. Big fan!
  • _rtn
    Must Listen NFT Show
    LOVE this spin-off podcast from Modern Finance; Kevin and team have created a must-listen NFT show that keeps you up to date with the latest and greatest in this crazy space.
  • cagrimm
    I learn something new every episode
    Kevin is a thoughtful interviewer and I learn something new in each episode. The artist spotlights are particularly good!
  • nathanielstern
    creative and earnest
    Yes, Kevin is known as a top notch thinker and investor in tech and crypto, but what I love about this podcast is his sincere interest in the art, and an earnestness in learning about and promoting creative acts on-chain. I’ve learned a lot, and learned to appreciate even more.
  • greatgingershark
    Demystifying defi and NFTs
    Most of my understanding of the world of cryptocurrency/alternative investing with nfts is thanks to Kevin. He has the ability to dive deep into murky, technical waters and come up to surface with information that’s easily accessible to everyone.
  • wtfisanicknameanyway
    Love it
    I think I heard about Proof from a recent TWIST episode that Kevin was on and every episode I’ve listened to so far has been awesome woohoo lol
  • carlos28355
    Always good
    Been listening to Kevin since the diggnation/revision 3 days. Has such a natural delivery on mic and you can tell he is very comfortable. That goes along way with listening to someone over and over. He constantly has really good guests on and is very good at interviewing them mostly because he is truly curious and interested about the person and that shows in episode after episode. I highly recommend this for anyone who’s interested in NFTs or not and if you’re not then you’ll likely be after just one episode. Kudos. Keep on keeping on. ✌️&❤️
  • MFRadcliffe
    Silicon Valley NFT Attorney
    This podcast is a great overview of this new form of art. He has a great selection of guests. Looking forward to new episodes!
  • Lazypilgrim
    Thank you thank you thank you
    Getting into this space has been super confusing. This outlines NFTs in a way that is very digestible. Rad, lol.
  • SamyAbbas
    The best NFT podcast out
    Thank you Kevin
  • AlarmAppFail
    Very Good Podcast on NFTs with Interesting Guests
    Kevin please keep this going and please continue to keep the caliber of guests high. Really enjoying it!
  • Crwsdf
    New to NFT’s
    As someone who is new to this world this podcast is super helpful. Kevin has a strong understanding of this space and you can tell he has a passion for this fast changing environment. Looking forward to more.
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