Girls Who Don‘t DnD

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‘Girls who don‘t D&D‘ is monthly* real play D&D adventure from three girls (who‘ve never played D&D before), a Dungeon Master (who owns all the books but hasn‘t read them) and a handful of dice (they‘re fine)...

Our heroes awake without a memory and it‘s all down hill from there.

If you‘ve ever wanted to get started in D&D but didn‘t know how to do it - these are exactly the right people to join.

Join us for our adventures in Kalee, a real play podcast of monsters, magic and memories!

*It‘s more of a target than a guarantee.

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  • TayMC98
    Best Podcast Ever!
    I haven’t played D&D since high school and this podcast inspired me to get a group together again. I recommend this podcast for veteran players and non-players alike. Listen as long as you like to laugh.
  • Caroline the halfling
    Hi I love this podcast
    First of all I want to say I love this podcast so so much. Second of all this podcast had taught me so much abt dnd. And I love all of ur characters so so much. Also I am so grateful for my best friend for knowing me so well and introducing me to this podcast.
  • Allura1170
    Girls Who Don’t D&D
    S01EP20 Mini cooper? Nice I drive one as well. What kind of mini cooper do you have? You have my acknowledgment meant as a fellow mini cooper driver.
  • not_a_night_owl
    Such a fun podcast!
    This podcast is amazing! Great sound effects and voices. It’s very engaging and so fun to listen to. I always look forward to the end of the month when the next episode comes out. This show is what made me get my friends to start a campaign of our own, and I convinced our new DM to listen to this podcast for a fun, creative example of the game. Thanks girls and Cory!
  • Jimbo2435
    Masterful Storytelling with a side of Meatball
    This podcast has quickly become one of my favorites on my podcast playlist. Cory, you are a master storyteller that creates an atmosphere that is second to none. You captivate your audience with the attention to detail, and your editing of the sound effects is truly amazing. Thanks for your hard work! Freya, what can I say. There was that one episode where I didn’t think I would listen again if what I thought happened really happened. Your quick thinking, or sometimes lack of it makes me love your character all the more. Keep up the good work! Morrigan , even I sometimes catch myself thinking what in the world are the other two doing. You seem to be the one that has a level headed character which makes a great balance with the other two. And who doesn’t love a good fire bolt! Great job! Kaa’Riin….where do I start? Your flirtatious charm keeps me in stitches. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for barbarians, and you do not disappoint! I’d gladly offer one of my hands as a trophy for you. Again, stay yourself. In all seriousness, this keeps me entertained for my long drive to and from work. I finally just caught up, so I’m just gonna have to start all over and see if I can catch some of the stuff I may have missed from Cory’s clues all along. Will definitely be recommending this to all my friends! And last, but not least…poor Meatball 🥺.
  • bluejay94yr
    From a Thankful Druid
    After listening to this hilarious show, I agreed to join my boyfriend’s campaign. I created a Druid and channeled these girls chaos into it. This has lead to our DM getting frustrated multiple times and me yelling, “You asked for this!” Following Kaa’Riin’s advice of always checking the paw, I have saved and am fostering 6 young baby hatchling dragons. I want to thank this show for introducing such a fun play style and producing every episode on a cinematic level. I’ll continue to check the paws and cut off the hands (for me it’s giant toes, don’t ask) so please continue to release new episodes!
  • Patrick_BBB
    Just a Great DnD Story
    This show is so great! It’s such a good mix of humor, warmth, and genuinely good gameplay. The DM does a great job introducing new elements and building an ongoing story. And the players do a fantastic job of learning each new element to the game and embracing everything; they are always up for whatever is thrown their way. Keep up the great work!
  • Mcsexypantzzz
    Thank you
    Thank you so much! This show was the turning point to convincing my wife to play D&D. We both love the story and always look forward to new episodes!
  • Sakuralunanisscat
    this show is perfect my only complaint is that the show only puts out new episodes once a month :(
  • DenneDenne16
    These guys are *chef’s kiss* brilliant
    I absolutely adore this podcast! You can tell how much time, energy, and thought has been put into the story by Cory the dm, so a big round of applause to him for the work he’s put into the campaign and the editing; the work definitely pays off as the final product is amazing! And it’s always a joy and a pleasure to listen to the little side chatter from the players themselves here and there, as well as the genuine fun they’re having playing Freya, Morrigan, and Kaa’riin, so thank you Indy, Alana, and Stacey for showing up for every episode and just enjoying yourselves! A big thank you to all the voice actors as well, they’re all phenomenal and their voices really bring the whole production to life. If anything I wish we got episodes more often, but it’s understandable since they have work and the editing must take a lot of time. I wish you guys many more happy episodes ahead! Happy rolling! ☺️
  • hopielann
    Funny & Fabulous!
    Can’t get enough of this podcast! Has helped me have more confidence & understanding for my dnd games ♥️
  • Cattinghewitchhat
    My new obsession
    This fantastic cast of remarkable individuals have become an essential part of my daily routine. I have to listen to at least one episode a day to feel like I’ve done my to do list. The sound quality, banter, amazing storyline and humor all flow together and create a fantastic spectacle. You’d do yourself a favor to listen. Thank you lot for all you do! Consider me in for the long run.
  • Townsend who shall remain
    OH MY!
    I just binged every episode while editing the dnd resources magazine I work with. Good golly, Miss Molly! That is some great stuff you four have done. I am riveted by your gameplay, your production values, but most of all, your incredibly vibrant, vivacious, and outstanding personalities. You are the kind of people I love to have as friends! Please keep up the fantastic work, and I hope that each of you finds this to be your full-time work and playtime. Two episodes a month is a goal I wish for you. An episode every week is something I hope for me. If I ever make it to your part of the world, I’m taking all four of you out for dinner and drinks on me.
  • girlwhoDOESdnd :)
    Absolutely Love it!
    Cory has great storytelling skills, and paired with the guest voices, you really get submersed in the adventure. This podcast has actually inspired me to create a D&D club (sorta) with my friends at school (me being the DM). I’ve played DnD for numerous years with good and bad DMs, and Cory is certainly a good one. If you’re into D&D, fantasy stories, or even just like a good laugh, you gotta listen to this podcast!!
  • wobderb
    You simultaneously sooth the long gaps between sessions and make me yearn to play so much more often. The adult humor, attitude, pure joy and shenanigans you all bring to the table is magical. Can't wait for the next episode. Keep up the awesome work!
  • CupheadFave
    So Good
    I have been playing DND for a while now and the funny decisions of the players are great. Keep being good.
  • skyraven02
    Love this
    I’ve never payed this game but I’m interested in playing it now. Get entertainment
  • MagicDragon17
    I almost have no words! This podcast is absolutely hilarious! The people who record it are energetic(most of the time) and punny! This got me started on DnD and I love it! Altogether amazing, definitely recommend!
    Top of my charts!
    Just want to say thank you for all your work in this. I’m a 35 yr old electrician from Michigan and I have just discovered D&D this year. My wife and I are going through podcast after podcast as we are repeatedly drawn in to this new community/world. I am currently getting ready to DM my first game, for family who is all new as well. I’ve just discovered this show about a week ago ( 5 episodes left ) 🥹 Last thing I’ll say is I haven’t listened to anything else since discovering GWDD&D, not even the three other Actual plays I’ve been following. This show is so, so good. Girls kill it every episode and DM is one of the best I’ve heard. Ps. I’m 100% borrowing the memory/ flashback unlocks. Very cool mechanic. Let me know if you need a 35yr old Michigander voice. Kidding, unless your not kidding. 🤔
  • Gamer_guy863
    I highly recommend!
    Hello from Florida! If you like fantasy, comedy, and feel good story’s that really hook you. Then I 100% recommended. The only thing I wish that could have happened is that I had found this podcast earlier! (I’m actually a Spotify listener but there are no reviews.) -Connor
  • JonasBrother982
    I love this podcast! They are so funny and their synergy is amazing! You can tell they are having fun, which is so important. And it’s an entertaining podcast to listen too as you do work. Much love from Virginia, USA -Jay
  • bmattse
    Really fun and refreshing
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything about this podcast. It is laid back and fun. The players are all great and have a great sense of play style that is true to themselves. Their Aussie sense of humor is literally to die for! The DMs ability to weave the story and allow the players the mobility to do what they want is amazing. I really loved the sound affects, the guest voices, and just honest to God great storytelling. This podcast is fairly new but because I am selfish, I hope they continue their campaign for as long as they could! :)
  • Vendettafi
    Great casual actual play
    Hello from California! 10/10 podcast for story and gameplay. Entire cast has great synergy with one another and makes every episode fun and enthralling. The players are true to themselves and their characters which makes the podcast flow naturally while staying immersed in the story telling. The DM is knowledgeable and presents the story and game mechanics in an inclusive and educational way allowing the players and listeners of all levels of game understanding to have fun. Sound design and editing is great from episode 1 and goes as far as to include the listeners as guest voice over artists. Amazing way to include the audience with the medium and story. Holds water against Critical Role, NADDPoD, Adventure Zone, etc. Outshines all in combination of fun, gameplay, and audience inclusion. Can’t recommend enough, keep it up!
  • ApriciTea
    Heck yeah
    My favorite podcast! Listening from Alaska, and you guys inspired me to start a campaign! Lots of love, Zoe
  • Fellintooblivion
    Some love from a deaf listener
    Absolutely fantastic show. Any chance you could record video of the episodes (maybe as a Patreon tier or something)? I currently run your show through a program that converts it to text but would be beyond thrilled to be able to get visual context for what I’m reading!
  • Project: 0
    Giving thanks to you all
    You guy’s are so funny and you try so hard to include everyone and you have inspired me to join a DnD game of my own. You guys have said such nice things and have tried so hard to give everyone a good and funny thing to listen to, you have inspired many,many,many people. So thank you all.
  • Hhshahwhallsoshsb
    Does not cause depression
    I can’t say enough good things about these 4 and a this show. I love it. You’re gonna have to listen to ep20 to get the depressing comment.
  • RINGODOG2789
    I’m writing a whole campaign somewhat inspired by your podcast!
  • kylie lynnh
    Inclusive for beginners!!❤️
    I accidentally stumbled across this podcast, and after three days I’m caught up and ready for more! Literally the best entertainment of my life, and the reason behind it is so pure. Girls (yes and you too Cory) I’d love to be your friend, you seem like my kind of people. I’m sure they’ll be yours too!
  • ehmonte3584
    I love you guys!!❤️😍
    Best d&d podcast I have listen to. I caught up on all y’all episodes while I am at work. Anxiously wait for more release. Please don’t keep us waiting.
  • kadeyn kelmel
    Favorite dnd podcast
    I was looking for something to listen to at work and was surprised when this was so good
  • Dude55689999
    Truly amazing!
  • M7 in Texas
    100% hilarious
    Quickly one of my favourite D&D podcasts — hilarious cast with great chemistry. Especially loving the familiar accents and style as an Australian living overseas
  • Sparring sparrow lover
    Thoroughly Charming
    Truly my favorite! Such a great way to be introduced to this most famous of past times, or like me, just enjoying listening to new people finding out about how fun D&D can be. Production is amazing, the music (the theme! The ending!) perfect, and the people involved make this a top notch experience. 100/10 would recommend.
  • Ultimoprobe
    So Fun!
    I am only a few episodes in and this is a great mix of D&D and comedy the girls are funny and I love it when they catch the DM off guard. It’s a perfect example of how great the game is, by the end of the 2nd episode 3 people who will try and play but thought it was a little silly to being completely invested, good story and good people.
  • Kerukito
    Don't worry, it's positive!
    Must say, I love everything about the show! The ladies learning process and just having fun is a fanatic dynamic. I absolutely love the story too. The whole memory loss, these women who don't know each other instantly becoming friends, the journey, all of it. Fantastic writing so far. And then using listeners as flashbacks and various scenes is just a wonderful idea. It opens the world way more than I expected and just love it.
  • MT_Ike
    Exciting! Educational! Hilarious!
    So much fun in one place! Join Cory, the ever patient and tolerant DM as he guides three barely controllable, brand new players through their first steps in DnD. Seriously, I wish I had learned the game like this. He is superb. And what players! Alana, Stacey and Indy jump into the deep end of DnD and come out sparkling. They are funny, imaginative, and obviously easy on the eyes. (Just ask them!) On top of all this, the editing is tight and the sound quality top notch from the very first episode. A DnD podcast definitely worth adding to your library.
  • Draco007
    Amaze Balls
    I just finished listen to all available episodes and laughed through all of them love that hands always need chopped off, always roll high when not needed and always roll when when high is needed. Can’t wait for more you and critical roll are the best DND out there in my opinion keep it up love it Karl
  • crazymonky gaming
    A great podcast
    This was my first experience with anything dnd and I have to say love this podcast. I have been listening for about 3 months and I am very interested in the story and it’s weirdly funny jokes I would 100% recommend this podcast for anybody who likes dnd or wacky shows. The only thing that I don’t love is that they only post around one a month but I guess it’s worth the wait saying as this is my favorite podcast.
  • MasonJar47
    Listen to this!
    This podcast is amazing! It has inspired me to start playing DND and actually start a campaign with a friend of mine. It’s hilarious and interesting. I 100% recommend.
  • Dirty9D
    I need this made into a YouTube animation
  • Brotastic115
    I’ll be back to rate it
    I’ll be back to rate it about to start it
  • CurtTheDon
    Amazing story and world!
    I just finished binging through your podcast and it's always amazing seeing new players to dungeons and dragons having a great time and can't wait to see what happens next in this story keep up the good work.
  • Sk1ttar1
    Makes the work day fly by!
    The story is fantastic and the players are people you would want to be friends with. This makes my work week much more manageable! Thank you!
  • Moe Deane
    Hilarious and amazing
    I started this on a long car ride and could not stop listening
  • WilliamsburgDave
    Just a freaking delight
    So glad to find this podcast. It is surprisingly well-produced and the voice talent is funny, clever, and instantly familiar. They seem like people you’d want to have a beer with and play some games- perfect for this! Keep up the good work!
  • Hexador
    Sounds terrible, is terrible
    Idk why anyone would want to listen to this but prepare for a cringe experience from start to finish.
  • Jmechel
    Amazing Podcast!
    I love podcasts and recommend this one to anyone who loves them as well!!! I clean homes for a living and escaping my normal schedule with fabulous stories while learning is just what I look for and what this podcast gave me! Thank you for helping me learn DnD and having a great story to follow with! My first campaign (F30) is tonight and I feel so ready thanks to this podcast!!! Love ya all.
  • LMC1111111
    Beautiful Story!
    This is an excellent listen for anyone - new and established players! My husband and I started playing with friends through zoom during quarantine in Richmond, Virginia (USA). Almost two years now, we still connect with friends every other Saturday to adventure through DnD. I love listening to this as they learn to play. I love the story telling and the focus on a great tale. Please keep them coming. Beautiful job DMing and incredible role playing from the players.
  • Yuepengct
    I didn’t know how to start D&D, but now…
    What an amazing podcast! I picked up D&D and didn’t have a clue how to start, but my 11 and 13 yr old boys were excited to try it out. We live near Los Angeles, CA and when I did a first session it was a struggle, but had some fun elements. Then I went searching for some live real play and landed on this podcast and I couldn’t have been more surprised at all of your stories being thrown together. After listening to all available episodes, we did another few sessions and thoroughly enjoyed it. What a thrill! Thanks for the laughs and suspense! Please! Keep them coming if/when possible. *update* these episodes were so good I am listening to them again and using it as a template for story telling with my 6 and 7 year old boys (no dice though) They love that they have an active part in the bedtime story
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