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Experience the legacy of the world’s most iconic airline, Pan American World Airways. Brought to you by the Pan Am Museum in Garden City, New York, the Pan Am Podcast brings Pan Am’s 64-year history to life through engaging storytelling and insightful interviews from Pan Am employees, passengers, historians, authors, fashionistas, and aviation enthusiasts! Subscribe and consider becoming a museum member, or making a donation, so we can continue creating content like The Pan Am Podcast. The Pan Am Museum Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

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Recent Reviews
  • irene dell'orto
    here's to pan am!
    fantastic podcast... so interesting about all the backstory. thank you
  • Shawnski01
    Must listen to podcast
    Love the passion and history devoted to the greatest airline in history
  • AvGeekSteve
    Five stars are not high enough!
    The most riveting, fascinating, spellbinding and harrowing Podcast I’ve ever listened to. What a triumph of professional storytelling . Mixed with first-rate production content. Especially the CBS News clips. Five Stars are not enough!
  • Mikeyboyg
    Absolutely awesome
    Absolutely awesome podcast. The history of Pan American is such an important part of aviation history. Looking forward to visiting the Pan Am museum and many more inspiring episodes of this podcast. The host and the guests of this podcast are a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for preserving the amazing history of Pan American!
  • AA User1
    Thrilling and Inspiring
    I have listened to all of the Pan Am podcast, with great appreciation and amazement. However, Episode Six raises the bar to an even higher and extraordinary level. Captain Paul Lachapelle’s account of Flight 93 is both riveting and inspiring, while adding a lite dose of unique (yet typical) pilot personality and humor. As a current cabin crew member for a major/international airline, I cannot even imagine how each crew member even began to truly processed such a complex and constantly evolving event. The Flight Director’s frank response to the hijacker after learning of the ultimate goal to blow up the aircraft (while humorous today) is most likely the same words that would have come from my mouth if faced with a similar catastrophe! Bravo Pan Am Museum for keeping alive the legacy of a once great American institution which pioneered today’s commercial avaition. Cheers to Episode Six and the many more historic adventures yet to be shared about the great people behind a once world class airline called Pan American.
  • Abdbarista
    Unknown history that should be known!
    I didn’t expect this podcast to be so fascinating and have such insight and relevance to our current economic, geopolitical situation in the US and the world! What a pleasant surprise this podcast is! I recommend it for any history or documentary junkies such as myself. The interviewer is SO well informed and has a great voice and feel for story telling!
  • Ryanb450
    Very good
    Well done, very interesting podcast. Thank you!
  • SteveintheDesert
    Deep Dive into the Wonderful History of Pan Am
    I eagerly await each new episode of this podcast, both for the memories of Pan Am they evoke, as well as the added insight into the company's fascinating history. There is so much about Pan Am awaiting to be discovered. This podcast reminds me what it *felt* like to work for and fly on this ground breaking airline. How I miss that feeling, but thank you all so much for putting this podcast together!
  • Mary ODoherty
    Cylinder of coffee
    I just listened to the first episode, which was well done. Loved the stories about the coffee pot and cylinder of coffee when the plane dropped and Rod Stewart’s sunglasses.
  • wiisabi
    I’ve been waiting for this podcast.
    As a current airline pilot, one of the things that keeps me going during this chaotic time in the industry is the rich history that I feel every day I do this job. As an admitted “Panamaniac”, I cannot wait to visit the museum. I love aviation, history and the sixties. Pan Am embodies all three of those characteristics, and I love that the museum has decided to continue to grow the experience by launching a podcast. A well produced, immersive podcast at that. A must listen for anyone who loves history, aviation and of course anything PanAm!
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