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Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion is THE BEST NEW HIPHOP PODCAST!! Creating a setting to express his opinion of music culture and getting the opinions of other celebrity vet’s in the game while sharing stories, good laughs and insights that are entertaining to the viewers. Make sure to to head over to and subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss out on ALL NEW content on the way!

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  • L. S. King
    Mecca thinks he knows everything
    Math please get rid of Mecca. He’s a low key hater that thinks his point of view is always correct. He’s annoying.
  • zzMauricezz
    Thanks for uploading the most recent episodes!
    Yo Math, don’t be making us wait maaddd long for the audio-only versions like that bruh! I be wanting to listen thru the podcast app, it be a bit more convenient. Stay solid. 100
  • Kwasi95
    They back!!!
    Finally new episodes dropping, Benny interview was another special authentic one
  • aggressive progressive
    Best hip hop/rap podcast out!!
    And that’s saying a lot cuz there’re so many good shows out. We are in the glory days of rap podcasts; combat jack would be proud be proud of everyone but especially these guys/folks. My dream guest include: taxstone, desus, and Billy woods/Armand hammer oh and Bobby Simmons the vj from back in the day and stetsa drummer. Keep up the superlative work PS Nighas must not care about audio listeners cuz they never update this shot
  • mrjlt03
    What’s up with the new episodes
    I see them on you tube but I’m a truck driver and need that podcast
  • Bigtex1015
    Great show, but!
    Hoffa needs to let his cohosts get a chance to ask their questions. So many episodes they will ask a question and he jumps in and tell them to hold that thought. Not good. Other from that I love the show.
  • urzigxoclck
    I like it
    I like it
  • Bf dnsn
    FIX the mics and audio for your guests. Im TIRED of trying to decipher their train of thought and words because they are miced up badly!!
  • #1 Truth
    Caesar episode part 1
    Dude didn’t wanna talk about nothing. Like dude it’s a interview, you was the right hand to the greatest rapper ever and you don’t wanna tell no stories…I turned it off
  • King_kevo27
    Top 5 in podcast
    Definitely top tier when it’s comes to a hip hop 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Ninja_1234
    Greatest hip hop podcast period!!!!!!!! Hoffagang worldwide!!! 🔥👑🔥👑
  • Underdogak
    Authentic Every-time
    Really enjoy the show. The fat Joe, junior Reid snd D-Rose episodes are straight 🔥🔥. Keep doing your thing fellas. All love!
  • Kw33z
    Derick Rose
    Can you fix the quality of the audio for this episode or is it too late? It’s hard asl to hear clearly
  • Buyer 2020
    Incredible! Thoughtful and Informative…
    The history lessons, the knowledge, the love, and passion reign supreme in this series. Mad respect and appreciate the energy o receive from listening to these words. One love 🙏🏽
  • UJesusS
    Great topics
    Bring back Smarts please.
  • moreno suave
    Great show
    I been watching and listening since the beginning. This Derrick rose episode sounds so different. I know there has been some changes but audio is so important.
  • Professor Zo
  • anrmusic
    My expert opinion
    Big fan of the show. Major fan. I’ve watched so many episodes multiple times just to hear certain stories again. Jewels dropped and all of that. This Yayo episode was terrible. From him causing commotion with Heineken, the slick boarder line disrespect. It was trash! I stopped listening to the episode multiple times because of how annoying he was. Tried listening again in hopes that it was going to turn around but unfortunately it never did (didn’t finish the last 30mins) hats off to you Math because you definitely kept your cool. But cats like that hurt the culture more than help. So much more I’d like to say but I won’t. But please keep it going and keep cats like that off the show. I wanna see this show grow and evolve and last for a long time. Peace and Love! And most importantly Growth 🙏🏽
  • AnitraMichelle
    If ya don’t know, now ya know
    Such a great podcast and info for New Yorkers and those of us that KNOW the culture! Everybody super dope…keep sharing and building. And Math you’re a super cutie…and an amazing wordsmith 🖤
  • Duc1199tri
    Love it
  • scotty whoop
    All shows
    Love this show.I feel like iam in the barbershop
  • Lucky77
    Get Ready for combat!
    This show has me feeling that Combat Jack (RIP) vibe. Keep up the good work!
  • ToneXII
    The Stories
    This is the best Hip-Hop Podcast. I love listening to the stories of the icons that I’ve listened to or have been influenced by from their own mouths. I love that they’re able to ask the right questions and really get the origins to present day on all their guest. The barbershop style debates are also very dope!
  • Flyfresh
    Great format , questions , everything.. keep going..
  • Kstyles
    Too Many People Talking/ Audio Horrible
    There’s great potential for the podcast. The podcast needs more structure everyone over talks each other and yells. The audio is horrible at one instance it’s low and then goes loud. You can’t really enjoy the show thoroughly.
  • diiejrhtleisnsnwmfhfkmsnwhwu
    He’s handsome and his podcast is raw and very interesting!
  • monomynous
    Fix the audio so it’s listenable
    Good content. The volume is blasting from some people and quiet on others, turn it up and a few minutes later you blow out your eardrums. Can’t keep my fingers on the volume button for 2 hours
  • beantown bakery
    Raw gems
    I normally watch this on YouTube but every chance I get to occupy my mind frame a pop the headphones in and listen to My Expert Opinion you really got a raw gem with this podcast my man nothing but support from MHSL(money high stress low)
  • No Pac Vids
    Best Podcast in the country
    Salute to the brotha for being able to pivot over from battle rap to podcasting. Love listening to his show w/ his passion and love for hip hop and to see the growth and the legends showing him love by doing the show is amazing. Salute. #Hoffagang
  • PTap16
    Could be a lot better
    Good interview selections but too many mics talking over each other. Also man…get a professional sound guy. We can hear the filters and compression on the sound. It’s time for growth
  • Th3bestever
    Hoffa is spending time on the podcast feed
  • kover92
    Top 5
    Top 5 best podcast
  • Teehop
    Changed the game
    Hip Hop needs this! Shout out to Math Hoffa and team for changing the game!
  • Ruger Rell 203
    Audio this bad in 2022 ????
    I think the show is good, better than the rating but the audio is unacceptable for this day and time. I started from the first listed episode and prayed it would get better. C’mon bro I can’t rate you any higher, some shows not as good sound better and are easier to listen to and that matters.
  • miizzzzike
    Best podcast
    This is absolutely one of the top 3 podcasts out here
  • Grim Reaper 215
    Dope Show
    Big Shouts Out To Math Hoffa From The Battle Arena To The Podcasts, The Show Is Phenomenal With Remarkable Guests & Topics That Really Need To Be Discussed Much Love Keep Up The Good Work Much Love💯💪🏾
    Busta vs Mystikal. It should’ve been Luda vs Busta
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