Was I In A Cult?


Hosted by Tyler Measom and Liz Iacuzzi, Was I In A Cult? is a documentary-style podcast showcasing individuals who have been in, and most importantly, successfully left a cult. Told first-hand by the experiencer themself, these are raw, riveting and inspirational tales of what it means to be a survivor. Using levity and info-tainment, the show humanizes the cultic experience and may leave some of our listeners asking themselves…“Wait…Was I In A Cult?”If you or someone you know has been in a cult and want to share your story, contact us at CULTS@iHeartMedia.com. We'd love to hear from you.

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  • vf th he s sad
    Super interesting stories - I don’t mind the host interjections when providing additional details, but not a fan of the jokes and constant sarcasm. Overall really interesting though!
  • Lisa1218
    Interesting context but host is annoying…
    I want to love this podcast but the narration and jokes that the female host throws in makes it horrifying. Actually, the narration from both is super annoying. Maybe they can stop interjecting and this podcast will get better.
  • Singyoursoul82
    More content less cringe please
    I LOVE the stories (and SO glad that the people are okay). I don’t want to be mean, but this is only meant to help. The jokes are very Michael Scott. Cringy, falling flat, and inappropriate. No more thanks.
  • Porterme
    Love learning about cults, especially as I grew up in one. They just are not as witty and funny or clever as they think they are. If you say they make you laugh constantly, or the show is 11/10. You probably think Any Schumer is funny and not a joke thief.
  • MM86NYC
    My new favorite podcast!
    Love this podcast so much. Liz keeps me engaged and listening throughout - great host for this fascinating podcast
  • Hawaii Dawn
    This is amazing! I love everything about this podcast! Can’t wait to earn my red sash!! Haha! More episodes stat please!!!
  • notoriousjgb
    Lacks consistency
    I like the podcast but it needs to drop at the same time each week. Also, it said that it wouldn’t break up two part series in the first week and then turned around and did it the next week.
  • cookie meister
    No joke
    Interesting topic and compelling stories. I’m not sure attempts at sarcasm posing as humor are appropriate. The people interviewed were victims of criminal acts. It’s sad, tragic but not funny. It’s seems you are laughing at the victims, not with them. Decades ago I was a state and federal prosecutor. Lonely, rudderless and insecure persons are natural marks. These evil individuals are adept at identifying and eroding natural defenses people might have. Thanks for educating people to these ploys. Just remember this is nothing to laugh at…
  • brobrobro
    no……you weren’t in a cult buddy
    Idk fam, if those first two episodes exemplify the level of research they’re going to put into this show, it’s a no from me. Like their obnoxious guest, I also grew up in Orem, Utah, and I also left the Mormon church; TBH I haaaate that heckin church, I can and do complain about it for hours and hours, but it’s straight-up Not A Cult. It has cult-like ASPECTS that are very worth talking about, but like this? Naaaaah, nah nah nah, this is just the most obnoxious thing I’ve ever listened to. I love to learn and talk about cults as much as the next onetime-cultist-adjacent podcast listener, but like I said, if this is the basic level of research they’re going to do and the type of show they’re gonna run….yeah, hard pass
  • Fresca12
    Finally an amazing cult podcast
    I’m so excited about this podcast!!! I love hearing first-hand stories about people’s experiences in different cults. The hosts, Liz and Tyler, are great together. Their banter helps to lighten the mood of a very intense, sobering topic- cults and the abuse that often comes along with them. They also interject with relevant facts about each story, which is super informative and enlightening. I hope this podcast helps many people out there who are struggling because they think they might be in a cult and want out, or because they realized they used to be in one and need help processing it all. I look forward to hearing more episodes and learning about all the different cults in this crazy world! Thank you for exploring such a controversial and intriguing topic in such a unique way! Ps. If you’re looking for a super serious podcast about cults, this one’s probably not for you. You can check out Indoctrination instead.
  • horizonrise
    This is definitely my new favorite podcast, it has the best combination of commentary, interviews, and facts. I really love the hosts and I can’t wait to see what other episodes they release!
  • Iliana33
    Good concept, bad delivery
    The hosts made me cringe several times in the first 10 minutes- the delivery is hokey and predictable, and the male host comes off as kind of a jerk at first. Needs some smoothing out, but I liked the story told by the guest in the first episode.
  • Emmadubs
    Just the right tone
    I found myself laughing out loud several times. Great hosts- they don’t take themselves too seriously but it’s also a well produced show. The content IS intense at times, which is why the approach of some levity from the hosts makes it work. Other comments disagreed but those folks must really enjoy being dark and gloomy. Great show, inhaled all three episodes the first day I found it. Can’t wait for episode 4!
  • mindylesand
    Great stories, bad comedy
    Would be much better without the host commentary. Tyler’s background pieces are good and provide good context but the jokes are just very out of place.
  • Bad135739
    Not funny. Super annoying. One episode and done!!😒
  • TNelly7
    Love cults, but not as funny as they want to be
    I’ve always been so fascinated by cults, so I’ll keep listening for that reason only. The commentary cut-ins aren’t very natural and definitely not funny like they hope, more annoying, but the subject matter will keep me around. I guess it’s worth a listen…?
  • T-slick80
    Funny others are too critical
    I thought they were both funny and it flowed nicely. Hard to get used to the host interjections until you get used to who’s who but now I know.
  • Meldar127
    Liz interrupts too much with unfunny remarks…
    Podcast story line is good!
  • Bluebury85
    Cannot wait for more!
    I’ve been a fan of Tyler’s films for years and am stoked to hear where this goes. Liz is SO funny and I love hearing them together. Love that it talks about serious issues without being too self serious. Great work!
  • Pontiac10
    Absolutely love this
    I love this podcast with every part of my cult loving self. (Lol) the hosts do such an amazing job, and they never fail to make me laugh. 11/10 recommend.
  • August JoMc
    Thoughtful and engaging
    Thoughtful and interesting podcast! I appreciate the narrated, conversational style, as well as the music. It’s all very easy to stay focused on. The between-hosts banter gets a little too campy for me (especially for a true crime show, although I know many people love that). Regardless, both hosts are talented and engaging and have wonderful voices. The guests and stories so far are phenomenal.
  • Joeellz
    Liz needs to stop trying to be so funny
    I love the storyline but the hosts talk way to much. And with some of the sensitive topics here i find the humor a bit inappropriate.
  • Lilxolej
    Love that the cult survivors lead the episodes
    I really like this podcast! I like how the episodes feel led by the person telling their story. The hosts really only chime in to clarify or give definitions. Can’t wait to hear more!
  • BBCC2018
    Great Stories
    The stories are interesting, but all of the ridiculous interruptions by the hosts trying to be funny, drag this podcast down.
  • onealsballoon
    About cults AND makes you laugh?
    I’m obsessed with cults and stories about those who join them - but I never imagined one could thread the needle on such dark subject matter and also be funny! The female host is really funny and the guy is clearly the straight man here, though he sorta comes across as a bit milquetoast. But maybe that’s what makes it work. Excited for the rest of this show!!!
  • masturk8
    Both hosts are annoying, there’s no way I can listen to this show
  • #1Alana
    Love the hosts
    So funny!
  • dqalways
    I love this format. Comedy is such a great platform to discuss difficult topics. Thanks for sharing these stories Liz and Tyler, looking forward to learning more! Ps “If they hate then let em hate and watch the money pile up”. -50 Cent
  • LouCLinds
    Totally Hooked!
    Loving! I don’t want each episode to end. I love the stories and the hosts fun banter and jokes thrown in. Totally hooked!
  • pirate fab
    Host isn’t funny
    The guy isn’t bad, but the comedian isn’t funny, just annoying.
  • NannyLady
    Kind of obnoxious
    I have to agree, the host interjections are kind of obnoxious. They also address each other by first name WAY more than necessary. I wanted to enjoy this podcast, but the delivery is lacking in my opinion.
  • diana_nancy714
    Extremely Cringy.
    That’s it, that’s the review. In all honesty, I was really looking forward to this podcast. Cults are an interesting topic and I enjoy hearing the stories of how they were formed and everything that happened within them. But I can’t listen to this podcast. I struggled with the first episode, and was left disappointed. The humor isn’t funny. It’s done in poor taste and I feel like there is zero chemistry between the hosts. Sorry guys. Cool concept, poor execution.
  • yousuck99
    Yeah no thanks
    Listening to The female host was like nails on a chalk board!
  • lupe92ss
    Loose the comedy
    It’s not funny at all. The podcast has potential without so many interruptions and talking
  • PatrickGSR94
    The Humor is the Best Part
    I like the humor! We have plenty of serious podcasts. This is a nice break from those. Liz, you have some fans, and I am definitely one!
  • chococat602
    They are NOT funny!
    The title says it all.
  • Kwilky5
    Funny, Entertaining, Intersting
    First of all Tyler Measom is a genius. If you haven’t, you should watch his documentaries. He has done great work. After listening to the first two episodes and being a current “Mormon” albeit not an uptight one, I found the podcast to be great. The comedy was well timed and hilariously spot on. It is refreshing to have a little bit of a light hearted nature to pretty serious topics. My guess would be that they get the permission from the people to crack jokes and make light of the subject matter. I will continue to listen. Great work!
  • HeyoHiya
    Hosts issues
    The podcast itself is great but the host, Liz, talks too much and is trying too hard to be funny.
  • AA-ron79
    Good topics but annoying hosts
    Like many people who listen to the podcast, I am a cult survivor. Many of us suffer from religious trauma syndrome, and we find the hosts’ jokes to be insensitive, annoying, and weird. Liz is much worse than her cohost. Being in a cult isn’t funny. I would like to only hear the interviewee’s story without the obnoxious hosts cutting in every two seconds.
  • s97239
    Middle school skit
    …about cults
  • Schmalex!
    Agree with other reviewers
    The “humor” and “banter” is SOOO forced and cringey it takes away from the story-telling. The hosts need to tone it down and either figure out how to be relatable and actually funny, or just provide a quick intro and outro and leave the story uninterrupted.
  • hmeri
    Good but….
    I love hearing the stories but wish that the narrators would simmer down a little
  • KurtJoey
    This is my new favorite podcast. The stories are captivating and touched with a sprinkle of comedy. Annnnnnd, sometimes, a bit of wise advise. Remember to see the light……..Bless Be..
  • Angela Mercier
    Seeming lack of empathy
    Like a previous reviewer, I also wonder the extent to which guests are aware their stories of trauma will be paused and edited to insert random humorous bits from the hosts. It would seem more justifiable if the person being interviewed was participating in the joking, but having been raised in a cult myself, having an outside peanut gallery comment on my trauma would not be super cool (unless I was also in on/making the jokes). At least after the first two episodes - more empathy, less mocking, please.
  • KMol518
    Hosts are rude and lack empathy
    The host’s humor is extremely rude. The constant need to make fun of the people sharing their story is uncalled for. They are sharing vulnerable times in their lives and the hosts are laughing about it. I kept listening hoping they would chill out but the didn’t. The stories were interesting but scale back on the humor.
  • Lulupinkstar
    Interesting. Raw. Eye opening.
    I like how the stories are told with the narrators adding funny commentary.
  • Onlydoingthisforfreefiltersduh
    Serious topic but light hearted approach
    Very interesting and eye opening! The topics are very serious and can be disturbing, but I personally love the way the hosts and subjects can joke and laugh through it. Love it!
  • Willythepitbull
    Hosts are horrible. Totally ruined what could be an interesting podcast.
  • okkirby
    Loooove it
    I normally don’t like hearing extra narration, jokes or side conversations etc. in podcasts, but I feel like they did an incredible job balancing humor, personal experiences and storytelling. I think it helps that the hosts have experienced what it’s like to be in a cult, so it feels more genuine and personal. The first two episodes were great and I’m so excited for more!
  • k-w-t-b
    I’m trying so hard to like this podcast, but Liz kinda irritates me by trying to be funny all the time. The rest of it is great!
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