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Sneak behind-the-scenes of the Hulu Original, Only Murders in the Building starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez. Listen in as Maggie Boles & Ryan TIllotson talk to the cast and crew and scramble to get clues on the murder within the show!

From Straw Hut Media
Produced & Hosted by Ryan Tillotson & Maggie Boles
Music by Kyle Meritt
Theme Music by Siddhartha Kholsa

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  • ramjam2011
    Great companion to the series
    This podcast offers great insights from writers, directors, actors, etc. Due to the writers and actors strikes, the hosts are different for season three. Some of the fan theories that they discuss in season three are just stupid. They could do a better job, picking less far-fetched theories from the fan submissions. Please stop picking such dumb theories to discuss!
  • OMITBcurious
    New Hosts are great!
    I agree with last 2 reviewers. The new hosts are much more natural and easier to listen to. Great job Maggie and Ryan!
  • cookie & coffee
    Love the new hosts!
    I agree with another reviewer, Maggie & Ryan are great hosts! They’re much more normal, and easier to listen to. They come across as genuine fans of the show like us, and I love that!! I enjoyed the entire episode! Before it was very scripted and dramatic, in cringy ways, and I didn’t come back for more of that no matter how much I love the tv show- sorry I don’t know how else to say it. Now I’ll go back and listen to the episodes they’ve done!
  • AmND18
    Love the new hosts!
    Maggie and Ryan are great hosts. It makes me a bit bummed that their time on the pod is limited to whenever the strikes end. The episodes flow much more naturally than with the previous hosts. There’s no corny jokes or fake dramatic over the top acting this season which made previous seasons difficult to listen to. They are great interviewers and ask interesting questions, which I’m sure is difficult with the restrictions and guidelines on what they can actually talk about due to the strikes. I’m not sure if this is something they’d want to do under normal circumstances, but this couple definitely has what a duo podcast team needs to make a worth while listening experience. OMITB Pod has gotten way better with these two hosting.
  • kittycat5oof
    I've been rewatching all the episodes on hulu over and over again, and despite knowing the plot it's sooo nice hearing it in others perception of view.
  • mcmurtrey
    New hosts are WAYYYY better
    This podcast is so much more enjoyable now that there are new hosts. The previous ones were so grating with their attempts at humor. I still would listen to them but only to learn stuff from the guests. Please keep these new ones. We don’t need to go back to the shrieking.
  • Realrhiannon
    So good!
    Best companion podcast! The alchemy of Maggie and Ryan and behind the scenes content = pure magic. I am hooked.
  • 45writer45
    love the podcast but…
    i think the the producers should support the actors and writers strike and not do the show. i rather miss the podcast knowing it is in support of the people who actually are a huge part of the show (writers!). As it is I’m not enjoying the intention of the podcast and will not continue to listen to it.
  • Allbirdsareducks
    Why are you playing the show's audio underneath yourselves talking? It's the most bizarre choice to make. It's not good.
  • AllFlippedOut
    New Hosts Are Great
    The podcast producers who took over as hosts for (at least) the first two episodes of season three are infinitely better than the old hosts.
  • Big House Boy
    Fantastic! Keep it up!
  • LaurieM3
    Love Murders
    This has been so much fun to catch up on those ideas and anything that may have been missed when watching. I can’t wait for season 3!
  • reysakenobi
    Podding in the Building!
    Love this show. And it’s so fun to listen to the insight of the hosts and the creators of the show. Seasons 1 & 2 were a blast and looking forward to Season 3!
  • jodi-j
    Finally! Some Good Clean Fun
    I’m thoroughly enjoying the show. This podcast is a great addition to highlight all the crazy twists & turns. Thanks. JJ
  • BMC70
    Great Partnership!
    Complements the show so well and provides an outlet for speculations hacks and things to notice
  • caitlingordon
    Interesting idea- poorly executed and MOUTH NOISES
    I thought this podcast sounded super cool when my husband told me about it but after a while I just zoned out. The interviews are as dry dry dry. And the woman on this show needs to drink some water before the interview and back away from the mic. Even if the interviews were good, I wouldn’t know because I constantly heard mouth noises in my ear. I had high hopes but sadly it wasn’t what I was expecting.
  • 3466545
    It’s a fun podcast for fans of OMITB. The hosts are fun, but the guests make the show. Definitely a must listen for anyone who obsessed over OMITB. :)
  • MarkE64
    Awesome in the Building
    Great pod cast for those who love the show. Well done, entertaining, and full of great interviews.
  • readnrocks
    All the details!
    Great show! I love all the tips and insight from the podcast! So happy I found it!
  • Frerotte home
    Love the show!
  • tmon92
    This show is so fun!!
    If you love the show, this podcast is so fun. You get to try to point out all the clues you may have missed, the hosts are so fun, and you get great interviews with the cast and writers. Awesome show and I always look forward to new episodes
  • lb2278
    Do the hosts watch the show?
    I love the interviews with the writers, actors, etc., but the details that the hosts forget/miss are ridiculous, and it makes me wonder if they are (hopefully) faking ignorance, or if they’re just not very observant.
  • Breannavee
    Episode 5 Love This!
    So far I have my theories. Season 1 made it not obvious who the murders were and season 2 I know will prove the same. Right now I am feeling my suspects are: Lucy, The Waiter & Bunny. Obviously there is Alice but something tells me to just not make the “obvious” the killer or killers of choice.
  • Lulee2021
    I Love This Podcast!
    I obviously love the Hulu show, and I was so fortunate to be on the Live Reddit Talk for episode 5! The hosts, Elizabeth and Kevin are just as nice as they seem on the show! I loved sharing theories and I look forward to this show every week! 5/5⭐️
  • taytay$96
    Awesome show
    Only Murders In the Building is my fav on Hulu this podcast is so good. Can’t wait for more episodes!!!
  • Photo Rhonda
    Fun podcast!
    I love that you have guest stars join the conversation!
  • theBorgOnline
    Hysterial with great editing and guests
    A funny take on the series with guests including the creator and writer of the show. Elizabeth Keener and Kevin Lawn do a great job of moving quickly through recaps and focusing on the highlighted characters for each episode. A must listen for fans of the show.
  • kimothydc
    Great podcast!
    Love the show
  • jklm505
    Stop with voiceovers
    Discounting to have interview then host narrative, then interview, then narrative and on and on. It’s annoying.
  • Elzie D
    Good interview subjects
    Great to hear from the creative makers of this show. Too bad the hosts talk over them and speak for them. Bad form. Am sticking with it for insights into the artists work despite the obnoxious hosts .
  • DeZahster
    What I hoped to get with this podcast, what would have been truly creative, interesting, and kept my attention, was the actual podcast that the characters on OMITB are creating. It could have been so funny! Instead I got mildly sycophantic interviews and process-related stuff similar just about every other ‘companion’ podcast to a contemporary televised serial. At least there is the show.
  • LSTally
    Definitely enhanced the viewing of the show
    I enjoyed listening to each podcast after each episode. It was like having an inside track. Definitely enhanced the viewing experience. I’m sure due to time constraints, some of the sound quality wasn’t too good. Hopefully next season you will have time to fix that. Also that high pitch part of the intro music is really hard on older ears…just saying:)
  • HAH1Dlover
    Love this
    Love the show and podcast
  • mehttv
    I love the show and podcast it’s just amazing
  • AnnC430
    Love the show!
    What a great show! So glad to have found it! A great cast!
  • Alyssia Nicole
    Best Podcast!
    I have thoroughly enjoyed this podcast and look forward to it each Wednesday. I will miss you guys on the hiatus, but I’ll be here when you get back!! Love, Aly #KeenerKat #LawnPawn
  • jfranklin97
    Just as good as the show!
    This is one of the best podcast! It makes the show so much better! Watch the show and listen to this podcast!
  • andynick
    Only Amazing Content in the Podcast
    First off, this podcast is great. Interiews, great back-and-forth, LOVE the hosts... but now let's get to the icing on the cake. An audio interview in an audio podcast with a deaf actor - I mean come on, does it get any cooler than that? They ABSOLUTELY made it work (with the help of an amazing interpreter) and I just smiled ear to ear to "hear" the thoughts of that member of the cast. I think that most podcasts would imagine that interviewing a deaf actor on a podcast isn't possible. I'm so glad this podcast never flinched at the idea. Great work. KEEP IT UP!
  • k ifh
    It’s fun to listen to your show! I appreciate the interviews; I’d love even more theories and speculation to solve the mystery. I have some theories about that—how do we send you fan mail?
  • TheBarnacle1111
    Very good
    The best part of this podcast is the ending because that’s when they go into their theories and personal guesses. I think more involvement with listeners (such as reading listeners theories)would be even more interesting!
  • NUyogi
    Hulu show is fun, podcast bores me to tears
    Blah blah blah. Totally agree with jimmy kerleyfries’ review. Wanna go eat seafood and catch a new episode of the show together?
  • jimmy kerleyfries
    Plenty of opportunities to jump ahead
    I have never clicked the 30 sec forward button so often during a podcast. Literally could not care less about the back stories of casting and zoom writing. Don’t care about the hosts’ envelopes. Just want the hints. Look, when I eat I seafood, I want the shrimp cocktails, the oysters on the half shell, and premade crab cakes. Don’t make me put on a bib and hammer away at the soft shell crab for only a promise of a little meat.
  • Scarlett_Sox
    Choppy and unimaginative
    The guests are the right choices. The conversations, however, are painful to listen to. They’re not really conversations. Clearly, an interesting and animated conversation was had between the hosts and guests. But then it’s chopped up and edited to within an inch of its life. With the guests answers following artificial and dubbed post-recorded questions. Occasionally, the guest will give an interesting answer that begs followup. But the next question is clearly from a list made up a head of time. Often unrelated to the previous statements. Please just play the authentic conversation. Even if it doesn’t hit all the points the producers think they need to hit. It will be much more engaging.
  • Ngbarnes
    So excited there will be more seasons. It would be cool if you could let the pod listeners ask a couple of questions each week. This has been fun listening.
  • MiB4d
    It’s like a rainbow …
    This show is so clever and funny. So having a podcast about it is just, “It’s like a rainbow crafted by a drunken leprechaun” Thanks for all the info, laughs, guesses, interviews. This has been the most fun to listen to!
  • Ginger..Snap
    Charmless letdown
    Listening to the 4th Pod and thinking this is a really slow death march! Thank the baby Jesus the show actually kills it! Peace out on this eternal slumber. 👎
  • Smurfberry123456
    So good!!
    Love this show. Love this pod!
  • slothtopus
    Awesome companion show
    Love love listening to how this show got made during the pandemic and comparing notes with Keener and KK!! I think we’re gonna crack this case right open!
  • ryantillotson
    So fun!
    Love learning all the fun behind the scenes secrets!!
  • Tytyyyyytyy22335
    Love this show
    Love both shows! It’s fun listening to this right after watching it on TV!
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